Hot July, A

The Push


By FanTCMan

"That's twenty-three ninety-five."

The pizza delivery boy stood in the doorway trying not to look too obviously at the man standing in front of him. He'd heard about these guys. Everyone had by now. He'd even seen a guy on the street one day that he was sure must have been one of their guys. He was just too muscular not to be, and he was wearing those stretchy shorts and tank that they supposedly all wear once they get sucked into the club.

Can't help it, from what he'd heard. The stuff they take makes you that way. Also makes you gay, or, at least, extremely horny and into sex with the other guys in the group. He had been nervous when he was told he would be delivering to the mansion. He never expected the door to be opened by some massive, hairy muscle guy wearing a pair of posing briefs so tiny they barely covered his pubes and stretched so full it looked like they were stuffed with a sausage and some oranges. He gulped as he spoke.

"Come on in," Chad said. "Let me get the money. Why don't you bring those into the kitchen?" The guy reluctantly followed the huge man down the hall. There were other men, as big as he was, hanging out in the house, but he tried not to look. He couldn't help but notice, though, how this guy's massive size even made him walk funny, like those huge bodybuilders, only more so, almost throwing his legs out to the side as they rolled around the girth of each other to take each step.

Earlier that morning, the mail had arrived at the mansion with a package and a form letter from the Company. Hal had read it to everyone. Russell had been there, and Matt, and, of course, John, and a couple of newer guys. It had been sent to all the centers informing them that new orders had been passed down from the top demanding that everyone involved in the program would be required to join in a major push. There was a newer version of the formula, much more powerful and faster acting, and they were to initiate as many men as they could, by any means necessary. There would be Company men coming around to make sure this was being done in all centers, and they would be anonymous, so each of the center leaders had better make sure that no opportunity was missed and that they aggressively went about the job of transforming as many males as they could.

That had been only a couple of hours before. Hal had opened the package, which contained a couple hundred vials of the new formula. The instructions said that the same dosage would apply, ten drops for a full dose. They had each taken a dose, per their new instructions and also to see how it felt compared to the old stuff. It was hard to imagine that Hal and Chad, or even John, by that point, could grow any more muscular or well endowed, but Matt and Russell were still only a little more than halfway through their transformations, and the new guys had only been in the program for a few weeks. They were taking on the look of bodybuilders already and had started to grow hair on their pecs and abs with trails to their increasingly full pubes, but they had quite a way to grow.

Within minutes, they had all been stunned by the strength of this new formula. They experienced a sense of erotic arousal that swept them into a morning orgy, and, having spilled pints of cum into and all over each other already, decided to get in some new blood, just for fun, and because, of course, it was what they had been told they must do. It was Matt who suggested they call for pizza and ask for a guy he knew, Steve, to deliver it. The call had been made, and Steve had been sent, as Chad had requested. Chad and Matt were in the kitchen, looking through the window, when Hal answered the door.

"He is hot, Matt," Chad said.

"This'll be great."

"Yeah, and he's the last guy who would think he would do this. When he found out I was doing it, he told me I was crazy, that getting all freaky with huge muscle was just weird and disgusting, like, so gay. Guess we'll see about that." He grinned at Chad.

Steve followed Hal into the kitchen and set down the boxes on the counter. He tried not to gawk at the two other guys standing there, both also in those little, skimpy trunks, one as big as the guy that let him in, the other, not as huge, but still in the category of major muscle, hairy, and bulging huge in his briefs. It was then that he saw the face.

"Hey, dude," Matt said.

"Matt???" Steve sounded completely shocked, amazed, disbelieving.

"Holy shit, dude." He nervously pushed back the blond hair from his forehead.

"Yeah, man. How's it goin'?"

"Uh, fine," he looked to Hal to see if he could get his money and be on his way. Hal was taking his time. Chad had turned to the refrigerator and took the dropper, filled, from a vial.

"Yeah, cool," Matt said, holding Steve's attention.

"Me too. Doin' great, in fact," he said.

"What ya think, dude?" He flexed both arms for Steve to see. He could feel that the formula they had just taken was already making his arms thicker, his muscles more solid and a little bigger, and he couldn't even think about stopping his big, thick cock from starting to get hard. He also knew it wouldn't matter.

"Wow, dude. You're really gettin' big."

"Yeah. It's so hot, man. You'd be fuckin' hot, dude."

"Oh, no way, man. Not me, I wouldn't . . ."

But before he could finish the sentence, Hal grabbed him from behind, and Chad forced the dropper full of formula between his clenched teeth. He struggled, but the two men easily overpowered him, and while Chad held his mouth shut, Hal continued to hold him, his arms pinned behind his back, while he writhed, trying to get free. They held him that way for about a minute and a half, Steve struggling against their strength, unable to say anything more than muffled sounds of protest as Chad held his mouth. The other guys had come to the door to watch what they knew was happening. And then, after a short while, Steve stopped struggling. He began to get that expression that told them his focus had suddenly shifted, forced inward, that his feelings and sensations had begun to take over. Hal continued to hold him from behind by the arms as the rest of them watched. The panic left his eyes, replaced by a glazed, wild sensuality. Matt was still flexing and had let his cock harden to its full thirteen inches. Hal and Chad also got hard watching the formula take him over, their sixteen-inch cocks popping out of their posers.

And then, against the light material of his baggy shorts, the outline of Steve's boner began to press as it grew hard in response to a will that he was just beginning to feel, and could not yet even identify. But, with his arms pinned behind him, there was nothing he could do, and he found himself completely boned in front of all these guys, knowing what they had done, and somehow, in spite of what he wanted or what he had thought, in some kind of strange way, not minding. It wasn't his choice, certainly not his fault, not now, and he felt something really strange, looking at his old buddy, Matt, flexing those huge arms, looking like a teenaged bodybuilder, that hairy chest, those abs, that bulging package.

"See, man?" Matt said, when Hal finally released Steve's arms.

"Feels so fuckin' hot. Come 'ere, man, feel these guns. Dude, you're gonna get huge, now, too, man. Come on, feel 'em, I know you want to."

Steve knew everyone was watching him, and he didn't care, now. He walked over to Matt and felt his flexed arms. He used both hands to feel the size of one arm. But he didn't say a word.

Then Matt unbuttoned Steve's shirt. "Let's see your body, man, see where you're startin'. You've always been pretty buff, man. Show us."

Steve let Matt unbutton his shirt and pull it off him, and, on command, he flexed both his arms for them to see. He had the body of a worked out teen, not big, but cut and buff.

"Yeah, dude's gonna get so fuckin huge and hot, man. And hairy. Big cock. Yeah." Matt crowed, grinning at his buddy flexing, his shorts tented with his boner, a small dark spot starting to show the excitement he barely yet understood.

"Okay, Steve. You better get back, or they're gonna be wondering about you," Chad said. Steve pulled himself together the best he could and took his money. He walked out, still hard and feeling so horny he couldn't believe it, and got in the delivery car and headed back to the shop. What had happened? Well, he knew what had happened, but how, and what now. He had not, had definitely not wanted to get into that project, to be one of those guys, but now he felt so turned on all he could think about was his buddy, Matt, how he looked with that hairy chest, with all that muscle, with that huge fucking bulge in those tiny, skimpy briefs, and all of it was turning him on. Maybe he wished it wasn't, but it was. It really was. In fact, he had to find a place to pull over and pull out his hard cock and used a bunch of napkins to cum in before he exploded in his pants.

He got back to the shop, finished his work day, making several more deliveries, but all he could think about was those guys, that they'd made him take that shit, and that he felt unbelievable turned on now, hot and sexy and sexual and so horny. He had to stop several more times, and now he just waited until he felt like he would just cum from how horny and hot he felt, and then pull out his cock and jack into a pile of napkins. He kept feeling his chest, now, driving around, feeling his arms, and he was almost sure he could feel a difference. Already. He could definitely feel whatever they had made him take working inside him. He felt like his whole body was tingling, surging, almost cramping, but not with pain. It felt really, amazingly good. His skin felt good, his body felt good, he could even feel his balls and cock in his shorts just driving or walking. Standing on a porch making a delivery, he would be so acutely aware of his body, his muscle, totally aware of his cock and balls down there in his shorts, and that felt so hot, just feeling his own maleness like that.

Near the end of the day, a couple of the guys he worked with came up to him and asked if those guys at the mansion had "gotten to him," as they put it. Why, he asked, and they said he was just acting different, kind of cocky or something, and they'd seen him feeling his chest, and they thought he looked like he was suddenly more muscular.

"Come on, dude. You did, didn't you?" Steve thought that just that morning, he would have lied, or tried to deny or hide it, but now, he didn't care if they knew. In fact, it made him feel even more turned on just that they were talking about it, and he said,

"What if I did?" "Cool," one of the guys said.

"Yeah," Steve said, and he found himself standing there in the kitchen at the pizza store flexing for his buddies. He was already getting bigger. That night after work, he called home to tell his parents he would be late. He had to go back.

They must have been expecting him, because no one seemed surprised when he turned up at the door, and Matt was still there, and almost immediately started to unbutton his shirt, just as he had done before, calling the other guys, saying,

"Jesus, man. This new stuff does work faster. Come look at this dude. Steve, man, flex, dude. You're already getting bigger."

Steve flexed.

He knew he was bigger and the feeling of his muscle made his feel so hot, he felt his cock get hard and just let it go while they admired his muscles.

"Feels fuckin' hot," Matt said, "am I right, man? Now you want it, don't ya. You thought you wouldn't, but now you do. I know, man. And all the rest. Look at that woody, man. Why don't you just whip out that bone, babe?"

"Fuck, dude. Okay, you were right, man. I feel so fuckin' hot man. I never knew muscle could make you feel so hot. Yeah, man, I gotta let this boner out of its cage, man. I've been jackin' the fucker all day, man. Can't stop."

"Oh, dude, there's so much better stuff you can do with it now, man. Check it out. It's getting bigger, too, man, I can tell just lookin' at it in your shorts. Yeah, let it out, man."

The new formula worked faster than any of them had anticipated. It seemed that the Company had switched modes from slow transformation to making the change happen to new initiates almost overnight. The two new guys that had been there earlier had already grown more during that one day than Matt and Russell had in several weeks, and Matt and Russell had grown to almost reach John's immense size. They had all been alternately working out and having sex all day long, and Steve's appearance had been an exciting diversion. Now Steve looked at them all, as he dropped his shorts, and didn't have to be invited to feel the muscle that surrounded him. He was feeling the unbelievable turn on of Matt's huge pecs in his hands when Russell took his cock into his mouth. He closed his eyes, feeling his buddy's thick hairy muscle and the other beautiful, hot young dude sucking on his cock, and then he felt another one behind him. It was John, who, he saw at a glance even before, when he was first there, was a real nasty piece of trade, whispering in his ear from behind.

"Muscle boy's got a hot muscle butt, man. Needs some big meat." And he felt the pressure of John's cockhead, as big as a fist, pushing into the crack of his ass. He knew it would hurt, and he wanted it, wanted it bad, wanted to feel that huge manmeat slide into him, open him up, fill him.

"Yeah, hot fuckin' muscle boy." John forced himself into Steve, and Steve spread to let him in. Then he felt them take him down on his back, and they shifted positions so John was between his legs, slamming his cock into him with long, hard thrusts, while Russell continued sucking on his cock. And then he felt Matt slap his big cock against his face. It was so big and thick and heavy, he wanted it in his mouth, and he sucked on it, forcing his mouth wide to take it in and pull it down his throat. He didn't know he was capable of doing what he was doing. It must be that shit they gave him. He just knew he wanted it, wanted their muscle and their hot, hairy bodies. Finally, Hal and Chad put him through a workout, to show him what kind of weight he could lift now, and he worked muscle deeper than he could imagine and felt the power in him, making him hard and thick, making him grow. At some point, he couldn't remember exactly when, he noticed that he was getting some hair on his pecs and abs. But he was too into the workout and the sex breaks to pay much attention, and hours flew by.

By the time he got home that night, there was no hiding the twenty-five pounds of muscle he had already gained. His clothes barely fit him, but he strutted in the door, full of himself and his muscle and masculinity. Steve's mother and father took one look at him and knew exactly what had happened. He'd said he would never join that group, but it was obvious he had. His mother cried, his father was angry, but he told them they'd better get over it. Before he went to bed, he laughed and said to his dad, with his mother right there, still in tears,

"Hell, Dad. If they start takin' older dudes in, you should go for it, man. It's just too hot."

The next day, when he woke, he went immediately to his bathroom mirror. His hands told him, before he was even out of bed, that he'd changed during the night. He felt so muscular, and he had hair all over his torso. He looked in the mirror, and the guy that looked back made him cum without even touching his cock. He stared at himself and he fell in love. He wished he could fuck himself, but he had to satisfy himself with jacking off, and after cumming four times just looking at his incredibly beautiful hairy muscles, he put on a pair of briefs and went to breakfast. He wanted his parents to see what he was becoming. His cock was already bigger than any guy's he'd ever seen, except the guys in the program of course, and even his balls had grown so that his briefs were stuffed. His mother was shocked, and his father acted shocked as well, but Steve could tell there was some jealousy there in how his father looked him over. Steve made sure he could see how big the meat he was packing was. And when he started getting turned on again, just letting them see how hot he was already, and started to get hard in his briefs, he just laughed and said that the stuff made you uncontrollably horny, sorry, and he got up with his boner growing huge in his briefs and went upstairs to jack off again.

He went to work in shorts that now fit tight and pulled across his groin where a large bulge blatantly revealed this size of his package, and a standard uniform white shirt that clearly showed the muscle he'd grown, much too thick and big to be hidden, and he left it unbuttoned down to the bottom of his pecs, because it wouldn't button over their mass, and because he wanted them all to see the hair he'd grown. He couldn't keep his hands off himself, sliding them into his shirt to feel that hot hair on his big, hard, thick, beautiful pecs. That afternoon, Matt called the store and asked to talk to him. He ordered pizza, to be delivered, and told Steve to pick another guy to send over. Anyone he thought would be hot. He said they would see him after work, but meanwhile, they needed a new guy, they had to get the program really going now. So when he hung up, Steve called over one of the guys that had been all over him about doing it, a cute junior named Sean.

"Dude," he said, "those guys at the mansion have this order and I've gotta do another delivery. Why don't you take it?

"I don't know, man, what if they . . ."

"What? Shit, bro. Don't be a pussy, Sean. Just go, all right?" He slid a hand into his shirt and watched Sean watch him feel his hairy pec, and he knew he was letting the kid know just how hot he felt, and he saw on Sean's face that the kid picked up on it, let his eyes linger just a second too long on his hot hairy muscle.

"Okay, man, if you think it's cool." •

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