Servicing the Creator

By txdreadlocks

I had always been a lean guy. Swimming was a natural sport for me. But in my High School, if you did not do Football you were considered less than a man. I mean, I was in good shape. 5'10", 159lbs, little fat. But the girls and the guys only had eyes for the football players. And to make matters worse, I had the hots for those guys too. I tried to be friends with them, but usually they just brushed me off. There was only one other person on the swim team at our small high school, and she hated my guts since third grade. So I mostly hang out with my nerdy friends. Now they liked me... I did have a nice cock and I noticed that some of the guys in the audio-visual club liked to watch porno whenever I was a little drunk. They liked to see my cock get hard and we would have a jack off ring to see who could come the first. I think they mostly liked to watch me choke my 8" monster since they were so much smaller. One of the guys in the club, Ronnie Pearwhite, who was also president of the chemistry club, told me that he had made a break through in the work he was going to submit along with his college applications. The experiments he had been doing at home demonstrated that a dosage of a substance he had synthesized from bull testicles would cause a large growth in rats and dogs. They would become larger, more dominant, and more muscular. While he was telling me about this, I began to get so hard thinking about how I could finally get big and show those fucks on the football team who was the boss. So I let him dose me with the substance. It was a two part process. The first was oral. The flavor left a lot to be desired. As soon as I began to flush and get warmer, Ronnie prepared a rig and shot me up in my balls real slow with a large dose. At first my dick shriveled up, but then, it suddenly got harder than it had ever before. I began to fill out, I could feel the thickness in my shoulders and my arms and chest and legs. I saw the six pack abs I had get deeper, thicker and a new row set in for 8 pack. I knew that my cock was at least an inch longer now and ready to shooot the biggest load of my life. Ronnie kneeled down in front of me, seeing how his creation had made me stronger, better, even made my skin softer. He traced the vein that started at my waist and spread out accross my appollo's belt to my cock which was 10" now and so fucking hard. "I think I have made a god..." ronnie whispered as he took my fat cock in his mouth. AS soon as I felt his tongue and lips, I shoved my dick down his throat and shot the biggest wad ever. It must have lasted five minutes. It was spilling out of his mouth but I kept fucking his face. I pulled out and turned to see myself in the mirror. Wow. I was becomeing a teen god. I was ready to join the football team and let them have it.

After I got on the team because of my growth spurt, I began to really excel at the game. Ricky, the team captain, took me under his wing. But I knew this was mostly to control the competition. As I made strides in playing as well as size, he began to give me advice that I knew was wrong. One day, after eeryone else had hit the showers, Ricky took me aside and said that he was worried about my comittment to the team. Now Ricky was a Senior, 5'11", 188 lbs of solid teen muscle. Nice bubble butt, and a good cock at 7.5 thick inches. Blonde, of course, and dating the head cheerleader. But as I sat against the coaches lockerroom desk, just wearing the top of my uniform and my tight underwear, I could tell that Ricky had a lot more in mind than hints about new plays. "You are really looking good there Kevin for a guy that was a nobody just a few months ago." "Yeah Ricky, I guess some teenagers are just late bloomers." "Well you certainly bloomed just the right way... I just can't wait any longer. I need to fuck that sophomore ass tonight, put this captain cock in my newbies hot hole." "Whatever you think I need to do for the team Ricky." "You meet me here at 10 PM tonight. The coach asked me to help his assistant do an inventory of shit in here. I seem to be the only team member that can really count... besides you that is." "So you want me to come up here so you can come in me? "Now you're showin' why you're so quick on the snap KEv." He laughed and slapped my thigh just raising his hand up to brush my soft tool. "Sure got a nice cock on you too... can't wait to make you scream tonight." At that, he took off the last ofhis clothes and went to hit hte shower. AS soon as I got done at the gym, I hunted down Ricky and told him it was time to do antoher dose. I was not going to be the fuckee but the fucker tonight. ricky got everything set up and we went through the process again. It was even more amazing than the first time. I grew a couple of inches in height this time as well as broader at the shoulders. My hair got thicker and my eyes got bluer if that was ossible. Just wait till he sees this stud. My hard cock ached for release and I shoved the now 13" tool repeatedly down the throat of Ricky, massaging his new muscles through his nerd shirts. Ricky had taken a smaller dose himself, but decided to stay a nerd til college. But that is another story.

At a little after ten, I stood in the locker room shadows listening to Ricky tell Coach Sullivan that he would see him at practice tomorrow and yes he would be sure to lock up after he got done with his late night work out. As the door closed and the lock clicked, I heard Ricky come around the corner. I stepped just enough out of the shadows that he knew I was there. When his eyes adjusted, I heard his breath stop and then a deep inhale... "What the fuck...." I stood, my back to Rick, wearing the top part of our uniforms my hot bubble butt exposed. I was now 6'2, 19" arms, 57" chest, 32" waist, huge quads and diamond calves. I turned so he could see my 13" tool. "I think there has been a change of plans bitch..' And I ran at him before he could scramble away. I threw his blonde headed frame against the lockers and tore off his clothes. He could do nothing against me. His hands were flailing about but finally he just grabbbed my giant cock and began tugging and twisting. I put my big paw around his hard cock and did the same. I then stuck my tongue deep in his mouth. "I am going to fuck you little girl and make you scream for more." There was a kind of terror and a kind of desire in h is eyes. I lifted him up and took him to a bench against the west wall. I laid him down and started eating out his jock ass. He was squirming so hard. I straddled his torso and 69ed, picking his legs up, busting them open and eating that ass while squatting my long fat schlong in and out of his hot mouth. I got some vaseline from the coach's desck and began to lube my dick up good. I then began to work on his hole, first with my thumb and then my fingers too. I finally mounted his tight hole and barebacked him like the little bitch he would be for the rest of the school year. I fucked him till h e came three time without ever touching his dick. I stood back and admired myself in a mirror and the site of Ricky all sprawled, legs wide open and whimpering like the little princess he now was. I started getting a hard on again thinking about how i would rule this school now and be the one everybody wanted. then i heard a voice behind me... I turned and there saw Ronnie standing in the doorway, flexing his new big muscles, showing off in his baggie jeans, a large hard schlong visibly running down the left leg of his denims. "I got tired of being a scared chicken shit and decided to do these fucking muscles today and not wait three years til college. Now there are two gods on this Mountain Kevin, and the Creator god thinks it is time for his creation to show some fucking respect." he unzipped his Levi's and let his 15" monster fall out. It was leaking more precum than some people actually shoot semen. "This is what a stud like you needs, your Daddy's big dick in his mouth and then up your tight muscle butt..." I shivered knowing that we would rule a new kind of school... tomorrow, we would give every nerd an injection and subjugate all the football players and jocks to be our fuck slaves. Until then, I had to service my creator." •

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