Lab Accident, The

The Conclusion


By Fan of Muscle

Mark’s mind was reeling under the thoughts of sex and lust. All he wanted, all he could think about was sucking Rigel’s mammoth cock as hard as possible. Steve walked up behind his friend and reached down and touched Mark’s shoulders, feeling the cloth of Mark’s shirt growing more and more tight. “Oh, fuck yeah man! Suck that fucker.” Steve encouraged. Steve slowly reached in front of Mark’s shirt and began unbuttoning his security uniform, a task much more difficult than one would imagine given Mark’s constant, yet slow metamorphosis. “Oh, this is going to take way to long…”, and with that, Steve ripped the front of Mark’s security shirt open!

Rigel found the entire situation hot as hell. “Jace, why don’t you help Steve get those uncomfortable clothes off Mark here?” Jace walked over to Mark, this thighs moving around each other with each step. He got down in front of the massive CEO and the ever changing Mark and with a rip, tore Mark’s t-shirt off of his body. The group could see how far Mark had changed, his chest was heaving with each suck as he drank more and more of Rigel’s precum down into his body. Already, his chest had gained definition and a light dusting of shiny black hair coved his pec’s and was making it’s way down his body toward his nether region. Each hair was short, but the covering was dense. Mark had the look a novice bodybuilder, not big…but showing promise. Steve looked down at the thick hair covering his chest and knew exactly how Mark would look once the transformation was complete. That thought was enough to bring him to the edge of ecstasy and Steve began cumming. Gallons of cum shot into the air and landed directly onto Mark’s back and head, some of it running down his face into his newly growing beard. The other’s, Joe, Will, and Jace, could not believe what they were witnessing, but it was enough to drive them into a sexual frenzy.

Jace leaned forward, taking one of Mark’s nipples into his mouth and began sucking and licking on the piece of man flesh as hard as he could. Mark only moaned in pleasure as he felt the sensitivity of his nipple being stimulated. Joe positioned himself on the opposite side of Jace and began working the other nipple. Mark was in heaven. He had never felt such pleasure in his life, sex had never been like this, never this good and never this erotic. Carefully, Will got down between Rigel, Joe, and Jace and began sucking the outline of Mark’s cock through the tight crotch of his pants. Mark’s calves and thighs had already split his pants up the seams and his boots had been shredded by his feet growing larger, hair growing on the tops of each foot and on his toes. The hair was thicker on his calves and continued growing until it disappeared into the remnants of his still intact, but tight pants.

Continuing to suck Rigel’s cock, hoping, wishing for Rigel to release his load down his eager throat, Mark felt something odd at his neck. It was Steve, who was now nuzzling and kissing his neck and back. Steve’s beard felt so hot on Mark’s body, all of them felt so good. The beards of Joe and Jace were also tickling his pec’s as they continued to work both nipples. Joe could fell the nipple he was sucking slowly getting larger, more substantial.

It was then that it happened….Rigel came!

Mark was wild eyed as he drank down the thick cream from Rigel’s cock. Gallons of cum spewed out of the CEO’s member and straight down into Mark’s waiting throat. Rigel collapsed and fell backward, his own cock now soft from the tremendous amount of cum he just delivered. That’s when he saw Mark. Growing much faster now than before as the concentrated steroid mixture worked to finish Mark’s transformation into the ultimate beast of the muscularity.

Mark grew taller, his thighs bursting his pants apart and Will tearing the shredded material away from his body. Mark’s cock, now as big as the others, if not bigger, maybe a little over two feet in length, sprung free and his foreskin pulled back to reveal his shinny cock head begging to be serviced. Will quickly stuffed the head into his mouth and began sucking in earnest. Up and down, up and down, Mark moaned in bliss, “Oh, fuck you sons of bitches, Oh, Yes! Service me!” Steve was so hot, his buddy’s voice was now deep and low, the baritone was so erotic. He could tell that Mark’s voice had changed dramatically. Seeing Mark’s bubble butt, lightly covered in black hair not being used for anything, Steve, quickly with a swift movement, impaled his best bud on his cock and began fucking his friend without abandon.

Mark continued to change. His shoulders mounded with more and more muscle. His chest heaved as his pec’s squared off and then bunched into solid thick muscle with so much definition that his nipples turned down toward the floor. Mark’s arms thickened and widened, his back muscles growing so massive as to push his arms out away from his body. His traps thickened and his neck widened as to give his face a menacing dominating look as the muscles in this face became larger and adjusted to fit his newfound frame. Mark’s thighs grew so massive as to push together causing his cock and balls to push forward and deeper into Will’s mouth. Mark dropped his head backward and closed his eyes, he could feel his beard now touching the top of his pec’s. He reached up and felt the thick coating covering his face, draping several inches downward. His fingers moved over his body, exploring his chest, now covered in long, thick black hair, hair which covered his chest all the way into the bushes of hair under his arm pits. Hair which plunged in long thick ropes down his stomach making its way over his eight pack abs and down to the massive growth of hair at his groin. Will was straining to take all of Mark’s cock into his mouth. It was a job that was nearly impossible given Mark’s newfound size; he was even a bit larger than Rigel at this point.

All at once, Mark thrust his hips upward and fired his load deep down into Will’s throat. At that precise moment, Will came and Joe, who had moved positions to suck Will, swallowed Will’s load. The chain reaction continued as Jace drank down Joe’s seed as he shot off at the same moment. Steve released his load into Mark’s ass and all continued to grow a little bit more muscular and get a little bit hairier.

“Shit…” Mark muttered, “that was fucking hot! Damn dude you’ve changed my life.” Mark commented to Rigel. Rigel had an evil thought and with a smirk on his face, told the five guys his plan. The plan he would use to give all the men in town, and eventually the entire country, the gift of muscle and sex. “Oh, you are evil!” Jace laughed and with that, the five hugely muscled men left the laboratory complex and headed into town!

On the way, the group stopped and transformed whomever they met along the way to their destination. Some college guys, a couple bikers, a jogger, and a couple of cops who tried to stop the group due to indecent exposure. Anyone was fair game! They made their way to the city’s water processing plant and in a group circle jerk more intense than anything ever witnesses they contaminated the water supply for the entire county! They continued throughout the night. Within hours every person in town who had a cup of coffee, drank the water, or showered would be exposed to their cum which contained the concentrated steroid mixture.

The only thing Steve could think about was making his way home and meeting up with his younger brother, a college freshman, Anthony. Steve couldn’t wait to transform his brother into a massive muscle bound stud. Meanwhile, at Steve’s house Anthony and his best friend Mike were hanging out playing Xbox games. “Dude, you thirsty?” Anthony asked Mike. “Sure, get us something to drink” Mike responded. With that, Anthony turned the tap and the water flowed……


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