Lazerus Project, The

By Mark Bachu

He corssed another day off his calender. July 23rd 1985, just another day in an unremarkable life. Alexander Dean looked at himself in the mirror. He was not pleased with what he saw. He was 25 and spent years and thousands of pounds in various gyms and get big quick products that just never worked for him. He was tired of waking up every morning in his body. Not that was anything that wrogn with it. He stood at 5 foot 8 inches tall, blond long hair and deep blue eyes. His body fat ratio was only 2% the only problem was that he had no muscle to speak of. He had the body of a boy, no real muscle, ont even a swimmers definition, and his biggest disappointment was his penis, erect it measured a mighty 4 inches long.

Alex was gettign ready for work having just showered and breakfasted. Another day at the Ministry of Defense. Alex was something of a brain, and having grown up on James Bond movies wanted to join the Ministry in the hope of becoming a spy and having wild and fantastic adventures like Vond. Instead Alex got to sit at a desk all day long and analyse Russian troop movements and try and guess what the Russian military was up to.

He arrived at work and sat at his desk. Moments later the head of the section called him into his office. Sir Matthew Lawrence was a huge man, weighing almost 400 lbs and all of it fat, but he had a presence that cowed even the most arrogant and confident people. Sir Matthew was not alone however, sitting with him was a man in his late fifties wearing a white doctors coat. "Alexander, you are being reassigned. All the paperwork has been done. You are now part of the Lazerus Project. Doctor Russell here will explain all the detials to you."

Doctor Lawrence stood up and walked over towards Alexander. "You know the tale of Lazerus, that he was dead and Jesus brought him back to life. Well here at the Minisrty we now offer people like yourself a new life. The Project will allow you to increase your mental prowess while at the same time also increasing your physical. Something according to your banking detaisl you have been trying to do for a wihle and not succeeded in. My project will change all that. It will take time but then at the completion of a six month period you should start to see the results. Welcome aboard." The Doc and alexander shaked hands and with that Alex's faet was sealed.

Six months passed of gruelling tests, stamina, endurance, strength and intelligence. All of which alex passed but only just. He had seen now improvement in his abilities, and knew that his seix months were almost up. On the last day of his trial period alex was called in to see the good Doctor in a room previously offlimits to all personel. Alex made his way there, knowing that he was about to be thrown out of the project. Standing at attention was a huge muscle god of a guard. He was about 6 foot 6 inches tall and built like a champion bodybuilder. Alex fumbled giving his man mountain his pass card and while the card was being examined by the guard Alex thought the guard winked at him. "You can enter Mr Dean"

Alex walked into the room and saw Doctor Lawrence standing in front of something out of asci-fi movie. It was a huge bell shapped metal room with various readotus, dials, gauges and a door. "This is the Lazerus Chamber, and you are to be the first person to use it. You passed all the tests and should react well to it. Please step inside and I can administer your first dose of the Lazerus gene. It will do all the thigns I promised back in Sir Matthews office. Your mental and physical prowess will increase. You will need regular sessinos in the Chamber but after 20 or so you will notice the difference. Please step inside." With some trepidation Alex stepped inside. The Doctor hooked up various sensor devices to Alex's temples and then left the chamber, the door shutting firmly behind him. Suddenly everythign went black.

Alex woke up. He was in a bed, a hospital bed. A military hospital bed. He was bandaged on his arms, legs and chest. He fetl terrible. A yougn handsome doctor, the sort that would be the male lead in a medical drama stood at the other end of the bed. "Good afternoon Mr Dean. I'm Doctor Allen. You are in the St Johns Army hospital. There was an accident I'm told and you were badly burnt, and the only person to survive the blaze. You've been in a coma for about 4 weeks now. But now that your awake I'll be able to discharge you after a few days observation."

And so more time pased, Alex was no different to when he entered the Lazerus chamber. Still the Doctor remarked on two things when Alex left. Firstly, the spead with which he had healed. Secondly that Alex's testosterone levels were increasing. Alex had been given some tablets to take to reduce the high levels of testosterone and been told to call the Docotor if he started getting violetn mood swings.

Alex returned to his flat and began sifting through his mail. He could have won 1 million about 10 times according to the junk mail. Several bills, all paid for my his bank and a letter from the Ministry of Defense. Great, due to cutbacks, Alex was lossing his job effective in 4 weeks. He checked the date, shit effective today.

Alex screwed the letter into a ball and threw it at his waste paper basket, and for the first time in 5 years it went inside. Alex went into the living room and sat in front of the TV after opening a window. His flat was on the top floor of a high rise building and in the Summer was really hot, just like now. Alex sprawled on the sofa wearing a t-shirt and jeans watching daytime TV. Some chat show about guys who let their women walk all over them.

Suddenly he was very thirsty. His throat parched in the heat Alex went to get up but found he couldn't move. A strange tingling sensation spread all over his body starting from his throat. Alex saw his hand, the veins in it were pulsing like mad. Suddenly he shoke as if abolt of electricity had gone through him. He remembered the fire, something had gone wrong in the Chamber. He remembered the Doc suffocating trying to get out of the room. The equipment had been faulty or something Alex guessed. He remembered the Doc setting a dail to its minimum but in his frantic rush to get out the Doc knocked the dial to full induction. A gas rose within the Chamber and a light flashed "warning Lazerus gene banks depleted"

Trembling barely able to walk Alex made his way into his bedroom to lay on his bed. He saw his face in the mirror. It was different. His jaw was squarer, eyes far deeper blue. His hair was longer, rather then cut short it flowed around his shoulders. Then it began...

Alex couldn't believe his eyes as his feet began to grow, longer, widder. He was only wearing socks, but within seconds they were shreads. Then his legs began to grow, longer and wider. He saw the legs of his jeans fill out and he felt in terrible pain as his jeans were pulled so tight that the stiching on the legs could be seen. Then a ripping sound as his legs freed themselves of the constraints of his jeans. Huge muscular legs now supported a tiny chest and upper body. Calf muscles that a champion bodybuilder would be proud off looked back at Alex. His thighs were equally impressive, his legs had been pushed close together with the amount of muscle in each thigh. Alex looked at his penis hoping that it to would grow but nothing. It was the one part of his body that didn't tingle.

Suddenly his t-shirt became tight, and then a masive chest exploded out from its tattered remains. Huge slabs of muscle hung below his neckand a huge cleft appeared between his mighty pecs. They were massive and rolled as Alex involuntarily flexed them. His arms also grew huge and biceps and triceps appeared instantly. Ballooning upwards as Alex flexed them they had to be at least 21" . Suddenly the mirror was covered in cum. Alex looked down a massive penis was slapping against his stomach, no it was now a 6 pack that men would kill for. It had to be at least 10" long. Alex cried with joy.

The the doorbell rang. "Mr Dean, this is the police. Open the door please." •

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