Sex Drive


By jimmcmath

I'd been seeing this new guy for a few weeks now. His name is Aaron, we met at the gym where we work out. We're both about the same age, 22, and are close in physical stature. We stand close to 6' weigh around 170-175lbs, and have lean defined builds. I have short spiky brown hair, and hazel eyes, whereas Aaron has short neatly styled blonde hair, and blue eyes that make you want to either stare endlessly into them or look away uncomfortably. Not to mention he was amazingly good looking too. We had seen each other in the gym a couple times before either of us actually mustered up the nerve to say something to the other one. After that things pretty much took off on their own. We enjoyed a lot of the same things, got along great, and the sex was pretty damn good too.

At about the 3rd week on one of our evenings together at his place, Aaron mentioned that he had something to show me. Figuring this was some new way to entice me into his bed for the night, I followed him into his room grinning. The clothes he was wearing tonight looked great on him, and even before we entered the room I could feel my cock starting to wake up. His t-shirt was maybe just a little too small, which emphasized his nice hard body underneath. His black cotton pants hung loosely around his waist, a little low down so you could just see a bit of his 6 pack above the waistline. When we got into his room he rummaged around in his closet for a bit, and pulled out a bottle of some sort.

"Check this out" he said handing the bottle to me, grinning.

The bottle was simply labeled. In big red and yellow letters on the front of it were the words "Sex Drive". On the back of the bottle was a warning: "Not to be taken more then 1 pill at a time, once a week." That was all.

"What the hell is this stuff?" I asked intrigued.

"Well, you know my dad is in the chemical research industry right?" Aaron asked me. I nodded. "Well he let me try some of this stuff out for him, and I'm to report back what I think of it. It hasn't been tested on humans yet, but he assures me it's completely safe as long as I follow the warning on the back. And if it makes sex better who am I to argue?" he said with a big grin. My cock twitched a little in my pants at the thought of sex being even better for us.

"What's it do?" I asked, very interested.

"Well... it's supposed to make your orgasm stronger, last longer, and take longer to get to, but you feel all the pleasure along the way. As well as... some other things." he said mysteriously.

"That sounds good, but what do you mean by 'some other things'? " I asked, curious.

"My dad wasn't sure if it'd work or not, that's why it's being tested, but it's also supposed to increase the amount of blood going into your cock when you get a hard-on, making it a bit bigger, and also has some new muscle enhancing chemicals that they've been testing too. none of the effects are supposed to be at all permanent though so even if things go not according to plan, we'll be fine right?" he explained.

"I dunno man. I don't know if I like the idea of being a guinea pig for your dad's company" I said, even though the thought of having sex with a bigger cock, more muscle and having better orgasms turned me on a lot. Still... experimental means you don't know what's really gonna happen.

"Suit yourself man, but I think I'm gonna try it out. i only have 2 pills right now anyway since that's all my dad would let me have till I report back. How about i try one, and if it works fine for me, you take the other one. Sound reasonable?" Aaron asked me.

"Sure, why not? As long as you don't turn green or blow up or something I'll probably try it out too." I said with a big grin. He returned the grin with one of his killer smiles that make my knees go weak, and went to get a glass of water for his pill. He came back shortly, sat on the edge of his bed, and took the pill, swallowing half of the water in the cup with it. We both waited a few moments in silence, both of us watching his body. Nothing seemed to be happening. "Oh well" i thought. I think he's hot enough anyway, i'll just go for it and have a good night of sex out of it anyway, pill or no pill. But, just as I started to get up off the floor where i'd seated myself, he began breathing rapidly and his fingers were trembling a little bit. his eyes seemed to become unfocused, like he couldn't see anything in the room around him. He let out a small moan as he panted and twitched a little, and then right before my eyes he began to change. His body seemed to be swelling slowly right in front of my eyes! His t-shirt which seemed to be a little too small not a minute ago, now seemed to be dangerously tight. His arms sticking out of his sleeves pulled the cuff tight around them as they expanded, and his abs peeking out became more defined then before. His cotton pants which hung loosely around his legs now seemed to be fairly tight around his swollen quads. It stopped only moments after it started. He wasn't massively huge or anything, but he was noticeably bigger, and very very sexy looking. My cock was straining inside my pants by now just looking at him.

"Holy shit Aaron! Look at you!" I exclaimed.

"I know James, i've been watching myself the whole time. I feel great! I gotta see how much I weigh." Aaron said breathlessly

We both got up and literally ran to his bathroom where the scale was. He got on it, and the number stopped at 190.

"shit man! You gained almost 20lbs in the last 5 minutes!" i said gawking at the scale

"That's amazing!" he said "I feel so much stronger too" With that he couldn't help but resist flexing his bicep in front of the mirror. It swelled up enormously, and his t-shirt starting making small ripping sounds around the sleeve. He relaxed it almost immediately, not wanting to ruin his shirt.

"Hey, i wonder about the other thing those were supposed to do?" he said giving me a sly grin.

"Only one way to find out, I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him back to his room. I pushed him onto his bed, and moved over to him. I began unzipping his pants almost immediately, and I could tell while doing it, that he had a raging hard-on. I got his pants down, and pulled his boxers away. His big cock came flopping out, totally hard as expected, but probably 1/2 an inch bigger then it usually was at least.

"Amazing man. your dad's company is gonna get so rich off of this stuff. I gotta have my pill." I said grabbing the bottle and pill. I quickly swallowed it and the rest of the water in the glass.

Again, nothing happened at first. Aaron sat there watching me, slowly stroking his big cock, his arm muscles bulging and relaxing with each stroke. Soon enough I began to feel short of breath, and this warm, tingling sensation engulfed my whole body. It felt like I was being immersed into a vat of warm soda pop, and all the bubbles were massaging every inch of my body. Breath seemed harder to come by and I gulped it in hungrily, while the warmth and tingles increased causing me to moan in pleasure. then, I felt the tingles spread throughout my body to my muscles. I could literally feel them swelling with power and watching in amazement as my own shirt began to stretch dangerously just like Aarons had. My arms felt like they were going to rip through the sleeve any second as they pulled the material tighter and tighter about them. and I could feel my cock inside my briefs stretching along the material, and beginning to poke at the waistband of my pants. Before I knew it, it was over for me too, but man did I feel great! I couldn't resist flexing my own swollen arm and watching the muscle bulge up bigger then I'd ever seen it. My shirt also started making ripping sounds as I flexed, but this only turned me on even more. I relaxed my arm though, not wanting to rip my shirt either.

I looked at Aaron sitting on his bed, and I could tell that he was very turned on by what he saw too. It took us a matter of seconds to get our clothes off. As soon as my breifs cae off I noticed that my cock had grown about 1/2 an inch too. It was about the same size as Aaron's swollen cock, at about 8.5" now. We sucked and jerked each other off, reveling in the amount of pleasure we were getting out of it, yet we didn't feel at all close to cumming. after what seemed like forever we both came at the same time, practically screaming because it was such an intense orgasm. It lasted close to a full minute for both of us, and neither of us had ever had such a big load in our lives. after we got his bed all cleaned up we laid down and just held each other in our muscular arms resting for a while. As predicted by his father though, the effects were not permanent, and about an hour after we had taken the pills we both shrank back to our normal size.

"That was amazing Aaron, you gotta get some more of that stuff from your dad!" I said excitedly.

"Yeah man, I'll have a great report for him and I should be able to get some more of it soon." Aaron replied sleepily. We both fell asleep shortly after, having dreams about our experience we just had.

Weeks went by like this, Aaron getting a couple pills from his dad once a week, and the 2 of us having the most incredible sex ever those nights. As always nothing went out of sorts, and there seemed to be no side effects from the pills whatsoever. Well.. except for craving the next time that we got the pills so badly we could hardly wait. but, that's understandable.

One time, Aaron managed to get 1 extra pill from his dad's lab. he had swiped it off of a desk when nobody was looking and hid it in his pocket. He didn't mention it until later on in the week after we had used the first pills up already he brought it out. It was only one, but it would make the sex that much more fun, for both of us, even if I didn't take it. figuring it was worth the risk for some great sex again, he took it. nothing different happened at all from what we could tell. he wasn't any bigger, in any way than he usually got, so we assumed it was safe. However when he came it was 3 times the size of his usual load on the pill. After his orgasm finally subsided he passed out immediately. when he woke up a few hours later, normal size of course, i told him what had happened. Still, it didn't seem to be such a horrible thing since it was only a super size orgasm. everything else was normal for the rest of the week so we didn't think twice about it.

A few weeks later when I was invited to Aaron's house again, I could tell that he was real excited about something so I rushed over right away. I could tell it wasn't just that he had another pill this week. he sounded pretty frantic on the phone. when i got there, Aaron showed me the bottle that I was used to seeing by now. Then he shook it. It rattled! There was more then 2 pills in there!

"Aaron! What's going on?" I asked excitedly

"James, my dad said that since we were doing so well for his research that he could trust me with a few weeks supply, and to just ask his assistent for when I needed more, as long as I gave a report. I have 12 pills in here man!" Aaron said grinning from ear to ear.

"Holy shit man. That's awesome. you wanna get started already?" I said throwing him a wink.

"Yeah, but I thought we'd make things a little more interesting this time." He said slyly

"what are you talking about?"

"Well, i want to take more then 1 pill this time. I did it before and nothing bad happened right? Besides we know that they're not permanent, what's the harm? I wanna have a night tonight that far surpasses every other night we've had." He said giving the bottle a little shake.

"Oh man, i dunno. That warning label is there for a reason, and it's still experimental. who knows what an OD will do? I'd rather not risk it." I said cautiously

"Oh come on. What if I do it first again?" he asked.

"no man, I wouldn't want you to risk yourself like that. Besides, we have an amazing time anyway right?" I asked him. He was quiet for a moment then answered.

"you're right, no sense in risking it. Hey man, why don't I get us somethin better to drink with these then water this time? juice or somethin? i'm sick of water." he said smiling.

"Sure, that'd be awesome."

He got up and left the room, and came back with 2 glasses of orange juice. he handed me one and a pill with it, and kept the other glass and the other pill for himself.

"Here's to another night of amazing sex?" he said rasing his glass in a toast.

smiling I raised my glass to his. then we both put our pills in our mouths and began drinking. We finished our juice in short order and sat back to wait for the change to occur.

"since when did you start drinking orange juice with pulp in it aaron?" I asked after a little bit. realizing that the juice was pretty thick.

"Uh, since I found out that it's really healthy for you?" he said somewhat uncertainly.

"OH MY GOD!" I freaked. "You put some pills in the juice didn't you? How many effin pills did we just take???"

"I split the whole bottle evenly. 6 pills each. Don't worry man, we'll be fine. I trust my dad, and I wouldn't do anything I think would hurt you. i just want to have an unforgettable time tonight." aaron said quietly, looking into my eyes.

I almost got up to tackle him I felt so betrayed, but then it started. I started to feel short of breath, like usual, but then it got worse. It felt like I couldn't suck in enough air fast enough, and it just got worse and worse. I had to sound like a power fan by now with the air whooshing in and out of my lungs, but it still wasn't enough. then the warm tingling started, and intensified beyond anything I'd felt before. My body felt like it was on fire, that I had to be melting into a puddle of mush right there on his floor. i couldn't breathe. i tried to scream out, but all I heard was a faint gurgle escape my lips, as my body spasmed from head to toe. "I must be dying" I thought. None of my body parts would respond at any command i gave them, and the burning pain would not subside. I had to have not been breathing for hours now.

Then, slowly, the pain gradually went away. I could start breathing again, and i gulped in air as fast as I could. I still could hardly move my body at all, but at least I didn't think I was gonna die quite yet. I noticed that Aaron was probably feeling the same way I was. He was sprawled out on his bed gasping for breath like he couldn't get enough, his fingers twitching a little as he tried to move his arms. A few minutes later the pain had gone away enough that it was almost gone, and I didn't have to gasp for breath quite so much. i could move my arms a little bit now, and I could see Aaron making attempts to sit up on his bed. after a few moments more, when I finally thought I could speak I looked him right in the eyes, and managed to croak out

"You idiot, you coulda killed us. It felt like you did, and I don't see anything happening."

Almost as if on cue, I felt a power starting to stir within my body. more tremendous then i'd ever felt before, and it kept on growing within me. It felt like my body was having an orgasm of it's own, and it kept on intensifying. the next thing I know, both of our bodies began to change, and much more then either of us expected them to. The muscles in our bodies began to swell once more, perhaps a little faster then usual. But, at the point where I felt my shirt getting tight and it usually stopped our bodies kept right on growing. My pecs and arms were stretching the material in my shirt to it's limit, but they showed no signs of stopping. My pants were getting very very tight about my legs now, and they were starting to hurt from being held in so tightly. My shirt finally gave up trying to hold the enormous muscles trying to get out, and ripped every which way falling in tatters around me on the floor. My legs were starting to feel inredibly painful until my pants could hold them in no longer and they ripped open too. And still my muscles continued to grow before my eyes. My pecs were standing out so far from my body now, that if I looked down I couldn't see my crotch or stomach, and my arms were getting so big that I had to keep them straight out, because they bunched up too much if I bent my elbow. and still, our bodies kept swelling, I felt like if it didn't stop soon we'd surely explode into mounds of unidentifiable muscle. Eventually we did stop growing, neither of any of our clothes were left on our bodies, except our socks.

We both stood up as well as we could, not used to having such mammoth bodies and looked each other up and down, knowing that we had to look almost exactly like each other. Our heads and faces were the same of course, but that's about all that was recognizable from before. Aarons neck was incredibly thick, it looked like his head was resting on a tree stump or something it spread out so wide at the base. his traps came up to almost touching the back of his head, and his shoulders were so far apart now that i doubt he could walk through the door normally. His pecs were absolutely gigantic slabs of quivering muscle that stood out very far from his body and rose and fell with his even breathing. His arms at his sides were freakishly huge, dwarfing anything i'd ever seen, even in magazines, and they weren't even flexed! the one big vein going down the middle of his enormously swollen biceps, almost accentuating their hugeness. His waist was still about the same size as before, which only served to make the rest of him look even huger. But his abs were so big and defined they looked like a row of mini-pecs. his legs were so huge that they were pressed together, even though he had them spread wide apart. and then i noticed his cock. it wasn't hard yet, probably from the strain on our bodies from the ordeal, but it hung down to his knees already.

"Oh My God. We look absolutely amazing man! i've never seen anything like this before. I wonder how big we really are?" I said breathless.

"I thought of that just in case. I brought the scale in here from the bathroom, although I don't know if it'll be enough... I think we're well over the maximum for bathroom scales." Aaron said reaching under his bed with his foot to get the scale. He was too big to be able to bend down and reach under the bed I realized. this thought totally started to turn me on, and I felt my cock swelling, even though i couldn't see it i knew it had to be a monster like Aarons. i remembered seeing another scale in Aaron's closet once, so I went and grabbed it out of there, with some difficulty. It took some getting used to being so huge you couldn't move your hands as far as normal.

"Here." I said finally getting it out of his closet. "If we stand on both of these if we add the together we should be able to get a good idea of how big we are right?"

"good idea man." I placed the scale on the floor by the other one, and Aaron climbed on them both. Bending over near him and watching his humongous cock start to swell too, i read what they said.

"Holy Shit man! According to the 2 of these you weigh 520lbs!!!" I practically yelled.

Aaron was speachless, and stepped back for me to get on the scale. Both of our cocks were almost totally hard now, and they were pointing straight outwards. He bent over and read my weight.

"James, you weigh 525lbs man! you're a freakin giant!" Aaron said standing up.

I couldn't resist flexing my huge arms and pecs now. I was feeling so turned on. My arms were so big when I flexed they came close to reaching level with my wrists! I couldn't touch my head with my hand no matter how hard I tried. they were just too big. aaron found that he had the same problem, but this only caused an even bigger turn on for both of us. Our cocks were both fully hard by now, and I could feel mine brushing against the bottom of my gigantic pecs. they must have been around 15 inches long! We moved together pressing our massive bodies together as we went to make out a little before getting into more sexual stuff. however we found that with our pecs pressed together like that, we couldn't nearly reach each others mouths. Our pecs were way too big to allow it. the feeling of my huge pecs pressed against his and our massive cocks grinding together was far more intense then any making out we'd ever done before though, so we were very satisfied. We jerked each other off mostly and did some sucking although our cocks were way too big to fit much in our mouths at once, and certainly too massive to actually fit into each other's asses without some serious damage. Still, the amount of pleasure we were getting just from the conact of our hot bodies together was more intense then any orgasm we'd ever had before. and it only grew more intense as we kept grinding our monster bodies and cocks together. After an eternity of mounting pleasure, we both came at almost the same time. Rivers and rivers of hot cum gushing all over our massive bodies and pooling on the floor around our feet, and still we kept cumming. The orgasm was so intense that we both threw our heads back and closed our eyes gasping and grunting as it went on and on and on. We could feel each others cum constantly splattering on each other, but it only seemed to urge the orgasm on more and more, as both of our massive cocks kept on pumping. The orgasm lasted almost 10 minutes each, both of us absolutely exhausted from our experience. we fell back from each other, Aaron sitting on his bed which let out a very loud creaking protest at the sudden weight, and i sat on the floor again. within 15 minutes we both reverted to our normal sizes, and got up to clean up each other and the gigantic pool of cum on his floor.

We've been using the pills now for almost a year. Usually we only take the "prescribed" dose, but every once in a while, when we feel like something more intense and amazing, we take a bigger dose, but never more then 6, for fear that we actually might die from it. His father fearing that he'll never be able to sell these pills legally to people has scrapped the project, but still supplies them to Aaron and me on a regular basis. •

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