Vortex, The


By Msclbldr

When Paul awoke, hell began.

His existence for the next 3 weeks was purely eating sleeping and lifting weights. Every minute of his life was devoted to one goal and that goal was growth.

He was eating 40,000 calories a day, each of his 10 meals a day was larger than everything he would have eaten in a day before, and at night a feeding tube was inserted into his stomach to maintain the supply of nutrients even as he slept. And in addition there were all the dietary supplements and drugs. His abdomen distended as his liver swelled in an attempt to process all the protein he was ingesting.

He was in the gym twice a day being forced through gruelling workouts the like of which he had not thought humanly possible. Max saw to that, brutally forcing the last ounce of effort out of Paul's muscles.

He was being pumped full of god knows what chemicals. Jabs and pills every 2 hours. Paul only suspected what these were but Max never talked about them, he just ensured they were administered. There was always a high, a feeling of energy and omnipotent power afterwards that was Paul's only release from the mind numbing exhaustion he felt after each of the titanic workouts.

And then there was the craving. The insane need for sex that had him hard all day and all night. Max fucked with him 3 or 4 times each day and also, at the beginning, gave him other men to use to scratch his itch with. But it never seemed enough to sate him. It was only after visits from the one Max called the Boss, the man who had first fucked him in the club and given him that pill, that he felt relaxed. He had been right, Paul was addicted to this man's seed; none other would do.

He craved this man's cum, begged for it, would do anything for it, allowed the man whatever pleasures he wished to take.

His will had been completely subsumed to that of the Boss. And what the Boss willed of Paul was to grow, to become a freak beyond imagination.

Day after day kilo upon kilo of muscle was packed onto his body. He had started out as an athletic 105kg (230lb) rugby player but by the end of the first week he had grown to 160kg (350lb), bigger than any man he had ever seen until this week. Shit, he would slaughter the opposition pack on the rugby field. Not only was he big but he was growing immensely strong. His 183ch chest (72") could bench 450kg (990lbs) for reps and his 97cm quads (38") squatted out 10 reps of 600kg (1320lbs) before failure. His huge 69cm (27") arms curled 125kg (275lbs) dumbbells for 12 before the burning forced Paul to rest a couple of seconds before blasting out another 12 reps.

The rush of growth was intoxicating, from hour to hour he could see himself larger, feel himself stronger. Weights he struggled with one day were easy the next. It just fed his sex craving all the more. And his cock, which was now almost permanently hard was growing too, as if all the exercise it was getting was forcing it to adapt. What had been a very useful 19cm (7.5") had grown to a 28cm (11") coke can thick rod of super sensitive fuck flesh.

And as he grew so did his craving. The bigger he became, the more frequently he needed his dose from the Boss. What had been every other day was becoming every day. And without it he was becoming aggressive and irrational. This was great in the gym where the aggression aided his monster workouts but elsewhere it was becoming dangerous. He had already nearly killed two of the cute body builders who worked the club downstairs in his lust crazed frenzy. If Max had not intervened and forcibly lifted him off the men, they would have been ground to a pulp beneath his frenetic fucking.

By the end of the second week he had gained another 65kg. His 225kg muscle bulk filled his frame almost ridiculously. Both Max and the Boss were astounded by his gains. Never had they encountered a subject who desire growth so much, trained so hard or responded to the treatment so extremely.

About 20 days into the programme Max had left him alone in the gym.

This was rare as he was usually under 24 hour observation by Max or one of his flunkies. He had finished his workout and was idly bending a 20kg plate back and forth until the metal grew weak and fractured.

It had been yesterday morning since the Boss last fucked him and he was becoming agitated and aggressive. This was great in the gym and he had just finished the mother of all chest workouts which pumped his pecs till they felt they would burst. But now without that outlet he needed a distraction.

One of the attendants was in the gym tidying it up before his next workout. He was one of the heavyset not quite pro bodybuilders who the boss had working downstairs in the club. Nice muscled body and handsome face to attract the punters. Paul studied the little stud (most men on the planet now appeared small compared to Paul.) He was a BB, not quite professional standard but getting there. At about 5'11 he carried a cut 240# which under normal circumstances would be massive, but here, Paul sat, nearly twice his weight, causally ripping apart the equipment. The guy was nervous, with good reason. He had heard that the Bosses freaks were unstable and unstoppable. The guy looked up to see Paul crush one of the halves of the weight in a massive fist and with his other paw, massage the large bulge between his legs. He knew this was a new guy and had only been there just a couple of weeks but he was already as big as some of the other monsters and was still growing extremely fast. He had worked here long enough to know that the faster and bigger they grew, the more aggressive they became. He quickly finished up and turned to get out of the gym. But the doorway was blocked by the massive bulk of Paul.

He was agitated and obviously horney. His massive cock tented his compression suit which were drenched with precum at the crotch.

The guy looked around wildly like a cornered rabbit looking for escape as Paul slowly advanced towards him. Heavy footfalls shaking the floor with each stride. The guy backed away until his path was blocked by a weight rack. Paul was on him in a second. He grabbed the guy by the crotch and the neck and hoisted him over his head, playing with him, throwing him up and catching him like he weight nothing.

Tiring of this, Paul dropped him and grabbed one of the specially reinforced weight bars. He bent it around the guy, pinning his arms to his side.

He did the same with another bar around his feet, the metal screeching as it succumbed to Paul's power. He looked down at the guy.

He was puny compared to Paul, his thighs smaller than Paul's forearms but Paul was so lust crazed now he would fuck anything. He ripped off his compression suit and stood over the man, dripping a steady gush of precum onto the prostrate body below. The man was terrified as he looked up. He could not see this gorilla's face as it was obscured by the vast bulk of his pecs. But then Paul bent over and the man saw the uncomprehending all-consuming lust in his eyes and began to struggle.

Paul flipped him over and dropped to his knees, his gigantic adductors crushing the man's hamstrings. His huge cock landed with a heavy thwack on the smaller man's back. It filled the valley between his glutes, stretched across the small of his back and the head rested between his shoulder blades. The man felt its heavy heat on his skin and tried to struggle, but the bent Olympic bars were tight around his limbs and with over a quarter of a tonne on his hips he was unable to move.

Paul slid his hips back until his cock head rested between the fabric covered ass cheeks and then drove forward and down. The force of the assault ripped the cloth of the man's shorts and forced the grapefruit sized cock head through his sphincter. The blood curdling scream was accompanied by the sound of ripping flesh as the man's body lost the struggle with Paul's steel hard fuck pole. He didn't stop, he wasn't even aware of the blood pooling around the limp body beneath him. He thrust on, deeper and deeper, the thrusts causing flesh to rip open further too accommodate the invading behemoth. And as he bottomed out and his full 15" were mashing his intestines to pulp, he lowered his chest onto the prostrate form beneath causing the Olympic bar looped around his chest to groan under the force. But had it not been there the man would be nothing more that a red smear on the floor.

Paul came in huge gushing eruptions, which inflated the man's abdomen, until finally, minutes later he was done. He stood up, the man's limp body still hanging from his cock. The haze of lust cleared and he looked down in horror as the broken body slipped off his cock and fell to the floor.

The rest was a blur. Attendants arrived and somehow managed to un-bend the improvised steel manacles and removed the man to the infirmary, then he realised Max was standing in front of him. He realised suddenly that this man who had once be so hugely intimidating was now smaller than he was. Max looked at him and realised that the tables were turned and that unless they found some way to control him, he would be unstoppable.

The Boss arrived and took Paul to a side room where he fucked Paul, a hard brutal fuck to satisfy his addiction and also to remind him who was in charge. Although he was now so much smaller than Paul, he had the dominance derived from Paul's need for his seed. The force and aggression of it shook him out of his shock and rekindled the animalistic lust and insatiable desire for muscle. And when he had finished and Paul was kneeling at his feet sucking on his cock like a baby on its mother's breast, he pulled out a syringe and said to Paul "This is a serum derived from my cum. It will satisfy your addiction when I am not available. I hope this will prevent any further unfortunate incidents of this nature."

He injected it into the bulging mass of Paul's left delt.

"There, a double dose should keep you right for a while."

He looked down at the kneeling figure. This man was stupendous, his finest creation yet.. Paul's arms were raised and wrapped around the Boss's hips. The bunched muscle of his shoulders, traps arms and pecs formed and huge bulging plateau of muscle three foot thick and extending 3 feet on either side of his head. The cuts between the bunched muscles were compressed so tightly by the pressure of one mass of muscle flexing against the other that they almost disappeared, being reduced to hairline cracks.

"The Russian will be pleased and he is still only half way through the treatment" he thought. But he must find out why Paul had responded so incredibly to the treatment. If all his stable were to respond like this, he would have many satisfied clients.

His hands began to explore the landscape of Paul's musculature, tracing the mountains and valleys of his shoulders and traps, trying to pry apart the plates of muscle and explore the deep hidden crevasses of his cuts and striations. He grew hard again with the feel of the mass of muscle and took Paul again to satisfy his lust. •

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