Muscle Gods


By MuscleTeen


Matt and John were alone in the gym. It was late, about 11.30, but they liked to work out late. They knew the gym owner, who trusted them and let them use the gym after hours. John was a big guy - you'd know he liked to work out. 6ft tall, he had short black hair, and a good sized body. Matt on the other hand was smaller - about 5ft 8; blond hair and with thin, swimmer's build. He had no real interest in putting on a lot of muscle - his girlfriend preferred his 'model' style body to the buffed up bodies that were mainly in the gym. "Looks like their on a constant supply of drugs", she'd say in disgust. So while John spent most of his time benching, supersetting and the like, Matt was content with doing a more aerobic style workout, and concentrating on getting that 6-pack just right.

The gym was fairly quiet, music playing in the background, but not too loud. So it was fairly easy to hear heavy footsteps approaching the door from the corridor outside. Matt looked at John - "are you expecting anyone?". John had a habit of meeting men and telling them to join him in his workout, before going off together for things Matt didn't want to think about. "Nope, not tonight", John said. Footsteps came closer and the translucent window in the door shaded over. The handle turned and in stepped without doubt the biggest man either Matt or John had ever seen. The guy had to duck AND turn sideways to get through the door. Matt could see John quivering - this guiy was his ultimate fantasy. He was bigger than Juggernaut, or whoever that guy was in the comics John was always reading.

The guy stood there looking at them for a second. He was at least 8ft - hence his difficulty in getting through the door. He had short black hair - cropped - which sat on top of a beautiful face - rugged, with square-jaw and dark eyes. His head was lost in a vast see of muscke below it. His traps were up behind his neck, thick and powerful looking. In front was a plateau of flesh, from which huge pecs fell. They were twice as wide as any man - and were solid muscle - with large nipples finishing them off nicely at the peak.

These voluminous pecs led the eye along to the thickest, most colossal shoulders you could imagine - titanic ball shped leading down from his traps and across from his pecs. Veins grew and disappeared. One thick vein led the eve along the arm and up over a peaking bicep - which was the size of a human head and almost stood apart from the arm, such was the size. The tri beneath it grew from the shoulder and peaked in equal proportion to counter the bi. His thick forearms rippled with muscles and veins.

His wide, thick lats enhanced the amazing 10 pack - from just underneath his pecs ridge after huge ridge of muscle led the eye sexily down to his crotch, which was just about contained in a pair of tight white lycra shorts. Out of these grew insanely large thighs, each quad thicher than a mans leg and each competing for space around the thigh. Beneath his knees massive calf muscles - in the classic diamnd shape.

This guy was truly a colossus - a giant among men - a wide as four men standing aside and as thick too. But he was beautiful, every muscle in his body was massive, but all were in proportion with each other. Taut, tanned marble like skin covered his body - with apparent difficulty. You could see the blood pumping through his veins.

"Hello boys" - the giant spoke - but his voice boomed and resonated around the gym. "Want to have some fun!?"

John was practically stripping off as he spoke. "John, don't - he'll crush you", Matt said, imagining the scene with horror. John ignored him - what did he know. The muscle-god strolled over to him - his boots making heavy thuds as he walked. He pick John up by the throat and brought him to eye level - John was clearing the floor by about two feet. "You like muscle?", he boomed. "Y-yes", John said - he could hardly speak. "What's your name?", John asked - hesitantly, not wanting to upset this god. "Adonis", the giant smiled - "I am Adonis." He dropped john to the floor and flexed. His biceps ripped away from his arms - blood pumping violently through his veins. He leaned his head over and slowly started to lick the huge peaks, which were now at ear level. "Join in, John". John stepped up. He started at his abs and eagerly licked every ridge up to the huge pecs, which he licked and fondled with vigour. He teased the nipples with his tongue, trying to please his master.

"Ver good, John, very good. I'm going to reward you." With that he turned John around and bent him over a bench. He ripped off his lycra shorts with a swipe of his huge hand. The huge cock flopped out, delighted to be released from its tight lycra prison and quickly erected to 15, 20 25 inches and bottle thickness. Adonis fondled it for a minute rubbing the copious amounts af precum up and down his cock. Without warning, he plunged the rod through John's jocks and up his hole. John screamed in agony and ecstasy. The steel pole was literally ripping his ass apart. The precum lubricated a bit, but such was the force of injection his ass had no chance. Adonis pumped and pumped and John roared - this guy was reaching a place no previous invader had reached.

Matt didn't know what to do. He was genuinely scared for his friend's safety, but he didn't want to interrupt this 'party'. Before he had a chance to make up his mind John roared again - this time a deep searching roar that made the building vibrate. Matt looked over. Adonis had stood up, taking John with him on his rod and was pumping - and I mean pumping John up and down his shaft. Matt thought he was imagining at first, but he thought he could see John growing. He looked again, and yes - his thighs were beginning to bulge a bit. His pecs stood firmer and his shoulders became a bit bolder. Adonis turned to Matt as if to give him the full show. "Like what you see?", he said grinning, "this is only the effect of precum - wait until I cum". John was definitely growing - not quickly, but definitely. His arms were getting bigger his thighs... John let out another roar - deeper again. Matt knew from the expression on Adonis' face that he was cumming. He could see cum oozing out John's nose and ears, and a pool of it between Adonis' wide stance. If there was any doubt before about John's growth, there was none now. His thighs began to mushroom outpushing his legs apart rapidly. His whole body got wider and the workout vest he had on was filling quickly around the chest. It stretched with the pressure from underneath it and began to rip tantalisingly down the middle. It flew off, and revealed a huge torso beneath. John was getting as big as Adonis - he was growing - his legs were fast approaching the floor. Every muscle you looked at was growing as if in a race against the other. His lats pushed his arms out, and grew thick, thicker than a normal man. His shoulders grew out from the tops of his arms bulging as if they were going to burst.

When the growth subsided a bit, Adonis slid the now equally huge John off his growth pole. John staggered a bit - he had to adjust his gait in order to walk - such were the size of his thighs, and went over to the posing mirror, with his new, almost awkward gait. "Holy fuck - fuck me look at me I'm fucking huge - I'm a fucking colossus - god I feel horny - I'm a fucking muscle machine - a muscle god - I feel so fucking horny" John ranted on, flexing different muscles, following it with a 'fuck me'. He was incredibly sexy looking. His cock had grown in proportion (and beyond) with the rest of his body. He was a true muscular beast.

He turned to Adonis and said "Thank you - thank you you have made all my fantasies come true..." Turning to Matt, he said with an arrogant smile "All but one - but we can fix that right now". Mat panicked. Between him and the door was 1200lbs of a solid muscle wall - in the form of these two behemoths. "Please no," he said. "You'll kill me". "Come on Matt, don't you want to be like me?" For effect, he pulled a most muscular, and all muscles leapt to attention, each showing the other who was biggest. "No John, I don't - I'm not like you I can't look like that - you're a fucking freak" John dropped the smile. He advanced towards Matt. All the while, Adonis was sitting back on a bench, slowly jacking off. He loved this bit.

Matt backed up, up against the wall. John got closer and loomed over him. "I am a fucking freak, SIR. And now I have the power, I'm going to pass it on to you. For ever since we met, all I've wanted to do is fuck that cute little ass of yours." Matt cowered against the wall. "John, I don't know what's in you, but please listen - you have to stop. I don't want to be huge - I like me as I am. Jane likes me as I am. I can't be freaky - I don't want it please." "You'd better ring Jane and tell her you won't be home tonight.", John said, his smile returning. Matt cowered beneath him, begging, pleading, but this only enhanced his desire in John's eyes. Picking him up, he ripped down Matt's shorts and plunged his new 20incher up Matt's virgin hole.

Matt felt as if his body was being ripped apart. The force of John's pumping was horrendous, each time he pumped, the cock came further and further, ripping flesh aside as it went. He felt John's precum being absorbed into his body, and occasionally he felt as if he was getting a bit stronger. But sush was the pain, all he could think about was the huge rod pumping like a piston in and out of his ass. The cock was all the way in now and Matt let out a roar - similar to John's - Matt was surprised at the deepness and volume. John started to pump faster as he came closer to cumming. When he came, Matt felt as if there was an explosion in his gut. The cum rushed into every empty crevice, and more. It rushed up his throat and some oozed out of his mouth. As soon as was there, it was gone, absorbing into his body. Matt felt very hot, as if he was on fire. He let out another roar of pain, deeper again. He felt his whole body expanding, as if being pumped. His legs were pushed apartHe saw his pecs growing beneath his chin - out, and out further. He felt his shoulder lifting and pulling back to accomodate the extra mass. His arms were being pushed out by thick heavy wide lats. John turned to the mirror. Matt saw waht John had seen - he was now a clone of Adonis - except his blond hair and blue eyes made him even more sexy. His mass was astonishing. As Matt looked at the mirror, he eyes grew wider as they took in his colossal hugeness. "Fuck me I'm huge", he said. John and Adonis smiled. Over all feelings, Matt felt an overriding desire to fuck, and fuck violently some other huge guy. He posed and flexed and revealed his hugeness for the two other guys - as if it wasn't apparent already. "Fuck I am a fucking muscle lord - I am going to fuck with this huge fucking musclebody and this massive fucking fuckpole" He turned to Adonis and John, pulled a most muscular and roared "YEAH I AM GOING TO FUCK EVERYONE IN SIGHT WITH THIS HUGE FUCKING MUSCLEGOD BODY"

Adonis stood up and smiled. "Gentlemen - welcome to the club. First things first - you are gods now - above ordinary humans - you need to dispose of your human names and take your place among the gods" John turned to the mirror - "I am Titan - giant son of Uranus and Gaia" He flexed to inaugurate he new position among the Gods. Matt turned to the mirror. "I am Thor - God of Thunder and Strength" He too flexed. Both gods turned to each other and again realised how incredibly horny they were. "Feel my muscle Thor said. Titan rubbed his hands over Thor's huge flexed pecs. Adonis got in on the act. He started to lick his newest recruit all over. Together Titan and Adonis worked Thor into a sexual frenzy, before Titan swallowed Thor's cock whole. While sucking, Thor picked up a barbell Titan had been using to bench and started doing one arm curls pumping his huge biceps even bigger. Adonis added more weights - "Now that you are Gods nothing can stop you" •

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