Laws of Desire, The

By no name

Tom couldn't quite believe what he had just heard.

"Master, you have three wishes."

Right in front of him was an incredibly handsome guy who had just emerged from an old, dusty bottle. It was too good to be true. Still, Tom didn't want to waste the opportunity, and he figured that, if he was going mad, he might as well enjoy it. Accordingly, he said: "I wish that there was no more suffering in the world. Also, I wish we humans were able to solve all our problems peacefully and without destroying the natural resources we need in order to survive."

(This is a good time to note that Tom liked to believe he was a good person.)

"It is done, master. You have one more wish."

Tom, who was always in favor of moderation (as long as it did not become excessive), supposed that even altruism could be taken too far, and decided that the last wish should take care of his very own needs and desires. To his surprise it turned out that he didn't have to think too hard. He wanted to have bigger muscles.

Having read many muscle growth stories on the Internet, however, Tom knew that one had to phrase one's wishes carefully; for some odd reason, they tended to backfire on the protagonist in unforeseen (though admittedly strangely titillating) fashion.

Eventually, Tom tried the following: "My wish is for my muscles to grow as big as I desire." Since he had already wished that there would be no more suffering, he was sure that no further precautions were necessary.

"It is done, master," said the handsome genie, with a mysterious smile on his lips.

Tom waited for the growth to begin. When nothing seemed to be happening, he cast an inquiring look at the genie, but suddenly Tom felt an odd sensation in his toes. Slowly, the feeling worked its way up his legs, up to his groin and his abs, spread over his chest and back (not without first paying a visit to his deliciously firm butt), then split up and washed over his face at the same time as it trickled down his arms.

Then it was over.

The feeling, that is, for now the fun part was obviously starting. Tom gasped as he felt his whole body filling up with energy. He lifted up his shirt and watched how his abs, only vaguely discernible at first, became more and more defined. He then tore his eyes from the budding six-pack and watched his biceps inflating, the little muscle slowly rising and swelling, and approaching what muscle worshippers all over the world admiringly referred to as "baseball size." He flexed for a while, loving the fact that, each time, the swelling on his arm was even more pronounced.

Realizing that his t-shirt began to feel rather tight, Tom shifted the focus of his attention once again - and heard himself moaning when he saw the outline of his increasingly sizeable pecs through the fabric of the shirt. Tom almost felt as if some invisible force was blowing up his muscles with air, like balloons, but then there was this breathtakingly sexy feeling of growing weight, and an incredible sense of continually increasing strength.

Now, however, Tom's legs finally succeeded in gaining his attention because his pants were becoming uncomfortably tight. He looked down (not without, once again, noticing his swelling pecs) and gasped when he saw what was coming to look more like tree trunks of muscle than a pair of legs. With each passing second, his jeans were stretched tighter and tighter across his ballooning quads, and after a while Tom even had to readjust his stance because the mounds of muscle were pushing against each other.

Bigger and bigger Tom's muscle grew, and soon his jeans could take no more. The fabric began to tear open at the seams, and with each pulse of growth the tear open wider. His t-shirt, too, was showing signs of strain, which could hardly be considered surprising, given that his back muscles were growing, his shoulders widening, and his pecs swelling larger and larger. His lats, too, were growing, spreading outwards into that incredibly masculine v-shape he had always admired on other men's bodies. Now, it was his body which men would admire, and the thought added to Tom's almost ecstatic excitement.

Tom's quads had by now pretty much torn the upper half of his jeans to shreds, and only now did he notice that his calves hadn't been lagging behind, either. He was just about to bend down in order to inspect the massive towers of power his legs had become when he was distracted by the sight of his pecs bursting through his shirt. Tom roared when he saw the mounds of muscle freeing themselves from the constraints of his shirt, and he inadvertently struck a most muscular pose which cause his biceps, triceps, and back muscles to swell even bigger. This proved too much for what remained of his shirt, which basically exploded and left him standing naked except for his briefs.

Tom now looked like a light-weight bodybuilder, and he finally turned to the genie and said: "Wow, this is amazing. Thanks so much - this is precisely how I always wanted to look like. Please make it stop now."

The genie did not reply, but only smiled at Tom. Tom smiled back, not knowing what to say now, but then realized that the growth hadn't stopped.

"Hey, what's going on? I said that I wanted the growth to stop."

"Master, you wished that your muscles would grow as big as you desired - and that they will do."

"But I don't want them to grow any bigger," said Tom, still feeling his body swelling with size and strength.

"Master, you must understand the laws of desire. You knew that huge muscles were your deepest desire - but you do not fully understand the extent of your own desire. Right now, you are afraid of what might happen if your deepest desire was fulfilled. But do not worry - your first two wishes made sure that nothing bad will happen to you. No person will ever have to suffer again - and neither do you."

The genie suddenly stepped closer, stroking Tom's inflating pecs with his hand.

"Yours were very beautiful wishes. You have earned your right to enjoy this."

He leant forward and kissed Tom, who did not know what to think at first, but then began to respond to the genie's passionate kiss. Suddenly, he grabbed him and pulled him closer against his growing body, and the feeling of another man's body against his increased his sense of power, made him even more aware of each growing inch of muscle on his frame.

After some time, the genie stepped back and whispered: "Flex for me, Master."

"Actually, I'd like it if you'd call me Tom," he replied.

The genie smiled back: "As you wish, Tom. Flex for me, please."

Tom eagerly complied now, striking a double biceps pose and almost cumming in his briefs when he saw how huge his biceps had become. They had grown past the size of even the biggest bodybuilders, huge balls of muscle and power, pressing against his thick, growing forearms, and making it increasingly harder to maintain the right angle that was essential for the pose.

The genie stepped forward again and, with a knowing smile, grabbed Tom's ass. With a gasp Tom noticed that he had somehow failed to consider his butt, but now he felt immediately how big it had become, two powerful globes of muscle filling his briefs.

The genie gave Tom another kiss and then said: "I don't think you're nearly big enough."

With this, Tom could not only feel the rate of his growth increasing, but he also discovered a new sensation that he couldn't interpret at first. Then, suddenly, he understood. He tried to peep down past his massive pecs to see whether what he felt was really happening. He had, of course, been hard all along, but somehow he felt... well, he felt harder than he had ever felt before - and was still becoming harder and harder.

He tried to grab his cock with his hands, but this proved difficult because his pecs, his lats, and the muscles on his upper arm came in each other's way - and the fact that they were still growing bigger and bigger did not help.

The genie seemed to understand Tom's predicament, for he kneeled down and reached forward. Tom moaned in ecstasy as he felt the genies hands on the base of his dick. The genie then started to started to move his hands along Tom's dick, away from the base. Tom felt the genie's hands moving, five inches, ten inches, fifteen inches - and still he hadn't reach the head.

Once more Tom had to readjust his stance, and he noticed that it was becoming difficult to move. He must have weighed more than 600 pounds by now, and still his muscles were growing, his pecs inflating, his biceps swelling, and every muscle on his body increasing with power. Feeling the genie's hands on his cock, and fully aware of his superhuman strength, Tom wondered how much further his desire for muscles could possibly take him now. •

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