Muscle Nation

Father and son


By Itamuscle66

While Rock and Max were initiating Mitch, the ranger rode back to his home, which was just outside a small village near the sea. He was eager to get home - and was galloping fast throught he forrest. As he approached, he could hear a basketball bouncing in the yard. He smiled to himself.

In the yard, a guy was playing basketball. He wasn't very tall - about 5' 9, and looked to be about twenty. He was shirtless, and playing in the evening sun, his young muscles flickered against the twilight.. He had a thin black moustache and a fuzz of hair on his chin, trying to make himself look older. Overall, he looked fairly rugged in the making.

The ranger dismounted his huge horse, and crept up to the boundary, watching the guy play. He resisted the strong urge to roar and pounce on his prey - and stood there, stroking his long thick dick, slowly, and with deliderate intent. The dick grew erect watching the young guy playing. He tucked it back into his now tight ranger shorts. His shirt was hopelessly trying to contain his muscle, so he shrank back, just a little. His heavy arms had a coat of hair, bursting out of the shortsleeves. His neck had a crop of hair, oozing up from his pecs underneath. The scent coming from the guy playing ball was driving him crazy.

-"Hey Junior, you're home", the ranger said, walking around the boundary. -"Hey dad - good to see you. I'm only back for a few days", his son said turning to greet his father. "Hey dad - have you been working out", the son can't help saying, noticing his dad's bod is a bit bigger than normal. -"Just workin' hard son - paying for your education", Jack said. -"Yeh - yeh, I've heard it all", the son said, not able to pull his eyes away from his father's body. Jesus - working in the outdoors was really GOOD for you! -"How long are you staying Matt?", Jack asked his son, smiling to himself as his son admired his bod. -"Back in college in a few days - but want to go back a little earlier, have a new girlfriend now", Matt said, looking up a bit at the thought of his girlfriend. -"Oh yes - Miranda is it?", Jack asked, trying ot remember the bitch's name, which was very difficult, as all he wanted to do was fuck his son at that particular moment. -"Dad! I told you Miranda's over like two weeks ago. It's Viola!", Matt said with mock exasperation. -"Whatever", Jack said absent-mindedly. It could have been fucking Aubergine for all he cared at that moment. -"Junior - I need your help - have to go into the forrest tonight, can you come with me?". -"Yep -sure dad - just let me grab a quick shower." He ran inside, pulling off his shorts as he went.

Jack couldn't hold back anymore. He knew he couldn't wait 'til they got to the forrest, with Matt hanging onto his huge body as they rode back. His body started growing a little, realising capture was near. He followed his son into the shower room, and watches him undress. His tight clothes started to rip off as he grew a little more. He stepped in beside him.

-"DAD!", Matt protested. I'm twenty now - not eight! - Jesus - you're body is increrdible"

Matt stopped mid-protest as he noticed his father's body. It was huge! - his pecs were heavy and round, just like jocks at college, except MUCH bigger. -"Dad - are you taking something", Matt asked. Jack laughed, his voice growing deeper now. He grabbed Matt's hand, which was holding soap, and brought it up to his chest. -"See how strong my muscles are", he said deeply, moving Matt's hand around his chest. Soon Matt was doing it voluntarily - wanting to explore his huge father. He soaped his chest, his shoulders, his HUGE arms. Jack was getting off on this - this body worship, and started to grow.

Not just grow. Jack's body started to EXPLODE with muscle and power - thick veins snaking around - pumping hard with erotic pleasure. As Matt massaged his arms - both arms now - Jack hit a double - bi, Matt stepped back in awe. -"Jesus - fucking hell", was all he could say - over and over.

Jack kept growing. He was now the height of the cubicle, leaving his son a foot below, looking and admiring his pumped body. Matt stepped back a little scared. -"Dad - what's happening? - what are you doing" -"Old dad's not a bad specimen is he?", Jack said, his voice deep and rough. Matt looked at the naked monster. His dad's pecs were covered in a coat of fine black hair, which trickled down to his abs and fell into the sea of hair around his cock. Matt could but only follow this line of hair, from mountainous pecs to thick erect cock. Matt tried to step out of the shower, but it was impossible. Jack was literally blocking it with his mass. He grabbed his son'shead and pushed it down towards his huge cock. "TAKE IT", he growled.

Matt obeyed. He had no choice. Jack was growing ever stronger - the shower water bouncing off his huge impregnable pecs and running down his body. He pusehed Matt down as he grew, towards his huge cock. Matt tried to resist as his dad pushed his fuck-rod against his mouth. Except this wasn't his dad anymore - this was some huge bison-like beast - huge bulking torso on equally massive legs. And he was demanding obedience. The cock was gigantic. Matt tried to take all of it, but literally couldn't. Or so he thought. The monster pulled his head closer and closer to his crotch, forcing the huce dick down his throat. Matt swallowed - he had no choice. Matt stopped resisting, and started massaging Jack's huge thigh, rubbing them intesely, fingering each of the huge grooves, worshipping the power before him. Jack was fully erect now. He was completely getting off on this body worship, and his body kept growing and pumping out huge muscled power as he grew. Soon he was as wide as the cubicle walls, which cracked and fell away with the power of his shoulders. This only made him want to grow more. Very soon he was so tall and wide, Matt had to stand up to keep his huge cock in his mouth. He had his arms around the mammoth's waist as he sucked, reaching up his hole with his finger. Jack started pumping Matt's face - fucking with all his muscular might. As he fucked, the water from the shower trickled over his body, running down the deep cuts between his massive muscles.

As Matt sucked, Jack lost complete control. Pummeling Matt's face, his body began to be covered in a thick layer of body hair. As Matt rubbed his thighs, he could feel the hair sprouting up through his hands. Jack tilted his head back and let out a massive roar - the beast inside him finally being completely released. His precum flowed from his cock - which Matt consumed greedily.

Matt himself was growing. Again, like Mitch before, only slightly, but steadily as he drank his provider's cum. The taste of the cum was making him cum hiself - adding sensation to his blow-job. He stroked faster and faster on his dad's cock, and finally with adeep roar, Jack exploded in Matt's mouth. He held the boy firm as he came - he could feel his shoulders bolden a little - growing under his firm grasp. His pecs pushed out, revealing a sexy cut between the two mounds. His thighs and arms thickened - enriched by his father's cum. He grew a little aswell - up to eight feet. As he pulled away from his father, he stepped out of the shower and flexed in the mirror. He had a very sexy looking bod - like a pro bodybuilder, easily outdoing anyone on the 'circuit'. His bod was pumped, covered in sexy veins struggling to pump around the newly acquired muscle. Matt was in love with his new reflection. He turned back to his father. -Thank you, he whispered. Turning back to the mirror, he said it again - Thank you.

Jack shrunk a little, not wanting to overpower his new son. Matt reached up and massaged his father's pecs, kissing his huge flexed arms.Jack shrunk down to Matt's height, both at 8 ft now - both huge musclemen - thick shoulders heavy pecs, broad lats, massive thick thighs framing equally huge cocks. Both men now looked identical. They both had short black hair - military buzz, and a 4'oclock shadow, making their beautiful faces look very sexy. Their bodies were equally huge - both lightly covered with fine black hair around the pecs and down the abs towards the crotch. They embraced and kissed each other all over.

-"Come on, son, I've got some people I'd like you to meet", Jack said. -"OK - partner!", Matt replied. The identical bodies leapt up on their horses, and rode bareback through the woods fast approaching the cabin. The horses muscular back rubbed against their huge cocks, enhancing their hornyness for each other. They had to stop twice on the way to 'relieve' themselves, but finally, they saw the lights of the cabin in the distance. As the approached, they could see the roof of the cabin was damaged. -"Guess the guys have been having a bit of fun", Jack said. They dismounted their horses and walked shoulder to shoulder - two huge identical men heading for the cabin. •

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