Shane and his Muscle-Belt

Kevin's New Life


By Jason Jarman

Shane and Kevin wore only leather pants and sunglasses when they left Kevin's house. They rode out in Shane's Camaro. An hour later, they were at the old storefront. Nothing seemed different from the other day. "They picked this place?" Kevin said in disbelief. "Yeh dude. You got to admit, it's pretty out of the way." They walked into the main room. It still smelled of cum. Otherwise, there was nothing else there, except for the dirty junk from before. Except for one thing. Taped to the mirror was an envelope with these typewritten words:


"Check this out, dude!" Shane pulled the envelope off the mirror and started to open it.

"Hey, that's for me," Kevin said. He snatched the envelope away. He read the words in silence, as disbelief covered his face. When Shane saw a rising bulge in the crotch of Kevin's leather pants, he interrupted.

"They give you one of these things, too?"

Kevin looked up and nodded 'yes.' "Here, read for yourself." He handed the paper to Shane. It looked just like Shane's note -- typed with mistakes. It read:


After what has happened today, we have decided you should be made responsible for Shane Hardin's safety. He is too young to fully understand the responsibility required to use the muscle-belt. We have appointed you as his guardian.

Because you will need strength that matches or surpasses Mr. Hardin’s, we have custom-made a muscle-belt for you. Your superior physique and your sexual desire for Shane are two other major factors in our decision.

As with Mr. Hardin's belt, it is completely up to you as to how you choose to utilize this power. We have given you a model familiarly known as a "sailor's belt," due to its nautical decoration.

This is an improved model. Your more mature skeletal and muscular structure will respond to the stronger amount of power in this belt. You will find a set of clothes designed to go with this belt. Please inspect the back closet in the opposite side of this storefront...

"Dude," Shane said. He looked up and saw a large flash of white light coming from the other side of the building. Along with this flash was a squealing, static-like sound, like a short-wave radio between broadcast bands. Kevin screamed and groaned. Shane dropped the letter and went to the other room.

He gasped at what he saw. Kevin now wore a skin-tight black satin tank top. Around his waist was a five-inch wide black leather belt, pulled tight. Its buckle was solid, and diamond-shaped. On its surface was a detailed engraving of an anchor, swathed in ropes and surrounded by lightning bolts, done in relief. Kevin also had a new pair of black leather pants on. They were smooth, perfectly smooth and shiny, and absolutely skin-tight. The surface was like a mirror. All the rippling muscles in Kevin's legs were visible. So was the shape of his cock, which strained against the button-fly of the pants.

"Check it out, Shane!" Kevin made a double-biceps pose. His chest and guns were enormous, and his waist was now smaller than Shane's. Kevin flexed his biceps hard and a blinding bolt of power burst from the buckle. Following the burst, the swell in Kevin's crotch grew even larger. "Hey, Shane, do me a favor. Unbutton the fly on these pants! Quick!"

Shane had a huge rise in his own crotch as he approached Kevin. "Dude," he gasped. He noticed that Kevin's belt also had thirteen rows of notches, but there were double holes. Kevin had pulled his belt to the fifth notch on his first try!

"I'm not kiddin, dude, unbutton me quick!" Kevin looked worried. Shane ran his hands down the perfectly smooth, shimmering leather and fumbled with the row of buttons. When he got the last one undone, Kevin's cock sprang from the hole, pulsing and spewing cum. Its head was scarlet red, and its shaft was covered with shiny, thick veins. It was at least 22 inches long.

"Dude!" Shane touched Kevin's huge, wet cock. Sparks flew from the buckle on Kevin's belt. Shane stroked Kevin's cock with his strong hands. Kevin groaned, and in seconds his thick, hot, fragrant cum shot all over Shane's chest and stomach. Cum drizzled down all over Shane's leather jeans. Shane peeled his skin-tight pants off, and then whipped out his own cock and got it up to full hardness. It was a few inches smaller than Kevin's was. Shane concentrated, and bolts flew from his muscle-belt to make his cock thicker and longer. He was Kevin's equal instantly.

"I can top that," Kevin said. He flexed his biceps and grimaced as his belt responded. His cock swelled out of his crotch another four inches. "Time for a cockfight, dude! Winner gets to fuck the loser."

"What's a cockfight?"

"Here's the rules. It's like sword-fighting, see? Except you can't touch your dick. You make your sexiest muscle poses, and I'll make mine, and you and I sword-fight with our big hard cocks. The first one to cum loses. Ready?"


"At the count of three, pull your belt as tight as you can. I'll do it, too. That'll give us plenty of artillery."

"OK." Shane pulled off his cum-streaked pants. "Ready." He had one hand on the leather of his belt, and the other on the buckle. Kevin had his hands on the leather of his belt.

"One... two... three!"

The room filled with fingers of white lightning and screeching sounds as the two pulled their belts tight, tight, tighter. Shane grimaced and screamed as he got past the seventh notch on his muscle-belt. Kevin, too, was able to advance to the seventh notches of his sailor's belt. When he looked up, Shane was packing 25 inches of throbbing cock. He stood with both guns flexed high and hard. They looked to be around 50 inches each.

Kevin returned the pose, with 27 inches of cock and 53- inch biceps. He slapped his hard, shiny cock against Kevin's. A spray of gooey pre-cum slopped onto Shane's stomach. Shane fought back with a stinging parry of his cock. Kevin switched to a commanding hands-behind-head abs and thighs pose, which accented his veiny, 14-inch waist. Shane's cock got harder and bigger from this sight. It took three aggressive thrusts of Kevin's dick to rouse him into fighting back.

Shane switched to a massive most muscular pose, which made Kevin's cock swell in size. Shane then flexed his thighs and calves, and teasingly rubbed the rippling marbled muscles with his hands. Shane's calves were hard, high and shiny, and measured 34 inches around. A stunning side-chest pose followed. Shane's chest ballooned up to his nose. He flexed his monster pecs and let out a rebel yell.

That was it for Kevin! He groaned and his body bucked as his hot cum again flew everywhere. Shane dodged the blasting drafts of cum; he'd had enough for the time being. He smirked as Kevin shot his titanic load. He switched to a double-biceps pose and strutted around Kevin.

"Looks like I'm the winner, dude!" He looked Kevin in the eyes.

"It's a privilege to lose to you, muscle-boy. My ass is yours!"

"Gotta get bigger. Come on, muscle-belt!" Shane quickly yanked the leather tight, and got two notches further. "Oh, yeh! Nine notches in two days!"

"Go for thirteen, Shane! Max out your belt!"

"I can't!" Shane pouted.

"Bullshit, dude! You're so big and strong now, you can do anything you want!" Kevin flexed his biceps. "Show me your guns! Let's see 'em!"

Shane did as told, and the muscle-belt sent out incredible bolts of power. The buckle sparked and glowed. Shane's body jerked as the bolts entered his biceps. The muscles bulged and ballooned as they accepted the power. "Damn!" Shane said.

"See? The belt wants you to do it! You can do it! Come on! I'll help you!"

"Huh?" Shane said. Kevin stood to his side and unbuckled Shane's belt. "All right, dude. Grab onto the leather. Grab it right there, by the buckle. I'll pull on the edge of it. Wait a minute..."


"I need another notch." Kevin grimaced and pulled the sailor's belt hard and tight to the eighth notch. It didn't seem to take him any effort to get there. His biceps were the size of ripe watermelons now, and his chest stretched the black satin T-shirt cuttingly tight. "OK, now I'm ready. On the count of three, you pull that belt tight. I will, too."

Shane swallowed. "OK, dude, I'm ready."

"One... two... three!" Kevin's first tug savagely wrenched the leather past two more notches. Shane screamed and groaned as the belt cut into his waist, and as his muscles ballooned to freakish new heights. "Come on, stud, yank that belt! We only have two notches left!" Shane felt a massive rush of power and pulled the leather with all his might. He was instantly at the twelfth notch. The buckle glowed intensely and sent out wild fingers of power. Veins stood out like telephone cables on Shane's 48-inch biceps.

The belt got extremely hard to pull. Sweat rolled down Kevin's face and veins stood out on his tree-trunk neck. He screamed and pulled with both arms. Kevin’s belt squealed. The wild bolts from Shane's muscle-belt were hitting the buckle of Kevin's belt. With each bolt, he became more muscular and strong.

Kevin looked down and saw that the thirteenth notch was just past the edge of the buckle. "One more pull, dude. One more hella pull and we'll be there."

"It hurts, dude, it hurts."

"No pain, no gain, fucker! Come on!"

They both strained and grunted will all their strength. Little by little the belt got tighter... the thirteenth notch moved closer towards the buckle tongue... millimeter by millimeter... the buckle on Shane's belt was white-hot now. It sent out roaring peals of thunder and lightning. Shane felt this sudden mega-boost of wild power. "Hell, yeah! I can do it myself, Kev!" His voice was now deeper and huskier.

Kevin let go of the leather and, with one hand, Shane pulled the muscle-belt just beyond the thirteenth notch. He made a 72-inch bicep muscle with his free hand. "Buckle me down!"

"Yes, sir!" Kevin tried to touch the buckle, but it was scorching hot. "Fuck!"

"C'mon, fucker, buckle it! I can't hold this much longer!" Shane groaned.

Kevin tried again. It was still too hot. Then he realized... "It's my belt, dude. There's too much power coming from it. It's interfering."

"Well, whip yours off, dude."

Kevin reluctantly unbuckled the sailor's belt and let it drop to the floor. That was it. The buckle on the muscle-belt calmed down. Shane pulled the leather farther past the thirteenth notch. Kevin eased the buckle tongue through the notch hole. Shane let go of the leather, and Kevin laced it through the end of the buckle. "Shane Hardin, you are now a muscle-god. Would you like me to worship you as a mere mortal, or..." He picked up the sailor's belt.

"It doesn't matter, dude," Shane said in a deep, husky voice. "I am a hella muscle-god! That's what matters! Check these out!" Shane flexed 78-inch biceps, a 102-inch chest, 48- inch thighs, 42-inch calves and showed off his 15-inch waist. His cock now rose up level with the top of his head. His neck was 50 inches thick now. Somehow, he didn't look freakish. The belt gave his body a majestic symmetry.

"I have to have the belt again," Kevin groaned. "I have to be as big as you!" Kevin peeled off the shredded remains of the black satin shirt. Then he strapped the diamond- buckle belt around his waist.

From the anchor emblem, the buckle shot out hot bolts of wild power. Kevin's body bucked. "Fuck, it's like ridin' a wild horse," he said. He slid the 5” wide leather under the buckle. "Dude, help me pull. I wanna see if I can max out this belt!"

Shane smiled. "Hell, yeh! Go fer it!" As he struggled to strap on the belt, Kevin's muscles bulged with power, stimulated by wild shots sparking off the anchor on the buckle. The buckle made strident, piercing sounds, like a short-wave radio caught between bands. The bolts it shot out were super-powerful. One hit Shane and caused his biceps to double in size for a few seconds.

Kevin screamed out and pulled the "sailor's belt" with all his might. He took shot after shot of raw, bracing power as he pulled the leather tighter... tighter... past the fifth, sixth, seventh notches... stalling at number eight, where he revved the squealing buckle to fill his biceps with new power... then past that notch... past the ninth notch... the tenth notches approached the blazing buckle.

"Help me pull, Shane! Grab the leather and yank on it!"

Shane rubbed the buckle of his own, maxed-out muscle- belt. He flexed his 78-inch biceps. They bulged with muscle, thick blue veins clustered all over them. "Guess this'll do." He grabbed the leather of Kevin's belt. Kevin let go of the leather, his arms exhausted.

"Pull it," Kevin grunted. "All the way!"

"You asked for it, fucker!" Shane rubbed his buckle and got another massive power surge. The tenth and eleventh notches of Kevin's belt disappeared in one titanic pull. The belt was so tight it was literally crushing Kevin's waist. Veins the size of electric cords stood out all over his abs and upper thighs.

"Two more!" Shane tried to pull the belt tighter. "Can't do it alone, dude! You gotta pull! Flex your guns and git some more power!"

Kevin made a muscle with his left arm. A roaring crackle made Shane and Kevin's ears ring. A blinding surge of light and power blasted from the buckle and seared into his flexed bicep. The peak of muscle rose, for a moment, up to his wrist. Kevin screamed and grabbed the leather away from Shane.

He pulled the belt past the twelfth notch... hesitated... and then, in one jerking yank, he cranked the leather an inch past the thirteenth notch. Shane helped him ease the leather back so he could notch it with the buckle.

"Did it!" Kevin started to flex his whopping, 90-inch guns.

Then a voice boomed out through the deserted building: "STOP!"

Shane and Kevin turned. The closeness of the voice startled them. Shane looked around and finally spotted a small loudspeaker hanging from the ceiling. It was an old one, and it sputtered and crackled. Above it was a video camera... a sophisticated mini-sized model. Its lens pivoted and stopped on Shane.

"Holy shit," Shane said, in a whisper.

"You have achieved the impossible!" the voice crackled. It was an old man’s voice, and it was indignant. It made Shane laugh out loud.

"Dude, you sound like a comic book guy!"

The voice sighed and cleared its throat. "These models should have lasted you for two months before you exhausted them. You have refuted years of scientific research! We will have to assign you new belts. We have some experimental models that contain ten times the strength of the muscle-belt you wear, Shane. Return here in three days. You will keep the belts you have now. They can serve as a backup source of power."

"Right on," Shane said. "Hey, dude, what's the deal... who's doin this?"

"If we told you, your life would be in extreme danger. All will be revealed when the time is right. We have given you a supreme gift. All we ask, in return, is your patience and complete obedience to our commands!"

Shane smirked. "Sure thang, dude."

The voice paused again. "Yes... In the meantime, you must not continue to openly exploit these belts in public."

"Do what?"

The voice now sounded irritated. "Don't go showing them off like you have. That will only attract attention. And with attention will come questions... questions that may, in the end, cost you both your newfound power."

"Well, I ain't giving this belt up," Kevin said.

"What we suggest is this: charge the buckles of every ordinary belt you own. Hold the buckle of the regular belt to the buckle of your muscle-belt. Tug the belt slightly to provoke the power discharge. Let the buckles touch for two or three minutes. Keep tugging to stimulate the discharge. This should give the ordinary belt a satisfactory power charge for a few days. If you do this with all belts you own, you will have a backup arsenal of considerable size. We will contact you when your new belts are ready."

The speaker let out a loud blast of sound. Silence fell. Shane finally spoke. "Hey, dude? You still there?" Shane shrugged. "Guess not."

“What the fuck was that all about?” Kevin said.

Shane's belt crackled and whined with power. "Beats me. Man, I feel so fucken strong! How the fuck they expect us to keep this power a secret?" "I will if you will. And now..." Kevin flexed his guns. "I want you to fuck my brains out, mighty Shane!"

"Dude... I dunno. I never butt-fucked a guy before..." "You've been fucked by me. A lot, lately..."

"I know, but this ain't the same..."

"Look at me, muscle boy. How can you refuse me?" Shane's eyes roamed over Kevin's body. From his 90-inch biceps to his 13-inch waist, Kevin was beyond the dreams and fantasies of any muscle worshiper. Shane's shoulder- high cock throbbed with rock-hard power. Pre-cum spewed from its slit like lava from a volcano.

"Yer right, Kev. Make a muscle for me." Kevin flexed his monster guns. A shot from the buckle made the muscle bulge out beyond all imagination. "I'll fuck yer brains out!"

Shane used his pre-cum as a lube and parted the striated mounds of Kevin's ass. Kevin's hole was huge... just right for Shane's monster cock. Shane rammed his rod into Kevin's ass as far as it would go. Kevin tightened the muscles around Shane's cock and rode it like a pony. Shane slammed his pulsing majestic dick deeper into Kevin's ass. Kevin groaned and flexed his biceps. This sent a thick bolt of power through his body. The jolt reached Shane, and wracked him with new strength.

That was it. Shane spewed so much cum it forced his cock out of Kevin's ass. Cum continued to shoot all over Kevin, the walls, the floors, the ceiling... Shane came for two minutes in thick, heady spurts. With each blast came an orgasm a dozen times better than any he'd ever had before.

Unbeknownst to them both, the video monitor captured every moment. Its lens whirred back and forth, pivoting to catch the sex action. "Damn, I wish there was a shower in here," Kevin finally said. He tasted Shane's fresh cum. It was sweet and pungent, and it jolted Kevin’s senses to swallow it. "Oh, baby, it's even better than before! It's got a kick to it!"

"Whadya mean, dude?"

"I feel stronger just from swallowing it. Let me have some more..." Kevin scooped the hot spunk off his pecs and abs and licked his fingers clean. "Damn!” Kevin held up his arm. His bicep was growing right before his eyes.

Shane looked upset. He sighed.

"What's the matter, dude?"

"I hate t have to go back to the real world... oh shit!"


"My folks are home by now! I can't get past them like this!"

"Why don't you stay at my place?" Kevin smiled. "We can take up where we left off. I'll get you some clothes that fit. Just tell 'em you're staying over with a friend."

"They'll buy that," Shane said with an impish smirk. "I've always been such a good boy..." •

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