Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

For the rest of the time until Matt's first client was arriving, Matt and the twins practised different sex moves - different positions. Brett was nowhere to be seen for the two weeks - not at home, not turning up for work - Matt's parents were frantic about him. They asked Matt about when he saw him last. He didn't like to say with his huge dick up his tiny butt, so he said he couldn't remember. He didn't care. He was completely focussed on his goal - being huge and cut and strong and sexy for his client. There was huge money and huge pressure involved. Matt spent any time in the gym definging his huge muscles - making them deeply cut and in competition form. He was pumped. On the night before his client was arriving, Mr Eastman called him to his office. Fabian was there. "Come in", Mr Eastman said to the huge teen as he entered. "We just want to measure you - make sure you're ready". This was part a joke - Matt was more than ready. Looking at the guy waould make you come. Fabian started measuring the hulking teen and barking out the results. "Height: 6' 5". Matt had grown slightly to accomodate his new stature. "Pecs: 64." Fabian let his hands brush against Matt's rock hard nipples. "Waist: 28." "Thighs 45." "Arms... 25". Matt proudly flexed his arms as Fabian measured. His bis were his pride and joy - they were pumped and the bi was cut away from the main arm - a huge ball like muscle bulging up trying to tear through the skin. "Are the twins ready?", Mr Eastman asked. Matt nodded. He had 'prepared' them well. "Good. Your client arrives at 9.30. He has paid for 4 hours. Good luck."

Matt saluted - well his salute - a huge double bi, and left the room. Mr Eastman watched the black haired teen stud go. His lats flared wide across his back - it was some change from the meek, shy thin teen that had approached him a few weeks ago. All that growth in a few weeks. He could go big time here - create a new stud of supermuscular men. He was sure there'd be a demand for it...

The following morning, Matt stood with the twins at the mirror. The three were primed and pumped. All were tanned - not darkly, just a sexy tanned hue. Matt's long black hair was tossed back - the twins' crop of blond hair was brushed over in cherubic style. These guys were anything but cherubs! Matt bounced his pecs in the mirror. "YES - let's GO", he shouted at his muscular reflection - getting excited. He pulled a double bi. "OH YEAH - I AM FUCKING READY!", he roared laughing. The twins followed his poses, that was their instructions. Their own huge hunky bodies looked small in the shadow of Matt's. He was wearing his tiny black thong - which was stretched to the limits covering his huge dick. His whole body seemed flexed and ready to go.

Looking out the window, he saw a limousine pulling up hte driveway. "No fucking amount of money is going to save you now", he said, laughing an arrogant laugh. He bounded down the stairs, followed by the twins.

The guys stepped out of the car. Matt was a little surprised at him. He had expected a fat bald no hoper, but the guy standing in front of him was young - maybe about 25, about 5-9. He had black hair, was lightly tanned. His tee revealed a chest - this guy worked out Matt thought, and fairly big bis - about 16 inches. MAtt was slightly impressed. His body completely outsized his client in every department, but for a normal guy, this guy wasn't bad.

"Hello", the guy said nervously, looking a little embarrassed. He couldn't stop looking MAtt all over - taking in every huge cut muscle. Especially taking in his huge cut cock. He extended his hand. "Shelby", he said - "I'm your client". Matt ignored it.

"Strip him", Matt ordered. The twins went either side of the guy and grabbed his tee. Flexing their blond bis a little, the ripped the tee in two off the guys body. They repeated with his pants, leaving the guy in a fetching jock he was wearing.

The twins retreated to their position either side of Matt. Shelby's cock was getting erect now, looking at the muscle mammoth before him. Matt stood perfectly still, staring down at him, his huge muscles flexing involuntarily, his huge cock swaying slightly in the breeze.

Matt turned and headed for the pool. The twins and Shelby followed. There was a deckchair at the pool - Matt directed Shelby into it. The twins got to work. Luke knelt down towards Shelby and eased off his jock. MAtt had found a huge stone statue at the edge of the pool - one that looked like a morphed David. His threw it up in the air, and started doing shoulder presses - the statue must have weighed a ton. Rep after rep, his huge shoulders pressed the weight up. Luke had swallowed Shelby's cock at this stage, and was gently bringing him on. Shelby felt like cumming, just watching Matt's huge shoulders respond to the weight - they were ballooning out with the pump. As if that wasn't enough, Colm knelt down between his master's mammoth and expanding thighs and gently unpulled the cord. The thong, with some easing, fell away, and left Matt's cock in all it's glory. Matt turned a little, so shelby got full view of his shoulders still, but also saw the action at Matt's cock. Colm brought his mouth as far around and up the huge cock as he could, and started sucking heavily in synchronism wiht his brother sucking Shelby.

"So you like working out?", Matt purred, as if he were just warming up wiht the huge weight. Shelby was by now completely fixed on Matt's huge cock - and Colm sucking it. He felt as if the huge cock was his, for every sight he saw Colm do, Luke repeated at he same time on his cock. Shelby grabbed the side of the deckchair. He was about to explode. One last glance up at Matt's now HUGE shoulders and pecs - which had pumped high and hard with the huge weight, and he came, heavily into Luke's mouth. Matt kept pumping, and came himself into Colm's mouth, the volume too much for the trained teen to handle. Cum leaked down the side of his mouth onto the floor.

Shelby was wasted. It was the best blow of his life. The blond beauty he had blown into withdrew his mouth slowly, and stood up before him, his perfect 10-pack reflecting the morning sun. "Yum", he said smiling. "That was nice"

Matt threw the statue ACROSS! the pool, and it went smashing to pieces on the other side. He turned to Shelby, and flexed his huge double bi. However big his arms were this morning, they were now even greater size - his bis and shoulders and pecs PUMPED from the exercise. Shelby could feel himself get erect again just looking at the huge bis.

MAtt looked down to where Colm had spilt some of his cum from his mouth. "LICK IT UP", he ordered. For a moment, Shelby didn't realise he was talking to him. Matt wasn't waiting around. He picked Shelby up - huge hand around the neck, and lifted him up in the air. Shelby, for the first time touched the huge man. He grabbed his bulging now 28 inch bi with both hands and held on tight. He could feel the veins rippling underneath his tight grasp. Matt dropped him, and Shelby fell - his hands couldn't hold onto the tight silky skin - fell to the deck. He was at the cum now, and like a hungry animal licked it up greedily. Mimicking Luke, he stood up and said "mmm - VERY nice".

"There'll be a whole lot more where that came from", MAtt purred.

They headed inside. Shelby was taken aback with all the huge statues in the hall, but Matt wasn't waiting around. He bounded up the stairs - his huge legs taking three steps at a time. The twins followed their master, and Shelby quickly followed them - he didn't want to be left out. Inside Matt's chambers, Matt nodded at the twins. They closed the door, and the three guys stood around Shelby. The twins pulled off their tight lycra shorts, revealing their own huge cock. Matt faced Shelby - Shelby's head facing the humongous pecs. He rubbed his own huge body, for a moment, fingered his nipples, let his hands move down his abs, and fingered his cock. He took Shelby's hands in his - and repeated the motion. Shelby ran his soft hands all over Matt's huge body - takingin every muscle with renewed awe. The ecs, so voluminour - the abs - so CUT. He reached up and rubbed his cut shoulders - more intense now, rubbing between each delt muscle hard - he was getting excited again. All the while, Matt held his firm hands over Shelby's. Shelby brought his hands down once more - he wasn't sure if Matt led or not - all he knew was he wanted to reach down - touch the cock swaying beneath him. He knelt down before the giant organ, and dared to touch the cock. Matt helped him a little - moved his hands up and down the mammoth rod. It was erect now - 10incher, 3 inches thick. It was a serious piece of meat.

Shelby brought his mouth closer - closer to the cock-head. "Take it", Matt said, almost whispering. He released Shelby's hands and flexed his huge double bi. He was facing the mirror and admired his huge body as he did - with some guy oin his knees sucking his cock and paying $10000 for the privelige. "OH YES", Matt moaned, as Shelby started sucking. He meant it. MAtt was getting excoted now. The twins were standing either side of him., stroking their own huge rods, they came together and massaged each other. Then Luke kneeled down, and adjusted Shelby so that he could get his dick up his ass - Shelby hardly noticed, he was so busy adoring the huge cock in his mouth. He moaned as Luke reached up - hit his spot. Colm stood between Shelby and Luke - somehow - standing astride hs brother. Luke swallowed hte dangling cock, and now everyone was engaged. Matt, standing over this - his HUGE teen hulking body dominating the rythm of all - he was the commander - he decided when everyone came.

He was close to cumming himself. He grabbed Shelby's head, and started bucking his hips, moaning loudly now. "OH TAKE THIS FUCKING MUSCLE ROD SLAVE - OH Y-E-S ADORE THE MUSCLE GOD BEFORE YOU"

Matt was getting real - HORNY! This was driving all the guys on - and the four piece started sucking and bucking violently. "YES!", Matt roared - the huge voice resonating around the building. As he shouted, he came. The explosion in Shelby's mouth was something he'd never experienced. It blew down his throat into his gut - when there was no room to take more, it gushed out his mouth - unending amounts of super muscle cum. As Matt came, they all came. Shelby came all over the floor and up onto Matt's bulking thighs. Luke cmae up Shelby's ass - and spewed out between the tight cheeks - there was nowhere for it to go - Matt had seen to that! Colm cmae into Luke's mouth. As the bucking eased, the three guys fell, exhausted at Matt's feet. MAtt pulled his shoulders back, composed himself and flexed in the mirror. "THAT WAS ONE FUCKING GOOD BLOW-JOB", he roared at his bulging guns.

He reached down and stroked his still hard cock. "There's one more yet.", he said down to the three exhausted guys at his feet, lying in the pool of cum and supercum. He picked Luke up and threw him onto the bed, ass sticking over the end. Then Colm, who shoved his re-erecting cock up his brother's ass. It fitted like a hand in glove. Then Shelby - he picked Shelby up and faced him. "Ready for one more?", he asked. Shelby wasn't sure. He had blown more cum in two hours than he had in two weeks. "GOOD", Matt said smiling. He placed Shelby down behind Colm. Shelby pushed his cock up Colm's tight muscular ass. It felt warm, and Colm squeezed his muscular glutes sometimes, adding to the erotic sensation he was feeling.

The HE came. He bent over, and brought his huge cock towards Shelby's ass. Shelby shuddered a little, as Matt rolled his mammoth rod around his butt cheeks. Matt reached down and grabbed on tight. He pushed hard up Shelby's ass - as Shelby roared and winced in pain, his ass bewing ripped apart, Matt pushed harder and deeper. Satisified, he stood up, his enormous body bringing the three under him with him. "OH Yes! I like this", he said turning to the mirror. The three in line were completely outsized by their master at the end. He reached right up to Luke's waist and grabbed on tight. His huge bis pushed Shelby in from the side - his massive pecs pushed him in from the back and Colm's thick lats pushed him back. "I call this a muscle sandwich", Matt purred. "It's my favourite."

With that the muscular master started bucking his huge hips, moving the THREE! guys in front up and down his huge rod. As he did, Shelby could feel himself rub hard against Matt's huge pecs and voluminous bis. Shelby grabbed Colm's tiny waist for support, his fingers clutvhing dseep into his cut abs. The three were soon to cum, such was the sensation. Shelby's ass was about ot rip apart. Matt started moaning and shouting heavily - every so often he would lift his arm and flex a huge bi in the mirror - increasing his hornyness even further.

When he came, he exploded into Shelby's ass, cum jetting back out and running down his legs. Shelby in turn came into Colm's ass and so on down the line. It was like a mexican wave, except it was a mexican cum. Luke finished off, his cock jetting cum across the room against the mirror. The three were totally exhausted now. Matt pushed them onto the floor. He went over to the mirror. He pulled his finger along his ripped thigh and collected some of his supercum. Licking it eagerly, he pointed to his reflection. "You are one FUCKING STUD", he said, admiring his huge body. He pulled on his thong, stepped over the wasted bodies lying in the cum below him and went to find Fabian. He wanted to fuck again. •

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