Muscle Gods


By MuscleTeen

Adonis and Titan massaged Thor until he came all over them. Adonis and Titan then licked each other clean, while Thor continued to pump his bicep as big as it would go. He became obsessed with the thich vein that was running across the peak - he wanted to pump it as large as it would go. The other two retired to a workbench, see who could bench the heavier weight. They started off with a 1000lbs for warm-up, and worked from there. And so it continued through the night, pumping their obscene muscles to extremity.

Tim honked the horn again - where was that asshole. Guy came running out of the house, pulling his tee on. Leave it off, Tim thought, it sexier that way. "Morning", he said with mock impatience as Guy hopped in the car. "Is it?", Guy asked sleepily. The guys had started this early morning gym routine 6 months ago, and were still keen, but Guy found it so hard to get up early. They decided that if they wanted to get big, and become pro's, they'd have to take gym seriously from a young age. Four mornings a week before high-school, they'd go to the gym and work out - HARD. At that time, only guys who were serious about working out were there - which weren't very many. Tim and Guy had seen people cum and go, and they were proud that they had stuck to their routine. As well as pride, their young hot bods were responding. To look at the guys, you'd think they were brothers. Guy, a little taller at 6ft had an athletic build, nothing special, but looked good when his tee was a little too tight, which he was wearing more often. Tim was a few inches shorter, but was more solid. His body responded well to the gym, muscles were a bit more cut. Both guys had a healthy tan which enhanced their young bodies. The blond hair on both merely capped off fairly perfect guys. What was amazing, to everyone in High School, was that these guys hadn't got girlfriends. They were jocks of sort - they played sports, but weren't assholes. They were the kind of guys girls loved. Both guys were gay, but neither knew thee other knew. They kept joking that at the moment, bodybuilding was more important than girlfriends - once they went pro, they'd have time and money to think about that.

They pulled up in the gym carpark. Only two cars there. They were both glad. Less people in the gym meant you could have the run of the place - leave weights around while you were doing supersets and the like. Both secretly liked to put on anguished faces while they were lifting heavy weights, and grunt and puff loudly, like they imagined the pros did. It was more comfortable when the gym was less crowded.

They went in - no-one on the desk yet, which wasn't unusual - and went into the locker room. Tim had bought a pair of lycra shorts to match his tank top as a reward for working hard. "Sexy", said Guy as if joking, but meant it. It was true. Tim was a real beauty, and those shorts enhanced it. His thighs pushed them up a bit. He turned to prevent Guy seeing his temporary erection and thought of the tasks ahead. Focussed, he lost his erection and said "Right - pecs and delts today". "Yippee", Guy said. He loved doing pecs. He loved the way pecs grew and spread across the chest, leading the eye to the shoulders. He thought it was the essence of manhood.

They pushed the doors of the gym open and went in talking about what routines they'd do. Tim kept talking, but Guy stopped in his tracks. His mouth dropped open. Tim turned to look and turned to see what he was looking at. "Holy fuck", he mouthed, although the words didn't actually come out. They saw two guys, benching what seemed like an awful lot of 100lb plates - more than they thought the gym had - the guy on the bench - his pecs were ballooning each time he pushed out, each press building the chest bigger. They guy 'spotting' although this guy didn't look like he needed a spotter, was standing astride, naked, with his cock - was that his COCK - it was enormous - his cock hanging down over the bencher's face, which was getting fairly covered in precum. His legs stood astride the other guys head and he held his hands up loosely on the rack, giving a fantastic view of an exceptionally large back - it was wider than Tim and Guy combined easily - probably twice that. As they were taking in this sight, Tim turned over to a guy grunting in the corner. This guy was as huge, but his biceps were even bigger. The guy was pumping them up with an olympic bar - it had about 350lbs on it! Tim's new lycra shorts suddenly needed there first wash. He came without even thinking of cumming. Guy made motions to back out - Tim agreed, he didn't want to disturb these monsters. They backed off slowly.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING", the guy pumping his bi's said, without even looking up. The two teens froze. They had been seen. "DON'T YOU WANT TO WORK OUT WITH US?", big lat guy said. "Em, er, sorry to have disturbed you", Tim said, stuttering uncontrollably. Big-lat guy turned around. Guy came. The behomoth was easily 600lbs, had pecs the size of Guy's head - which was big - delts bigger than bowling balls, which were beautifully striated, anatomically educating about the three delt muscles. Veins ran up and down his arms, furiously trying to cover a large volume a well as possible - pumping while it got underway with its task. His arms were at a funny angle to his body, caused by the thick broad lats pushing against huge biceps. His thigh muscles quivered and stood to attention, each one trying to show off more. His legs had a wide stance, which made him look even sexier. He wasn't a bodybuilder, he was bodyBUILT. He smiled down at the teens. "HUMANS - YOU WILL WORK OUT WITH US". Tim felt scared. "ARE YOU FUCKING SPOTTING ME OR WHAT", they guy benching shouted, and racked his bar angrily. He stood up. Tim nearly fainted. He was seeing double. This guy was everything the other was, except his pecs were pumped. The guy in the corner through down his bar and came over. Tim couldn't take any more. There were THREE OF THEM - each one with different muscles pumped. All three were naked, and there cocks had obviously been to the gym a few times as well. "Please", he said. We didn't mean to disturb you. We come here everyday, we didn't think there'd be anyone here."

"YOU CUM HERE EVERYDAY, DO YOU", the bicep guy boomed. He stepped forward, and started rubbing his hands over Tim, feeling his muscles. "I THINK WE'VE GOT OURSELVES A COUPLE OF BODYBUILDERS HERE GUYS", he said. "FLEX FOR US", he ordered. Tim hesitated. They had no choice. You don't exactly disobey an 8ft muscle giant when he has two friends to back him up. The teens flexed, most muscular, double bi, rear lat spread. At each flex, the muscle giants would caress their muscles and press to see how hard they were. Normally, to a normal person, they were rock solid, but these guys could press through them easily. It hurt when they did so, but both guys were getting a very big hard on feeling the power of these guys.

"I SEE YOU LIKE FLEXING", big lat guy said, nodding at their now tenting shorts. "MAYBE WE'LL REWARD YOU FOR FLEXING SO WELL - WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?". He looked across at the two others, one of whom was getting to know Tim's body intimately. "YEAH - WHY NOT", Bicep man said, grabbing his cock. Tim looked at erect with horror. It was HUGE. "Please - I don't.. I can't - please - can we just go"

"GO?!!", said bicep guy - "BUT YOU FLEXED SO WELL FOR US".

"I SEE YOU LIKE FLEXING", big lat guy said, nodding at their now tenting shorts. "MAYBE WE'LL REWARD YOU FOR FLEXING SO WELL - WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?". He looked across at the two others, one of whom was getting to know Tim's body intimately. "YEAH - WHY NOT", Bicep man said, grabbing his cock. Tim looked at his erection with horror. It was HUGE. "Please - I don't.. I can't - please - can we just go"

"GO?!!", said bicep guy - "BUT YOU FLEXED SO WELL FOR US".

"Lets have a little foreplay, Thor", big-lat said to bicep guy. "But I want to screw now Adonis", Thor complained. At this stage Thor was literally wrapped around Tim, feeling every little muscle on the teens body. "What do you think, Titan", Adonis asked big-pec (big pec? - fucking huge pec) guy. "I'm with you Adonis - lets see how well these bodybuilders fuck". Picking up Guy he ripped of his pants and thrust over towards Tim. "Fuck him", he ordered. Guy looked shocked. The musclegod had ordered him to complete his ultimate fantasy, what he has jacked off about numerous times, but this wasn't exactly how he imagined approaching his friend about it. "FUCK HIM", Titan ordered again, pulling a most muscular for emphasis. His pecs ballooned out and commanded obedience. Guy turned towards Tim. Thor, eager to get in on the act, pulled away Tim's lovely new lycra shorts - now in shreds after being ripped off. Tim nodded at Guy. "Do what he says - I want you to". Guy didn't know what to think. His mind was full of surprise, shock but overriding that was HORNYNESS. He stepped up to Tim and plunged his teen cock up his friend's cute ass. He started bucking, and very quickly was close to cumming. "these guys are good", Adonis said smiling. Thor was jumping around like a caged monkey and eventually couldn't resist it and dived his huge muscular frame down and swallowed Tim's cock. He held his hands up against Tim's shoulders and Tim was able to rub his huge biceps all over as he sucked.

Tim was in heaven. His good friend was screwing him very adequately up the ass, and some huge musclegod was sucking his cock off. On top of all that, two other muscle gods were watching, jacking off at the whole scene. It was impossible to see what order - but it seemed Guy came first, causing Tim to cum, causing Thor to cum, causing Titan and Adonis to cum. Needless to say, there were copious amounts of cum around. Guy fell back against the floor, exhausted from his first butt-fuck (his first fuck, he wouldn't want me to tell you). He rubbed his body all over, in ecstasy. Tim was still attached to Thor, who didn't seem to want to let go. Evenetually he released the teen's cock - and sttod up in front of him. "Good boy", he said, looking down at his protege. He smiled what Tim thought must be the most beautiful smile ever. A beautiful smile on a beautiful face on a HUGE MUSCLED BODY. Oh god, Tim was getting erect again. "Come on Thor, you have to share", Titan said laughing. "No way man, this guy is MINE". He started flexing and posing as if trying to woo him over. Tim didn't need wooing. He reached out and massaged Thor's huge biceps as he pulled a double bi. They were HUGE. He could feel the veins pumping underneath - pumping violently and quickly - this guy must have some heart. Thor pulled Tim closer, pulled his face into - literally - his huge chest. He licked his biceps, urging Tim to do the same. Tim let his tongue roll all over the huge pecs, and let his tongue trickle lightly down the guy's abs. He wanted to get onto that cock. "Uh, uh - it's MY turn now", Thor said, pulling Tim gently back up. He lifted up by the shoulders in the air and placed him facing up on one of the benches. Lying there, Tim looked up. He thought it was the Thor's shoulders that made him. The looked so - capable - of supporting the massive arms that swung from them and the huge chest taht connected to it. Thor flexed some more, really got a huge erection going.

Tim didn't care how big that erection was. He was completely enchanted by the Muscle lord. HE would do anything he liked, regardless of whether Tim liked it or not. He was so powerful, but yet was gentle with Tim and when he finished his pre-fuck posing, He lifted Tim's legs apart and put hem resting on his huge shoulders. Standing there, his cock thrust high, his orange sized balls being pushed out by the mass of leg muscle behind them, he slowly moved down to Tim and pushed his cock up Tim's hole. Tim winced in pain as the monster pushed in more and more. Thor massaged him, as if to reassure, and after much pushing got his huge steel rod up Tim's ass. Tim could feel it touching the inners of his body. God he felt so horny, so erotic he could cum there. He held on. He wanted to please Thor. Thor grabbed the teen's shoulders, and slowly, tantalisingly at first, started moving Tim up and down the piston shaft that was His cock. Tim moaned in pleasure. Thor bucked faster, gaining in momentum and eventually was moaning himself. At this stage Tim was screaming in agony and ecstasy. God the pain - he felt he was being split in two, but GOD, the sensation - he felt he was in heaven and hell at the same time. Guy, watching all this and jacking off could notice Tim's muscles hardening, seemed to be growing. While he watched, Titan came up behind him and moved his considerable girth up Guy's ass. He started pushing Guy up and down his cock - Guy was two feet clear of the ground. The room was full of hollering, shouting moaning wailing. Adonis didn't want to miss out so started fucking Titan up the ass. The trio bucked in unison. Over with Tim'n'Thor, Thor was showing signs of cumming. His face was winced up as if holding off. Eventaully he could hold no longer and exploded inside Tim. Tim felt his gut exploding out with pressure, felt the hot lava cumming up his throat. In what seemed like the distance, he could hear Guy wailing and shouting as Titan came as well. When all the shouting subsided, Titan and Thor stood facing each other. The two teens were now facing each other, perched high upon there masters' cocks.

Tim looked at guy. He was buck naked, except fo a tee which had seen better days. Tim himself had his tank top on. Tim could see Guy's tee pushing out. "Jesus man, what's happening to you?". Guy looked down. His tee was pushing out now, and was close to ripping. "Same that's happening to you", he said looking back at Tim. Tim looked down. His tank was stretched out now, pecs pushing out further and further. Eventually rrrrrip - his tank ripped down the centre. Guy's followed soon after. Both pieces of clothing fell to the floor - having pathetically underachieved in the job. "Fuck me", Tim said. "You're huge". "I'm huge?", Guy said. "Look at you". As they grew, their bodies got closer. There pecs ballooned out, and eventually touched, rubbing together like an Eskimo kiss. But they kept growing, and eventually started pushing quite hard - now more like a freanch kiss. Thor and Titan stood firm, and the two teens grew towards each other.

"Flex you arms", Tim said excitedly. Guy brought up a massive pair of arms, huge peaking biceps mounted on top of deep solid tri's. Tim's were the same, pumping with all the veins running up and down, just like the ones that had made him so horny minutes before. "Legs!", Guy shouted. Both teen's legs were growing rapidly towards the floor, and widening as rapidly or more so. Their thighs bounced to attention when they flexed, cuts ripping up between the muscles. They pushed out the cocks and balls, which were also growing wuickly. Tim's was now down at his knees, with testicles to match. Their legs pushed apart, trying to cope with the extra mass. "Lats!", Tim shouted. Both guys pulled their huge arms behindtheir heads, and pushed out their huge lats. They were thick hard solid slabs of muscle, framing the massive torsos, with such a sharp V-shape you'd get cut touching. As the growth subsided, Titan and Thor eased the new superteens of their cocks. The guys turned to the mirror and saw their mass for the first time. "Fucking fuck - fuck me!!", Tim shouted. "I'm a fucking monster - look Guy, I'm a fucking GOD - I'm as big as those guys - fucking hell man I am so fucking horny. Look at that fuck pole man", he said rubbing his huge rod. Guy wasn't listening - he was "fucking" himself - trying to take in the transformation that had taken place. The teens turned to each other. They jumped at each other and embraced. This was what they had always wanted. To be so fucking HUGE that Flex mag guys looked like novices. And they were. They kissed and started licking each other - exploring each other's new musculature - finding the deepest cuts, the highest peaks withtheir tongues. Titan, Thor and Adonis joined in, and very quikly a HUGE muscle orgy ensued - with cocks going into holes and mouths. Thor even squeezed his cock in the deep cut between Tim's chest. All fucked, all came, all collapsed with ecstasy, horniness.

Eventually Adonis stood up. "Tim, Guy -you are no longer human, you are Gods now. You must choose appropiate names and shed your human ones."

Tim and Guy turned to the mirror. Tim flexed and shouted "I am EROS, boy god of love", flexing his massive biceps as hard as he could. Guy turned and pulled a most muscular. His thighs and pecs ballooned out in unison. "I am MAXOR - God of nothing, but fucking huge", he roared, smiling. Eros laughed. Guy - Maxor - was always a bit of a joker.

"So be it", Adonis said solemnly. (although secretly questioned if Maxor was suitable) "Now, Gods, together We will go and march on this world. Humans will serve Us as We please" •

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