Hot July, A

The Guys


By FanTCMan

Matt walked up the shady boulevard. It was a hot day, and sweat was making his clothes stick to him, but he didn't mind. It had been a week since those guys, Chad and Hal, had talked to him in the parking lot when he carried out their groceries and asked him if wanted to come over and find out about getting buff. The first week was just to see how he liked it, but if he went back, he would have to make the commitment, join their group, and they had made it quite clear that the commitment was total, and that they were only interested in taking on guys that were willing to go all the way with it, which meant becoming full-on, no-hiding-it, right-out-there massive bodybuilders.

He wasn't sure if the sweat was from the heat or the thought of that. He'd found himself sweating like this several times in the past week. Like when he remembered the next day after he went to their place that he had done things he wouldn't want his buddies to know about. He had sucked cock, for God's sake, and fucked guys, and even let them fuck him. And it made him sweat, remembering it because he would hate if anyone knew, but also because, when he thought about it, he got a boner every time. Then there was when some guys at the store were talking about the two gay muscle men that had moved from California and supposedly had some stuff that was like super steroids and they were trying it out on some guys around here, but it supposedly made you get really huge, not just buff, and also, so they heard, made you turn queer. Matt really sweated while he listened to that, not saying anything. Already, after just three days, he'd noticed his body getting more muscular.

His baggy clothes pretty much hid that fact, but he was jacking off about five times as much, and feeling his pecs and arms and six pack abs when he did, and he also knew that his dick was getting a little bigger. Not a lot, but enough that he could feel the difference in his hand. It was heavier, thicker, just more meat, and his balls felt the same way, and he knew that he was starting to stick out a little in front, even though his pants hung loose.

Then, just a couple days ago, one of the guys had asked him if he'd been lifting a lot of weights or something because he looked like he was getting kind of muscular, and Matt realized, the way you do when you see something through someone else's eyes, that his pecs were showing the outline of their muscular edges in his shirt. He sweated, but he liked it, liked how he felt when the guy noticed it and pointed it out. He said, yeah, he had been, and laughed it off, but the next day, yesterday, he wore a shirt that showed his body a little more, and he was a little more muscular that he had been the day before. In fact, he'd put on about five pounds of muscle in six days, and, as long as it was already apparent, and had been pointed out, he figured, what the hell, why not enjoy how it felt to be muscular.

What he hadn't counted on was that the guy, and the other guys, noticed that he was putting muscle on at a visible rate, like in the past week, and they asked him, point blank, if he had been to see those guys. At first he said, no way, man, but they teased him into telling that he had gone to their place and tried that stuff, and that it was pretty cool. They asked if it was making him gay, too.

He just laughed back at them and said, "Why, you queers want my muscle bod?" He flexed an arm, made a joke, and they got back to work, but they kept looking at him, and asking questions all day.

Today, Saturday, he had off. He had to decide. His parents said they had heard from the parents of one of the guys he worked with, and they really didn't want him going back there, getting into that whole bodybuilding thing with those guys who were, uh, that way. He'd spent some time in the bathroom before breakfast, flexing, looking at his body, and it made him so hard he just felt like a totally hot stud. He had, in the course of this one week, put on five pounds of solid, cut muscle, his cock had grown half an inch, and was so much thicker and heavier, even his balls felt bigger and heavier, and he'd seen his pubes get thicker and spread, his pit hair get thicker, his whiskers suddenly growing faster, darker and thicker, and he was just eighteen and could imagine how it would feel to be his age and get really big.

It turned him on so much, while he was standing in front of the mirror. He dressed in a T-shirt that fit him tight and showed his muscle well. He was so turned on that he decided to see how he felt, really letting people see his body, because he knew there would be more comments, and he wanted to see how that felt. He even decided to be outrageous and wear his Lycra workout shorts. He'd only worn them out a few times, and now he looked very different in them. They showed his package and his tight, hard buns. His butt had also got a little bigger, and all the growth seemed to pull those muscles up high and tight and make his hips look even more slender.

His parents commented on how he looked and was dressed, but he teased them back and said muscle was cool, and ate his breakfast, and went by the store, even though he was off, just so the guys and girls could see him. He acted casual when they all commented on his body, said he was just out for a run, stopped by to get some bottled water. But when they asked him to flex, he was happy to oblige, and when they asked him if he was going to go back there, to see those guys again, he told them that he was thinking about it. He had to make up his mind. He liked this, so far, but if he went back, he would have to commit to joining their program, and they would turn him into some kind of freaky huge bodybuilder. A few of the girls, and even a couple of the guys said eewww, but most of the guys and one girl said, so what, that might be really cool. Just to see how people would react in this town if he did.

He laughed, and he had to get out of the store fast after that, because when they said that, he felt himself start to get hard. And now he was walking up the boulevard, trying to decide. He had run until he was soaked with sweat. He loved how he felt. He could feel his package, the weight of it, even how it stretched the soft, skin tight material, and he liked that. He saw people checking him out, and he liked that, too. He felt his pecs shaping the wet material of his T-shirt and his arms doing the same to the sleeves. He turned to cross over to the other side of town, just a few blocks into the estates section, where the mansion was, secluded behind hedges and fences. He thought about those two guys, probably hanging out by the pool in those Speedos, or maybe putting some guy through a workout while their formula made the guy a workout fiend and horny as all fuck. That had felt so good.

He thought about that guy, John, the one that had just joined up, who was living there, and who was already starting to get huge. He was a straight guy, and he didn't give a shit about the guy sex thing. And he did look so hot after only a few weeks.

He felt himself boning up again. He thought about if they did get him really huge, and got his cock really big and shit, to see if it would turn him off, if he could find the sense or fear or whatever in him that would turn him off, make him not want to go, but when he pictured himself by their pool, in a little bikini, or naked, with a huge bodybuilder body, it just made his boner get stiffer, and he couldn't walk down the street in these Lycra shorts showing a stiffy. And so he turned into their gate.

Russell had no such doubts or second thoughts. From the moment he felt the rush of the formula, through the whole week, while he put on muscle and jacked his growing dick, and listened to the comments of his co-workers, he knew he would go back and commit to the program. The people he was around all the time were either gay or artists into piercing and tattoos, so the idea of his becoming one of the new formula-created muscle dudes was cool and exciting. Most of all to Russell.

Every day he checked out every little change, and he let everyone see the general change in him over the week. He suddenly dropped the little extra fat he carried and his shirts showed a narrower waist and broader torso with pecs. He didn't share how what was in his pants was also changing, but he enjoyed the second glances he got in that direction, where he knew he stuck out a bit. He felt proud, and sexy, and hot as hell, and he couldn't wait to go back and tell them he wanted more, and he didn't care what he had to commit to, he would let them do whatever they wanted. They could make him a muscle monster, make him their sex toy, he didn't care. He just wanted the feeling, the super erotic sensations that he got from the formula, and how it was changing him.

So when Saturday came around, he jumped in his car and raced to the mansion. As he neared the gate, he saw a young guy just turning in off the street. They got to the call box at the same time, and laughed that they ended up announcing themselves together. The gate swung open.

"Dude, hop in, I'll drive you up."

Russell thought, this in one cute little hunk. The guy, Matt, was about five nine, probably only eighteen, and hot, wearing some Lycra shorts, a tight T showing he'd probably also had a taste of that formula, and the bone in his shorts showed he was feeling just like Russell was about going back, although he seemed a little more shy about it.

Chad greeted them at the door. He was in Speedos, and he was bigger, in every way that a guy could be bigger, than he had been the week before. Once inside, they saw that Hal was the same, and John, who was naked and sporting a cock so hard that, even a large as it was becoming, it stood almost up against his belly when he walked. He'd grown as well, and was sporting more body hair on his chest and stomach, filling in with a perfect pattern of flat swirls decorating his muscle, just like Chad and Hal had. He looked absolutely gorgeous. They all did.

"So," Hal said, when he took them to the kitchen, "can we assume that by coming back, you've both decided to make the commitment?"

"Oh yeah," Russell said with a grin and nodding head.

"Yeah, I guess so," Matt replied, looking down where, no matter how much he willed against it, his dick was boned in his shorts so hard that everyone was looking.

"Well, I can see the idea excites you. But are you sure?"

"Yeah," now Matt looked up, looked at Russell, obviously a cool enough dude who would be doing it too, and then at the gorgeous muscle men standing around them with their amazing cocks and balls, "Yeah," he nodded assertively,

"I am. I'm ready. I want to."

"Well then," Chad said, getting the small bottle with the eyedropper out of the fridge, "let's get you going." He filled the dropper, held it up for each of the guys, and dropped ten drops under their tongues.

"Okay, let's go get you two worked out. That stuff will be hitting you pretty soon. We've got some trunks you can change into in the gym."

When they got to the gym, which was really a huge rec room beside the pool, Chad handed the two guys each a pair of very tiny posing trunks. They each held them, looked at them, laughed, already feeling the formula hitting and stoning them with their own sexuality.

"You're going to wear those to work out each time you come, and we'll need you here six days a week for your workouts. You can just drop you clothes there by that bench. We're not shy here." When he said that, he nodded toward John, who was straightening up out by the pool, naked, boned, and feeling his muscles as he moved around, doing his chores. Matt and Russell worked out together, and as Chad and Hal pushed them, they grew hornier and more sexual feeling with every set, every rep they did. The men had them stopping to flex their muscles as they worked them out, and they made them say how hot they felt, how much they loved their muscles, how much they wanted to get huge, and the more they said it, the truer it became for them.

When they finished their workouts, feeling pumped and so hot, Chad told them to look at each other. He told them to tell each other how hot they looked, how much each guy wanted to see the other get massive with muscle. Want to see you get so fuckin' huge, man, yeah. You wanna get huge, man? Yeah, dude, so fuckin massive, man. Then they had them take off the posers, and show how they felt about each other. They were on each other like animals, kissing and feeling each other's musclebods, and John came in saying, hey, what about me, and they asked the two guys what they thought of their John. No, don't tell us, show us. The orgy lasted into the evening.

After that day, Russell and Matt became best buds. They didn't always work out together, although they loved it when the timing was right. Sometimes, a new guy would be there, and since they were some of the first in town, they would help show new guys the ropes. Meanwhile, they grew. They grew in front of their friends and their parents and the people they worked with. They were only too proud to show the muscular development. Before long, it showed anyway, as did the size of the meat they carried in their pants, but they would show that to anyone that asked. They didn't care about anyone knowing that they were into sex with guys, now, and they tried to recruit new guys to join up and grow with them. At the stores where they worked, management, which might have dismissed them for their obvious new life style and all it entailed, couldn't even consider such a thing, because they saw how many new customers came in from word of mouth to see the young, beautiful, muscle dudes at work. And as soon as work was over, back to the mansion they went, their bodies craving the rush, just a little more muscle, just a little bigger, oh yeah, just a little more cock, yeah, oh fuck yeah, just a little more. Feels so fuckin' good. •

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