Muscle Pumping

By Henry I

"So you want to be muscular?" the guy asked. He was a 250 lbs bodybuilder, 26 years old and rough looking. The young boy in front of him knodded. "You know it's gonna hurt. Bad time. And I don't mean mentally, but physically. Sure you still want to?" Again the boy nodded.

The boy was called Mick. He was a 18 year old kid, dying to become muscled. And when I say muscled, I mean 250 lbs or plus. He'd gone to a gym and worked out furiously, but it didn't go fast enough. And here was this absolute muscle god, Tom, who told him he could get big in no time, without steroids or any other body damaging stuff. And he wanted it. Badly.

The guys left the gym and went in Tom's car to Tom's house. Here Tom let Mick change clothes into some old cotton clothes. They were a little torn, but still holding together. Tom was drinking a milk shake, probably a protein shake, Mick guessed.

"This is the dig", Tom said, "I have to pump something up your ass. It's quite large, so it's gonna hurt. But believe me, it's gonna work. It's just the only way it workes. Agreed?" "Uh yeah", Mick answered, "I'm ready for it!"

Tom let Mick lean over his couch, buring the kid's face in the pillows. Mick couldn't see anything anymore. He felt how his ass got probed with a finger. "I gotta loosen your ass up, first. Or else it would just hurt too much." Tom growled. Tom started stretching the kid's hot ass open more and more. Mick even started to enjoy the treatment. In fact, his cock started to throb a little.

Suddenly, he felt a warm, soft, yet hard object being forced up his ass. It hurt like hell and Mick shouted out loud. The object got shoved more and more in his acking body. "Yeah kid, shout, go ahead... no one in a 10 mile radius to hear you!" Tom growled. This panicked Mick. What was this brute up to? He lifted his head and looked back at his ass, when he got the shock of a lifetime. The large object shoving up his ass was a fat, 7 inch long throbbing cock and Tom was hanging on it! Mick tried to stand up, but Tom grabbed him with his mighty hands, pinning him down on the couch. "Take it easy, kid. It's gonna hurt, but I warned you for that. But believe me, soon you'll love it." Mick was too shocked to do anything anymore. Tom used this, to complete the penetration of his mighty boner. Slowly but steady he let his meat slide in. Once inside the hot kid, he started to pump the fuck pole up and down the kid's chute. Mick noticed the cock grew even more! He was in very much pain and yelled out loud. After a minute, however, the pain lowered and lust took over. It started to feel better and better. "That's it, kid" Tom growled, "Take it up your ass... enjoy it!" He fucked the kid harder and harder, plowing deeper and deeper in his tight ass. Mick loved it now.

Mick yelled out loud again, only now to shoot a big, fat load of cum. Tom started to growl harder and harder and it was clear he was going to shoot soon, too! Mick started to push back against the mighty fuck pole and soon Tom was pumping thick, hot and boiling man cum in Mick's hot ass.

Mick started to feel a very strange, warm sensation all over his body. He had never felt such a feeling before. His heart started to pound harder and harder and his body started to pulsate, too! While Tom's cock kept shooting load after load of cum up his ass, his body started to grow! In the man sized mirror in front of him, he saw the change take place. Tom pulled Mick up on his feet, his still shooting boner still up the kid's ass. "Look - look at your body while I pump it up?" Tom growled. Mick's muscles were now so large, the clothes started to rip.

Mick now started to loose his mind. He started to growl, his cock in hard erection again. While he still got injected with Tom's cum, he grew more and more. His own cock started to leak precum. His body was getting pretty huge now. Mick started to flex his thick arms and pumped up his massive pecs.

Tom cried out a high pitched yell and pulled out his thick cock out of Mick's ass. It shot one more load and than stopped. Tom was exhausted and fell down on the floor. Mick was as horny as he'd never been before. He grabbed his now thick and 10 inch furiously throbbing cock and jerked it hard. He yelled out loud and blew a thick spurt of cum. Spurt after spurt was shot from his big, fat cock.

"Well, how do you like your new look?" Tom asked with a grin, while he got up on his feet again. Mick flexed his massive body in front of the mirror. He groaned with approval. "I thought you'd like it. You see, I have a special kind of sperm. It enhances your body. Only thing is, you have that same kind of sperm now. If you just want to use it to get laid, you don't have to do anything special. But if you want to give someone else this treatment, you need a special milk shake before you fuck him. I'll give you the recipe."

"And there's one more thing: your cock grew as well. Your sex drive has also increased. You'll want much more sex now. You won't care if it's a boy or a girl anymore, as long as you can shoot your load in them. You can also jerk off, but you won't shoot as many as you would when you fuck someone or get sucked."

"Hmmm, I can live with that", Mick said grinning. He looked at Tom with a horny look, swinging his fat cock to him. "No no no, no more sex with me", Tom said, "I'm beat! This shit takes a lot of me. I'll take you back to the gym. Find someone else."

The guys got dressed again. Mick stepped on a scale - he weighed 255 lbs! Since his clothes didn't fit him anymore, he got some clothes from Tom. They went back to the gym, where Mick got on his bike to drive home. •

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