Vortex, The


By Msclbldr

The man carried Paul along a dimly lit bare concrete corridor and up a flight of stairs. His huge hand was kneading Paul's ass, grinding his pelvis into the man's immense shoulder. "Great fuckable ass" he said "I'm gonna enjoy you and so are my clients. I know someone who will pay big for you, after I've worked on you for a while"

He opened a door and entered a large room. He threw Paul onto one of the beds that were ranged along one wall and stood over him, his huge bulk looming oppressively over Paul. It was the first chance Paul had had to look at rather than just feel this man. The sense of touch had only allowed Paul to take in a small part of his huge frame at any one time. Looking up at him, Paul was able to appreciate the truly gargantuan proportions of this behemoth.

He was about 6'3 tall with close cropped black hair. His features were strong, not pretty but ruggedly handsome with a large broken nose and piercing green eyes. Although his face was startling, it was not that which would attract your attention.

It was his body.

It was huge.

It was beyond the most extreme muscle freak's fevered imagination.

His shoulders were over 120cm (48") across each capped with bulging 3 lobed delts the size of beech balls. Between the delts and neck rose slab like traps which bulged up vertically 10cm (4") before sweeping in to meet a neck the size of a beer keg. His chest was immense, huge bulging pecs sweeping out from the sternum, down and out wrapping around his barrelled ribcage. They hung as 2 luxuriant swags of muscle bulk forming a cleavage 15cm (6") deep and overhung his abs by 20cm (8"). Even the dense coating of black fur could not hide the cuts and striations of his muscles, in fact it almost accentuated it, the fur bunching in the deep clefts increasing the shadows. His chest must have been 200cm (80") around, but his waist looked less than 85cm (34"). However the dense blocks of muscle forming his abs meant it looked anything but weak. To call his abs an 8 pack would have been misleading. It was 8 beer kegs crushed and deformed into a dense wall of muscle, so extreme in its development that the crease between each muscle was a hairline crack so tight that you would not be able to slide a credit card into it.

His arms were beyond comprehension. Watermelon sized biceps fought for space on the arm with the delts bulging down from the top and the forearms crushing from below and then the whole mass was thrust forward by the triceps which overflowed from the back of the arm. The whole freaky mass must have measured over 75cm (30") and their extreme size combined with his enormous lats caused his arms to hang at an angle of 45deg from his body.

His legs were encased in black leather trousers which hugged his immense bulk as if sprayed on. Even these could not conceal the cuts between the muscle of the legs. Even though he stood with his legs wide spaced, the leather clad bulk of his inner thighs pressed together practically to his knees and thrust his heavy basket forwards. His cock was clearly outlined through the leather, a flaccid tube 40cm long and about 10 across that hung down his left thigh.

"Shit" thought Paul, "he fucked me with that!" He saw Paul's eyes drinking in his enormity of his form and sneered.

"You like what you see Boy? Of course you do, punk. I fucked you just to give you a taster, to get you hooked. You're mine now, Boy and don't forget it. Your only reason for living is to please me, to do what I want.

Part of Paul's mind was raging against this man. Who the fuck was he to turn him into a slave, but a growing part of his consciousness didn't give a fuck. All it wanted was this mans body, to be used by him, to satisfy him. What the hell was happening to him.

"I can see there is still some resistance" he said mockingly "but that will pass. A side effect of the drug I gave you. It changes your will, addicts you to the man juice of the person who is fucking you at the time. It is also the most potent anabolic growth hormone yet discovered and it permanently alters your physiology into an anabolic state. So not only will you become insanely desperate for my cum, to the extent that you will do anything I say, but your body's musculature will grow in response to the correct stimuli. And I will provide those stimuli. I have plans for you Paul, lucrative plans.

You shall join my stable, become one of my livestock. I have a small and very exclusive group of clients who have very particular desires and they come to me to provide them with satisfaction. And one of them wants you, or rather what I shall make of you. He has grown bored with my other playthings and has given me a very detailed specification of what he really wants. You will meet that specification, in fact you will exceed it because I know what he also needs is surprise. You will surprise him, you will astound him.

Behind him a door opened and a figure lumbered into the room. Paul had to look twice to make sure he was not hallucinating. It was male, most definitely male, but was it human? It walked hardly bending its legs which were forced out to nearly a metre apart by the immense girth of his quads and the sheer bulk of his adductors which rubbed together all the way down to hi s knees. His legs were covered in thick black hair except on the inner thigh where it had obviously been rubbed bare against his other leg. His hips were so narrow that from the front you could see his huge glutes bulging out to the sides, pinching back in to form a hard muscled waist before burgeoning out again as freaky lats overshadowed everything below. The torso bulged out to an insanely barrelled chest and shoulders that seemed only slightly narrower that his height. He had no visible neck. His head was engulfed by a tree trunk thick column of muscle buttressed by slabs of traps that rose well above his ears. His arms hung out from his sides at a bizarre angle. They were so thick that they looked impossible to bend. Even straight and unflexed the biceps peaked and filled completely the available space between delt and forearm.

"Ah, Max" said the man as the gorilla lumbered forwards, "this is your new trainee for the Russian Contract. You have seen the specs and the training regime. Do whatever is necessary to prepare him for the client's arrival. You have 6 weeks so you had better get started." He turned back to Paul and said "Max here was my Russian client's last playmate but he has grown bored even of this body and wants something more extreme. He is in charge of you, do as he says and perform well and you will be rewarded" this he said rubbing his cock suggestively "If you don't, well, withdrawal from my cum after addiction has set in is painful and can be fatal. But I'm sure you will please me" his smile was cold and hard and, like an American shop assistant saying "have a nice day", it did not reach his eyes.

All Paul could say was "Yes Sir" he reached out to touch the man who let him caress his cock through the leather of his jeans and then stepped back.

"Not yet, you haven't earned it yet" He turned and strode from the room. Max loomed over him, impossibly huge and intimidating "so I have my own little plaything for the next 6 weeks. This will be fun, he said pulling the vest off his huge chest. His body was a mass of obscene bulges and crevasses. Every muscle was impossibly huge and fought for space with its neighbours. Any movement caused a tectonic battle between plates of hard striated flesh. His nipples and navel had disappeared, subsumed beneath the bulging, pulsing flesh. Sweat matted hair coated his body from the neck down but even this could not obscure the insane muscle definition.

He leered at Paul. "Freaky isn't it, but you will know just how freaky soon enough. But first I'm gonna have you, mark you as mine." Something huge stirred within the confines of his tight shorts. The large bulge was expanding, pushing forwards and dragging the leather belt down and out, away from the blocks of ab muscle. There was a ripping sound as the fly buttons tore open and an immense cock burst out. It lifted itself up with each throb and pulse until it stood, iron hard, just below the deep overhang of his pecs. He let out a long sigh as he stroked it, milking out spurts of precum from the huge piss-slit which shot up and drenched the hair on the underside of his pecs. "Come here and drink this" he ordered, his deep voice rumbled authoritatively. That part of Paul's mind which had been resisting had lost its battle for survival against the overwhelming sexual urges that the drugs combined with the unbelievable visual stimulation he was experiencing.

Whereas the first man had been the perfect combination of ruggedly handsome and fuck-off huge forming a combination that was a muscle freaks wet dream, this thing before him now, this Max, was inhuman. The face was human, handsome, rugged, dark hair and wide set blue eyes, but what supported it was like an amplified combination of bull and gorilla crushed onto a human skeleton. Paul dived at the cock and planted his lips over the fountaining piss slit. He drank down the slick sweetness of the precum. Max rhythmically flexed his cock, pumping yet more blood into its rigid thickness causing it to swell longer and thicker. He forced his mouth down on the huge rod. It was like trying to get a large apple into his mouth but the huge amount of precum was slicking the bulbous head and somehow he managed to stretch his jaw wide enough to get it in. "Very good" rumbled Max "for a first attempt, but I demand better." With that he grabbed Paul's head in his massive paws and thrust his hips forward. His cock bulldozed down his oesophagus plugging I completely and causing Paul to retch. But there was nowhere for the contents of his stomach to go. The invading log sealed his throat and Paul was left spasming trying to force it past the immovable object.

The spasms passed and the huge cock continued it invasion. Paul felt a click as his jaw was dislocated by this fence pole and he felt his neck were going to rip open. Just as he was beginning to black out Max withdrew his cock and with a swift expert flick of his massive paw clicked Paul's jaw back into place. "Very good indeed" his deep base voice rumbled. "Now let's try on the other end for size"

Half dazed as he was Paul realised what he was going to do and started struggling in terror. But it was useless as he was lifted by a single huge arm and tossed across the room onto on of the huge beds. He was on top of Paul like a shot, his massive legs straddling Paul's hips. He grabbed him, turned him over and lowered his gargantuan bulk onto Paul's back. With his arms only half bent, Max's pecs began to crush against Paul's back. He lower himself further, letting more of his mass rest on Paul. He was pinned there, immobile beneath this vast bulk of muscle. Something hard and very large was pressing insistently against his ass. Harder, a huge fist sized head, slick with precum, hot with lust forcing Paul's ass apart, opening his sphincter with sheer brute force. And as the cock pile-drived in, he bent his arms further and crushed Paul into the bed further. 150kg, 175kg 200kg (440lbs) maybe more. He felt his ribs creak and groan as the titan settle his bulk down onto him.

With a snap, his sphincter opened and the massive intrusion began. Centimetre after centimetre forced its way into Paul's body, forcing his guts to rearrange themselves around the huge throbbing pole. The pain was unlike anything Paul had experienced but he couldn't scream, as the weight on his back was so great. And in it plunged, driving deeper, stretching further into his body. And then he stopped: His cock could go no further. Paul was filled completely, stretched to bursting. But Max was not to be stopped by anatomy. He started short hard thrusts. The friction on his ass lifted Paul's hips from the bed on the backstrokes and forcing another centimetre of huge fuck pole up Paul's ass as a quarter of a tonne of muscle ground down on his hips rearranging his intestines on the way. Finally his coarse pubes mashed into Paul's ass and he lay still, resting his whole massive bulk on Paul and flexed his cock rhythmically. Each flex caused the cock to expand and lift, mashing Paul's prostate and distracting his attention for the pain and focussing it on the pleasure. The sublime pleasure of a quarter of a tonne of muscle on his back and 45cm of thick cock in his ass. But the exquisite weight was too much and when it felt like his spine was about to snap, Max knelt up, dragging Paul up with him by the ass.

"You done real well" he whispered in Paul's ear. "Now let's fuck" He grabbed Paul's hips and started sliding him back and forth along the rigid member. Max was using Paul the way normal men might use their right hand. Paul was incidental to Max's pleasure. He pressed Paul's ass cheeks together to increase the pressure on his 45cm length of cock. Paul was being thrown around like a rag-doll. He had lost control of his muscles and was flailing around with each thrust and flex of Max's cock. An insanely massive arm wrapped around Paul's chest and crushed him against the freak's chest. The 10cm diameter log in his ass thickened and bucked and Paul felt his innards fill with heat. Max was grunting incoherently, thrusting and grinding against Paul in animalistic abandon and filling him to the point where Paul felt he would explode. His ass was so tight around Max's cock that nothing could leak out even as more and more cum pumped into his distended belly. With each thrust Paul could see his abs bulge out, a huge fist sized cock head punching at his stomach from inside. Finally the assault came to an end and Paul hung limp from the huge cock which twitched periodically but finally began to soften. Max lay down on one of the beds with Paul under him and his dick still firmly rooted in his ass. He lowered about half his quarter of a tonne weight onto Paul's back to pin him in position and said

"That is how its gonna be from now on. I will use you whenever and however I please, and I will please often." He flexed his still semi hard cock to emphasise the point. "I'm gonna keep you plugged here whilst I explain a few things to you. First, you do as I say. No disputes. Just obey, Second, you aren't going anywhere. We know you are a backpacker from Australia. No one knows where you are at the moment and that's the way it will stay. You will drop off the face of the earth. Your rucksack will be cleared from the youth hostel and one of our employees will go to Mexico on your passport to confuse the issue more. Thirdly, you are here for one purpose and that is to satisfy our Russian contract. The client has given us a specification which we intent to surpass. Effectively he is paying us $100 per pound of your lean body mass, payable each time he uses your services. I made the boss $50,000 a trick before the Russian became bored with me and I can't go through the training regime again for another 9 months. So that's where you come in. You will make him $70,000: that's a body weight of over 750lbs. The only other requirement is that your upper arm is larger than your waist" Paul's mind was reeling. Even in his drug induced confusion he could tell that Max was saying he was going to grow to weigh 350kg. That was beyond comprehension, No one could be that massive. But he had thought no one could weigh 250kg until he saw Max….

"You will have to grow at the rate of 14lbs a day." continued Max "To achieve this you will have to train hard and heavy but that's why I'm here. I will be your worst gym nightmare. Other than training your existence will comprise solely of eating, sleeping and pleasuring me. Everything else is of no importance. Now go and clean up" he said looking in the direction of an open bathroom door. Max lifted his bulk off Paul's back and dragged 12" of now soft cock out of Paul's ass. Paul had expected a fountain of cum to gush from his now unplugged hole but there was nothing, not even a fart. The distended feeling in his abdomen had also gone "Looks like the process has already started" said Max "your body is absorbing all available sources of nutrient and a couple of quarts of my cum is a good source of high grade protein." Paul staggered to his feet and went to the bathroom. By the time he return Max had gone and the door was locked. He lay down on of the beds and slept.

He dreamt.

Dreams of muscle beyond comprehension.

Dreams of growing mass exploding out of his body.

Dreams of power and strength. •

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