Hot July, A

The Group Grows


By FanTCMan

Chad had worked up a sweat trimming the shrubs in the expansive lawns in front of the mansion. The swirls of hair that decorated his torso lay plastered against the huge rolling mounds of muscle, and the posing trunks clung to his meat as though by suction, exaggerating the previously unthinkable size of his maleness which protruded from a surrounding corona of thick hair that spilled from the edges of the tiny trunks out to join into the hair of his massive thighs and up into the trail that directed the eye from the carved shelf of pectoral muscle that lay so thick and heavy on his ribs down across the range of sharp hills and valleys that made up his abdomen, down to the essence of his masculinity which he made no attempt to hide, out here on the front lawns. There were others, too. John, impossibly massive now, and stunningly handsome, also wearing only a posing brief, worked on the lawn. Matt and Russell trimmed and planted. As the Company wanted, they were letting any who passed by know at a glance that a new order of male was being developed, a new standard set.

It was happening faster, now, and suddenly, in places like the bank, or the dry cleaners, the grocery store, and the pizza shop, guys were suddenly changing, turning into men of gigantic muscle, and wearing their new bodies as the most erotic thing they could have put on, shy guys becoming bold, unashamed, uninhibited about their new sexuality.

Bob Johnson came through the bushes from his yard and walked up to Chad. In his khaki shorts and T shirt, he showed the weathered handsome face and body of a guy who had been a jock knockout in his day. His skin had begun to betray him, and, even though he stayed fit, he sagged some from the years of gravity's relentless pull, and some from the years of martinis and marijuana. His hair was still thick, but not as thick as it used to be, and the once golden sheen had long ago darkened to brown and then grayed, until now it was more on the salt side of salt and pepper. But his blue eyes still held the color of a tranquil lagoon in a south sea atoll.

"Yard's looking good," he said, as he approached, keeping his eyes on Chad's eyes, very purposefully not looking at his body.

"Thanks," Chad said, grateful to stop for a moment, and loving the chance to let Bob Johnson look him over again, which he knew he would do. He couldn't help himself. Just standing there, as was always the case now, he was acutely aware of his body, his massive musculature a total expression of a masculine sexuality that he had come to represent, feeling without having to look the size and weight of his enormous cock stuffed into his trunks, so thick, so much meat, so ready to stiffen into action, lying crunched but so fat and heavy against, on top of, the two huge rolls of power, paired fruits of maleness surging with dynamic sexuality spilling over into his blood, the ambrosia of his new manhood. He knew exactly how he looked. He began to bone.

"Guess, uh," Bob stammered, "the project, or experiment, or whatever it is, isn't much of a secret any more, from the looks of the help you have here, and more and more guys turning up around town, suddenly musclebound and . . . Uh . . . You know . . . Huge . . . And not at all shy about it." He managed an uncomfortable laugh as he indicated the several young guys, huge in every way, working the yard. In that instant, as Chad looked at what Bob was talking about, the hot studs, out in full view, working the property in their minuscule briefs, he caught Bob's fast glance up and down his body. He could feel his cock growing against the material of his trunks, but he just smiled.

"Nope, no secret about it now. Our sponsors keep perfecting their formula and want it to go into wide distribution, so we have to get the results out in front of the public as much as we can, the more the better. And being shy about this kind of transformation? No way. It's just right out there, isn't it? Not so easy for some people to accept."

"No, I suppose not. Something about it seems almost, I don't know, hate to sound like some kind of religious nut, but almost against nature, or God, or something."

"Yeah, I know some people are thinking that. They don't worry much about plastic surgery, though, and this isn't much different. And if we get this formula that can do something so profound, who's to say where that comes from, anyway?"


There followed an awkward silence. The two men stood there, smiling for want of words. Finally, Bob looked directly at Chad's muscular torso, his thickly rounded, massive pecs, folded so heavily over his ribs, their hair wet with sweat, glistening, and the huge, carved hams that were his arms, that lay against the spread of his lats. Bob studied the muscle, almost as though he were looking at a sculpture in a museum, or, in this case, a sculpture garden. Then he looked back with that piercing aquamarine gaze into Chad's eyes.

"What does it feel like?" he said.

Chad smiled, feeling his cock filling, a feeling he loved so much, starting to push out the material of his poser, and he saw Bob's eyes flick in that direction. But before he could put words to the obvious answer, a car rolled up the driveway with a pizza flag flapping from its antenna. When it stopped near the porte cochere, a very cute, very Irish looking black-haired teen got out and took a stack of large pizza boxes from the back.

"Lunch break," Chad called to the other guys in the yard.

"Go on inside," he yelled to the pizza boy as he started toward the house.

He put a hand on Bob's shoulder. "Join us. We'll talk about it inside."

"No, thanks," Bob said, "I'll catch up with you later." His voice betrayed his nervousness at going in.

"No, really. I insist. Hey, what is that? Looks like you could use a little help with your own shyness, speaking of that. Come on."

"Yeah, okay," Bob said, and went with Chad to the house as the other guys went in.

The Pizza boy stood on the porch, loaded with his stack of boxes. He gawked at the guys that were quickly surrounding him and at Chad, who approached him so casually, his gigantic legs swinging around the mass of each other, his torso swaying as he walked, the thick globes and wings and masses of muscle, the sweaty hair patterned so amazingly in dark, swirling eddies and pools, and the black rivulet that flowed down the center to the bush escaping all around the crotch of his tiny trunks bulging with more meat than he could believe, partially hard and pulling on what little material covered it, all blaring a masculinity so extreme, so intense, and so beautiful that Sean was struck dumb.

"You must be Sean," Chad said. "Come on, bring that stuff into the kitchen. Steve said he was sending you over."

Chad opened the door and Sean went in, Bob following. Chad pointed the way and led them to the kitchen, the group of young massive studs tagging close.

"Hey, why don't you guys take these and go on out to the pool, take a break, okay? I want to talk to these guys."

In a moment, all but a couple boxes were gone with the guys, the doors swinging shut behind them.

"So," Chad said, leaning back on the edge of a counter, his partial boner pushing out his poser in a total display of male sexuality, "how does it feel?" He looked at Bob, picking up where they'd left off.

Then he looked at Sean. "Sorry, Bob Johnson, from next door, and Sean, uh, Sean what?"

"Oh, Fallon, Sean Fallon."

"Cool, anyway, Sean Fallon, Bob was asking what this feels like, being, well, like this. I understand from Steve you've been asking him the same thing. So I can answer you both at the same time. But I think you already know, from all the guys that have been through it or are going through it. There's no way to describe it, but there is nothing, nothing you can even imagine, that feels as incredible."

"Yeah, that's what Steve says," Sean said. His loose khakis showed a rise that he shifted to try to hide.

"Let me ask you something else, then," Bob, ever the serious man, said, as though he were interviewing a doctor. "Have you given it to a guy my age? I notice that all the guys here look to be in their late teens or twenties. Even you and your partner have to be, what, your late twenties, early thirties?"

Chad grinned. Hal, who had been listening just outside, took the question as a cue to enter.

"Speaking of my partner. Hal, tell the man how old you are, dude."

"Me? I'm forty-three."

Chad paused to let it sink in and catch the reaction.

"And I'm forty-four," he said.

"So," Bob Johnson said, "You both must've looked like a couple of young models, then, before you started this."

"Uh, no," Chad said. "We weren't fat pigs, but we were what we were.

Listen, why are we talking? There's one way for you to know, and we have to recruit as many guys as we can, so why don't we just let you see for yourselves. You both want to. That's obvious."

Hal had already taken a vial from the refrigerator and filled the dropper. He held it up.

"Who first?" he said.

There was a frozen moment before anyone moved or spoke. Then Sean stepped forward.

"I'll do it," he said.

Hal emptied the dropper into his mouth, then filled it again.

"And one to bring the ex-jock back from the far edge of middle age?"

He held it out to Bob.

Bob looked at Chad, and Chad stepped up, put an arm around his shoulder. "Come on, man. Be one of us. Put the color back in your hair, man. See how it feels. I know you want to. You'll be young and handsome again, only better than you ever were. Go on."

Bob took the dose.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Now? Just enjoy the ride. You'll be wanting to work out, pump up, and we've got the gym for you. But later. Now, why don't you have some pizza, and we'll show you around the place."

"How long before you feel it?" Sean asked, taking a piece of pizza and filling his mouth.

"Oh, it comes on pretty fast."

"I'm not really hungry," Bob said.

"That's okay, the guys'll finish it up," Chad said.

Both he and Hal watched the two, the gray-haired man and the handsome teen with his mouth full of pizza. Suddenly their eyes showed the look of change as their focus shifted inward with a sudden wave of sensation that swept through their cells and flooded their consciousness with body-awareness. No matter how many times they saw the formula take over a guy and infect his whole being so suddenly with erotic masculinity, it excited them, turned them on to know what was already taking place, even before it became physically apparent.

Sean swallowed without bothering to finish chewing and put down the pizza slice.

"Oh, man," he said. He looked down at the front of his loose, flat-fronted khakis, and they were not flat. His cock had sprung to full erection, poking the material out. "I can see why Steve said not to be a pussy. This is intense."

"Oh yeah," Chad laughed, "it's intense. Bob, how you doin' there?"

Bob was silent, but his shorts were lifted up along the left side of the inseam. He obviously wore boxers, and his loose cock was hard as a wooden pole and lifting with more force than he'd ever experienced, and he looked at it, almost as if it were happening to someone else, and then at the protrusion in the kid's pants, and then he just broke into a loud laugh that came from deep in his gut.

"What's so funny?" Sean asked, afraid, but strangely not really caring, that the older guy was laughing at him standing there with a big boner.

"Oh, not you, not that. Jesus Christ, look at me. No, it's just that when I was your age, I would have given anything to be a bodybuilder, a real, hardcore, freaky huge bodybuilder, but I was too afraid of what people would say, what they would think. Now you kids are doing it like it was no more a big deal than getting your ears pierced, and I finally get my wish when I'm almost too old to enjoy it, but," and he laughed again, "look at this. I haven't been able to get it up this hard in years, so maybe I'm not too old."

Now Sean began to laugh. "And I thought the same thing, about being a muscle guy, since I was like ten, but I thought I was too young, and afraid of what people would say."

"Well, we're just here to make your dreams come true. Come on, we'll show you around. Let's go down to the gym and recreation area first."

They went down to the gym and lounge that opened to the pool patio.

In the lounge, and by the pool, the guys had finished eating and were having their noon break. They had all stripped off their trunks and were engaging in all kinds of erotic play, flexing, feeling the huge muscle bulging everywhere, sucking themselves or others, a couple fucking, others just flexing while they jacked off. There was no room for inhibition here, and both Chad and Hal stripped and let their huge pricks go free and hard, and they turned to Bob and Sean.

"Join us for while. We always like to see guys when they start so we can compare when they change. The new formula we gave you works a lot faster. Much, much faster. So you better lose the clothes now, guys."

Sean stripped fast, looking at himself to see if he saw any difference yet.

"Shit, am I supposed to feel like I'm on fire, man?"

"You'll get used to that. You'll learn to love it."

He stood there naked, letting them look at him as he looked at himself in one of the many mirrors.

"I don't look any different yet," he said.

"Aww, and it's been, what, five, ten minutes? But how do you feel?"

"Good. Great. Horny. SO horny."

He held his dick, which was an average boner for a sixteen year old guy, about five and a half inches, surrounded by a decent bush of dark, almost black pubes that formed a tight ring around his cock and balls. He was smooth, except for the small dark patches under his arms, very thin, tight, but not muscular, a boy with an extremely handsome face.

Bob hesitated to undress.

"I feel like such an old fart."

"But a sexed up, horny old fart, right?"

"You have no idea. Okay, but no teasing," he said, and pulled off his T shirt. He checked himself out in the mirror. His torso showed the effects of his age, his once hard pecs showing the sag of gravity, the abs no longer cut, but still hard from situps and crunches. He ran his hand down his belly.

"Not that bad," he said.

Then he dropped the shorts. His cock jumped up and almost slapped his belly, and it was a good, thick eight incher.

"Shit," he said, looking at his cock, "it's worth it just to get this hard, man. Jesus, talk about horny. I heard you guys do it with each other. Thought that sounded pretty perverted."

"And now?" Chad was grinning, watching Sean watch Bob, the kid looking at the older guy like he was seeing a man naked for the first time.

"Now? I don't know what I think. But I do know what I feel."

"What about you, Sean?"

"I'm gonna cum, man. I'm gonna fuckin' cum."

"Oh, Christ, kid. Let it go," Bob was watching his own cock jerk with impending ejaculation. "Shit, man. I'm gonna blow, too.

Holy God, I got to, man, I can't stop it."

"Oh, shit," Sean said.

At the same time, while the other guys paused to watch, they stood facing each other, the man and the boy, and felt the rush of their sexuality overtake them to the point of orgasm, building fast and deep, pulling up from their toes, filling their balls to the point of explosion, coiling like a constrictor in their groins and finally, at almost the same moment, starting to shoot, spurting in thick streams, over and over, spasms like a rocket ride, the erotic intensity growing instead of subsiding, two minutes, three, until there were puddles of their cream on their legs and at their feet. And when their orgasms finally stopped, they realized that they had not spent their horny excitement. It had only shot into a new level.

Sean got back to the shop and expected a lecture about taking so long, but the owner just winked at Steve who walked up to Sean. By now, Steve was nearly bursting the material of his shirt and pants, his pecs wider and thicker than they had been that morning, his lats wider and thicker, everything about him bigger, thicker, hairier. He needed a shave. The hair on his pecs, where his shirt couldn't button over them, was thicker, his face more chiseled, and his manner more confident, cocky, and completely into his new erotic sexuality. Sean felt his heart race as Steve pulled him aside.

"You did it, didn't ya, you little fuck? I knew you wanted to. How do you feel, now, kid? You're gonna be such a hot fucker, man."

"Yeah, dude. You were right. You look so fuckin' hot I could suck your fuckin' cock right now, man. Dude, how long till you got the muscle, man, and the hair? I want hair, man. I want a huge cock like you got. How big is it, man? Those guys are so huge."

"I got twelve inches already, stud boy. Dude, check it out. You already got some muscle started, bro." He reached over and felt Sean's chest. "Yeah, man, feel that. Fuckin' pecs, kid.

Let's see em."

Steve unbuttoned Sean's shirt, just as the guys at the mansion had done to him, and Sean let him.

When Steve pushed back the shirt, feeling the pecs that were already thickening, he smiled a hot, horny smile at his buddy and said, "Well, kid, doesn't look like your gonna have to wait long for that hair you want, check it out, man. Let's go to the bathroom."

Sean looked. Fine dark hairs spread out from the center of his chest.

In front of the bathroom mirror, after Steve locked the door and pulled his shirt off him completely, he saw the outline of hair all across his pecs and the beginning of the trail that would define the abs that were already starting to show as individual, hard muscles.

His cock was hard again, but as fast as he felt it bone up he felt Steve's hand on it, felt his pants being undone, pulled down.

"Feel my hairy muscle, kid. I know you want to feel my body, don't ya. Fuckin' little stud already getting hairy muscle, man. You want to see my cock, man? Check it out. Twelve inches and growin' fast, bro. Yeah, feel it, dude. So big, man, so hard. Yeah, ummm,"

he kissed Sean hard while he forced his fingers into the kid's hole, "gimme some o' that, stud boy. Gotta have it. Yeah, know you want it, yeah, ummm, yeah, oh feel it man, so big, oh yeah. Take it.


Bob didn't bother to dress to go home. He was to come back and work out, and they told him he could come over any time he wanted to, if he felt the need for some hot male flesh, and he did feel the need, but he felt so much older than the others, although he already felt a new youth creeping back that he hadn't experienced in years, and he wanted to go home, be alone for a while, watch what would happen.

It was almost too much to hope that it could be a youth formula, but it was too much to believe it could do what he'd seen on the other guys, so anything could be possible. The thrill was so intense, and the possibility of disappointment so sharp, that he thought, for a while, anyway, it would be good to be by himself.

He went to his bathroom as soon as he got home, to look at himself again, and because, even looking as he did, he felt a sexiness about himself he hadn't felt since he was about twenty. No, not even then.

He felt so hot, he had to watch himself jack off again.

He ended up jacking off several times, finally realizing that this new horniness wasn't going to be abated by cumming. And that was okay.

He could just keep doing it and doing it, like some hot young kid, and even when he wasn't doing it, he felt like it, felt the need, so much.

He filled his spa tub, thinking to soak, pass the time, not keep looking at himself and waiting to see changes. He got into the tub, let the jacuzzi swirl around him, but he couldn't get his mind off his body. And he did feel a change in his muscles. He could even feel it in his skin, as he felt his stomach. It was tighter. He closed his eyes. He couldn't sleep, but he drifted, thinking about those guys, the size of their cocks, how they went about showing the world what they had with no inhibition. If only he'd been able to do this when he was twenty. But this was now, so he would just enjoy it now.

After some time, he came back to focus. He'd been soaking so long his fingertips had wrinkled. When he bent his arm to look at them, he felt the muscle of his biceps hit his forearm. Oh, God. It was working. He felt his pecs. They were hard. He looked at his abs, and the skin had pulled tight with dark hair down the center.

He jumped out of the tub to look at himself.

His hair was almost back to its dark color, and had thickened like it had been when he was a young stud. There was very little gray left.

His whiskers had grown and he needed a shave. They were all dark.

The white hairs were gone. And his face. He was looking at the face of a man of about forty. A very good looking forty. Handsome, robust, tight skin, a few attractive laugh lines, but even they were less deep.

When he leaned forward to look close at his face, his cock hit the counter. It was at least an inch bigger. He grabbed it and made love to the image in the mirror. He made love to the stud with the muscular body who almost looked, any minute would look, like the bodybuilder he had dreamed of being when he was a kid. He would be that, now, and more.

When he came, shooting all over the sink and mirror, he thought of thanking Chad and Hal. Fuck thanking them. He thought of their bodies, the other guys that would be there by the pool. No need to get dressed. He felt his heart jumping in his chest as he left his back door and walked, naked, his hard cock swinging, through the dark, through the bushes that separated their yards, to the patio.

Yeah, they were all there. And even that kid from this afternoon, Sean, and now he was muscular with black hair framing that beautiful young body. He thought of the reflection of himself in the mirror and his cock grew even harder as he strode onto the patio. •

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