Muscle God Jake


By bastiane16

The thought of what jake had in store for him, made tim trembled in fear he quickly stumbled to his feet , but before tim could even contemplate making his escape, Jake was standing in front of him . "where do you think your going!" jake said, angrily grabbing tim by his shoulder and with little effort forced him to his knees. "Please what gives you the right to do this," not realizing what he had just said. "What gives me the right!" clenching his fist Jake's massive biceps jumped to attention expanding to inhuman proportions. "This give me the right," slamming his large fist into his massive pectorals, flexing them as a show of superiority. "This give me the right!" his hand traveled slowly down is powerful cock "you dare question me?" jake growled, grabbing him by the hair, and jerking his head back till tim was looking strait up at the angered muscle god. A shock of fear ran through Tim's body. Jake looking down arrogantly at tim "I am the most powerful being on the planet your pitiful laws of man don't apply me!" jake said angrily. Jake's massive cock, slowly moved down till it was directly above Tim's frightened stare. Pre cum, oozed from the tip spilling onto tim's face. Jake pulled his head up, and looking into Tim's frightened eyes "nothing can withstand my power I am supreme," jake said pushing his iron like shaft against tim's cheek jerking him forward, and swinging him around to his side, helplessly dragging him, by the hair toward the car he had just destroyed.With one deft side kick of his muscular leg, his foot slamming into the wreckage sending it flying into the air, and back down again splashing violently into the lake a 100ft away. Jake stopped, reaching the large redwood tree, he than thrust his his erect cock into it, driving it deep, into the splintering wood with one long push. His massive body slamming, into the trunk the impact forcing the once earth bound redwood forward, the roots ripping from the earth, flinging dirt into the air. Jake flexed the massive cock causing the tree to rise up further from the ground. His cock savagely tearing through the wood causing the tree to split up the middle, pushing tim aside, he jammed both his brawny hands into the into the split, his cock had created. Tim looked up in horror, as Jake's rippling waves of thick dense muscle, running through his impossibly massive shoulders, violently ripped the tree apart each side falling to the ground with a loud crash. He spun around, and looked down at the cowering tim. "See these guns" jake said moving his arms forward, and flexing each one slowly, so tim could see every thick steel like fiber of his massive biceps. The skin so thin, and transparent he could see the network of thick cable like veins running through his monstrous arms. Jake loved, the trance like look on his victims face he knew tim couldn't take his eyes off the flexing muscle god that towered above him. Jake grabbed the comatose like tim by the head, and pushed his giant cock, to his lips forcing it into Tim's rapidly expanding mouth. Tim panicked, grabbing hold of Jake's thick cock, his hand only managing to wrap it half way around the unyielding shaft. Jake's stiff hard cock slid deep into Tim's throat till it was at least 9 inches in still leaving more then half of jake freakishly thick, and long shaft out side tim's mouth. Tim slammed his fist into Jake's monstrous legs, but it was like hitting a brick wall jake felt nothing from the impact of Tim's fist, but was angered that he would even dare to resist the superior god that stood before him. In a show of anger and pure dominance, jake shoved his cock deeper into Tim's throat causing him to gag, and choke. Realizing this wasn't going to work, he shoved the struggling tim forward, sliding his throbbing cock from his mouth, causing tim to helplessly fall to the ground, choking and gasping only to be lifted to his trembling feet. "Looks like were going to have to go another rout" jake said smiling. Tim's eyes open wide, realizing what jake was going to do. Jake spun tim around, and pushed his cock, against Tim's jeans quickly ripping through the thick material as if it were tissue paper, and positioning his fist size head against jake ass. Leaning forward, and pressing his lips to his ear, jake whispered to the panicking tim "don't tighten little man you cant fight my superior strength." Jake pushed his cock into Tim's tightening ass, but Tim's resistance was useless against Jake's unstoppable strength, as he effortlessly continued to push the shaft in. Tim screamed, and jake shoved his thick finger into his opened mouth, and tim quickly bit down on them in pain. Jake's cock driven all the way in, his monstrous body slammed against Tim's ass, lifting his feet from the ground. jake holding tim by the waist slowly moved his cock back and fourth,fucking him for what seemed about forever, till tim felt Jake's cock starting to expand in side him. Jake pulled his rapidly growing shaft back, and whispered once more into Tim's ear, "boom!" jake said shoving his cock forward till his hips slammed into tim's body. His cock letting loose a mass of cum Jake let go of Tim's waist, pushing him from his shaft, and dropping the exhausted little man to the ground jake bent down, and turned Him over shoving his still shooting cock into Tim's mouth. Grabbing hold of the pumping cock with both hands tim felt Jake's shaft throb as it rapidly pumped load after load of cum down his throat. Jake looked down at Tim's crotch noticing the bulge "I make your tiny little dick hard don't I" jake asked grinning. He ran his finger up the small bulge, "come on bitch cum for me" and jake felt the stiff member start to spasm, till a wet stain appeared on tim's jeans. Jake threw his head back, and laughed "I make you all moist and wet don't I little man?" pulling pulled his shaft from Tim's mouth it snapped back and slammed against his abs, cum still spurting from the thick throbbing shaft, splattering a thin layer on his thick hard pecs he grabbed tim by his shirt had pulled him up to his heaving chest "lick it off you little bug lick every drop of my superior jiz off my chest" jake said, wrapping his massive hand around the back of Tim's head pushing up against his huge erect nipple "lick it off bitch I command you lick me dry or suffer my wrath!". •

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