Muscle Nation

The Beginning of a Nation


By Itamuscle66

The three men in the cabin got up and looked out - they saw two large black stallions approaching. On them were two identical men - huge men sitting astride the horses. -"Guess this is the Ranger's surprise", Rock said to the others grinning. The ranger and his son Matt hopped down off their horses, their feet hitting the ground with a resounding thud. The strutted towards the three guys - two identical masses of muscle - both 8ft tall, cropped black hair and black stubble. Their bodies were naked, with two long thick cocks and a pair of orange sized ballsflopping against their thick thighs as they walked. -"Hey guys", Jack shouted over - "Meet my son - Matt". Matt waved over. His huge biceps flexed up and down as he waved. This guy hadn't even been fucked by Rock yet and he was already HUGE!

The guys met up, and stood around Matt, who was putting on a show. Jack stood beside him, looking on proudly as his son visibly impressed the others. He pulled a most muscular, thighs pumping hard, shouldes and traps bulging out, arms thick with muscle. The guy would have beaten any pro hand's down. As the others watched the show, they rubbed themselves a little, feeling their own huge bodies, ticklink a nipple, getting horny watching the young stud preform. They licked their lips a little, knowing that something sexy was about to cum.

Rock beckoned Matt, who went up to him immediately. -"We are starting something BIG here guys". They all laughed at the pun. Rock wasn't though, so they all listened again. -"Whatever they gave me in the military base - it's turned me into this", he said pointing down at his huge body. They all cheered as he involuntarily flexed his thighs. -"And it's given me the power to pass it on to you. When I fuck you, you have the power to transform - and to pass on strength yourselves." He pulled Matt closer, and ripped off the tight thong he himself was wearing. More wolf-whistles. -"But it seems only I have the power to give guys the ability to transform." He ran his hands up along Matt's arms, just the fingertips - rolling them over the veins that were pumping hard now - into the cuts. Up to his shoulders, he lets his hands brush against his pecs and applied a little pressure to his nipples. Matt was getting very erect now, his cock looking like it was about to explode. Rock continued to tease him a little, rubbing him very gently, but wiht every touch Matt's pulse would increase. Rock took Matt's shoulders and turned the young stud around. He let his erect cock rub against Matt's muscled back, and brush against his bubble butt. Massaging his back and ass, Rock gently teased the cheeks apart. -"Bend forward a little", Rock commanded, gently, and Matt obeyed. Rock slowly pushed his heavy thick cock into Matt' s already enlarged butt. Matt winced slightly, adjusting to take the huge rod.

-"So what do you say - let's fuck everyone on this island - all the forresters, everyone in the village, and then those fuckers in the military base - let's create our own world here!" As he spoke, he slowly moved Matt up and down his huge rod. He grew a little - to emphasise HIS power. Matt moaned, lightly at first, but louder as Rock grew. "So what do you say?", Rock shouted - moving Matt faster now - getting excited. "YES" - they all shouted - "Call it Muscle Nation", Mitch called up. They were all getting very excited now, with the idea of creating a super world and wiht the erotic sight before them. Mitch leaned overand started sucking Max's cock - while Jack stood astride him and started pummeling Mitch's ass. But centre stage was Rock fucking Matt. He held him just under the armpits now, hands reaching around to his pecs, bucking his huge hips and sending Matt up and down his steel rod - Matt yelled with pleasure - his yells getting deeper the more Rock fucked him. His already huge body was suspended on Rock's cock. Rock started to grow up - and out and Matt was soon suspended high in the air - the stud impaled on Rock's momentous fuck-pole. Rock began to sprout hair, roaring a little as the animal came out - his pecs and arms and legs became covered. He bucked his huge hips, pummeling Matt's hole. Matt roared in agony and ecstasy as the huge monster fucked him senseless.

-"WE CAN CREATE A SUPER RACE", Rock bellowed as he himself came close to cumming. The guys below got hornier and hornier as they watched - there own trio cumming as they watched Rock's huge body explode with raw power. But Rock kept pumping. As Rock fucked Matt started growing even more - pecs bulging out under Rock's tight grasp, shoulders pushing wide, lats pushing back and wide - Rock was demonstrating his awesome power to amazing effect. And Matt kept growing. His traps thickened around his neck - arms thickened in every direction - veins pumping hard through the taut skin.

Still Rock pumped, turning to his 'audience' who were now on the verge of all cumming again. Matt was being fucked up and down Rock's thick pole - Rock roaring with pleasure. -"Now watch ME grow", Rock boomed, visibly enjoying the three guys worshipping his fucking session. He grew to full height now - 20 feet off the ground, amd his enormous body surronded Matt as he fucked him - his insanely huge muscles shaking with the force within them.

AS Rock got closer to cumming, Matt himself started to grow. -"Look at him GROW - he's turning into a humongous muscle MONSTER", Rock shouted happily. Matt was thickening out more but growing faster - taller - reaching his creators height. As Rock kept bucking, Matt kept growing - soon he WAS the height of his Master, and his body was thinkening up to it's new girth - thick heavy mountains of pecs, bumping up and down with the force of Rock's morphucking, his arms being pushed out to the side by his thickening widening lats, and his equally large bis and slabs of meat that were his tris. The huge stud was now as big as his creator - 20 feet of smooth muscle power, looking down on the three below him, who were co-fucking for a third time. They themselves were beginning to lose control. They started to grow, up and out, thick muscles piling on top of each other. Soon they were up to the height of Matt and Rock, and walked up to the two muscle monsters. Matt used his new-found powers to grow a coat of fine black hair, which Rock ran his fingers through roughly as he pumped. Matt was about to explode now, the sensation of Rock's hands through running through the hair on his pecs extremely erotic. As they guys approached the centre stage pair, Rock finally exploded in Matt's ass, both roaring with the release. Mitch knelt down before Matt, and literally touching his COCK with his mouth made the new muscle monster explode his load into Mitch's willing mouth. -"DO YOU SEE - DO YOU SEE THE POWER WE HAVE", Rock bellowed. The power was quite obvious. The five muscled mammoths stood around, pushing and massaging each other's huge muscle. Rock suddenly went smooth, taut ranned oily skin whch the guys rubbed with pleasure.

Rock stood at the centre now, and the four guys around him massaged a different part of his body. Together they worked as a team, licking, rubbing, bringing their creator to a heavenly state of ecstasy. He came again, blowing his load all over their huge muscled bodies, which they all licked off each other. Tehy continued through the day, their bodies glistening with sweat in the afternoon sunshine. After hours of screwing, they were exhausted, and lay back, letting the evening sun roll down there bodies as it headed for sunset.

Rock spoke, more quietly now, but with more intent. -"We will start our new world. We will build a temple capable of holding our huge bodies - a testament to our muscular power. We will go to the village and take everyone we see there and everyone we see on the way. No-one in this island can escape. We will hunt down and emmusculate every living man on the island. When our power is sufficient, we will capture the military base, and start the foundation of a new nation - Muscle Nation". •

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