Health Farm, The


By MuscleTeen

Matt had a fairly hectic schedule for the next few weeks. Mr Eastman was always innundated with Class I requests, but word was going around that there was a 'superteen' working there now and requests ballooned. One evening, Mr Eastman called Matt down from the gym.

"Come in", he said, his usual beaming smile welcoming the hunky muscle stud into the room. "Sit down. Tell me Matt - are you happy here?" Matt wasn't quite sure what Mr Eastman meant ad besides his pecs were burning up a bit from a fairly hard workout. "Yes", he said - which was true. Matt was huger than he could ever imagine. His thich rippling muscles outshone even Fabian's - deeply cut. His young teenage face seemed darker now than the boy who had been in Mr Eastman's office only a few months ago - wiser, more confident - more cocky.

"Good", Mr Eastman said almost absent mindedly. Matt was getting a little annoyed - he WAS mid-workout, and wanted to get back to it. "Matt - the compound I gave you was one I developed several years ago - growth is induced over time by sexual energy. I have developed a new compound - where growth occurs a little bit faster - I was wondering..."

Matt thought about it. He wanted to get bigger - but loved working out - he loved EARNING his muscles. He relayed these thoughts to Mr Eastman. "Quite, quite", he said, nodding at Fabian. Fabian switched on the screen that Matt had first seen. On it appeared a huge body - bigger than Fabian, bigger even than Matt - thick heavy arms that defied belief. Enormous mountainous pecs that formed a marble shelf - with huge red nipple hanging from it. The waist so small it was amazing that it supported the huge torso above it. Lats that spread so wide - and were so THICK - they pushed the arms up and out the sides of the lats brushing against the bis.

"Wow - who's THAT?", Matt said - getting horny. The guys thighs were easily twice as huge as Matt and they pushed out a huge cock and balls - in fact the guy was the same height as Matt, but his whole body size almost doubled that of Matt's. Except the waist, which impossibly, seemed smaller.

"Hello, MATT", a voice boomed from behind. MAtt swung around. There was the huge guy behind him - except in the flesh he loomed even larger.

"BRETT?", Matt said, peering at the boy's face on the humongous body. It was Brett alright. He still had his crop of blond hair, brushed over to one side, but everything else about him was completely the opposite to the thin swim body that was once Brett.

Brett knew Matt was taking in his huge body, and flexed for him. He pulled Matt's favouite pose - a double bi, and his huge bi's popped out of his arms - peaking at his ears. A set of veins snaked along hte top of the peaking muscles. The huge slabs of tris underneath completed the vastness of the arm.

Matt nearly came just looking at the muscled hunk - the guy was HUGE. He was bigger than you could possibly imagine - like one of those N morphs - his body tanned and primed to perfection. As he flexed, he turned his torso on his impossibly small 10 pack.

"We thought we'd use Brett to... presuade you to grow a little more", Mr Eastman said, and he and Fabian left the room, locking hte door.

Brett turned to watch them go, and turned back to Matt. He smiled, that arrogant smile. Brett reached down, his huge bis rubbing against his abs, and ripped off his thong. His fully erect cock - which completely outsized Matt's in length and girth. He stroked it wiht his huge hands. "I am one horny fuck", he said as he stroked the huge rod. The more he stroked, the more precum came out. MAtt tried to reassert himself by flexing in front of Brett. He pulled a most muscular, his own huge muscles popping out - his pumped pecs obeying their master's call. He then pulled up a double bi - his best pose. Brett laughed, and walked up to MAtt, his huge cock bouncing of each muscled thigh as he did. With each hand, he grabbed Matt's bi's and squeezed hard. Matt flexed hard to resist the force, but Brett laughed and simply increased the pressure. Matt could feel pain.

"You thought you were more powerful - didn't you. Well that day you raped me - I decided enough was enough - Mr Eastman said he could help me, and he did". As Brett spoke, he further increased the pressure on Matt's pumped bi's. The pain was intense now - more than Matt had felt in a long time. The two muscle giants were locked in battle, but Brett clearly had the upper hand. He kept squeezing harder and harder and pushed Matt down as well. Matt resisted the pressure as best he could, but eventually his knees started to buckle - his great thighs started to sway. Brett forced the hunk to his knees, and held him there. Matt wanted to cry out with pain, but couldn't the pain was so great. Suddenly, Brett released. Matt collapsed, clutching his bis in agony. But Brett hadn't finished. He hadn't even started. He picked Matt up - one hand at his neck, on hand grabbed his crotch and lifted hiom up in the air. Holding him there for a second - his great thighs bulging with the weight, he hurtled Matt across the room. Matt went crashing against a cabinet, filled with beautiful muscle models. It all cam crashing down under his weight. Matt jumped up and ran for Brett, roaring in anger. As he approached Brett, Brett reached out and picked Matt up again. He held him in the air, longer this time - his huge bis pumped out hard. He threw him across the room. Matt went crashing in to the huge TV screen, snding sparks flying across the room. Matt lay on the floor for a moment. As he looked up, he could see Brett stroking his huge rod again.

"YOU ARE MINE", Brett roared at him. "You ar my play thing - I shall do with you as I please". MAtt hopped up again - he strutted up to Brett and shouted "FUCK YOU". Brett laughed. He grabbed Matt and ripped off his thong with one hand. He threw Matt onto the chair, and jumped on top of him - the huge chair smashing under the force. Matt wriggled under Brett's huge body - it was true muscle against muscle, but Brett pinned him down. He pulled Matt up slightly and brought his huge thighs around him. Roaring loudly, he flexed the huge thighs. MAtt would have screamed if he had the air - but he couldn't breathe in. Brett released the vice, and quickly rammed his huge rod up Matt's muscle-ass. Matt wasn't used to this - he was usually on top - or at least the cocks he took weren't this size. His ass hole was pushed wider than ever before by Brett's huge pole, and the pain was almost unbearable. Brett started pumping. Matt felt he was going to faint. Brett wasn't holding back fucking violently and shouting. MAtt looked up, and saw Mr Eastman and Fabian standing there. Thinking he was imagining, when his flailing body got a chance, he looked up again - YES, they were there. Fabian was holding a needle. Matt didn't need to think twice. He'd do anything to get out of this agony.

"YES - I'll DO IT", he roared up. Before Brett could realise what was going on, Fabian injected the syringe contents into Matt's pumped bi.


Then something. His ass didn't seem so sore. He could feel Brett pumping, but it wasn't hurting. He could push back. He squeezed Brett's cock in his ass - TIGHT.

"YOU BASTARDS", Brett roared. "You USED me". Fabian and Mr Eastman disappeared. Matt began to push up like a super push up - his bis pushing hard asinst the weight over him. But he was gaining. Then he was in squat. He stood up. Brett was still hanging from his ass - such was the grip. All over Matt's body - his arms his chest - his whole body was pumping hard. It was the sensation he had when he was growing before - but now ten, a hundred times greater. His pecs pumped out below him, further and furtehr out from his chest. Before long he couldn't see beneath or around the huge mountains of chest muscle. His shoulders too - they pushed out and up into huge beautiful muscle fucking MOUNDS of muscle - thick, heavy and CUT. His arms followed. His enormous bi's grew to Brett's size and beyond. His tri's lengthened and thickened - his arm diaeter grew to almost twice the size.

His thighs also pushed put. He couldn't see looking down, but turning to the mirror, with Brett still hanging from his ass, he could see each quad pushing hard. His wide stance got even wider - his huge pair of balls and long thick rod being pushed out. They were growing too - to super proportions - his cock was now erect and at 15 inches - FIFTEEN! - and at least 4 inches thick.

The super teen looked in the mirror at his huge body. The room was silent now, after the rush of the fight and the rape and the growth. Very quietly, Matt could here Brett sobbing. He released the vice grip on his ass, and Brett fell to the floor, clutching his cock.

"Brett - I've missed you", Matt said. He bent down and stroked the teen - stroked his huge muscles. "The place wasn't the same without you - but that's all better now."

He picked brett up and turned him away. Bringing his cock up to his ass, he brought his huge enlarged rod UP Brett's ass, much to the roars of the poor teen. Matt pumped - using his new strength to REALLY get up Brett's ass - pumping hte teen up and down the huge rod. As he exploded in Brett, the vast amount of cum filled him quickly, and squirted back out hte tight seal between cock and ass hole. Matt jerked Brett's cock, and the teen came, shuddering on Matt's cock, enhancing his sensation. He pushed Brett off, and did his usual post fuck pose. "GOD - I'm FUCKING HUGE" he roared at his HUGE! reflection. "And you - my friend THANK YOU - you're the one who made me realise I could be so big. I'm never going to forget that... NEVER". He picked Brett's huge limp body around the waist, and carried the huge teen upstairs to his room. He wanted to spend the night showing his 'appreciation' to his slave - he WAS a nice guy after all. •

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