Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

Well - I think we're all agreed!

I'll take the twins - Matt said, standing in front of them. He one huge hand on each of their muscular shoulders and squeezed a little. He was the boss now - just a little reminder. The twins stood still under the pressure. Fabian nodded, and grunted at the three to follow. They went back upstairs to the gym. Opposite the doors from Fabian's chambers into the huge room were another set, at which Mr Eastman was standing. "Welcome to your new chambers, Matt!", he said beaming. Matt went in followed by the twins. Inside was a room like Fabian's own - where he and Matt had muscle sex on his first night. A huge bed dominated the room. One wall was covered in a massive mirror. Mr Eastman handed Matt a package. "Enjoy!", he said, leaving MAtt in the room with his new servants. The twins looked up at him. He open the package - inside was a black thong - matching Fabian's. "Wow", Colm said. "You're a real Class I now". Matt turned to the mirror. Flexing his huge body, he reached down and ripped off the red shorts he was wearing. His outsized cock flopped out, semi erect, demanding attention. Matt dropped the silk black thong between his feet, between his massive muscular legs. "DRESS ME", he ordered. The two twins dived to the floor. Luke grabbed the thong first. Both boys were well trained and Colmwent around to Matt's huge tight butt. He licked the huge cheeks - Matt flexed them as he did. Luke mouthed Matt's cock -, just letting the huge rod roll around his lips. Slowly, he took more and more of the cock in. He sucjed it heavily. Matt stood still, watching the two blond muscle slaves work his body. He quickly got erect, Luke saw to that. Luke slowly withdrew his mouth from Matt cock, and pulled the silk material over the cock, rubbing it as he went. Meanwhile Colm came around the front and stood astride his kneeling brother, and licked Matt's pecs and nipples, massaging his huge bi's as he did. Matt had to hold hard. As Luke had worked the silk up Matt's cock, and placed the huge balls inside, Coml slowly went around the back again. He massaged Matt's broad lats, and brought his hands down his back, to his ass. Luke rubbed Matt's thighs HARD as he passed the string around to his co-slave, who tied it in a knot.

Both slaves withdrew, and kneeled before their master, awaiting their next command. Matt was ultra horny. The silk material was stretched taut with his erection. "FOLLOW ME", he ordered, striding out the room and bounding down the stairs. He went out into the garden - and heard Brett cutting the grass. He went up. Brett's face dropped when he saw Matt 'clothed'. He switched off the machine. He never continued to be amazed by Matt's continuing growing size. They had a routine now where Matt would rape Brett in the morning before he left, and again in the evening when he returned. Each day saw Matt get bigger, stronger, rougher. Brett had no choice but to obey. But this was the first time Matt had come out to Brett while he was working. The two twins stood beside him, two blond beauties attending their sark-haired master. Matt had let his straight black hair grow long - it was shoulder length now, thrown back in surfer's style. "DO YOU SEE?", Matt roared. "DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU COULD HAVE BEEN?". Brett saw. And as if he didn't see enough, Matt drew up his monstrous arms into a double bi - the bulging muscles and throbbing veins - bigger than even this morning. Brett knew the routine. He dropped to his knees, and approached his master's cock. But Matt wasn't in the mood for routine. He was CLASS ONE - there was no such thing as a routine anymore - could never know what to expect.

"BRING HIM IN", MAtt ordered. He turned and strode back to his house. The twins grabbed Brett, roughly, and followed their master. Back up in the bedroom, Matt's silk prison looked as if it would burst. The twins threw Brett onto the bed.

"LOOK AT YOU", Matt roared. "YOUR BODY IS PATHETIC COMPARED TO MINE". He turned to the huge mirror and flexed a most muscular. The sexual frenzy in him started to kick in some more muscular growth. His pecs pushed out a bit more, his shoulders puhed wider, and heavier, his thighs pushed out further. "PREPARE HIM", Matt ordered. The twins understood. It was their job to understand.

They pulled the sobbing teen onto the floor. Colm stood astride him and brought his cock down to Brett's ass. He pulled him up onto it and pulled him back, so he was now standing with Colm, slightly in the air, sitting on the teen's penis. Luke pushed back his crop of blond hair and leapt up onto the bed. He stood there at the end, and pushed his cock against Brett's mouth. Brett wouldn't take it, so Colm pushed his cock a little further - a little harder. Brett screamed in agony - as he did, Luke rammed his pole into Brett's mouth. The two teen hunks didn't waste any time. They both started fucking Brett at either end, the two blond stood rubbing each other's muscles with the swim-body of Brett sandwiched between them.

Mtt practically ignored them. With Brett's muffled screams in the backgrounds, he flexed at the mirror - examining each pose in detail - pushing his growing muscle further and further. Finally, happy with his size, he was ready. "DROP HIM", Matt ordered. Both twins were just about ot cum, and it was a difficult order to obey. They obeyed though - quickly. Matt picked Brett up around the waist with one hand and threw him against the end of the bed. His torso was lying against the the bed, his butt sticking in the air.

"MMM", Matt said, eyeing the cute ass. He bent over, and pushed his 9 inch long 3 inch thick rod into Brett's red ass. He stood up and turned to the mirror. Brett was now suspended on Matt's huge cock, and Matt's wide body seemed to surround Brett's in the reflection. Matt pulled another double bi, Brett was almost lost in the mass of muscle around him.

"SUCK HIM", Matt ordered. Luke came around and dived for Brett's cock, which was erect. He sucked, and the teen didn't take long to cum. As he did, Luke gulped all his cum, and held it in his mouth. He went and kissed his twin, sharing his present. Brett shook violently on Matt's cock as he came.

"AGAIN", Matt ordered. Colm leapt down. It took some serious sucking - but Colm was experienced, and before long Brett was cumming involuntarily and shuddering on Matt's cock.

"GOOD". With that, he grabbed Brett's tiny hips with his huge hands, and started pushing the teen up and down his huge rippling cock. Brett screamed. Matt's cock had grown hugely - even since the last rape this morning. Matt kept pushing, up and down, getting faster. The twins kneeled down and massaged Matt's pumped ripped thighs as he pumped. He started bucking his hips now, getting close to cumming. Finally, he was ready to cum. He pulled up his arms into his favourite pose, flexing his bis into massive mounds - his cock flexing up at the same time. As BRett screamed one last roar, MAtt came hugely and copiously into his tiny ass. The cum spewed back out hte butt hole, onto Matt's thighs, which the twins licked up greedily.

Matt pushed Brett off like a spent toy, and started to flex again in the mirror. "OH YES", he bellowed. "I AM THE FUCKING MUSLCE MASTER"

He was. His huge body rippled in front of the mirror, as muscle after huge muscle rose amazingly huge to his command.

"DISPOSE OF HIM", he said. The twins picked Brett's shaking quivering body and threw him out in the hall. "REMEMBER", Matt shouted after him - "YOU CAN BE LIKE THIS IF YOU WANT"

The twins returned to their master. "That", he said rubbing his still erect cock, "was just a warm-up for our first client." •

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