Sex Drive


By jimmcmath

Aaron and James had been enjoying their relationship immensely since they had discovered the Sex Drive pills. After all who wouldn't enjoy having sex with your bf, having bigger muscles, a bigger cock, and more intense orgasms? The sudden change of plans came as a shock to them both when they found out that their supply was going to be cut off.

A while after Aaron's dad had decided it'd never be legal to sell the pills, he decided to stop making them altogether. He figured his son was almost addicted to them by now, and that that couldn't be healthy. besides, it's not like Aaron's dad was getting any money to keep producing them, and his budget was tight enough as it is. Aaron and James of course, reacted to this with desperation. On one of the trips to his fathers research centre to complain about this yet again, Aaron managed to sneak into his father's office. going through his filing cabinets he managed to find the file on the Sex Drive compound. He quickly photocopied it, hid it in the pockets of his jacket and returned the file. Within a few days, his dad had the file shredded not suspecting that a copy had already been made.

Aaron returned home with the file, and showed it to James, who although happy that it wasn't destroyed remained doubtful that they could actually do much with this info.

"I dunno about you man, but I don't understand half of what it's talkin about in these pages. What good is this stuff actually gonna do us?" James asked skeptically

"We might not be able to understand it, but i know someone who does." Aaron answered smiling.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The telephone rang. Setting down the pen he had been writing into his workbook with, the man walked over and picked it up.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hey Ryan? It's me Aaron, I've got a bit of a favour to ask." the voice on the other end said.

'Aaron... Aaron...' thought Ryan. 'Oh right!' "Hey! how's it goin? I haven't heard from you in a while. What's the favour buddy?" Ryan said remembering that he and Aaron had gone to university together. They were very different people back then, Aaron being the jock type guy, with a lot of popularity, but little ambition, and Ryan being the quiet reserved type, who planned to have a successful career. They had become good friends though, and kept in touch every now and then. It had been awhile since Aaron's last call though.

"Well I have some stuff that I'd like to see if you could produce for me and my boyfriend. It'd really help and I can pay you for the supplies and work done on it." Aaron answered.

"Sure, what kinda stuff is it?"

"Well... it's kinda hard to explain. Its not drugs though so don't worry. I'll show you soon enough, mind if I bring James along?"

"No, not at all. You were supposed to introduce me to him months ago anyway. when do you wanna come over?

"Is today ok? James and I are kinda anxious about it."

"Um, sure i don't see why not. I'll see you later then?"

"For sure. Seeya soon"

With that Aaron hung up. Setting down the phone Ryan moved about his basement lab and cleaned up a bit. He stopped in front of the mirror to make sure he looked ok. His brown hair was a little unkempt but it looked ok all things considered. His clear green eyes looked into the mirror for a moment looking for bags or premature wrinkles. He'd spent many a late night in his lab before and he knew that the bags he got were pretty bad. He'd slept well last night though, and his skin was smooth and clean. He was only 23 yet sometimes after a long day of work he felt and looked much older. He was fairly tall, standing at about 6'3 but was quite thin weighing in at 140lbs. Aaron had always tried to persuade him to join him working out, but Ryan was too self-concious or too busy to join him. He supposed he was good-looking, but he'd never broken any hearts that he knew of. He was wearing his big white lab coat over top of his clothes, which helped to mask the fact that he felt so thin. Sighing he stepped away from the mirror and continued cleaning up until Aaron and James arrived.

They came inside and right down to the lab where Ryan was waiting for them. This was not unusual since Ryan sometimes didn't hear the doorbell way down in his lab, and Aaron knew that too. Seeing them coming in, Ryan looked up from the counter he was wiping, and his breath caught in his throat. He'd always thought that Aaron was a total hottie, being the blonde haired blue-eyed muscleboy in university, but James was every bit as good looking and nicely built, only with brown hair, and.... hazel eyes Ryan noticed as they came closer. They seemed made for each other, and Ryan couldn't help but stare. Realizing he was doing this he quickly moved over to greet his friend and be introduced to James. Aaron and Ryan exchanged a big hug, Ryan enjoying the feel of Aaron's muscular pecs against him through his t-shirt. James he shook hands, with feeling the strong grip of his big hands.

"So, what do you have to show me then?" Ryan said stepping back and smiling.

Aaron pulled a folded up bunch of papers out of his pocket and handed it to Ryan. Quickly scanning through the papers Ryan found out that it was the formula to synthesize a compound he'd never heard of before. the process was a very long and complicated one, but required little constant attention. He could set up the apparatus, and pretty much the compound make itself, with a few adjustments here and there now and then, and adding a few indredients. Almost all of the starting ingredients were very cheap and easily acquired, so making fairly large amounts of the compound wouldn't be hard either.

"Hmmm... not too bad. I think I could manage it easy enough. How much of this stuff do you want?" Ryan asked after a bit

"Really? Great! Umm, about 4 pills a week? Is that do-able? maybe more every now and then?" Aaron asked excitedly, smiling a bit at James who smiled back. 'God' Ryan thought. 'they're even sexier when they smile like that'

"Oh, uh yeah sure, that shouldn't be a problem. I could probably make a good deal more of it if needed. 4 pills a week wouldn't take much time out of my regular schedule." Ryan answered.

"Great, thanks a lot buddy! How much do you think you should charge us?" Aaron asked anxiously.

"Um, actually I could give it for free on 2 conditions."

"Oh? What are those?"

"First off what is this stuff that you're taking?" ryan asked looking at the 2 of them.

"Oh... well.. it's... bodybuilding supplement stuff." Aaron answered hastily after a quick glance at James. "Good stuff too, but it's not in stores or anything yet. my dad's research team isn't completely done with it yet."

"I see." Ryan said a little suspiciously "Well you do look a little bigger then the last time I saw you, even though that was a few months ago."

"Yeah, both James and I weigh about 185 now. Only 7% bodyfat too." Aaron said proudly, smiling. James however, blushed. Ryan felt his knees go a bit weak seeing james blush because if possible it was even sexier then their smiles.

"Uh, yeah ok." Ryan said making a quick recovery. "Secondly do you mind if I study the compound? I've never seen this compound before and it'd be good to research."

"Um, I don't see why not. Just don't take any unless you start working out ok? My dad said something about hormones, and being released when you work out or something...." Aaron said glancing at James again.

"Sure thing. I don't really plan on working out any time soon anyway."

"Ok, thanks again. when do you think you can have the first 4 pills ready?"

"Um, come back in 3 days. Everything should be set up and working by then. We can make it every week after that, same day. And, you can call me if you want more that week. That cool?"

"Totally. thanks a lot I'll see you in 3 days!" Aaron said, turning to leave. He took James by the hand and the 2 of them walked up the stairs and out of the lab. Just before they left through the door at the top, James glanced back and gave Ryan an appreciative look and a smile. Then they were gone.

The weeks went by with either Aaron, James, or both of them coming to get the pills from Ryan. James never said too much any of the times he came, even by himself. Aaron said that he's shy around new people and to give him some time to get used to Ryan. In the meantime, Ryan had been doing his testing of the compound. He started with all the basic tests, melting point, boiling point, solubility etc etc etc. After a while though, he got curious as to how good a bodybuilding supplement this stuff was. He had a fair number of muscle tissue samples from both humans and other mammals available, so he decided he'd test some of it out. He was expecting to have to add the compound to the muscle tissue, and then come back days or even weeks later to observe any differences.

The first time he tried this experiment he added the amount that one pill would normally generate throughout the body, dissolved in water, to the muscle tissue sample. After adding it, he moved to record the date that he had added the sample to it. while he was writing though, out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement. Astonished, Ryan set down the pen and notebook and stared at the muscle tissue that was slowly growing before his eyes. It stopped shortly after it started, but it was noticeably bigger then before. Doing some quick measurements he calculated that the muscle tissue had increased in size by about 25%. this was amazing! Ryan quickly picked up his pen and notebook, and scribbled away like crazy trying to record everything he had seen as quick as possible. then he did every test he could think of to the muscle tissue to see what had changed. As far as he could tell, it was perfectly normal muscle tissue, just bigger then it should have been. Then, without warning, it shrank back to it's previous size. Gaping at it again, Ryan quickly did more tests and quickly wrote everything down. The increased size had lasted about an hour, and nothing seemed to be permanently changed.

'So, this explains why Aaron and James could take these pills and not actually get as much bigger as this stuff seems to make you' thought Ryan. 'But why are they taking them?' He pondered this and decided that it must be just for fun. After all, who wouldn't want to be bigger and stronger all of a sudden? Ryan found this idea to be a very big turn on, but didn't dare try the pills himself until he studied it more. He tried different doses of pills to the muscle tissue and each time the dose increased, the muscle tissue grew accordingly, getting bigger every time.

'This is amazing stuff!' Ryan thought to himself. 'It seems harmless enough... I gotta try one of these pills out.'

Taking one of the pills, and a glass of water Ryan moved to the bench he had to the side of his lab. Hesitantly he placed the pill in his mouth, and took a big gulp of water with it, swallowing. Nothing happened at first, but he knew it would probably take a little while for the compound to get into the bloodstream and make it's way to his muscles. Sure enough a few moments later, Ryan began to feel the effects of the pill. It seemed to get a little bit warmer in the room, and harder to breathe. Ryan began breathing heavily as the warmth in the room seemed to increase, and tingles ran all up and down his body. An incredible feeling of power began to surge through his body, coming from everywhere at once. Then, he felt himself begin to grow. He knew it wasn't going to be a great deal, but he was still euphoric at the sensations in his body as his muscles swelled bigger than they ever had been before. His lab coat didn't seem to be quite so big on him anymore, and his pants fit just a little bit tighter... everywhere? Ryan looked down in amazement to see that the bulge in the crotch of his pants had gotten a little bigger too.

"Oh my God!" Ryan said, getting up and running to the mirror. sure enough his coat was pretty tight about his body, and the bulge in his pants was noticeable now, while before you couldn't have seen it unless you looked long and hard. Unable to help himself he stripped off the lab coat and tossed it aside. Seeing his body in just the undershirt made his cock leap to attention.

"Is that me?" Ryan asked aloud. His pecs actually stood out a bit from his body now, and his arms had very nice form to them, and looked very hard. He could even see abs through his undershirt. He moved over to the scale that he kept in the lab and weighed himself. the numbers stopped at 160. Ok so, he wasn't exactly huge, not even as big as Aaron or James without any pills. But still he thought he looked awesome. After all he did just gain 20lbs in the last 5 minutes. The bulge in his pants had become VERY noticeable now, as these revelations turned him on more then he ever had been. unable to resist, he pulled down his pants and freed his cock from it's confines in his briefs. Ryan had never had a very big cock, it only normally being just under 6", but now it was easily 6.5". Staring in astonishment Ryan slowly stroked his cock with one hand, while feeling his new muscles with the other one. the sensations of feeling his new strong muscles beneath his hand and stroking on his bigger cock, made him come to his climax in almost no time at all. and it was a better orgasm then he'd ever had in his life. He felt like it was an explosion of pleasure, and that it would never end it went on so long. It lasted a full minute, and was splattered all over the wall nearby and the scale on the floor. Sighing in extreme satisfaction, he went to clean up his mess, record this new "data" and then head to bed because the whole ordeal had left him drained. He fell asleep long before his hour was up and he returned to normal size, completely unaware.

The next day, Ryan was very eager to do more testing, and maybe more sampling, of the compound. He got a sudden inspiration for his testing today. At the final stages of making the compound the solution is filtered. The whitish powder left on the filter paper i the stuff used to make the pills. normally the oily yellowish liquid that had been filtered out was thrown away. Ryan decided he was going to test out the liquid today, and see what he could learn of it. after producing another batch of product, he took the liquid over to a new sample of muscle tissue. He wanted to keep the 2 separate just in case they canceled each other out or something. Adding the same concentration to this muscle tissue as a pill would give he sat there and watched. sure enough shortly after the muscle began to swell slowly before his eyes. However this time it stopped, very soon after it started. Perplexed, Ryan took measurements of the tissue. It had gained in size by approximately 5%, but also, it was easily detected that the compound was within the tissue, whereas the pills could not be detected.

"Well, so much for that idea." Ryan said writing down his results in his notebook. Setting it aside he went upstairs to have some breakfast, having forgotten to eat in his excitement about the results last night. A few hours later, he came back down and went to put the new tissue sample back, as well as dump out the useless liquid. however when he reached the tissue sample, he stopped, noticing something didn't seem right. sure enough, taking measurements and doing tests he discovered the tissue sample to be the same size it was 2 hours ago, and it still had the compound in it. 'Longer lasting?' Ryan thought 'I'll have to keep an eye on it today' So, for the rest of the day while he worked on his regular lab work, he kept an eye on the tissue sample. no change had occurred now after 6 hours, and the compounc was still detectable in the tissue. Intrigued, Ryan added more of the liquid to the tissue to see what would happen. Waiting expectantly, Ryan watched the sample before him. nothing happened at all. no more growth, no higher concentration, nothing.

"Well, so this was a waste after all. who wants to get 5% bigger for a long time anyway? who knows when this'll wear off?" Ryan said out loud. Recording these results he put the rest of the liquid away in storage and went to sleep for the night.

The next day, unimpressed with his results from yesterday, he still went to his lab to do his regular work, and get his batch ready for Aaron to pick up tomorrow. When he got to the lab, he realized that he had left the 2nd tissue sample out all night. Although it was kept cool on the tray he had it on, it still wasn't a great idea to leave it out all night like that. However when he went to put it away he noticed that it was still the same size it had been yesterday. 'Big deal' he thought and went to throw it out. then as a force of habit he tested it once more. Yup, still same size, 5% bigger, but the compound was not detectable in the sample anymore. 'Interesting' Ryan thought as he recorded this. Retrieving the liquid from the storage cabinet, he added some to the sample once again. Amazingly after a few moments it again increased in size by 5%, and the compound was once again detectable.

Shaking in excitement, Ryan recorded this data, his mind swimming with the possibilities. It seemed like the effects from the liquid, although milder, might be permanent, and able to increase after a 24 hour period. Unable to contain his excitement, he immediately went and portioned himself a dose of the liquid and gulped it down. It tasted bitter and oily, but he swallowed it easy enough. Soon after he felt the same effects that the pills had had, only much milder. He felt that surge of power again, but this time it was almost unnoticeable. After it finished he thought he felt a little stronger, but he didn't really look any bigger. and he was certain that nothing had happened to his cock. Walking over to the scale he got on just to see if anything had actually happened. the numbers went by and stopped at 143lbs. 'Wowie, I gained a whole 3 pounds' he thought sarcastically. But then the realization that he could possibly gain 3 lbs every day this easily hit him like a ton of bricks. that meant he could gain around 20lbs of muscle in a week permanently! that is if the liquid was actually permanent... he decided he had to try it out and see.

The days went by with Ryan taking the liquid and making Aaron and James their pills still. The effects seemed to be permanent as far as Ryan could tell, and every day he did get a little bigger, and stronger, without having to do any working out. however the liquid didn't seem to affect ryan's cock any which disappointed him but he was too happy about the rest of his body to care much.

One day while doing some random experiments with both the liquid and the pills, he came across something startling. He had added some liquid to a muscle tissue sample, and watched the expected result. But, he then added some of the dissolved pill to the sample, just to see what would happen. Soon after he added the pill to the tissue, it began to grow, which surprised Ryan a bit, but not too much since they were different compounds which didn't do exactly the same thing. however after the muscle had grown what Ryan estimated to be 25% it kept on growing. His eyes widening further and further he watched the muscle tissue keep on swelling before his eyes. when it finally stopped Ryan frantically rushed to do his tests on it. The results were astonishing. It had grown more then he had seen the other tissue grow with 7 times the concentration of pill compound alone! and this was just with 1 pill! Again the pill compound wasn't detectable in the tissue, but the liquid was.

Gasping for breath Ryan quickly wrote this down and waited to see if the tisse would revert from its humongous state to normal size. Sure enough an hour later it reverted to it's 5% increased size, as opposed to the monstrously bloated slab of muscle it had been. The possibilities swam in Ryan's mind, getting a devious plan coming to mind, he called Aaron on the phone and asked if he'd like to come over for a surprise tomorrow. Curious about it Aaron said, sure he'd come.

"Oh, and make sure you bring James too." Ryan said just as Aaron was about to say goodbye.

"Huh? Oh sure." Aaron said, and then said goodbye.

Ryan made preparartions for the 2 hot guys to arrive the next day. He was so horny about his plans that he could hardly contain himself but he did, and waited patiently. He had already taken his dose of liquid for the day, and was just admiring how his physique had filled out recently when the 2 guys arrived. coming down the stairs the 2 of them stopped near the bottom, looking at Ryan. They'd thought he'd been getting a little bigger the last few times they'd seen him, but now it was pretty obvious. His lab coat was tight about his shoulders and pecs, whereas before it had hung loosely about his body.

"Ryan! You been working out or what?" Aaron said coming forward smiling, a little nervously.

"Yeah, a little bit." Ryan lied

"You look really good man. How much do you weigh now?" Aaron asked.

"About 175." Ryan replied smiling

"wow man, you've been gainin pretty fast. Uh, you haven't been taking our supplement stuff have you?" Aaron asked worried.

"No, I haven't been taking your stuff, but I know what it does." ryan replied evenly. Aaron looked a little worried about this, but didn't say much. James, standing a little behind him looked a little pale, but didn't say anything.

"Now, i know exactly what this stuff does, and most likely what you guys use it for." Ryan said looking at both of them. James's blush was all the answer he needed to that. "So here's the deal, I'll let you in on my little secret about your stuff, if you guys give me a "demonstration"."

"Demonstration? What do you mean?" James said speaking up for once.

"I think I know." Aaron said before Ryan could say anything. "He wants us to take some pills and... show him what can happen."

"Pretty much." Ryan confirmed. "now since I know you guys take more then 1 pill at once sometimes, how many would you like to take? I'd say the better the demonstration, the better the chance of finding out my secret."

Looking at James, Aaron turned back to Ryan and said. "all right, give us 5 pills each."

James looked a little startled at this, but said nothing. after all they both remembered the last time they had done 6, and they thought they were gonna die. since then they hadn't done any more then 4.

Ryan went and retrieved 10 pills, split them and dissolved them in some juice for the 2 guys. handing them each a glass he motioned for them to start whenever they were ready. Ryan took a seat on the counter in his lab, while the 2 guys sat down on the floor, knowing what was to come, and not wanting to be caught standing. They clinked their glasses together, leant in and gave each other one of the most passionate kisses Ryan had ever seen, shared a private smile over that and drank their juice. they put their glasses down, far away from themselves, and then seemed to mentally brace themselves for what was to come. They both started panting almost immediately and they flushed a bright red colour as the heat suffused their bodies. then unable to sit upright for any longer, they both sprawled out on the floor, gasping and croaking, and twitching all the while. Ryan had never seen anything so horrifying in his life, and felt sorry for having them do this. But, he was certain that they would be ok in the end and was very excited for what was to come.

after a while the 2 stopped thrashing about and some of the redess left their faces and bodies. They were breathing like they had just sprinted a marathon still, but it was better then the gasping and croaking noises that they could only make moments ago. then, right before his astonished eyes, he watched the 2 of them start to grow. Laying flat out on their backs their chests heaving with the amount of air rushing in and out of them, offered Ryan an amazing view of the transformation. their pecs bulged out, more and more every second. becoming plateaus on their bodies that just kept bulging more as they swelled monstrously. their arms by their sides were pushed farther and farther away from their bodies as their lats swelled and spread wide. The arms themselves bulging obscenely as the muscles swelled to huge porportions. Soon enough their t-shirts gave up trying to hold all the growing muscle in and almost literally shredded falling beside them on the floor. Still their muscles grew huger and huger. ryan's eyes widened in disbelief. He'd never expected this much growth to occur. his cock began straining in his pants and his heart beat fast and faster. almost as if his willing it to happen made it occur, both the guys jeans tore open from the strain of holding the massive legs inside them, and almost right after their swelling cocks tore through what was left of the jeans clinging to them, growing like snakes before Ryan's amazed eyed. finally their bodies stopped growing, and the 2 laid there panting for a few moments more before they got up.

when they stood up, Ryan almost forgot to breathe he was so turned on by these amazingly hot guys and their massive muscles and cocks. every muscle in their bodies were much bigger then even the pros were, and their narrow waists seemed to make the rest of them seem even huger somehow. and their cocks, hung down to their knees, and even now were swelling even huger before his eyes as these 2 giants got hard-ons. the show was about to begin, but not before Ryan could become an actor himself. Getting off the counter he moved to stand between the 2 behemoths.

"Very very nice." he breathed, reaching out to place a hand on each of their massive pecs. This seemed to turn on both guys even more and their cocks swelled up even faster. soon they were hard, both of them reaching to be a good 14" and very thick around. Aaron and James closed in on either side of Ryan pressing their huge cocks and pecs against him from both sides. Ryan thought that this must be what heaven is like as he could feel the 2 giant's hot bodies pressing harder and harder against him, and starting to grind their cocks into him.

"hold on a moment." he managed to gasp out, almost delirious with the sensations. squeezing out from their embrace, he walked over and picked up a single pill from the table. almost shaking with the adrenaline rush, and not really knowing what to expect he swallowed the pill with some water.

Aaron and James were watching him curiously, wondering how much good one pill was really gonna do. but then again maybe he just wanted to be a little bigger to have a bit more fun. they knew what it was like. However they were not ready for what was about to happen.

Ryan was fully prepared to be sprawled out on the floor just like Aaron and James were moments ago. So, he braced himself on the edge of the table and supposed he was ready for anything. It started out about the same as usual. short of breath, and feeling warm... then the tingles started, but it didn't feel anything like what Aaron and james looked to have felt. then as that faded, the surge of power feeling started deep within him. this time however it kept getting stonger and stronger. It felt like his body was building up to have on orgasm, and what an orgasm it was gonna be if it kept building like this! Feeling almost drunk with this surge of power Ryan threw his hands into the hair, tilted back his head and let out a yell of pure elation. Aaron and James stared dumbly at him, never having felt anything like that Ryan must be feeling.

The surge of power feeling finally began to fade from his body, but then he began to grow. He didn't grow any faster then Aaron or James had seemed to, but it was noticeably more enjoyable for Ryan than it had been for Aaron or James. With ever second that his body swelled bigger he seemed to be getting more pleasure from it. his lab coat was really straining to keep his big pecs and shoulders inside of it now, and he just kept on growing. His coat was supposed to be made of a really durable material that wouldn't rip easily so it held out longer then the other 2's t-shirts had. When it could finally no longer hold the growing muscle inside and ripped it looked to Aaron and James that Ryan exploded out of it. Because they had been cramped and squished as they grew inside the confines of the coat, they hadn't seemed to get any bigger. When they were suddenly released like that they seemed to instantly double in size, and then keep on growing. his pants gave way soon after falling in tatters to the floor around him as his tree trunk legs swelled beneath him. He was probably the size of the other 2 guys by now, but his body showed no signs of stopping. His muscles kept swelling and growing, fighting for space on the frame that seemed to be getting way too small. Ryan's head seemed to almost be shrinking as his body kept on growing, and his waist looked so narrow his top half's weight alone must surely snap it soon. finally his muscles stopped growing, and Ryan looked around, and then smiled at the two astonished faces of Aaron and James.

Ryan looked to be so massively huge it was unbelievable. He wasn't any taller then before, but the sheer size of his muscles made him seem to be a giant. his shoulders were probably wider then he was tall, the muslces thick and well defined. his neck might as well be a tree trunk now, and his head looked abnormally small perched upon it. His pecs were enormous slabs of muscle, probably standing out a foot or so from his body. his arms had swollen up obscenely huge, the thick vein going down the middle of the bicep head. they seemed like they were going to burst through his skin any second, and they weren't even flexed. They were probably twice the size of a normal persons head. His abs had grown so big that they were probably the size his pecs had been just moments and, and they all lead down to his incredibly narrow looking waist. his legs had grown so monstrous that they pushed each other almost dangerously far apart. they had to be 2 or 3 times the size of any pro-bodybuilders legs they were so huge. And his cock! It hung down well past his knees, and looked to be totally soft still, yet as thick as a wrist already.

almost reading their minds, and smiling, ryan obliged them by doing some flexes for them. First he did a stunning pec flex for them, the massive slabs swelling even more massively as he flexed them. He turned around and did a rear lat spread for the 2 astonished onlookers. He looked to be wider then any 4 or 5 men had a right to be, the deep contours of his muscles turning on the 2 guys immensely. He turned back to them and flexed his rigth bicep for them. It grew so huge that Ryan could touch the top of it with the hand that he was flexing. This turned on Ryan so much that he couldn't help but hold the pose and stroke his giant bicep with his hand like that a while longer. all the while his cock steadily grew larger and larger.

"Holy Shit! How'd you get so effin big taking only one pill man?" aaron finally managed to say. "How big are you anyway?"

"Let's find out." Ryan said relaxing his arm, and turning for his scale. "It's a heavy-duty lab scale, capable of weighing up to 1000lbs. i don't think I'm gonna go over"

Waddling over to it, since his legs were so big he couldn't walk properly, he got onto the scale.

"Uh, would one of you guys mind reading it for me? I can't see the numbers with my pecs in the way like this." ryan said sheepishly

aaron gladly obliged and walked over to read the scale at ryan's feet.

"642lbs. Man, you're more then twice the size of any pro. that's freaky!" Aaron said from below Ryan. Hearing just how big he really was turned Ryan on even more and his cock began to swell even faster. The next thing ryan knew, Aaron, had taken some of it into his mouth and was sucking on it as best he could. The feeling was incredible but ryan's cock was still swelling, and soon hardly any of it it into Aaron's mouth as it became fully hard. Stepping back Aaron release Ryan's cock, and watched it stand to it's full height. It came up even with ryan's shoulders, probably a good 18" or more.

Then Ryan felt hands touch his shoulders from behind and huge pecs and a huge cock grinding into his ass and back. James had come up from behind him and was joining in on the fun. Aaron smile mischeviously and joined in, again sandwiching ryan in the middle, but this time he was much bigger then the other 2. Still the feeling of their hard muscles pressing against his was even better then it felt before. they kept this up for half an hour, grinding, pressing, groping, jerking and even some sucking when they could manage to fit some of their monster cocks in their mouths. finally on either side of him, aaron and James began to cum, pouring forth spout after spout of hot cum all over ryan's front and back. ryan couldn't hold out any longer and let loose his own load violently. It shot out of his huge cock with such force that it could be heard to splatter against the ceiling fully 4 feet about his head. All 3 of them, turned on more by the other's huge orgasms continued to pour forth huge amounts of cum from their giant cocks. All 3 of them were pretty drenched in each other's cum by now,and still they kept on shooting. the orgasms never seeming to end. finally Aaron's and James's subsided and eventually stopped, but ryan's kept on going. his head back, eyes closed, he kept pumping his monster cock as it kept shooting wad after wad of cum all over the walls and floor slick with it already. His arm muscles kept bulging and relaxing as he pumped, and he never stopped groaning in pleasure the whole time he was cumming. 5 minutes after both aaron and james had stopped Ryan's orgasm finally ended too. Aaron and James both had on the biggest grins Ryan had ever seen. Looking around Ryan new why. All 3 of them were almost literally drippping cum, and an area about 5 feet around them was completely covered in it. It looked like a sperm bank had exploded in his ryan's lab. He didn't seem to mind though. He even flexed one more time for the 2 guys and gave them a playful wink.

after all 3 of them had returned to normal size, and the huge mess cleaned up Ryan shared his secrets with the other 2. He told them about how the liquid could be used to slowly gain permanent muscle, and how with the liquid in your system how the pills effect was greatly multiplied, evidently without the painful beginnings. aaron and James were very happy with this newfound info, and asked Ryan to keep making them both the liquid and the pills. Ryan agreed but only if they would come over now and then, so they could have some fun together like that night. aaron and James both agreed, smiling from ear to ear. they all had a lot to look forward to. •

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