Shane and his Muscle-Belt

His Secret Revealed?


By Jason Jarman

Shane, of course, could not keep the muscle-belt a secret. He tried his best. He hid the belt’s existence from his parents, who couldn’t help but notice that their husky son was just a bit huskier. Once, the squealing and thunder caused Shane’s mother to come and knock on his bedroom door. Shane switched on his TV. He just happened to have The Evil Dead 2 in his VCR, and explained away the racket without suspicion.

The hard part was leaving the belt at home when he went to school. The more Shane wore the muscle-belt, the more he loved the constant rush of power and sexual potency. With the belt tight around his waist, he always felt a second away from cumming, and couldn’t stop stroking himself off. He already had enough problems with over-stimulation!

All the boys noticed a change in Shane’s physique. Shane couldn’t go five feet down a hallway without someone stopping him. “Wow, dude, show us yer guns… Man, yer fuckin huge today… how big is that bicep, Shane?”

Shane had to be careful. Now, when he flexed his muscles, he ran the risk of ripping his shirts to shreds. It was impossible to wear anything but leather pants. The size and hardness of his cock made a mockery of denim, cotton and corduroy. Everyone at Palmdale could see and enjoy the glistening outline of Shane’s long, semi-hard cock, which snaked halfway down his thigh. Even the boys who hated “fags” couldn’t keep their eyes off Shane’s magnificent body!

Shane felt safe wearing the muscle-belt to his gym. He always wore a shiny black workout belt tight around his waist, more for show than for back support. His back muscles were strong and solid. The tight belt drew attention to his tiny waist. Shane knew that all the guys at the gym, especially the older ones, the dudes in their late 20s and in their 30s and 40s, undressed him with their eyes. Shane’s wallet was stuffed full of phone numbers, hastily scratched on torn-off pieces of paper. Shane had gone out with some of the more handsome, muscular men a few times, and had been further initiated into the divine pleasures of oral sex.

Shane made a scene as he showed up at the gym wearing a baseball cap, a pair of black satin workout shorts, Nikes and the muscle-belt. All eyes were riveted to him as he strutted across the gym floor, towards the free weights. When they saw the new Shane, their cocks grew hard under their workout clothes. Some of them gasped at what they saw.

His cock bulged against the sleek black satin. It was very clear to see that Shane was packing heavy artillery between his legs. If that weren't enough, his muscles were at least three times larger than they'd been on his last gym visit, two days before. The new tattoos on his chest and guns were striking.

Shane's first activity in the gym, as always, was to stand in front of a mirror and make double biceps poses. He liked the attention that got him, and he loved to see how big his muscles were. Shane stood and held his guns in hard shiny peaks. At 32 inches, with the blue anchors bulging on their surface, they were the biggest biceps in the world. No one could ignore them; especially not the musclemen who lusted after Shane.

Shane saw his workout partner, who stood behind him, as stunned as the rest of the crowd. "Hey, Kev," Shane said with a smile.

Kevin Thorson couldn't respond. He tried to fight off a raging erection beneath his skimpy workout shorts and leather underwear. His heart pounded. He couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing! He somehow fought off his lust and got his cock to relax enough that he could walk.

"Uh… hey, Shane," Kevin said, as he looked into Shane's smoldering green eyes. At 32, Kevin was a handsome and muscular man. With his long blond hair, pulled back into a ponytail, and his well-kept goatee, he cut a striking figure. He had competed in amateur and semi-pro bodybuilding competitions, and he had a few trophies at home to show for it.

Kevin had lusted for Shane from the first time he saw him - - a 15 year-old boy who already had a head start on everyone else in the gym. For three years, Kevin had controlled himself, acting as a workout partner, a guide, and a friend to Shane. It had been so hard to hide his feelings for Shane.

At night, Kevin often lay awake, stroking his cock, wishing for Shane's company. He had to settle for their gym friendship, and for the frequent, long glimpses of Shane's naked muscular body as they showered in the locker room. Once, Kevin had stolen a pair of Shane's black leather underwear -- the very pair he wore under his shorts. Shane had never figured out who swiped them.

"Dude," Shane said. He slammed Kevin on the shoulder (a little too hard for comfort).

“Wow,” Kevin said, recoiling from the blow. “You’ve put on some size, fucker…” "You think so?"

"Your guns are bigger than they were Thursday..."

"Way bigger, dude."

Kevin's eyes freely roamed Shane's incredible body. He felt a hard-on starting again, but the tight leather undies held it prisoner. "Looks like you lost about a foot around the gut, too."


"And your pecs touch your chin when you move your arms up."

"Uh huh."

"You got some hot tats, too, dude. What's up?"

"It's a secret, dude. I'm gonna be big like this from now on. Bigger than this."

Kevin smirked. "Well, it must be something fucking incredible. What is it?"

Shane smirked in return. "Dude, if I told you, it wouldn't be no secret."

Kevin inhaled deeply, to calm his throbbing heart. "I'm your friend, Shane. You can tell me."

"This is real weird, dude."

"Well, I got a secret, too. A really fucking great one. You'd like it. You wanna see it?" "I guess so."

"If you like my secret, will you tell me about yours?"

"Maybe. If I like what you got."

Kevin's eyes again scanned Shane's body. Every muscle was significantly bigger, from his jutting, veiny chest to his tiny, rock-hard waist to his bulging thighs, quads and calves, and, of course, the massive lump in his crotch. He finally focused on Shane's beautiful belt. "Got a new workout belt, dude?"

Shane laughed. "Uh, yeah. It's sweet..."

"It's sweet. Can I try it on?"

"No, dude, you can’t..."

"Why?" Kevin's heart pounded anew. "You've always let me wear your belt before..."

"This one's different. It was, like, made just for me. And the deal is, I ain't sposed to let nobody else ever wear it."

"OK. Don't wanna pressure you. It sure is beautiful, though. It's so shiny..."

"Yeah, it's a hella fine belt."

"Well, anyway, you should come over to my place. I'd like to show you my little secret."

Shane smiled. "Well, that sounds cool. After we work out?"

Kevin was almost hyperventilating by now. "S-sure, man."

"Awright. Let's get workin'."

"That's cool."

Shane went into his routine, pumping his 32-inch biceps with 150-pound barbell curls, lifting 320 pounds on the bench press, torturing his quads and calves with squat lifts. Kevin tried to keep up with him, but it wasn't possible. He simply didn't have the same level of strength and stamina. Shane had always been strong, but he'd never done preacher curls with 300 pounds before! Nor had he benched 550, 600 pounds. The 45-pound Olympic bars began to bend with the weight Shane was using. No one else could move such heavy weights, yet Shane lifted them like they were cardboard, and kept adding to the stacks until no more weights would fit on the bars.

From time to time, Shane's muscles would bulge out, get much bigger, and then settle down. After each set in his workout, Shane flexed his muscles and looked in the mirror. He was bigger than when he'd come in the gym! Kevin struggled to stay focused on his own workout program. He was glad for the tight leather thong beneath his shorts. It kept his throbbing cock at bay. He felt so privileged to be close to this gorgeous monster. Some of Shane's other admirers had actually left the weight room. Presumably, their eyes had seen all they could take. Kevin imagined them excitedly jacking off in the locker room.

Finally, Shane racked his weights. "Hey, dude, let's knock off. I need me a serious shower."

"Me, too," Kevin said. They walked into the locker room together. There was no one else in there. Kevin's mind reeled with possibilities. He wanted to fuck Shane's brains out; that had been his dearest desire from day one. This new, improved Shane would be his greatest conquest.

"Man, it smells like cum in here, don't it?" Shane said with a smile.

"Yeah." Kevin could see stray shots of spunk on the walls, and on the locker doors.

Shane pulled down his satin shorts. His 18-inch cock, semi- hard, flopped out towards Kevin, and smacked his stomach. The head was wet with a jewel of pre-cum. This drizzled onto Kevin's stomach. "Sorry, dude," Shane said with a sheepish grin.

"N-no problem, dude," Kevin said. He'd never seen such a huge cock in his life! His cock bulged up, hard as a rock, and made a visible rise in his workout shorts. "I, uh, I gotta pee."

"This happens to me all the time in the locker room, dude," Shane said.

Kevin again watched from a distance. Shane had to take that belt off. Maybe there was something about the belt that... no, it couldn't be. A belt couldn't make a guy's muscles bigger! All it could do was support his back, or keep his pants up. Sure, it looked sexy as hell, but that couldn't be it. Shane had to be on some super new steroid. Maybe he'd shoot some into Kevin's veins, so he could get as big as Shane. And then they could fuck each other's brains out with their massive cocks...

Shane opened his locker, and turned away to unbuckle his belt. As he pulled it tight to loosen the tongue, a flash filled the locker room. It was a flickering burst of bright light, somewhere between a camera flash and a bolt of lightning. It was silent. When Shane removed the belt from his waist, his body relaxed a little. His muscles shrunk ever so slightly. They were still huge, but they weren't as huge.

Uh huh, Kevin said to himself. It is that belt. Or the belt's part of the picture. Well, I'll find out everything I need to know in just a little bit...

Kevin heard the shower begin. Shane sighed as the hot water drenched his body. His locker was open. The belt dangled out invitingly. His heart throbbing harder than ever, Kevin approached Shane's locker. He pulled the belt out.

A jolt of red-hot power swept through his body. His muscles bulged out slightly. Kevin felt completely renewed, the way he did after his best workouts, 10 times better... This is it, dude, Kevin thought. Fingers of white lightning crackled on the buckle's surface. His hands trembled as he drew the belt around his waist.

He was just about to pull the leather through the buckle when someone came into the locker room. Kevin barely had time to whip the belt back into Shane's locker. No one could see him with this belt, or connect him to it. Soon enough he'd have it for himself. No one could take it away from him then! •

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