By HardTop

"Hey John, whaddya think of that one?"

John glanced over and saw a really tall, blond guy, heavy set but not fat, with a really nice face.

"Big boy - Too bad he doesn't appear to have ever seen the inside of a gym!".

John and Rick were a pair to behold. John, at 6'0" and weighing in at a very cut 240 lbs, combined with Rick at 5'7" and 200 lbs, turned heads everywhere they went. They loved to flaunt their hard-won bodies, always making sure that biceps, triceps, tits and glutes were being flexed at just the right moment to drive the objects of their attention to derision. The funny thing was, they were so big and incredibly gorgeous, they didn't need to pose to get people hot and bothered. Men and women alike were always sneaking a peak or, if they were brave, making a comment or trying to cop a feel of an arm or a butt.

"He's watching us pretty intently", remarked Rick

"Well, so's half the fuckin' bar", replied John.

"Let's go get him hot'n bothered", Rick answered, not waiting for a response as he set off to tease his latest subject. John followed not to far behind, trying to make it like he was going of his own free will, but really just following his headstrong beau. Everyone in the bar watched them as they wound their way through, but they were oblivious to it. Rick slipped in behind the blond guy, noting that he was shifting uneasily. John pulled up next to Rick, but wouldn't look in his direction.

Rick checked out the guy's build: His shoulders are wide, he thought, and he doesn't have child-bearing hips which tall guys so often have. He had a reasonably nice butt, for a heavier guy. He leaned over towards John and said: "Good potential"

"Rick, he looks like a doughboy"

"Maybe now, but look at that face. And his butt will be awesome after we get through with him."

John leaned over and looked. He nodded to Rick and went back to checking out the rest of the bar.

The blond guy, meanwhile, couldn't believe that the two hottest guys in the bar seemed to be taking an interest in him. The shorter guy was fucking gorgeous, his skin-tight T-shirt flaunting his huge pecs and delts (and even his abs were visible through the tight cotton) and his ass and tree-trunk legs were not concealed in his Levi's, which were bursting at the seams.

The tall guy was wearing nothing but a giant pair of overalls which, on anyone else, would have looked like a tent. In this case, they just comfortably covered his mass of muscles and veins. Clearly these guys were far from natural bodybuilders, but he didn't care. That had always been his fantasy. Clearly the tall one had no use for underwear and it was also obvious that he packed a huge weapon!

Rick put a hand on each side of the blond guy's butt cheeks and leaned towards his ear:

"Hey big man, what's happenin'?"

The blond guy turned and looked down at his short, hulking friend and could barely get out an audible: "Hi!", he was so intimidated.

"So what's your name?"

"Kevin", the blond guy responded airlessly.

"Hey Kev', I'm Rick and this big lug is John", motioning towards his beau. John turned for a half a second and nodded curtly, then turned back to the bar. Rick got into some small talk with Kevin as John continued to ignore the whole transaction. As evening progressed, Rick continued to flirt and flex, finally peeling off his shirt, claiming heat. John rolled his eyes and stepped a little closer, as if to make it clear that this was his man.

Kevin, meanwhile, was fucking blown away. His cock had been hard for the last hour, but fortunately it was constrained by his briefs. This would not have been a good scene if he had been wearing boxers, as his claim to fame was a mammoth tool and it would have been half way down to his knee by now. When Rick took off his Tee, Kevin had thought he had died and gone to heaven. His pecs were huge and the tanned skin was as thin as rice-paper, every vein showing through.

"Last Call", yelled the DJ over the sound system and Rick leaned into Kevin and invited him to leave with them. Clearly John was not too happy as he snorted and headed towards the exit.

"I don't think your friend is too keen", noted Kevin.

"Don't worry about him", Rick dismissed. "I'm calling the shots tonight and if he isn't happy, he can do something else".

John reached the car first and unlocked the doors and jumped into the drivers' seat. Rick had Kevin get in the front next to his huge pal and he climbed in the back. As they drove off, he put a hand on each of Kevins soft shoulders.

"Wait 'til you see these fuckin' bodies without clothes"

Kevin couldn't answer, but his dick was starting to get blue it had been cooped up so long.

Once in the apartment, John disappeared into the bedroom and Rick showed Kevin to the living room and offered him drinks. Kevin lusted after his bodybuilder butt as he walked into the kitchen.

He began to get the ice out of the freezer when John came swaggering into the kitchen, buck naked with a semi-hard-on. When John decided to drive Rick crazy, he could and it looked like tonight was one of those nights. He stood there, his hand teasingly stroking his dick. His body was so fucking hot, wide as a doorway, with his delts bulging, fully rounded, being the widest point. His huge tits were so full that his nipples pointed south, towards his incredibly cut abs, a chasm between each of his six-pack. His dick was in total proportion to the rest of his massive size, long and thick, his huge hand barely encircling it.

"Service me, you fuckin' little big man"

Rick fell on his knees and John took a step forward. His dick immediately found its mark and Rick opened wide, taking in as much as he could. Rick was on his knees, keeping his balance by holding on to John's striated hams. John's knees were half bent and he arched forward, his glutes flexed to the max. He worked his dick back and forth, pushing further in each time. He was now totally hard.

John pulled his cock out of Rick's mouth, took hold of the front of his jeans at the belt buckle and lifted him off the floor. He lifted him up and wrapped his arms around him and began to invade his mouth with his tongue. They were trying to get in as far as they could, wanting to totally dominate each other. John finally released him.

"I need to fuck you now!" he bellowed. "Get out of those fucking jeans".

He took a giant step backwards, his dick sticking straight up passed his belly button, his balls hanging low in the other direction. Rick looked at his muscle-god buddy and pulled his jeans off as fast as he could. John pushed him back up onto the table, Rick placing a foot on each massive shoulder.

"You want to feel my monster dick?"

"Yes. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard"

Rick winced as John pushed his huge head into his ass. John was showing no mercy and pushed it in to the hilt. He began to fuck him hard, every muscle in his body at full attention, every vein pushing through the skin. Rick was so turned on by his huge beau.

They suddenly became aware of another body approaching them. Rick had forgotten that Kevin was sitting in the living room waiting for him. As he approached, Rick gasped as he saw what he had between his legs. He had never seen anyone bigger than John, yet here he was, a good inch longer and quite a bit thicker around. None of this was lost on John, who pulled his cock out, turned and motioned to Kevin to move forward.

"Fuck him", he yelled.

Kevin moved forward and put his huge cock head at the entrance to Rick's hole and slowly began to push in.

"Fucking push it in, you soft fuck", yelled John and he pushed hard on Kevin's butt to help him along. Rick yelled out in pain and his face went pretty red. Kevin pushed hard and soon most of his cock was up Rick's ass. He began to pump, slowly. Not that he could pump fast, as it was so tight. He rarely got to fuck anyone, most being afraid of his size. He could hardly believe that he had his prick up this hot stud's ass while his boyfriend ordered the play.

John meanwhile had climbed up on the table and was lowering his ass onto his boyfriend's face. Rick knew what to do and he started to tongue his beau's hole. The whole scene was too much for Kevin, driving him so close to cumming.

"Don't you fuckin' cum 'til we're ready", menaced John. Kevin stopped pumping and tried hard to hold back. Meanwhile John was pumping his enormous dick hard and fast. He loved watching this guy's oversized phallus plugging his beefy boyfriend's bodybuilder butt. John had half stood up and Rick's view of his boyfriend's butt and dick and straining muscles were too much.

"I'm going to cum" he yelled.

"Fire away, little big-man" John responded. As he did, he grabbed his huge dick with both hands and began to pump faster. Huge gobs of cum shot out and hit Kevin's shirt and face. Shot after shot fired out of his dick. Kevin began to grunt and Rick could feel his cock swell to even greater proportions in his ass and he began to feel him fire his load inside him, sending him over the edge, spurting cum straight up onto his chest and face.

John climbed down off the table and walked up beside Kevin as Kevin began to pull his softening cock out of Rick. Once out, John stroked it a few times, marveling at his huge tool. Kevin sat up and, once they had caught their breath, he got up and poured drinks for all of them. They then went into the living room to sit down

"Let me get you a clean shirt", offered Rick.

"Thanks, that would be nice"

Rick disappeared while John finally began to talk a bit with Kevin. They talked about their jobs and he discovered they had a lot in common.

"Try this's one of John's, but it is pretty small".

Kevin put it on and it was still way too big.

" guys are so fucking huge!"

"It's hot, isn't it" responded Rick. "You know, Kevin, you need a body in proportion with that huge schlong. You should start training with us and we could help you grow into that shirt! We have been wanting to add someone to our duo, to help keep things interesting at the gym...and outside. We think you might be the right guy."

Kevin followed Rick's eyes over to John, who nodded a very positive "yes".

It looked like Kevin's fantasies were going to continue (as will this story)! •

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