Lab Accident, The


By Fan of Muscle

“Mr. Sizemore?” Mark questioned as he hesitantly entered the CEO’s office. “Come on in. I’m just thinking” Rigel stated. Little did Mark know that Rigel was thinking about the fun he would have bringing Mark over to his side.

Hidden in the corner of the darkened office was Joe, who had accompanied Rigel to the administrative suites knowing one of the security guards would eventually canvas the area. Mark stepped into the office as Joe effortlessly pushed the door closed and it slammed shut. Mark spun around quickly, shinning his flashlight at the door. There, standing in front of him was Joe. Thickly muscled with veins that stood out in stark relief against skin so thin every muscular striation was clearly visible even in the dark office. The hair which coated Joe’s body in no way obscured his powerful muscles, even with its thickness. “Oh my God!” Mark screamed as Joe lumbered toward him. “Mr. Sizemore, quick, I’ve got to get you out of here!” Mark said with determination. As he turned back toward Rigel’s desk, he bumped head first into Rigel’s powerful hairy chest.

Across the building, Jace was fucking Steven so hard that with each thrust, Steve was forced to deep throat Will’s cock. Steve’s mind could not believe what was happening. How can a person go from a regular guy with a more or less average body to a muscle god with a sex drive through the roof? How is that possible? Steve continued to question that was happening to him, but in truth, he really didn’t give a damn. Almost simultaneously both Will and Jace shot their loads deep inside of Steve and his transformation continued. Steve’s neck widened as he drank down the nector from these muscle men, most of his body fat continued to melt away from his body leaving only his muscles to fill the void. His pecs continued to mound, which pushed his overly large nipples down toward the floor. Steve’s shoulders were so large that between them and his larger, wider neck, his head virtually sat directly on his pecs. He could fell his beard continue to grow out until it was touching his chest. He had never had a beard before, so this sensation was entirely new to him. Steve’s forearms and biceps were massive. So big and powerful. His ass had grown larger and wider with muscle and his tight muscled fur covered ass griped Jace’s cock so hard, Jace couldn’t withdraw from him. Steve was making sure he milked every last bit of cum from Jace’s cock. Steve relaxed his ass and allowed Jace to withdraw from him. Steven slowly stood up. He felt the power in his legs as his thighs rubbed together, his delts were so big and his feet so very large. His cock had continued to grow to a little over two feet in length and rested on this rock hard abs. His erection was so strong that even after having incredible sex, the cock quivered in anticipation of being serviced. Steve immediately knew who he wanted, he wanted Mark!

Meanwhile back in Rigel’s office Mark was already being forced to see how much better his life would be once he was “changed”. Rigel’s hand held the back of Mark’s head while Joe held Mark from behind. Mark’s face was impaled on the massive member of the company’s CEO. Already the massive steroid mixture which was now in the men’s cum and precum was slowly changing Mark. Mark couldn’t move, so there was no way he could avoid this situation, even if he wanted to. Already Mark’s appearance had changed, he appeared to be a little disheveled with a weeks worth of stubble coating his face, jaws, and neck. The stubble even disappeared down into his work shirt and was much darker and thicker than would have been normally possible for Mark. His hair messed by Rigel’s hand holding him in place, but also because it was growing slightly longer. Rigel had his eyes closed, savoring the feeling of a hot wet mouth wrapped around his cock. It was the most sensual feeling he had ever experienced. Mark’s mind, like Steve’s before him, was screaming conflicting thoughts. “No, must stop...don’t stop…pull away….fight….don’t fight…suck….fuck”. Mark was losing, it was only a matter of time before he too would give in. Already he had the hardest erection ever and the front of his pants were soaking wet, he had already cum once and the feelings were not abating. He was hotter and hornier than he had ever been in his life. What was he going to do?

It was then the electricity came back on. “Well, I guess mission accomplished for your buddy, only after making him one of us was Will to turn the power back on!” Joe gloated. Mark had changed. He had given up fighting. Before he realized what he was doing, Mark started flicking his tongue out of his mouth, licking around the head of Rigel’s cock. “You can let him go now Joe” Rigel said, the deep baritone of his voice causing his cock to vibrate in Mark’s mouth. As soon as Joe released his grip, Mark took both of his arms are reached around Rigel’s body, grabbing on to his ass. Mark started sucking as hard as he could drawing as much of Rigel’s precum into his month and down his throat as possible. Mark now had a very thick, short beard covering his face and neck and it was continuing to thicken and grow. The moans escaping from his body were loud enough to cause attention if the building had been occupied. That’s when Joe noticed Mark’s clothes getting tighter. Nothing to write home about, but he was changing and before the night was over, would be one of them.

Will, Steve, and Jace entered the office and were caught in the lust they were witnessing right before their eyes. Steve grabbed hold of his own massive member and lumbered toward his former best friend. “Oh, fuck…I gotta get me some of that!” The others started fondling each other in anticipation of their first true group experiment...Mark! •

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