Hot July, A

John Jumps In


By FanTCMan

Chad had cleaned up the rec room by the pool where the workout equipment was before Hal had got there. In the past couple weeks, they had put on enough muscle that both of them looked unmistakably like bodybuilders, to the point where they had been drawing more and more comments from the people they worked with. But then, that was exactly what the Company wanted. What was strange was that, as the formula made them grow larger, thicker, denser, harder, heavier muscle, and increased all their other male sexual characteristics to the point where they showed heavier 5 o'clock shadows, hair creeping up over their shirt collars, and bulges in their pants that drew increasingly more second glances from both the men and the women, it was also changing their whole psychological makeup so that they cared less about any negativity that came their way regarding their changing looks, and more about how they felt, how sexually charged, erotically dynamic they were becoming, sex magnets, stronger and stronger, with the sex drive to equal their growing magnetism. There was no one they couldn't have, if they wanted them, and the casual, charming, and totally disarming way they presented their increasingly enhanced masculinity was as attractive as the men themselves.

Chad greeted Hal in the Speedos that had become their uniform when they got together. Hal quickly dropped his shorts and took off his shirt, and the two men grinned at each other as they watched their dicks, which had now grown to a couple of fat sausages when they were soft and stiffened into 12 inch boners, grow rapidly hard, stretching the slick material of their skimpy trunks. They loved this ritual, of just looking at each other, allowing their boners, a little larger all the time, to express how they felt about just standing and showing off their muscular bodies to each other, mutually arousing each other by the mere act of being unashamedly open about how much their muscles, the new, beautifully patterned body hair that was sprouting all over them in just the right places, and the size of the dicks and balls, their ultimate expression of total masculinity, turned them on. and the thought that they would do a little more, add a little more, and rev up that feeling of being completely, and completely pleasurably, dominated by the overwhelming sensations that the formula produced.

But it was Saturday, and the guy from Hal's work, John, their first recruit that they had turned on to the formula a week ago, was due there soon, and so they would prolong the intensity of anticipation, and let it merge with the anticipation of seeing John again, seeing how he would be this week.

The first time, he had been like any straight guy, too aware of his cool factor, even as the formula had taken him over and allowed him, compelled him, actually, to go with the sexual arousal that came with the sensation of the formula working on his body and psyche. Hal reported that at work, he'd been a little standoffish, but at the same time, a little like someone in league with a big secret. Hal also reported that he'd seen John showing a bit of muscle under his shirts, and seemed to be wearing shirts that allowed it to show, and pants that didn't hide the new, tight, higher shape his butt was taking on, or the slight but apparent bulge in his baggy pants. Hal had asked if they would see him again on Saturday, and John had been vague, but seemed, in Hal's estimation, to be masking what he probably considered inappropriate enthusiasm for a straight guy, even if he had sucked some dick and flexed some muscle for those guys that day. After all, he had been under the influence. And they had told him he was more than welcome to come back, but if he did, and wanted to try more of the formula, it would involve joining their program, making a commitment, and they weren't sure he would want to go that far.

Chad and Hal decided to wait before taking their own doses, to see if John showed up. At least they would be able to make an initial appearance with their dicks soft and not scare the guy off right away. Even soft, they were large and heavy enough that, with the size and weight of their balls filling their Speedos behind their thick, heavy cocks, they pulled down the fronts of their suits to expose quite a bit a pubic hair, and they had developed some major pubes from taking this stuff. But they weren't trying to hide what the formula did. John did show up, and right on time. They saw him speed up the driveway in his convertible Beemer and bound up to the front door. When they let him in, and he saw their development so casually displayed, he put up his armor of cool, acting as casual as they.

"Come on in, John," Hal said. "Glad you decided to come."

"Cool," he said. He took off his ball cap, brushed his floppy, brown-gold hair back, and put the cap back on, a ritual he obviously employed whenever he needed to express his degree of cool. He had worn typical loose khaki shorts that rode low on his hips, exposing several inches of underwear and his flat, hard belly above that. He'd also worn a wifebeater tank, ribbed and short and clinging tightly to his chiseled torso, and it looked as though he had gained a good ten or fifteen pounds of solid muscle during the week. He grinned for lack of anything else to say.

"Well, where are our manners?" Chad said, looking at Hal. "You want something to drink, a coke, beer, anything? We were just going out to the pool."

"Okay, sure, whatever you guys are drinking." His eyes darted over their bodies, pausing at pecs, abs, and Speedo bulges, but fast. A straight boy shouldn't stare at guys' bodies.

"Come on out to the kitchen," Chad said. "By the way, you bring trunks, or you need to borrow some?"

"I didn't bring anything."

"That's okay." Chad opened three beers and handed one to each of the guys.

"So," Hal said, as they stood there in the kitchen, "I guess you liked what that stuff did for you, huh?"

John shifted from foot to foot, took a swig of beer, then answered, "Yeah, it's pretty cool stuff."

"It looks good on you," Chad said.

John blushed. "Thanks."

"Well," Chad got the vial out of the refrigerator, "let's do some. Let's get more buff."

He filled the dropper and motioned to Hal to open up. Hal took his dose and grinned as he held it under his tongue.

"You next," he said to John. "That is, if you're ready to really commit to the program. That means we take you as far as this formula can take you." He held the full dropper up, waiting. The young man was flushed with excitement mixed with fear, but he remained casually cool and answered by opening his mouth to take his dose.

When Chad finished the sacrament and put the bottle back, he said, "'Kay, dude, there's trunks in the top drawer in the bedroom at the end of the hall. Just take any, and you can leave your shit in there. We'll be out at the pool."

John went down the hall, found the trunks in the drawer, and discovered that there were only skimpy little Speedos, but he figured, what the fuck. He stripped off his clothes, and chose a red one. He knew he looked good in red. He checked himself out in the mirror before he put them on. He was looking fucking good. He even liked that he was getting real hairy in the groin and on his belly and chest, even though he had always liked the moderate amount of body hair he'd had before. At twenty-eight, he was a little old to be growing more hair, but then, getting this muscular this fast wasn't so normal, either. And he was pretty pleased, looking at his naked body, that his dick was suddenly looking thicker and longer. In fact, his whole package had got better already, and what dude wouldn't want that. He'd measured, and his hard-on was only a half inch bigger, but it felt like a lot, especially standing there, about to get into these Speedos and go out with those guys. But, shit, he thought, look at them. He pulled on the trunks, arranged himself, and couldn't resist flexing in the mirror. Yeah, he was looking good. And his package was looking pretty good in these trunks, too. He kind of liked it, wearing these, showing what he had.

He headed to the pool, and as he walked down the hall and to the patio, he could feel his head start to swim and his body get hot. By the time he got to the patio, he was flying. Chad and Hal were already in the pool, lying on their back on pool floats, both of them with rock hard erections straining the wet material of their trunks. John stood by the pool edge looking at them, feeling the rush center on his balls and spread through his muscles and skin and brain.

"Whoa," was all he could say. Both guys in the pool looked up at him.

"Yeah, man," Chad said, "I know what you mean. It's fuckin' intense, isn't it. Dude, you are lookin' good. Fuckin' buff stud, man. Check it out, Hal. Your guy is one hot looking dude."

"No shit. I told you, man. Dude, that muscle looks great, man. And your hair. Hot, bro. And your package, man. It's looking like you got something to show in those trunks, bro."

John stood there, letting them talk about him, realizing how true what they were saying was, feeling more and more hot and stoned and turned on, and when Hal mentioned his package, he felt his cock stiffening, and he was completely turned on by it, by letting them watch him bone up, by these two muscle guys talking about his body like that. Suddenly, he felt the urge to flex for these guys, to show them the muscle that was turning him on so much.

"Yeah," he heard himself saying, "you like to see me getting bigger, don't you, dudes? You want to see this guy get big like you, don't ya?" He flexed an arm, felt the hard curve of his pecs, kissed his biceps. Yeah, he fucking loved this muscle. He loved that they wanted to see him get big.

Now Chad and Hal were out of the pool. Their big, heavy boners pulled down the fronts of their suits, and they grabbed themselves as they walked up to him.

"Fuck yeah," Hal said. "Fucking muscle dudes putting on bigger muscles, man. So fucking hot."

"I want to get huge, man," John was feeling his body as he flexed. "I gotta take some more of the shit, man."

"I don't think so," Chad said. "Ten drops is the max dose, man."

"Says who?" John's voice sounded seriously, deeply erotic.

"Fuck, man," Hal grabbed Chad's arm, "if he wants more . . ."

"I gotta do more, man. I gotta feel it, man. I feel so fucking hot. I want muscle, man. I want my cock huge, man, fucking huge. I want such a huge fuckin' package it looks like I got a softball in my pants. I'll be right back."

He headed for the kitchen, Hal holding back Chad from stopping him. John found the bottle in the refrigerator, and he filled the dropped and emptied it in his mouth. Then he returned to the pool. Within minutes, his eyes were wild. He pulled off his trunks and held out his cock.

"Gonna get a huge fucking cock, man. You want to see me get big, fuck you, dudes, I'll get fucking huge. Which one of you wants to suck my big cock?" Hal walked over to him, felt the thick hard pecs under the soft swirls of dark blond hair, kissed him, felt John's tongue dart hard and deep into his mouth. Then his slid down and took his cock into his mouth.

"Oh, yeah. Fucking muscle man suck this jock boy's cock, man. Yeah." Chad moved around behind him and began playing with his hard muscled ass, getting a finger between his cheeks, teasing his hole.

"Oh, yeah, get in my ass, dude. Fucking muscle stud mess with this muscle boy's ass, man. Yeah, get in there, you fag fucker."

"If I'm a fag fucker," Chad said, quietly, his mouth brushing John's ear as he forced two fingers into his asshole, "does that make you a fag, muscle boy?"

"You want me to be your fag, you fucking muscle stud, yeah, I'll be your fag. Big fucking muscle faggot, man. Oh, yeah, man. Get in there. Get in my ass, man. Feel my muscles. Suck my big cock. Yeah, fucking muscle studs, man, use my fucking body. Make me your huge fucking muscle boy, man. Oh, god, I'm fucking on fire, I'm burning up I'm so hot man. Oh yeah. Use me, man. Do what you want. You know what I want."

That week, John gained twenty pounds of muscle and his cock grew a full inch in both length and girth. Hal and Chad continued their growth process as well, but they spent more time together, and John came to live at Chad's house so he could spend every minute letting them use him and turn him into their huge muscle toy. Chad was fucking John when Hal came back one day with a young guy he'd met in the frame shop getting some prints framed. The kid was cute, young, shy, and had heard about them. Now he wanted to know if it was true, that they had some kind of formula that could get him buff. •

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