By HardTop

It had been about 8 months since the three of them had met at the bar and Rick had promised Kevin that they would help his body grow into proportion with his enormous phallus.

Since then, Rick, John and Kevin had been busy at the gym. Rick, a 5'7", 200-lb. monster, was the outspoken leader of the team. John, a 6'0", 240-lb. behemoth, was the silent top who only took charge during sex. Kevin was their 6'2" trainee, a big man who had nice proportions but a soft body when they met him in the bar and took him home for the first time. They were shocked when they discovered that his dick was bigger than John's, in fact, bigger than any they had ever seen.

The addition of Kevin to their duo had not gone unnoticed at the gym. Everyone fantasized about being in his position, sandwiched between the behemoth and his little big-man bodybuilder bottom. They watched as Rick pushed them all through their daily routine, all their muscles flexing, veins popping through paper-thin skin.

Kevin was making great progress and all the guys in the gym were noticing. Kevin had noticed that, on those rare occasions when he was not accompanied, people were eyeing him differently. Some who had never approached him in the past, despite his obvious expression of interest, were beginning to take note. It was kind of an ego boost and he was looking forward to being in the same kind of shape as his two buddies. It was hard, grueling work, but the payoff was certainly going to be fun. He had already had to buy new shirts to fit his expanding shoulders, and new trousers for his thinner waist. He was looking forward to feeling the seams on his jeans challenge his quads.

They were just finishing up at the squat rack and John and Rick were inspecting their trainee.

"We're getting there, Kevin. Flex those quads for us"

Kevin flexed his quads and the larger muscles flexed as he lifted the bottom of his shorts.

"You know, Kevin, you've been working hard and eating well, and you've been doing all kinds of supplements. Your body is startin' to look real hot, but maybe it's time you visited Dr. C with us"

Kevin's heart skipped a bit. He knew exactly what they were talking about and wondered if they were ever going to let him in on their secret. He had been training with them for eight months and knew that they could not possibly train that hard and be that vascular without some help. Now the moment of truth arrived and he had to decide if he wanted to be with them. It was not a hard decision.

"Let me know when".

"Well, we are supposed to go see him after the workout. You want to join us?"

"Count me in"

An hour later all the eyes in the gym followed the two bodybuilders and their trainee as they left the gym. They drove to a medical building about 15 minutes away and rode the elevator up to the top floor. They walked into Doctor C's waiting room and were just a little conspicuous. A couple of elderly people looked over with a confused look while mothers pulled their children a little closer. The nurse behind the glass looked up and smiled:

"Hi boys. You've brought someone new with you today. Does he need to see the doctor too?"

"Hi Phyllis. Yes, he's coming in with us" responded Rick.

"Well have a seat and we'll be with you in a moment"

Five minutes later, Phyllis showed the three of them into an examination room and shut the door. It had a table in the middle and a sink in the corner, like all doctors' offices. It was a good size compared to most, but seemed small with the three big men packed inside.

John pulled his tight T-shirt over his head while Rick opened a cupboard and pulled out a bottle of oil. He began to massage it into his pal's massive man-chest and delts. Rick was wearing a pair of gym shorts that were pretty thin and his dick began to visibly thicken as he continued to oil down his buddy. Kevin was a little surprised by what was happening, but he had learned to expect something different from these two at all times. He too was starting to feel his massive dong start to thicken and he wandered what was going to happen next.

John pulled off his shoes and his sweats (which he wore without underwear, of course) freeing his large, flaccid dick, which stood out in front of his two deeply cut legs.

"Lose the fuckin' clothes, man" he said to his buddy, and Rick quickly began to peel off his T-shirt and shorts, exposing his massive little-man muscle body and freeing his rapidly expanding dick.

Kevin shifted a bit nervously, not sure what he was supposed to be doing but certainly turned on by the scene taking place - in a doctor's office!

John had begun to pump his huge dick, blood starting to fill it. He turned to Kevin and grabbed his massive dong through the material of his sweats.

"Dr. C's going to love this"

"Yeah, man" responded Rick "This should really help us out"

Suddenly the door opened and a plain looking man in a white smock walked in. He looked a little startled as he quickly closed the door behind him.

Rick moved his hot body behind the good doctor, close to the door as John turned to face the doctor. He was totally in control as he stood there and faced the doctor, stroking his now fully erect cock.

"Dr. C., you know what you're supposed to do" is all John said, as Rick, standing behind him, shoved him towards his hot partner.

Dr. C. grabbed hold of the base of John's huge cock and began to suck on it. He slowly took more and more of the cock as John pushed the back of the doctor's head, impaling him further onto his cock.

"Yeah, doc, service my big cock. Take all of that fuckin' cock down your throat. You love having the biggest fuckin cock on the biggest fuckin' man down your throat, don't you?"

"That's a good doc. Suck the big man's monster dick real good".

John finally pulled his huge cock out and said, "Get rid of the trousers, doc" and the doctor had them off in a second. John grabbed a handful of shirt and tie and lifted him off the ground onto his examination table. Every vein in his 20-inch arm strained and Kevin suddenly realized that he had oozed so much pre-cum watching this whole scene that it had soaked through the front of his shorts. The doctor's smallish cock was as hard as a nail.

"Hey doc, we've brought you a little present", John said, in a menacing voice, pointing over at Kevin. The doctor looked over as Kevin moved forward. "Show the doctor what you've got, Kev"

Kevin pulled open the front of his shorts and set his monster cock free. The doctor gasped as John smiled a nasty smile. Orchestrating this big boy with his huge dong is fun...but wait 'til the Doc helped him out and it was going to be even more incredible. Kevin is going to be so massive...

"Kev has joined our little trio and we need you to give him the same help you give us. Think that is going to be a problem?" John asked in the form of a statement. The doctor meekly nodded assent, not having taken his eyes off of the huge phallus the large blond guy was stroking.

"I didn't expect you would", he said disparagingly. "Kevin, come shove your fuckin' fat cock up the little doctor's wussy ass" was all John said. He stepped back and grabbed the back of his beau's head and pulled his mouth to his own as Kevin began to insert his gigantic cock up the slight doctor's ass. The doctor winced in pain, but they all knew that he would be in ecstasy in another few seconds. John pulled his tongue out of his buddy's mouth and turned to face Kevin and the doc.

"Kevin, you fuckin' pansy, don't be such a wuss. FUCK HIM! Use that fuckin' huge cock on the good doctors ass"

Kevin began to increase the speed and power of his thrusts and the doctor was obviously getting into it. John, meantime, pushed Rick towards the same table that John was using to fuck the doctor. Rick took the edge of the table with both hands and bent at the waist and John shoved his fat dick in to the balls. Rick groaned as his hot bodybuilder ass was invaded. The two of them watched the little doctor being fucked by the enormous prick, both imagining the sight in six more months when their giant friend was 30 pounds heavier.

"Come on man, let's fuckin' get this over with"

He pulled out of Rick and the two of them moved onto either side of the doctor and John. Kevin was in heaven, seeing his two mammoth pals pulling on their dicks as his worked the tight ass of the little doctor with his gargantuan dick. At that moment he pulled out and the three of them began to shoot all over the doctor. The doctor's cock shot off at the same time, without anyone even touching it. Spunk flew everywhere and the people in the neighboring rooms must have been wondering what was going on.

John picked the doctor's trousers off the floor and wiped his dick off on them and handed them to Rick. He turned and began to pull his own cloths back on as Rick and John did likewise. The doctor was up and cleaning up the room. He opened one of the cupboards and pulled out some clean clothes. Clearly he had been through this before.

As they left the office, Kevin could feel his dick hardening as he thought of what he was going to look like in six months. He was already huge, naturally, but now he was going to be fucking unstoppable. He realized how the student was going to surpass the teachers and he would soon be running the show. He had seen the lust in their eyes as his enormous cock had impaled the little doctor. He was already dreaming about the day that he would top John and have him begging for more. Him, and anyone he fuckin' wanted. •

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