By beeflover2001

A lot of muscle growth stories deal with skinny guys getting big. I wanted to approach it from the other side -- what about an overweight guy who loses his flab and gains massive muscle.

"Hey, Lardass!" William heard his father shout up the stairs. He winced and put down the book he was reading. He waited a little longer, until his father shouted again, "Lardass! Get that fat can of yours down here!"

With a sigh, William got up from the bed and pulled his floppy shirt to cover the fat that rolled over the tight waistband of his jeans. It was a hot, humid summer day, but William wore a long sleeve shirt and jeans. Once, his father had seen him without a shirt and snapped, "Jesus Christ, fatboy! I've fucked girls with smaller tits than yours." Never again, William vowed, would he let his father see him without long-sleeve shirts and long pants. Better to sweat (he did that no matter what) than to listen to his father's taunts.

William was miserable. His parents had divorced when he was three, and he had lived with his mother. When he turned 16, though, his father suddenly decided that it was time for William to have a man's influence in his life and demanded custody. To William's dismay, his mother agreed and off he had gone. His father was big and strong, with a hard body built from decades of construction work, and who looked with disgust at his fat, soft son.

As William entered the living room, his father looked up from the TV, where an announcer blared, "And in science news, scientists today revealed that genetically altered insects were released to help combat the gypsy moth problem. They assure the public there is no danger from these `super bugs.' Now here's Kiki with the weather..."

"What took you so long, Lardass?" William's dad sneered, snapping off the TV. "Couldn't get that fat butt of yours down the stairs?"

William took a deep breath and with a quiver in his voice asked, "Why do you have to call me `Lardass'? My name's William."

"Lardass, are you telling me what I can call you, Lardass?" his father scowled and with a quick move, backhanded William across the face. "I'm the boss here and don't you forget it. I'll call you whatever I want."

His father went on without a pause. "I want you to clear out that junk behind the shed, near the edge of the woods. It's been sitting there for weeks and I'm sick of looking at it. Besides, a little exercise won't do you any harm. Hell, you might even lose some of that blubber." He poked a hard finger into the soft mass of William's belly. "Get your fat ass out there and you better not give me any more backtalk."

William stomped out, tears burning in his eyes. He hated his father. So what if he was fat? It's not like it mattered. He liked to read and work on his computer and you didn't have to be skinny to do that. He thought back with a pang of his life before he moved in with his dad. Why did his mom have to agree to let him live with the man? When he talked to her, she told him that it was for his own good, that he needed a strong male influence, and whatever else his father had been, he was a real man's man. William could do with a little toughening up, she said. She was afraid she pampered him too much. William didn't care; he liked being pampered.

With a sigh, he grabbed some garbage bags and tools and headed towards the shed. It was hot outside and he was already sweating. The material of his shirt began clinging to his body. He should have brought another shirt out with him so he could change, or else his dad would make fun of him again because of the way the shirt molded itself to his rolls of fat.

It was gross behind the shed by the woods. He swatted at a few mosquitoes and wiped the sweat from his eyes. As slowly as he could, he began to gather the junk up and dump it in the bag. He swatted again at the bugs flying around. It had to be the hottest, muggiest, buggiest day outside today. He grabbed a can from the ground.

"Oh, yuck!" he cried, as the hot, stagnant water spilled out. There was a sudden swarm of insects around him and even as he tried to swat them away, he felt one (or more) of them sting his neck. "Ow!"

It was funny, though, it didn't really hurt, but he suddenly felt hot where he had been bitten. He debated going in, but knew that his father would call him a wimp and chase him back outside. William felt a wave of dizziness and staggered against the garbage can. He was hot all over now, inside his body. He started to have trouble breathing and took a couple of deep breaths to fill his lungs with air. Maybe he was having a reaction to the sting. He could be dying. He started to go back up to the house when he was seized with a pain stronger than anything he had ever felt. He doubled over and sank to his knees, crying now.

And just as suddenly, the pain subsided. Shakily, William got to his feet. He didn't feel that bad anymore; in fact, he felt pretty good. He shrugged and decided to get back to work. It seemed easier now, and he wasn't huffing and puffing the way he had been. He squatted for a can and heard a rip. Oh shit! Had he split the seam of his pants? His father would kill him.

William stood up. Wait a minute, he thought. Something wasn't right. His pants slipped down a few inches. What was happening? He lifted up his shirt and looked down. His belly no longer lapped over the waistband of his jeans. In fact, there was a gap of several inches and as he watched, it seemed like his fat gut was shrinking even more. The pants slipped down again, but stopped around his thighs.

His thighs were getting bigger too, but not because they were fat. They felt stronger and thicker. As William ran his hand down his legs, he was shocked to discover how hard they were getting. They grew even more, and soon the material of his jeans was pulled taut. Oh my God, he thought, he could actually see the muscle definition underneath the thick material. With a groan, the seams started to rip; long, slow tears that started near the top of his outer thigh and gradually worked their way down. Soon, the material had separated from the sheer force of his muscle and William gaped at the solid muscle that appeared.

Now his calves felt tight and the jeans were getting snug around them. He stood on his tiptoes and flexed them. With a satisfying rip, the calves burst the denim material. Calves, nothing, William thought, these were fucking cows!

With a savage yank, William ripped the remains of his jeans off him. He squatted a few times, grinning stupidly at how strong his legs felt. He ran his hands up and down the sweep of the massive teardrops. He traced the definition in his thighs, then ran his fingers up and down the veins that pulsated over the rock hard muscle.

He lifted his shirt and gazed at his belly, still shrinking rapidly and whooped with delight. The flesh retreated like the tide going out and he started to trace the outline of his ab muscles as they appeared. He was getting a regular six-pack. With a happy shout, he slapped his gut and nearly cried as he felt the hard muscle beneath his hand, not the soft flab he was used to feeling. He reached his hands around his back to his ass and gave it a smack. It still felt big, but now it was hard with muscle, not soft and squishy. His 2XL underwear had slipped down with his pants, and as William glanced down, he gasped.

His dick, which had been on the smallish size when buried in his fat, was now thrusting and growing, too, but not yet hard. He wrapped his hand around it, delighting in how long and thick it was getting, with fat veins snaking up and down its length. With his other hand, he grabbed his balls and hefted them. They were growing too, and spilling over his hand.

William's shirt now hung loosely over his abs, but it was getting tight through his chest and back. He decided to do a few bodybuilding poses like the ones he had seen on TV, and grabbed his waist, spreading his lats. The shirt grew increasingly snug as William's back continued to expand with thick muscle, eventually stretching so tight it looked as though it would split at any second. William flexed his back a few times, feeling the pump spread and on his next lat spread, grunted with satisfaction as he heard the shirt rip up his back.

Even though it now hung in two pieces over his broad back, the shirt was still tight up front and around his arms. His pecs were getting thick and full, and William bounced them up and down. No longer were they soft like women's breasts; they were hard and strong. He ran his finger up between the slabs, and flexed them, his dick stiffening with pleasure when their thickness enveloped his finger. His shirt pulled tighter as his muscle kept growing.

William heard the now familiar sound of fabric ripping and a tear started near his neck, running down the middle of his expanding pecs and pulled away as his muscle continued to explode. He was shocked at the first sight of how big his chest had become. Veins crisscrossed over the mounds of muscle, like a freeway gone mad, dipping into the muscle cleavage now and running alongside the deep striations. He cupped the massive slabs, marveling as he squeezed their muscular softness, then flexing them into solid rock. He pounded on them, loving the way his hand bounced off the thick muscle. He hefted them and ran his fingers underneath. "All right!" he shouted, as the mighty mounds covered three of his fingers.

William's shoulders swelled rapidly and as they mushroomed to basketball size, the remainder of his shirt slipped off to lodge tightly against his arms. The rest of his shirt hung in tatters around his torso. Now he turned his attention to his burgeoning guns. He had felt them expanding steadily with the rest of his body. Already he could see how thick and beefy they had gotten and he was pretty sure he could see a thick vein running down the biceps of his right arm. Slowly William began to curl his arm up. Gratifyingly, the biceps began to bunch up, forming into an ever- bigger ball of muscle. He stopped halfway up to appreciate the size of his arm; already it looked bigger than his father's, and it wasn't even fully flexed yet.

He continued the slow flexing of his arm, reveling in how snug his shirt felt and how it struggled to keep his biceps under wraps. He brought it up into full flex and ran his hand over the peak. Shit, he thought, my hand barely covers it! Gradually he unrolled his arm, then flexed it a few more times. Each time, the biceps peaked a little bit more. "Come on," William hissed, willing the muscle to burst the sleeve. He heard the telltale sound again and with a roar, flexed his arm one more time. The exhausted material gave way and his mountainous biceps shredded the sleeve in a flurry of exploding fabric. "Oh fucking yeah!" he cried, making the colossal ball of muscle dance. "Goddamn it! I am so fucking huge!"

With a grin, William focused on his left arm. He repeated his pump routine, his left biceps growing bigger and bigger as blood rushed into it. He held it flexed for a moment, running his other hand over its strong peak. He gave a savage yell and powered into another strong biceps flex. The muscle burst through his decimated shirt, bulging proudly in the hot summer air.

William pulled off the strips of cloth that were all that remained of his shirt and let the hot breeze caress his newly massive physique. He brought his arms up in a double biceps, then pulled his hands behind his head. He turned to lick his right arm, gently bouncing the biceps in his face, while he ran his tongue over the thick ball. He did the same on his left, until it was coated with spit and sweat and shone in the afternoon sun.

He brought his arms down, then curled his right arm up again. He traced the thick vein that now ran the length of his massive biceps, and followed the path of veins down his forearm. He had never seen so many veins before!

William let his hands roam over the rest of his body, fondling his pecs and squeezing his nipples. As he pulled on them, he gasped and felt the pleasure ripple down the rest of his muscled body, triggering an even harder erection between his legs. He gripped his heavy dick with both hands and marveled that the head of his cock still poked several inches beyond the width of his hands. He began jerking it, grunting as each pull brought him closer to orgasm. He stopped suddenly to let his dick throb and bob with anguished pleasure. He gave his nipples another tweak and began pumping his dick in earnest. His breath grew short and he felt the cum rising in his mammoth balls. William thrust his dick between his hands and with a bellow began to shoot thick ropy strands of milky white fluid. They splattered against the wall of the shed several feet away and kept coming for what seemed like minutes. Spent, William sank back on his haunches, breathing deeply, his muscles flexing and relaxing at the power of his orgasm. He shuddered at the memory and felt a flush of desire again as he hands brushed his nipples.

"Hey, Lardass!" he heard his father shout from the house. "Are you done there yet? Get your chunky ass back here now!"

William stood up, a savage grin lighting his face. "Coming, Dad," he shouted, surprised at the deep timbre of his voice. As he began striding toward the house, his dick started to thicken again, slapping high against his flat hard belly, his massive nuts bouncing between his huge thighs. It was time to show his father who was boss now. •

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