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I thought thigs had gone a but quiet so decided to post this. I havent finished the later chapters yet but will post this now anyway and keep writing. Ideas and comments are gratefully received as I'm heading for a bit of a block later on in the storey.

Its a sort of near future history inspired by a line in Paul J McAuley's novel "Fairyland" ( a book i would reccommend anyone read if they are into sciebce fiction)

Paul was cold and he was scared. The last thing he remembered was being jolted awake on the overnight bus across Kraje. It had been a long and uncomfortable journey, in seats too small for his large frame and crammed beside an old woman and her chickens. He had had no choice but to use this bus, as the encroaching civil war had cut off all other communication routes through the area. He was indulging in the Australian tradition of going walkabout round the world after graduation. He had been dragged off the bus, along with most of the other young men, by a group of malitia who stood them against the side of the bus. This, he thought, was it. He had heard of the ethnic cleansing and genocide that went on in this area in the late Ď90ís and the rumours that it was starting again now, 15 years later. Then it all went black.

Paul awoke in a large dimly lit room. It appeared to be a bunker of some description with bare concrete walls, floor and ceiling. There were no windows that he could see and only one doorway. The only light came from some bare light bulbs suspended from the high ceiling which cast harsh shadows and left the edges of the room concealed in eerie gloom.

Some other men that Paul recognised from the bus were there too. They were huddled in a dejected group near the centre of the room talking in low voices in the local language which Paul did not understand.

Two malitia men stood next to the door. The light from the bare bulbs glistening off the sweat on their swarthy skin. They were not tall, probably less that 5í 8Ē, an average height for this region but their bodies were anything but average. Even though Paul had over a foot on them in height, they probably outweighed his 272# by 80# each making his normally impressive gym-built physique look fairly insignificant. That kind of muscle mass crammed onto their short frames gave them a freaky and immobile appearance. They were stripped to the waist and wore only dirty jeans and boots. The dense black hair on their chest and arms did nothing to hide their extreme muscular development. The jeans were obviously a very large size and had had to be pulled tight into their hard cobbled waists by webbing belts. But even with the large size they still clung drum tight around their massive thighs and calves. The harsh light cast shadows across the tight denim showing the separation of the huge quadriceps muscles. They were breathing hard and their huge chests rose and fell massively with each breath. Their hard bellied protruded with swollen muscle and their skin was coarse and swarthy. Paul had worked out in enough hard core gyms to recognise that these kids had been pumped full of steroids and god knows what else from an early age. However the effects were far more extreme than he had ever seen before.

The door was flung open and another couple of guards strode into the room. They were similar to the two gorillas already there, short in stature in stature but hugely muscled, and showing the same signs of massive steroid use. They were dressed in the same informal uniform but these ones wore camouflage vests which hugged their torsos like a second skin. The material disappeared into the deep crevasse below their huge protruding pecs and their nipples were only just visible crushed between the massive overhang if the pecs and the bulging uppermost ridge of ab muscles. Even though the sides of the vests had had to be ripped open so as to accommodate the enormous width of their lats, the material was still stretched tight over their chests spanning the 4Ē deep cleavage between the slabs of their pec muscles. The vest hid nothing of their abs, which were like concrete block wall of sinuous rippling muscle. None of the guards were armed although they did not look as if they needed weapons. They walked over to the group of men and started dragging them to their feet.

One of the captives started resisting, shouting at the guards and lashing out. The guard grabbed a fistful of shirt and tossed him across the room, the man landing in a heap against the wall beside Paul. The guard leapt after him and grabbed him by the throat with one massive paw, lifting him off the ground. He was making gurgling noises and started kicking out at the gorilla who merely tightened his grip and shook him like a rag doll. Paul saw he was going to kill the man and started grabbing at his arm trying to release him. The guards arm was like rock, Paul could barely get a grip of it, it was so thick. Dragging at it with all his weight only caused it to dip slightly. The guard look up at Paul and casually back-handed him across the stomach.

The force knocked the wind out of Paul, doubling him over and throwing him back against the wall. The guard dropped the barely conscious man and grabbed at Paul. He caught hold of Paulís shirt and dragged him into the centre of the room. He was straddling Paulís chest and his thick thighs crushed the sides of his rib cage. He held Paulís head with thick fingered hands which dug into his scalp as he ground his crotch into Paulís face. The smell of sweat and sex was overpowering. Paulís mouth was being forced over the a huge hard denim encased bulge that was lengthening down the guards left leg. He called something to the other guards who laughed and began to gather round. Paul tried to struggle free but the guard was too strong. He felt as if his jaw was going to be broken as his face was ground against this thugís iron hard groin. He did the only thing which seemed left to him and bit down hard through the denim. His mouth could barely open wide enough to get around the massive cock but he must have bitten something because the guard yelled and doubled over in pain. The other guards laughing.

Paul took his opportunity and scrambled out from between the massive thighs and made a run for the door. The other guards saw him and blocked his escape. Paul ran into a brick wall that was the chest of one guards whilst another grabbed his belt from behind and dragged him back into the room. The first guard straighten up, his face contorted with rage. He was clenching and unclenching his fist and the thick cables of muscle on his forearms separated and bulged massively. He shouted at Paul and grabbed his shirt, pulling Paulís face down to the level of his own and bellowed, this time in broken English

ďyou gonna die. You bite me, I fuck you to pulpĒ

He threw Paul on the floor and held him there with a booted foot on the small of his back. He reached down and ripped at the back of Paulís jeans, snapping the belt and popping the buttons. His jeans and briefs were wrenched off his legs and tossed across the room. The man dropped to his knees, the concrete floor shaking with the impact, and using his legs forced Paulís thighs apart. Thick callused fingers probing his ass, prizing the cheeks apart and ramming against his hole. Paul heard someone spit and tried to look round but the gorilla had one of his massive hands on the back of his head forcing it against the floor. He felt something hard against his ass, something hot and huge. It pressed down ramming against the sphincter. Paul screamed in terror and pain but it kept pushing. His sphincter contracted, trying to keep the invader out. But it was an iron rod with 350lbs of muscle behind it and it would not be denied entry. With a brutal thrust Paulís sphincter gave way. He wanted to scream but was too shocked. He felt as if he had been split in two.

The guards were laughing and egging the gorilla on. He kept pushing and thrusting. How much more of this manís cock was there. The pain was unimaginable, and although Paul was no virgin he had never felt anything like this. It was as if a football was being forced up his rectum. After what seemed like hours but was no more that a couple of minutes he felt the guardís pubes against his ass cheeks and the full 350 lbs. weight of the man descended upon his back crushing him against the floor. Paul could feel the manís pulse through his cock. With each heart beat it seem to swell thicker and longer, stretching his sphincter and rectum till they felt drum tight over the manís cock.

Then the fucking started. Short thrusting jabs at first, no withdrawal, just grinding his hips against Paulís ass, harder and harder, crushing him against the hard cold concrete. The pressure on his pelvis was frightening, he could feel the bones and joints creaking under the force of the thrusts. Satisfied that he had stretch and straightened Paulís ass sufficiently, he started withdrawing his rod. It felt like his rectum was being dragged back out of him, that he was being turning inside out, then he felt the ridge of the gorillaís cock head against the inside of his anus. The man held his cock there, flexing it, and then in one sharp motion sank back down to the hilt. Paul screamed. The gorilla was moaning with animalistic pleasure. With each thrust a deep rumbling grunt threw hot breath onto Paulís back. Paul was becoming numb. Pain was being replaced with a tingle of pleasure which steadily grew in heat and intensity. The manís fist sized cockhead was pummelling his prostate twice with each thrust and Paul could feel the effects as a sticky pool of pre cum formed on the floor beneath him. His cock was hardening and being ground against the floor with each fuck.

Paul saw a pair of boots in front of his face and heard a belt being undone and fly buttons popping. The gorilla grabbed his hair and pulled his head back and up. Before him stood another of the guards, fly open and clutching his enormous erection. From this angle the cock looked unfeasibly large. Shit, was the gorilla fucking him that big as well? It must have been over 12Ē long with a shaft substantially thicker than a beer can and a head the size of a large orange. The foreskin was sliding back and forth over the head as the guard wanked himself fully hard. Precum was bubbling from the gaping piss slit with each wank, forming sticky ribbons which hung down to Paulís upturned face. The flow was increasing with the manís excitement soaking Paul and dribbling into his open mouth. He pointed his cock down towards Paulís mouth and bent his legs slightly so that the huge head was pressing against Paulís mouth.

ďYou bite, you dieĒ he said in heavily accented English

He bent his legs further, his thick tree like thighs bulging under his massive weight forcing his orange sized balls forward into view. Their hair covered sack was stretched tight and beginning to pull up the length of the manís rod. As he descended, his cock forced it way into Paulís mouth stretching his lips tight around the invading mass. Paulís jaw felt it was going to be dislocated and he tried to struggle free but his hips and legs were pinned and his head was held tight by the gorilla fucking him. His struggling brought obvious pleasure to the cock fucking his arse and the pace of the assault quickened. He fought against the urge to bite the cock in his mouth, he did not doubt that these men would kill him if he did. Paul was fighting for breath and gagging. But it didnít slow the inexorable descent of the rod into his throat. The thickness of the head was so huge Paul was sure it was going to split open his oesophagus, rip out his larynx at the very least. He could see the thick black bush of the mans crotch approaching his face. He couldnít breath now nor bend his neck. The cock was a rigid pole of warm steel that would not bend nor allow the neck it had impaled to bend. When Paulís forehead was pressed against the warm granite ridges of the manís lower abs he began to withdraw allowing Paul to catch some breath before slamming into his face again. The 2 fuckers were thrusting in unison now, crushing Paul with irresistible force between their groins. The Guard fucking him reached beneath Paul with one hand and lifted him up so he was on his hands and knees. His thick callused fingers found his aching cock and squeezed it savagely. The force of the fucking was such that Paul was being lifted off the ground as the two men thrust forward. He could feel both the cocks begin to swell and harden more. They were approaching release. Paul was near the edge too, close to passing out from the combination of shock and lack of oxygen. His captors gave a final massive thrust, bending Paul double and held him there. He could feel hot lava flooding his rectum, filling it, distending it until it could hold no more, leaking out and gushing down the back of his thighs. The spasming cock in this throat was steadily pumping his stomach full of cum, swelling his belly. He was gagging but his throat was rammed solid. He couldnít breath, couldnít even struggle. Just as it was all going black, he came, his body twisting and contorting in ecstasy on the twin spikes holding him at each end.

Then he passed out. •

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