Natural Muscles


By Muscle Head

I have been researcher in the area of bio/chemistry for years. One of the things that has intriqued me is the people who have large muscles, yet never workout. Over the years I have worked out like a fiend and have yet to reach the muscularture of some people who have never lifted a weight.

This became a part of my research on the side when I was doing studies on muscle regeneration for people who have had muscle injuries.

Over the last several years I have taken blood and tissue samples from individuals who are muscular yet don't work out or have jobs that would aid in muscle growth. These are from young people and older folks.

Just a couple of weeks ago I met a 13 year old boy with a great body. When we talked I mentioned how strong he looked. He grinned, pulled up his sleeve and flexed a huge bicep. He was only 5'2" but I bet the bicep was at least 13", very large for any kid that age.

I asked if he worked out and he said no. I asked if he played any sports, and he said that he played in the neighborhood with his friends. I asked him how he had developed such a muscle, and he just shrugged and said "I don't know."

Then I told him about my studies and he said he would ask his parents if it was alright for him to participate. He gave me his address and told me to come by that night.

I did and almost passed out. As muscular as this kid was his dad was even more so. When I was talking to them about their son his dad said he had never worked out either. I asked him to show me his bicep. He pulled up his sleeve and up popped a muscle that must have been 18"!

With that I invited both to my lab to study their physiology.

The next day they came by and I had them get into some gym shorts and nothing else. They were both incredible! I took pictures from all sides, muscles flexed, muscles relaxed. It was incredible as they both had beautiful six packs, large chests, huge legs and arms. The dad was very developed in the genital area as well. The boy had some catching up to do there.

I took blood and tissue samples, did X-rays and a number of other tests, and they went home.

That night I couldn't sleep, but continued to work in the lab. Something became apparent. They both had elevated levels of a certain element in their body that most people don't have. They also had certain other differences that I examined.

The next day I made a descision. All the experiments I had done and all the people I had investigated and all the working out I had done had resulted in about the same. I was still a skinny guy who wanted muscles. So I decided to experiement on myself. I began to take what I found different in this man and boy and continued to work out.

Immediately I could see a difference. My muscles started to grow. But what happened a month after I started was unexpected.

I had gone to bed as usual. First flexing in the mirror and seeing the growth that had happened and taking my injection of the formula I had developed.

About two in the morning I was awakened with a pain all over my body. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. My body was wracked with pain, my balls hurt a great deal as well. I got up to go the bathroom, when I turned on the light I couldn't believe what I saw. It didn't even look like me. I was at least 30 lbs heavier with muscles everywhere!

In fact I was still growing and the pain was from the growth I was experiencing. I was still about 5'10" but my arms, leg, chest, shoulders, were all getting huge. My stomach was growing knots of muscle, my pecs were standing proud on now broad chest. When I flexed my arms huge peaked, split biceps stood up.

By about 3 my growth had stopped and I was looking fantastic!

I had to go out the next day to buy new clothes. The only thing that fit me was a tank top that before had looked like a rag and some streach gym shorts. I noticed the clerk had a huge buldge in his pants and he was measuring me for sizes.

That afternoon I went to the gym and was amazed at my streghth. I did about 10x's more weight that I had done before. In the locker room after my work out I met Fred. Fred had been friendly before, but he was beside himself as he saw my new muscles. He invited me home.

When we got there Fred started to message my muscles it felt good. I soon had a hard on that wouldn't quit. I discovered that not had my muscles grown, but so had my dick. My dick had grown to about 11 inches hard, with large veins running up and down it.

Fred sucked me off, and then I returned the favor. About an hour after our sex, I noticed Freds shirt was looking tighter than it had been. His sleeves had started to pull up on his arms and his shorts looked a bit tight as well. Fred noticed it too and began to flex his muscles. His shirt ripped in two as he began to grow even larger and muscular.

We soon had huge hardons and got into a 69 and soon both of us were shooting large loads. •

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