Natural Selection


By John

The Galapagos, Easter Island, the Rift Valley have all played significant roles in our understanding of the process of natural selection. Now begins a tale of another place where nature has had a hand in creating a unique society. Note: this tale involves man-to man sexual situations. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it - otherwise, I hope you enjoy this tale.

I woke up to find myself laying lengthwise in one of the small wooden canoes. A sharp pain pulsed in my head. My eyes seemed unable to focus until I remembered the sight of the great swirling clouds swooping down over the island. How I got onto the boat was not part of my dizzy memory. I shuttered with a fearful start. My head searched wildly. When I saw the pouch containing my records and notes from the amazing adventure of the past six months, I became much calmer. It was not as if I wouldn't remember virtually every detail of my life on the island, but the records were important for others to have and analyze.

There appeared to be only a few of us in the boat. I couldn't tell exactly how many. A thick, dusty haze seemed to shroud everything; even the massive muscle on the bodies close to me. A second jolt of fear hit me! I turned to look for Akar. Before I could, a warm strong hand reached and placed a damp cloth across my brow covering my eyes. The strong hands held the cloth in place as I tried to get my mind to remember if Akar had been safe or not. The sound of the pounding waves echoing within the hollowed out shell of the boat garbled the sounds of the person hovering over me. I tried to get free of his hold but it was then that I discovered that I had been tied onto something that felt like a sled or the frame of the boat.

After a few more incoherent minutes, I resigned myself to the fact that I was trapped where I was until someone let me up. I was not in fear of my life from them, quite the contrary; obviously they were trying to save me. So much had transpired in the half a year since I first arrived at their lush, almost-perfect paradise.

Much of my recent memory seemed lost at the moment but I could still recall with vivid detail the first time I saw the island looming ahead on the horizon from the much larger ship that had brought me here. We had anchored only a few hundred feet from the shore. Before I was taken in I had been inundated with warnings and commandments about how I was there to observe this unique culture and should not interfere in their way of living. Any tampering could have significant impact on the indigenous people and, after all, the goal was to get to understand their very special society better. People like them, socially and physically, existed nowhere else on earth. It was estimated that they had been isolated from the rest of the human species for hundreds of generations.

A small dingy had carried me ashore on that fateful day half a year ago. I arrived exactly two weeks after the spring equinox. My soon-to- be hosts had been very specific about the timing. I was to be picked up one week before the fall equinox. They had said that this was important because it fell in the small window of time between the end of the dry season in the low lands and the beginning of the rainy season. Since we were just overly pleased that they were even permitting an outsider into their world voluntarily for the first time in the memory of their history, we had no care as to when I was to arrive. My sponsors had wanted me to stay a whole year, but the islanders had refused.

It wasn't until the delivery boat had cast off from the small sandy beach at the west end of the island that the small group of elders I was told to expect came out to me. I had been told over and over again that I would be surprised when I first saw them and not to show that surprise. "Surprised" was an understatement! The eight men who greeted ranged in age from about 45 to about 65 but not one of them looked to be over 45. By my standards (and those of the "civilized world") they were huge. Every one of them could have qualified to be a contender in the Mr. Olympia contest.

As they approached, I prayed that the six-month crash course I had been given on the rudimentaries of their language would prove to have value. The man in the center of the group welcomed me with a formal salutation that, thankfully, I was able to grasp. I answered with what I hope they would understand to be an honorable and respectful reply. From the broad smiles that beamed across all their faces, apparently I had done well. All but the one who was almost completely covered in a very strange looking "grass-skirt" kind of gown swooped in on me and wrapped their tremendous bodies around my neck in the hug I would soon come to understand was their answer to our handshake. Only the cloaked man did not come forward. Instead, he circled us several times whispering lowly to himself.

To this day I can remember the shock over how lean, hard and staggeringly well muscled their bodies were. All they wore was a simple waist covering of woven reeds that, I would come to find out, they had done just for me on that day of greeting. Had I known then that those coming out to meet me were mostly in their 50's and 60's I would have been even more amazed at their professional bodybuilder level of conditioning. I guessed the smallest of them to be between 275 and 325 pounds with an average height of about 5'-8" making my 220 pound 6' tall frame seem underdeveloped. I had always been proud of my development. In fact, my physical attributes were one of the main reasons I had been selected for this extraordinary opportunity.

Having been born and bred in Hawaii, my naturally bronze skin and soft, dark wavy hair made me blend in somewhat with their South Pacific look. It was as if fate had led me to be in the right place at just the right time. Languages came very easy to me. I already spoke six and theirs was to become number seven. I had a doctorate in social science and had spent several years working with various national sporting associations in team building and partnering assessment. My drive to keep my body in top shape was also critical in being accepted by this tribe. The fact that I was gay would prove to be just as important considering the unique and complex social structure that existed here.

As they took turns in exchanging welcoming hugs, I became amazed at how hard and perfect the muscle covering every inch of their great bodies was. Their skin was as moist and silky as that of much younger men. Their marvelously formed muscles were warm, even hot, and extremely well defined under the tight packing of their thin chestnut skin. The major difference, other than their staggering size, between us was their piercing blue eyes versus my deep brown ones.

The Elders smiled, laughed and cajoled as they pawed my body checking out my muscular development. They spoke far too quickly for me to get everything they were saying but I got enough to know that they were not making fun of me but, actually, seemed pleased that I was as big and well built as I was. It seemed that they had expected me to be smaller and more "soft-like" from the one encounter they had had with the only other non-tribe people that they had met a year ago which led to my being able to come here.

The center elder, Darat, hoisted my arms and forced them into a biceps flex running his powerful hands over the balled surface of my arm muscle and then down the flank of my curving lat. I was wearing only a pair of cut-off jeans since I was told that anything more would be inappropriate and potentially insulting. It seemed that only women and this one strangely cloaked man in this culture covered more of their bodies than just the groin area. Except for very formal occasions, men here generally wore nothing - for reasons that would become obvious to me over time. Guessing that he was interested in seeing just how big and hard my muscles were, I flexed hard shifting into a front double-biceps pose for them. They appreciated this action and, soon, several of them were feeling, squeezing and massaging virtually every part of my body. Not even my cock and balls were ignored. Because of my jeans there was not much of a chance for them to check my male equipment out to the extent that they seemed to want but they did appear to respect the "formality" of my attire.

Ultimately Darat took control of the conversation. Turning to me, he bid me a formal welcome to their "world" and, taking my hand, asked if he might have the "honor" of escorting me to their village. I nodded and voiced my expected acceptance and assured him that it was a special honor to be escorted by such an honorable elder. He smiled wide showing a set of perfect, white teeth as he locked his hand in mine with his massively muscled arm pressed close to my meagerly muscled arm. I glanced down at the meat coving his appendage as we started. I knew my upper arm to be 21" of very solid muscle. I remember guessing that Darat's stunning arm meat had to be close to 24" or 25".

We walked for a long time - several hours in fact. The higher lands in which they lived and the mountains formed a horseshoe around the north, east and south of the large island. We were heading to the heart of their lands in the southeast quadrant. As we traversed the lush low growth of the lowlands at the inside of the horseshoe, Darat never let go of his hold on me. Out of a desire to minimize any chance for impact on the population, I had been dropped off far from the core of their habitat area. The long trek gave me a chance to size up the physical stature of the elders of my new home. They were truly amazing. I was still unaware of their actual ages. From my point of view back then, these Elders were clearly the most stunningly developed middle-aged men I had ever seen. To a man their bodies were tight, extremely muscular and fantastically lean.

I was here to try to understand their culture and their society. I had been told of their great physical presence but, until now, I had no idea just how great their bodies were - and these were the "smaller", elderly men. Four of the virtually naked elders walked ahead of us and the others were behind with the whispering man. Early in the walk, I tried to keep my eyes focused ahead. Just watching the four wonderful bodies moving in front of me kept my attention for a couple of hours as I worked to assimilate just how that much muscle could seem to exist so easily on so many men.

Their proportions were flawless; even better than those of the greatest professional bodybuilders of today. They had none of the steroid or growth hormone symptoms that had become all too apparent on our bodybuilders. Quite the contrary; the muscle covering these men had obviously been built by the processes of natural selection, great physical activity, and a perfect diet. I would come to know and understand all of this in the subsequent months but, at first sight, they were nothing short of awesome to me.

They moved through the heavy forests of the hillsides with sublime grace. Only the slightest traces of their ages showed. The weavings around the waists of the four men in front covered their posteriors and hung half way to their knees but the backs that exploded from the tops of the colorful coverings flared out to be much more than twice the width of their fantastically tight waistbands. Shuffling triceps muscles rubbed provocatively against the outer flanks of the billowing lat meat. Their shorter stature made the width and scale of their flowing muscles seem even more enormous. Huge triangular slabs of trapezius muscle rode upon their shoulders. A deep dark vertical channel was furrowed in between the thick muscles along the centerline of their backs drawing my attention repeatedly to the fingers of their lower erector muscles and the promise of ass muscle that could be nothing short of spectacular.

Every now and again one of the four massive elders in front of me would have to push some vine or hanging branch out of our way. As they would do so I would get fleeting glances at the size and power of their superbly sculpted arms and forearms. Giant spherical chunks of veined bicep meat filled with fissured lines of dense muscle fibers easily ripped away or cast aside the blocking element.

On rarer occasions I would be permitted a snippet of pec meat viewing as one or another of them would turn to hold a heavy vine back for me to pass by. I grew bolder as the hours passed. Being several inches taller than Darat, I had the pleasure of being able to watch the drool-inducing spectacle of his nearest muscle breast sliding, rolling and waving it's endless curve of heavy muscle as we walked. From my perspective it looked like Darat's pec meat had to be almost as thick as my hand was wide. The huge arcing muscle lay like an over- packed pillowcase over his breast stuffed so tightly that it threatened to burst from the shining skin casing.

Their bodies were all hairless except for the consistent dark chestnut hair curled softly on their heads. Several had a blend of gray mixed into their hair giving me more of a clue as to their ages. Darat's hair was probably about gray. As I examined his face and head, I began to realize that my original estimate of their ages was probably very low. I kept stealing glances at Darat's taunt face. The more I looked and the more I focused in on how old these beautiful men might actually be; the more amazed I became. I asked myself more than once on this journey: If this is what the elders looked like, what was in store for me when I met the rest of the tribe?

The sun was very low in the sky when we came to the first of two openings in the forest. It was a broad, gently sloping area about as wide as a football field and had obviously been cleared on purpose. I guessed it had been cleared for protection purposes (though from what I did not yet know). I was partially correct. What caught my attention the most in this first clearing was the large number of rocks and boulders strewn all through it. The ranged from about a foot or so around to some that were three to four feet across an must have weighed in at close to a ton or so. These all appeared to have been brought here, maybe from higher up in the mountains and simply tossed into the field.

A band of wooded area several hundred feet wide came next. All of the trees were the same - very tall and very straight. Thick vines seemed to hang from some on the leading edge of the woods. I thought I caught a glimpse of platforms high up in the vine-laced trees. Again, I presumed that these were observation stations. Then we crossed a second clearing twice as wide as the first. It was just as dusk set in that we arrived at the outskirts of a village.

We had climbed through several thousand feet of altitude and were half way between the lowlands and beaches and the peaks of the several mountains and volcanoes that had built the island from beneath the sea eons ago. Darat led me toward a hut just inside a massive barricade that surrounded the entire community. The wall had to be over twenty feet high and was made of the trunks of one of the tree filling the space between the clearings. I had seen often on our hike. Each log was a good 18" in diameter. From the lack of concern in our trek and the obvious power of their massively muscled bodies, I could not possibly think of why they needed such elaborate protection. I would come to find this out, too - and to regret the answer.

Bidding me to enter the neat, small hut, Darat stayed long enough to ensure that I was comfortable. We exchanged our first true dialog wherein he let me know that I would be brought to the Elder Council gathering in the morning. Apparently the village, and their culture, was very stratified in its organization. I was in an area reserved for visitors or guests from other villages. This village, being the center of their "government" held the elder's quarters along with those of men who served as sort of administrators and messengers as well as some of the guards and protectors for the Elders. I thanked Darat for meeting me and for his kindness. He smiled and left me with one last muscle-straining hug. I hugged back as hard as I could and he seemed pleased at my effort. Two of the other Elders brought me a meal of some wild and tasty meat and a vegetable that looked like a carrot but with the consistency of a potato. Sleep came with some difficulty but I was tired from a very long day.

It was only shortly after dawn when one of the Elders came to fetch me. I knew that a couple of guards had been posted outside of my hut all night, but a combination of exhaustion and ignorance in their ways prevented me from going out to see them. As I stepped out into the tree-filtered early light I got my first look at this unique society. The area was alive with people. The first thing I noticed was that they were all men - most seemed to be of "elder" caliber. The second thing I noticed was that they were all as stunningly muscled as the original group who had brought me up here. There was huge, perfectly formed muscle everywhere I turned.

The third thing I noticed (or maybe actually the first) was that they were all naked. Several of the men stared curiously at me and my jeans. I was sure that my coming was well known throughout the village, if not the entire island. Then I noticed the dangling cock on the elder who had come to collect me. It was as enormously proportioned as the rest of his body. I tried my best to maintain my composure as the huge, soft organ sway loosely almost half way down to his knees. Even completely soft it was a good two inches across and had to be 10" or 11" long.

Then the two guards came forward to flank me as they prepared to take me to the Elder Council gathering. These were not elders! These were the first of the "younger men" that I saw. They were no taller than the Elders but, if the first group of Elders had been in the 275 to 325 pound range, these men had to be much closer to 375 pounds of the richest, densest, most stunning muscle I had ever seen. Their bodies looked completely pumped and ready for any strength or posing contest put before them. Arms pushing 30" around hung at the sharp angle forced upon them by lat muscle so wide and so thick that, without seeing it with my own eyes, I would never have believed possible to exist with such beauty and richness on a human being.

Their upper legs were as big around as the very tree trunks that formed the confusing barricade enclosure. There was not a drop of visible fat to be found on their glimmering bodies. Shoulders billowed outward rounding down into the chiseled arm muscles about half as wide as the men were tall. Their pecs were larger than the biggest watermelons I could think of and as thick as them sliced in half and applied to each side of their voluminous breasts.

All this massively carved torso, arm and leg muscle was tied together by waists that could not have been any bigger than my own 32" one and were infinitely more sculpted and defined. They had ass muscles on top of ass muscles; filled with striations and cords of impeccable meat. Then, last of all there were their cocks. Theirs were soft, too, but were even bigger than those of the Elders present.

The sight of all this abundance of displayed muscle and swinging man- meat made my decision to keep my jeans on (at least for now) in spite of whether it was appropriate or inappropriate. The only thing keeping my pounding cock from pointing hardness was the tightness of the constricting denim fabric trapping it. I knew that the bulge in the front of my jeans was probably already sending some kind of single to my hosts, but I did not want to do something that might prove to be even more offensive than wearing my jeans.

The Elder with me made no comment on my attire but directed the two guards to come with us. As Darat had done, the two huge men locked their muscular hands in mine and we walked down the wide dirt pathway toward the center part of the village. Their massive arm muscles impacted mine with hard, beating muscle as we walked. It proved to be a long walk and a large village. I would come to find out that over four-thousand Elders and upwards of two-thousand guardians and assistants resided in this village. Every one of them was male and every one of them was fantastically muscled.

The guardians had the largest bodies here. The Elders were the second most muscular. With their age came some natural atrophy of muscle mass but who would have ever figured that someone carrying over 275 pounds of dense muscle could be considered "atrophied".

The meeting with the Elder Council was short. I did my best to keep up with their dialogue. They were most patient and even helpful to me. I learned that Darat was actually named Darat af Kuro. This meant "Long Trunk Lifter" and was the adult name he was given when he completed what they called "his learning for the picking". I had no idea at the time as to what that could mean but, as with so many other things, I would come to understand this way too personally soon.

There were a dozen men composing the Council. They represented all the various groups of the tribe - except the women. All the Elder Council members were fantastically muscled. The smallest couldn't have been less than 250 pounds and the largest was probably near 350 pounds. There was not a pair of superbly muscled arms smaller than mine and, in part because of their stature; their chests, backs and columned legs were all bigger than mine.

The discussion was very pointed and direct. I was to be taken to the nearby village of "The Pickings" who, as best I could gather then, were the very cream of the male population. I would have the freedom to move among most of the communities except for the "Village of the Soft and Small". All of the villages had names that described their function or their population. In this society, everyone was cast into a purposeful place and order. Those belonging to an order all stayed together. Those who hunted and fished resided in the village of "The Providers". The tradesmen who built or repaired things lived in "The Place of Sustaining". Those who farmed or gathered lived at "The Fields". The main battery of guardians, soldiers and protectors stayed at "The Fortress". "Pickings" and Priests lived in the village where I was assigned. There was also a place for "The Learning". It was here that young men were educated to the ways of the culture and assigned their life-long tasks. From deduction, I concluded that all the women and children were in the town that was not opened to me.

The only reason that I was given for being assigned to "The Pickings" was that it was centrally located and had the easiest access to the other villages. Plus, they insisted that it was the most removed from the dangers of "The Pack of Travelers". This was another term that filled me with confusion at the time and fills me with dread and fear now. I was also told never to travel outside of the protective ring around the villages; not to climber any higher into the mountains; and to only travel with my "matching partner". Everyone in every village had a "matching partner". It sounded sort of like a "buddy system" and seemed to make excellent sense. Darat told me that the name of my "matching partner" was Akar, short from Akar Sim or "Gifted Power".

Near the end of the discussion I was to get my next shocking awakening and my first lesson in cultural decorum. Darat rose, came to hug me in a formal welcome and acceptance into their tribal territory. Reaching down, he fumbled at how to remove my jeans. I asked if it would be all right if I just kept them on for now. For the first time he looked offended and confused and I got nervous. When I asked if I was doing something terribly wrong, instead of an answer he retorted with the question: "But how can we share our man juices with a covering over the "spout of life-giving?"

I was dumbfounded! I followed Darat's finger pointing to his own cock. It was not as soft as it had been when I first arrived. In fact, it was growing toward an astonishingly huge erection very quickly. Others in the Elder Council were already on their feet and were nursing their cocks to full erection. One of the Elders brought out a large, large wooden bowl and placed it in the middle of the circle of heavily-muscled naked leaders. Nods and murmurs of joyful approval greeted the arrival of the vessel.

Darat's cock head accidentally licked my nervous thigh as it pounded itself hard. All of them had been circumcised; it was part of their education period. Precum soon oozed from Darat's rigid cock. The monster organs looked to be as hard as the rest of the muscles on their massively developed bodies. The smallest cock was not less than 14" or 15". Darat's was one of the biggest and was a good 17" long and 3" across. They had testicles that matched the scale of their fantastic cocks.

By the time I finally gave in and unhooked my jeans, most of the Elders were already engaged in powerful stroking of their own cocks and some were mutually masturbating one another. Their huge muscles constricted and flowed between a look of molten lava and solidified rock as they became more erotically stimulated and self-absorbed in their efforts to achieve orgasm. It soon became evident that none of them cared that my cock, though huge by our standards at 10", was so much smaller than theirs. Darat lead me over near the waiting bowl as, one by one, the cock-flexing Elders moved to orgasm.

When the first man groaned his signal of inevitable release, the others quickly made way for him to get to the bowl. An explosion of cum rivered from his bloated cock head and kept flowing out for several forceful seconds. After a momentary pause and a second fulfilling groan, a second wave of cum spilled thickly into the vessel. No sooner had the first Elder finished than a second man rushed forward to add an equal volume of spewing cum to the bowl. Darat's massive organ was next to erupt. A geyser of hot cum splashed into the bowl from his astounding cock. Two more Elders started to cum before Darat had finished. Their cum mixed together as their flowing juices arced down toward the growing pool of melting cream.

The sight of all this muscle-cock shooting drove me to climax next. My ample but less significant addition of cum was cheered loudly and rewarded with broad, satisfied smiles from the entire cast of the Elder Council. The last several members of the group shot their loads of cum into the bowl almost immediately after me.

The bowl of the giant vessel swirled with the heavy mixture of our combined cum. I could almost see the steam of our hot juices rising from the churning surface. Darat lifted the heavy bowl and hoisted it up to my face. Pushing the lip of the vessel under my nose he signaled for me to drink from the waiting bowl. The smell of our salty-sweet semen wafted into my nose. I knew that to deny this request was to insult the entire culture. I opened my mouth and Darat poured in a filing helping of the warm liquid. Closing my mouth as he removed the bowl, I swallowed loudly. Again, I was rewarded with a resounding round of cheers. Apparently I had done well.

Darat was next to consume his mouthful of cum from the bowl. Then he passed it to the Elder Council member nearest him. One by one they all took a great sip of our commingled cum. When all were done, Darat offered the last vestiges of the shared cream to me. I smiled, thanked him for the honor, and drank the bowl clean. Putting the bowl aside, Darat surrounded my upper body with his envelop of hugging muscle. His muscles were hard as rock yet erotically inviting. I hugged back getting a final unified cheer from the Council. Darat nodded to one of the guardians. It was time for me to go to the village to which I had been assigned.

The guardian called out the name of my "matching partner", Akar. A few seconds later, he entered. This was my next shock! Akar's body made all those I had already witnessed pale in comparison to his - and this was the man who was to be my "partner" for my time here. •

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