Lawnmower Boy, The

To this day the sound of a lawn mower turned Tyler on. It all started years ago when Tyler rented his first house after college. It had seemed like a really good idea at the time, but the all the responsibilities were daunting. The biggest chore was taking care of the yard. Tyler hated yard work.

Tyler was in good shape. A lean 170 pounds on his dark 5'10" frame. He worked out, but not religiously. Grooming the large front yard took all weekend and completely wore him out. He was ecstatic when he found the flyer in his mailbox.

Jackson Bradley lived in the neighborhood and ran his own lawn service. This summer his 15 year old son, Jack, would be taking care of neighborhood lawns at a discounted rate. Jackson wanted his son to get experience, but because he was only 15, he couldn't drive the chemical truck around the city. He would be confined to the 10 blocks of the neighborhood. Tyler signed up immediately.

Jackson and Jack showed up the first Friday in June. Jack would be here every Friday afternoon during the summer and Tyler's house was the last house on the list. Jackson Bradley was sexy in brutish kind of way. He was Tyler's height with about 30 extra pounds of muscle. He had what Tyler called the "bar body." A thick developed chest and arms on rather skinny legs. He had the weathered good looks of blue collar professional. Tyler couldn't help but check him out. He was hot, but not Tyler's type.

Tyler realized that Jack had caught him checking out his father. Tyler was surprised at the smile that crossed Jack's face. For the first time Tyler took stock of the kid who would be servicing his yard for the next few weeks.

Jack was a good looking, but quiet kid. He had shaggy, sandy blonde hair and very intense gray eyes. He was about 5'6" and wore the baggy hip-hop clothes that all the teens wore. Tyler figured he was your average, scrawny 15 year old. Jack and his dad surveyed Tyler's yard. Jackson told his son exactly what to do. They said goodbye and Jackson promised that Jack would start next Friday around 3:00. Tyler secretly wished that the hunky father would be the one trimming his hedges. No such luck.

Tyler had the luxury of summer hours at his job. That meant that every Friday he got off work at noon. Tyler went home for the day and decided to catch a quick nap. It was a really hot day and his cool house seemed like the perfect retreat.

He awoke with a start. There was a loud rumbling in his driveway. He went to the bay window and peeked out. Jack had pulled up in a beat up truck towing a trailer filled with mowing equipment. The bed of the truck carried a large chemical tank. It was 5 feet long and three feet high. The tank was made out of opaque plastic. There was a long hose with a spray nozzle attached to one end and hatch at the top that screwed shut. It was half full with a bright green liquid.

Jack got out of the truck and walked back to the trailer to start unloading the mower. He stopped and waved at Tyler. Tyler was embarrassed that he'd been caught spying out the window like Gladys Kravitz in a Bewitched episode. Jack stood there and then slowly peeled off his grass stained t-shirt. It was almost seductive. Tyler felt the hot flush in his cheeks. He felt dirty. He couldn't believe he was about to get turned on by a 15 year old kid. This was wrong, but he stood at the window transfixed.

Jack had a better body than Tyler had expected. His hairless torso had the beginnings of a golden tan. And he had 0% body fat. His stomach was hard and flat. Jack had tight little boy pecs and the long thin muscles of a teenager. He had small brown nipples and Tyler could barely trace the veins in his arms. He baggy jeans hung low exposing the band of his crisp white boxers. Jack was a lot sexier that Tyler had given him credit. He couldn't have weighed more than 140 pounds, but he definitely had sex appeal. Jack slowly massaged his chest. Tyler couldn't believe his eyes. Was this boy coming on to him? Was this little strip show for his eyes?

Tyler didn't care. He just sat by the window and enjoyed the show. He watched intently as Jack mowed and edged the yard. He trimmed the hedges. And eventually sprayed the lawn with the mixture from the chemical tank. Every once and a while Tyler would catch Jack looking at him. Or was he just imagining it? Jack finished the yard and packed up all the equipment. But before he got in the truck he pulled a thermos from the front seat. He took a long sip from the thermos. Then Jack unscrewed the top and poured the water in the thermos all over his sweat-soaked body. The water glistened on his bronze skin.

Tyler couldn't take it anymore. He ran to the bedroom and stripped naked. He flopped on the bed and took hold of his erect 6 inch cock. He slowly masturbated to the mental image of his 15 year old Adonis. It only took a few gentle tugs and he came almost instantly. In his post jack-off euphoria he got dressed and went back to the living room. The lawn boy was gone. Tyler still couldn't believe he was having these lustful thoughts for a kid. Tyler was only 8 years older, but it still seemed naughty. But he couldn't help the way he felt.

The Friday ritual continued for weeks. Tyler came home from work to watch his lawn be serviced by the shirtless golden boy. From the striptease to the water at the end, things did not change. Well maybe there were some slight changes in the boys physique. The manual labor had made his small boy muscles a little more rounded. Still, neither of them spoke a word. They just watched each other. Tyler got a little braver and now jacked himself off in the window seat, but always through his shorts. He wasn't about to flash a 15 year old kid. They were the most sensual whack sessions of his adult life. Once Jack rang the doorbell and asked for water. He filled his thermos from the tap in the kitchen. Tyler could feel the heat radiating from Jack's body. He was in ecstasy. He wanted to lick the salty sweat from his tender boy pecs, but he just stood there and watched. Jack went out to the truck and finished the ritual. Tyler was in heaven.

The last Friday in August, Tyler got some bad news. He would have to work late. It was the first Friday lawn session he would miss. Tyler was seriously bummed, but work came first. He pulled into his driveway at 9:00 that night and was surprised to find the lawn truck still there. Had Jack waited for him? Tyler's stomach had butterflies. He slowly got out of the car. He was surprised by what he saw.

In the twilight Tyler could tell that Jack's truck had been vandalized. Windows were broken and the lawn equipment was strewn in pieces across the yard. The tires had been slashed. And in black paint someone had sprayed FAG across the chemical tank. Tyler couldn't believe his eyes. He yelled out for Jack. Upon closer inspection he realized that the hatch had been unscrewed and there was someone floating in the green liquid. It was Jack! In a flash Tyler jumped up on the tank and pulled Jack out. He carried the soaking wet boy to the lawn and began mouth-to-mouth.

Thankfully, Jack began breathing. For a split second Tyler's mouth-to-mouth turned into a gentle kiss. Then Jack spewed green liquid from his mouth. Tyler picked up the boy and carried him into the house. He was barely conscious. Jack wrapped his arms around Tyler and nuzzled his neck. Tyler was hard as a rock.

Tyler took him to the guest bedroom. It was a small room that had a single bed in one corner. In the other corner was a home gym, which had become the world's most expensive clothes hanger. It was covered with clothes. Tyler put Jack on the bed and turned on the light. Somebody had beat the shit out of Jack. He was cut and bruised. His lip was split and one eye was black and purple. There was a large knot on his forehead. He was groggy, but awake. Tyler wanted to call his dad immediately. Jack explained that his parents were away for the weekend. Tyler made the decision that Jack would stay with him. He couldn't send him home alone, not in this condition. Jack smiled and thanked Tyler. He fell fast asleep.

Tyler couldn't let him sleep in these wet, chemically drenched clothes. He should have taken Jack into the shower. He decided to remove his clothes. Tyler's hands trembled. He removed the tennis shoes and the wet socks. He struggled getting him out of the wet t-shirt that stuck to his chest. Nervously, Tyler fumbled with the buttons on the wet denim. It was heavy and difficult to remove the jeans. Tyler wasn't sure if he should take off his underwear. The crisp white boxers were now a wet, sickly pale green. The chemicals couldn't be good for his skin. Tyler quickly yanked off the boxers. He had some practice with this maneuver. Jack stirred slightly. Tyler rushed to his own bedroom and found some boxers and an old t-shirt. He returned to Jack and stopped for a moment. Tyler couldn't believe that some had done this to such a gentle, beautiful boy. He let his hand ever so lightly brush Jacks firm teenage chest. He let his hand glide down the tight little stomach. A single finger followed the wispy fair hairs around his belly button that led to his small cock. It was tiny, maybe an inch or two, with only the slightest amount of pubic hair. Tyler gently cupped the small balls underneath. Jack sighed and smiled in his sleep. Tyler quickly dressed Jack in the boxers and t-shirt. They were a size too big for the teen. He pulled up the covers and turned off the light.

Tyler lay awake in his bed. He couldn't believe that the object of all this lust was in the bedroom across the hall. And he would be there all weekend. Tyler knew nothing would happen between him and the boy, but at least he had his fantasies. He stroked himself under the covers. Images of him and Jack in bed filled his mind. Tongues exploring bodies. Jack expertly licking his balls. Tyler filling his tight 15 year old butt with his hard, hot cock. It was a wonderful dream, but only a dream.

Tyler woke up early the next morning. He showered quickly and threw on some clothes. He had to go back to work for a little while. He hated to leave Jack alone, but he didn't have a choice. The sooner he went to work, the sooner he would be finished. He quietly opened the door to the guest bedroom. Jack was sleeping peacefully. In the morning light it looked has if his bruises were fading. The knot on his head seemed smaller, as did the cut on his lip. Tyler assumed everything must have seemed worse in the panic of last night. He kneeled down and gently shook Jack's shoulder. Jack barely opened his eyes. Tyler explained that he has to go to work for a little while, but he would be home as soon as possible. Jack just smiled. Then he quickly brushed Tyler's cheek and gave him a quick kiss. Jack rolled over and fell asleep. Tyler was motionless. He was in stunned silence. That beautiful boy had just kissed him. He slowly rose to his feet and left in disbelief. Tyler knew at that moment that this was going to be one strange weekend.

When Tyler returned home it was almost 2:00 in the afternoon. He couldn't believe he had been at the office for so long. He went inside and threw his briefcase on the desk. There was a strange sound coming from the bedrooms. His heart leapt to his throat. He ran to the guest room and opened the door. There sat Jack at the home gym machine.

"Hi. You're back. Would you show me how to work this crazy thing?"

Tyler couldn't believe his eyes. The cuts and bruises had almost disappeared. Jack looked healthy as a horse. Tyler couldn't say a word.

"I've always wanted to work out with weights. I think jocks are hot. My dad won't let me use his weights. And the jocks at school pick on me. You don't mind if I use this, do you?"

"No. Be my guest. I never use it."

"Really? I figured this was how you got that hot body. I love your body."

"Jack how do you feel? Those guys beat you up pretty bad or at least I thought they did."

"I feel great. Those guys are assholes. They think I'm a fag. I mean I'm gay, but I've never done anything to them. I guess they beat the shit out of me for fun."

"They did beat the shit out of you, but now you like fine. How is that possible?"

"I don't know. Who cares. Show me how this works."

Tyler couldn't believe his eyes, A few hours ago this kid was in critical condition and now he was a healthy teenager. In fact he seemed too healthy. He was obsessed with working out and burning off this new found energy. Tyler was in a daze. He found the gym chart and showed Jack some of the basic exercises for arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs and abs. He explained that the machine used your body as the weights and once you were comfortable lifting your own body weight, you could add weight plates. Tyler had the basic plate system in the closet. He showed Jack how to change the percentage of body weight he was lifting.

"How much do you weigh Jack?"

"Umm? I think about 138."

"Go find out for sure. There's a scale in the bathroom."

Jack rushed to the bathroom and came back.


"That can't be right."

Tyler followed Jack to the bathroom. Jack stepped on the scale. The digital readout was 152. Tyler scratched his head and stepped on the scale. It read 172. It was working just fine.

"I guess you're more solid than I thought Jack."

Tyler set up the machine so Jack was using 25% of his body weight for some exercises like curls and 50% for bigger exercises like the bench press. Jack was eager to begin on the shiny machine. Tyler was exhausted. His house guest combined with the long work hours were wearing him out. Tyler plopped on the couch and fell asleep to the whirring of the home gym in the next room.

"Tyler wake up! Wake up! You have to see this!"

The excited teenager was standing over him. Tyler rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked at the clock. It was almost 7:00. Jack's face had completely healed. Tyler couldn't believe it. He sat up, but Jack was grinning and pulling at his arm. Tyler stood up and Jack grabbed his hand. A wave of electricity passed through Tyler. They walked hand and hand to the guest bedroom.

"What's going on Jack?"

"Watch this."

Jack sat at the machine and started doing bicep curls. Slow and steady with perfect form. Each time his body was lifted slightly by the machine. He was exercising. Tyler couldn't figure out what the big deal was?

"That's nice Jack."

"No! You don't get it. Look closely Tyler. I'm curling 100%! Can you believe it!"

Tyler couldn't believe it, but there it was. This kid, who had never worked out before in his life, was curling 152 pounds. That didn't seem possible, but it was true.

"Oh my god Jack. You're curling 152 pounds. Do you realize how amazing that is?"

"158 pounds. I gained 5 pounds while you were asleep."

Tyler knew that was impossible. You don't just gain weight in hours. It doesn't happen like that. Jack could see Tyler was skeptical. He went into the bathroom and Tyler followed. He stepped on the scale. It read 159.

"I guess it was 6 pounds."

Tyler was reeling. What was going on? The quick healing was one thing, but this new strength and weight gain was just too strange. What could be causing these bizarre changes? Not that Tyler minded. Jack seemed sexier and he was looking a little bigger. No. This had to be some weird optical illusion.

"Jack give me a minute."

Jack went back to his workout. Tyler starred at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. What was going on? It had to be the chemicals. That was the only thing that made sense. The green fertilizer that Jack had ingested and been covered with was having some strange effect on his body. Tyler decided it was time for a more scientific approach. He went to his desk and grabbed some supplies. He took everything to the guest room.

"Tyler can I add some weight plates. This is too easy."

"In a second Jack. First I want to run a little experiment. Take your shirt off."

Jack smiled seductively. He slowly removed the t-shirt like he had every other Friday this summer. But what Tyler saw took his breath away. Jack was changing. His boy pecs were fuller and slightly raised. His flat stomach showed the beginning signs of a six-pack. He had small curves at his traps and deltoids. His triceps, biceps and forearms seemed fuller and more defined.

Tyler tried to concentrate although these sudden changes had made him rock hard. He drew a chart and taped it to the wall. He wrote the time. 7:15. And began cataloging and measuring Jack's muscles. Tyler could tell that Jack was excited by the older man's attention to his body. Jack's flexed muscles were small, but hard as granite. Tyler could feel the wet spot of precum staining his pants. Jack just smiled. Finally, Tyler was done. Height: 5'6"; Weight: 159; Chest: 34 in.; Waist: 28 in.; Arms: 11 in.; Quads: 18 in.

"Now what?"

"You just keep working out Jack and in few hours we'll measure you again. The weight plates are in the closet, just be careful. Are you hungry?"


"I'll go to the grocery store and grab some steaks. We'll barbecue. You just keep doing what you're doing."

Tyler ran to the grocery store, came home and fired up the grill. He couldn't imagine what would happen next. The beat up little boy was quickly developing into a teenage stud. His desire was becoming more intense, but he vowed not to take advantage of the young kid. Tyler had to admit it. He wanted Jack, badly. He sipped on a glass of wine and tried to imagine the muscled little teen in bed with him. Tyler knew if he didn't jack-off soon he would explode.

Tyler and Jack sat down to dinner. Jack asked tons of questions about being gay. He had always known Tyler was gay, even before he caught him checking out his dad. The rainbow sticker on the windshield was a dead giveaway. Jack also wanted to know about human muscle and the male physique. He was about to start asking about sex, but stopped himself. Tyler was relieved. He had a raging hard-on and if they had started talking about sex, he would have blown a load at the dinning room table. Jack returned to his workout and Tyler went to the bathroom to jack off.

Tyler tried to research fertilizer and its side effects on the internet. He couldn't find anything that was relevant, except for one bizarre study. It concluded that men who worked with fertilizer had larger penises on the average. Tyler was curious, but knew he couldn't ask Jack to take that measurement.

It was almost 11:00. Tyler decided to measure Jack before going to bed. He couldn't believe the teen was still at it. It was the longest work out on record. Jack had stopped wearing the t-shirt. He liked watching his pecs, biceps and triceps flex and swell. It was exciting. He stopped when he saw Tyler in the doorway with the measuring tape. This was going to be good.

Tyler recorded the results on paper. Height: 5'6"; Weight: 165; Chest: 38 in.; Waist: 28 in.; Arms: 13 in.; Quads: 21 in. Jack was steadily growing. The very thought of it excited Tyler. On paper it didn't seem like much, but in person it was amazing. Jack now had well-rounded traps and delts. His neck seemed thicker which gave his jaw a sexy squared look. He had solid defined pecs and a beautiful hard six-pack. His lats were just starting to show. The width of his chest compared to his tiny waist gave him a marvelous V-shape. His shoulder and triceps were thick and striated. And when he flexed his bicep a hard tennis ball of muscle popped into view. His thick quads now filled the legs of the once-too-big boxers. Everywhere veins stood out in bold relief pumping blood to the newly improved muscles. His body was beautiful. Although Jack was still a little smaller than Tyler, his definition was vastly superior.

Tyler was entranced by the muscular teen. He placed his hand on the solid pec. Jack flexed it. Tyler began rubbing the hard brown nipple with his thumb. Jack closed his eyes and moaned. Tyler then grabbed a handful of the beautiful pec and lowered his head. He gently nibbled and sucked on the velvety nipple.

"That feels so good."

Jacks reedy teenage voice broke the spell. Tyler couldn't believe what he was doing. He stopped immediately. Both Tyler and Jack looked down at the wet spot that was spreading across Tyler's pants. Jack grinned, but Tyler was mortified.

"I shouldn't have done that Jack. I'm sorry. So sorry."

Tyler rushed from the room and slammed his bedroom door. Jack went back to his workout. He wasn't done yet. Tyler couldn't believe he was coming on to a 15 year old kid. No matter how hot he was becoming. It didn't matter about the sexy new muscles or the fact that the boy wanted him. Tyler had to be the grown up. But the temptation was growing stronger. And Tyler could only jack-off so many times.

Tyler was being shaken violently.

"Wake up. Please! You got to measure one more time."

"What time is it Jack?"

"2 a.m. Please Tyler."

"Alright, but this is the last time tonight."

Tyler followed Jack into the guest room. His eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light. What he saw was truly breathtaking. The gym was loaded up with every single weight plate. Tyler couldn't calculate how much, but the results were staggering. Jack was a hunk. A true muscle stud. A junior version of those beautifully sculpted bodies that grace the covers of fitness magazines. Not too big, but perfectly symmetrical and chiseled. Tyler knew he was drooling. He also knew that sooner or later his desire would win out over his intellect.

"Measure me."

Jack flexed and posed. He had picked it up quite naturally. Tyler slowly and lovingly wrapped the tape measure around the bulging muscles of his teenage bronze Adonis. He measured the thick plates of pectoral muscle that created a dark crevice in the middle of his chest. He touched the thick traps and slid his hands down Jack's wing-like lats. He wrapped the tape around the eight solid cobblestones of Jack's abs. Fingering every groove and indentation. He measured the unbelievably thick quads that threatened to burst the seams of the boxers. And rubbed the hard diamonds etched in his calf muscle. He squeezed the round delts that were the size of a small cannon ball. And massaged the thick horseshoe of tricep muscle. Following the snake-like veins to Jack's huge bicep. The tape stretched as Jack flexed and a rock hard bicep the size of a large grapefruit hit its rippled peak.

Tyler could only stare at the numbers. They were not mind boggling stats. But on Jack's small, thin frame - they were amazing! Height: 5'6"; Weight: 180; Chest: 48 in.; Waist: 28 in.; Arms: 17 in.; Quads: 25 in. Jack outweighed Tyler by 10 pounds. Because he was 4 inches shorter, Jack out muscled Tyler by at least 30 pounds. Jack was a god. And Tyler was weak just feeling his hot breath on the nape of his neck.

"Tyler can you take one more measurement?"

Tyler slowly turned around. They were inches apart.

"I'm kind of embarrassed. I should have said something earlier, but I think you should measure my..."

Tyler was trembling with anticipation. He and Jack looked down. Jack stuck one hand down the front of his tight boxers and used the other hand to lower the waist band. Jack hefted out a beautiful piece of manmeat. Tyler licked his lips. Jacks cock was limp and thick. Tyler realized it had to be at least 5 or 6 inches long, Tyler gingerly held the newly improved tool. Jack shivered. Tyler could feel it starting to harden. Jack's cock measured 6.5 inches limp. Tyler could feel the throbbing rod expanding and he stroked it up and down. Jack moaned and rubbed his hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Soon his cock reached its fullsize. Tyler had to use both hands to measure the massive meat. It was 8.5 inches long and 6 inches thick. Tyler had just finished measuring when hot jism spurted out soaking his t-shirt.

Without saying a word, Tyler recorded the new measurement and returned to his bedroom. He couldn't believe this kid had a better body AND a bigger cock. And everything happened in 24 hours. It certainly added a new twist to his fantasy. Tyler had always imagined himself and the dominant partner. But this teenage muscle stud could easily overpower him. Tyler liked this new scenario even better, but he couldn't go to Jack. It would be wrong. Hell it would be illegal! If Jack came to him? Well that was different. Tyler held his breath and waited.

Time passed slowly. The Tyler heard his door open.

"Can I sleep in here tonight."

Tyler didn't say a word. He felt the muscular teen slip under the flimsy sheet. Tyler felt the hard body against his back. The semi-hard cock rubbed between the crack of his ass. Hot breath on his neck. A thick arm wrapped around him. A callused hand searched for his dick and began slowly stroking him. A nibble of the ear lobe and tonguing of the hear sent Tyler into to a tailspin. He could no longer resist. He turned to face Jack. They kissed in a passionate embrace. Tongues explored each other's mouth. There were fireworks. Tyler rubbed and squeezed every inch of muscle.

Tyler pushed Jack back and straddled his tiny waist. He rubbed his hard cock along Jack's solid eight-pack. The friction created by these bricks of muscle was unbearable. Jack clasped his hands behind his head and flexed his giant biceps. Tyler squeezed hard and tongued these mountains of muscle. He nuzzled Jack's sensitive armpits and gently lowered himself to the heaving pecs. He kept one hand tight on the bulging bicep and used the other to squeeze the steel plates of pectoral muscle. He licked the crease of Jack's chest and sucked each nipple hard. Jack moaned louder and louder. Tyler kept lowering himself down Jack's massive new body. Tyler gave each brick of solid ab muscle a thorough tongue washing. He pinched Jack's nipples hard. Tyler went lower. He licked the piss slit of Jack's 8.5 inch monster. Covering the giant mushroom head with his tongue. Finally he placed the large knob in his mouth and swirled his tongue back and forth. Jack had never felt anything like this. Tyler plunged the huge cock into his mouth. The thick, veiny dick was as hard as a steel rod. It throbbed and pulsed as it filled Tyler's throat. Jack sat up and grabbed Tyler's ass. He lifted Tyler and swiveled him until his own hungry mouth found Tyler's juicy cock. Tyler kept deep throating the massive member without missing a beat. Jack had seen pictures of the classic 69 position. But have your own cock sucked while sucking a hot piece of meat was an unbelievable sensation for the novice.

Tyler had never swallowed a cock this large. He liked the way it filled his throat. He kneaded and squeezed Jack's heavy balls. Tyler was on the verge of cumming. He began to face fuck his young apprentice. His orgasm exploded down Jack's throat. Jack took the entire salty load and licked Tyler clean. He could feel himself getting ready to explode. He pushed Tyler down and spread his ass cheeks wide. Jack used his thick tongue to probe Tyler's tight, pink anus. Tyler had never been rimmed so thoroughly. He shot a small load on Jack's muscled chest. Jack was ready to come. Tyler began bobbing up and down. Tightening his throat until the massive cock exploded with wave after wave of hot salty jism. Tyler drank every drop while Jack continued the assault on his ass.

Tyler couldn't believe it, but Jack was still rock hard. Jack sat up and lifted Tyler into the air. He was light as a feather. He twirled him around and sucked on the low hanging balls. Jack lowered Tyler down his chest. Tyler straddled his waist. Tyler felt the head of Jack's mighty pole slip between his cheeks and touch his tight, pink hole. Tyler relaxed and Jack pressed him down. The massive cock slipped in his ass. There was a wave of pain followed by unimaginable ecstasy. Jack wrapped his beefy arm around Tyler's waist and lowered him until he was filled the hilt. He raised to his knees and bounced Tyler on the thick cock. Tyler steadied himself on Jack's broad shoulders. Jack flexed a bicep and Tyler squeezed tight to the bulge. Jack lowered Tyler on his back. Tyler wrapped his legs around Jack's tiny waist and dug his heels into the steel buttocks of his teenage lover. His arms explored the widening back of the mighty kid. Jack filled Tyler's ass with long, slow strokes. Filling him completely and then almost withdrawing entirely. With each stroke Jack's dick got harder and thicker filling with blood. He increased the speed. Faster and faster he rammed his giant cock into Tyler's tight ass. Sweat poured form their bodies and created a slick friction. Both moaned and cried with pure joy. With a final burst Jack slammed into Tyler's ass and unloaded his monster meat. Cum filled Tyler's ass and ran out onto the bed. Tyler blew another load on to Jack's heaving chest. Exhausted they collapsed in each others' arms. Jack's big rod still filling Tyler's ass.

Tyler felt sunlight on his face. His ass felt loose and empty. He propped himself up. Jack stood completely nude in front of the full length mirror. Tyler could tell he had kept growing through the night. He got of bed and found the tape measure. Jack smiled and flexed. Tyler called each measurement.

"Chest 56! Arms 22! Quads 30! And 11 inches of mouth watering cock!"

This 5'6" teenager was beyond muscular for his size. Every muscle stood out in bold relief. Thick veins snaked across his skin which seemed paper thin. He was the most beautiful man Tyler had ever seen. Muscles flexed and bulged with the slightest movement. Jack picked up the taller man and threw him on to the bed. He stood at the edge and pulled Tyler by the legs. Tyler's ass was hanging over the edge and quickly Jack inserted his mammoth cock into Tyler's hot ass. He pumped steadily as Tyler moaned. His balls slapping against Tyler's ass. Jack increased his pumping speed. Tyler wrapped his legs around the teen and grabbed his shoulders pulling himself up. With one massive arm Jack lifted Tyler up and down on his cock. The kissed. Their hot tongues probing one another. Jack slid Tyler up and down his massive tool, faster and faster creating an unbearable friction. They both shot a huge load. Jack up Tyler's ass and Tyler all over their chests. Jack's knees buckled and they fell into bed. And Tyler fell fast asleep.

When Tyler woke up feeling empty again, he found a note. Jack had gone to find the kids who had beaten him up. The truck was gone from the driveway. Tyler worried all day. He wanted Jack back. He fell asleep watching television.

Tyler awoke to the sound of a lawnmower. And his growing erection. •

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