Natural Muscles


By Muscle Head

That next morning when Fred and I awakened we found that we had grown even bigger adding another 15 pounds of muscle. When I flexed my arms in front of the mirror I got another hard on as I saw 19" of hard,veined muscle stand up! I flexed my chest and abs and started cumming again! I was a mountain of muscle with very little body fat!

Fred also was much bigger and did the same.

I told Fred that I needed to make a study of what had happened to us and make sure that there no bad sad effects of the process that the formula had started, so Fred went on home and I went back to the lab.

That afternoon I mixed up another batch. I thought we would experiment some more and see what results others would have with it. I also did a check of my semen and found that while there were trace of the formula still there, unless I took some more the quantities wouldn't be strong enough for someone to grow if they gave me a blow job.

About three in the afternoon I stepped out to get some fresh air and to stretch my new found muscles. I discovered that the growth had continued some that morning! While I was outside, Bob and Steve two of the neighborhood boys had come by and when I didn't answer the front door came on in. They had been cutting my grass for the past couple of years and had come by to see if I wanted them to cut it today.

I had placed two glasses of the formula on the table and they saw it. It was a hot afternoon and the glasses seemed like no one had drunk from it. So like most young teenagers they each drank one down.

I walked in about that time and was beside myself. I told them they shouldn't have done that! They both looked at each other and Bob said, "Yeah we should have asked, is it hot in here?"

Both Bob and Steve were beginning to sweat, and then it happened. These two skinny 15 year olds began to swell with muscle. They both had on loose fitting t-shirts and baggy shorts, but in a few minutes there chests and arms were filling that shirt and it's sleeves. Their legs filled their baggy shorts till the bottom seams started to tear!

They were both yelling and saying "Oh doesn't this feel good." "It's almost like cumming when I jerk off!"

After a few minutes the growth stopped and here standing before me were two teenage gods of muscle! I went over and felt their arms, they were hard as rocks, and huge. When we measure them they had grown to 17 inches! Their pecs stood up pround, when Bob flexed his chest the shirt he was wearing split down the front! Steve flexed his huge quads and his shorts ripped almost up to his waist!

When they took their shirts all the way off it was awesome to see.

When I explained what had happened and showed them my new body they were beside themselves. They had both been working out for the past year and couldn't see much difference. They both began to sprout hardons as they thought about how the kids at school would respond. In a few minutes they were on the floor sucking each other off.

When they were finished, just as before there was some additional muscle growth. •

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