Full Moon Muscle

By Judd

At the University of Health and Fitness, it isn't unusual to see a musclebound jock or an amateur bodybuilder walking around shirtless. So when Jason first arrived on the first day of school, he was pleasently surprised. Being a 5'11, 140lb. closet case, he didn't get any action or even get to see the male body nude. Jason still hadn't come out about his homosexuality.

Sure, he had his circle of friends back in high school, but now he was alone, unpacking his cartons into his new dorm. He looked and saw that one of the two beds had already been taken. No problem.

He heard a cough from inside the bathroom. "Be right out," called a voice that was full of comfort and wisdom, like an old leather chair in a dusty library. Jason called back "I'm Jason...uh..your new roommate. So you must be..." he checked the registration forms. "Ray?" "Yeah that's me. Just make yourself at home." Jason walked over to their window and looked out over the lush green campus.

"Nice to meet you," Ray said. Jason spun around to shake his hand and came eye level to big, brown nipples. He slowly looked up, scanning his eyes over a fantastic set of pecs, big, thick neck and into the eyes of the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. This guy had to be at least 6'5, with smooth brown hair and deep blue eyes. Jason couldn't believe what he was seeing. This guy had an eight pack of tight, toned abs that would show through an overcoat. Sexy, masculine veins ran up and down his gargantuan biceps. Unflexed they looked like solid bowling balls. Too bad his crotch and legs were covered by a towel. Jason could only dream of what was inside.

"I...I...I'm J-Jason," he stammered out. "You ok?" Ray laughed. Jason could only stare in awe at this god. "Don't worry-I get it all the time." That made Jason ease up a little. "How did you get so fuckin' big??" Jason asked. "Well," Ray began, "I've been working on a formula that increases muscle endurance and power by a pretty large percentage. My goal is to get it at least over 100% someday." They talked and got to know each other. Jason found out alot about Ray. He was a junior and had been training since he was 14. He learned that Ray had taken some of his own potion when he was a freshman and had grown more muscle overnight, but was still a long way from being safe. He worked on it more and got closer to his goal each and everyday. "I've devoted myself to it," he explained.

Ray helped Jason unload his stuff and finished getting dressed. Ray showed him where his little lab was. It was an attachment to their dorm and contained a roomful of beakers, pills, cabinets, and a big pot on one side that had a lid on it. Inside was Ray's potion for the muscle growth.

At this point Ray informed Jason of "the werewolf." For the past year a werewolf had been seen running around campus in the middle of the night. Nobody knew where it had come from. It just appeared one night. They all took extreme precautions like locking the main doors at 9pm and keeping all windows closed after dusk.

They went back to the room and went over Jason's schedule. He had a few classes with Ray. Over the weeks Jason got to know more people and made plenty of new friends. He spent almost all his time with Ray, trying to be like him. Jason had no intention of fooling around with Ray's lab, because he had been very serious when he told him only to go in there if Ray told him to. If something was to go wrong then Jason could very well die if he got hurt in there. He said if something did go wrong he should automatically open the window and let all the fumes escape if there was any danger.

It was now about December. That Friday night the two best friends went to a party and got wasted. They came back and lied down on the beds. Ray, a little out of it, wanted to do some more work on his formula. He asked Jason to get him some materials from the lab. Jason shook himself out of his drunken state and opened the door. He walked in and was hit by a blast of cold air. Someone had left the door open. He went over and shut the window. Suddenly he heard a low growl from behind him. He turned around and was face to face with what he assumed was the werewolf. "Nice doggy...please don't hurt me," Jason pleaded. In the wink of an eye the wolf leaped up onto Jason and knocked him over. He stumbled backwards, falling into Ray's potion and spilling it on the floor. Jason screamed and yelled for help. The wolf started biting at his shirt, ripping it and tearing up his flesh. Jason groped around for something but couldn't find anything. He accidently hit the leg of Ray, lab table and knocked over all the chemicals. He covered his face as they came crashing down on him.

Suddenly Ray burst in as the dog jumped through the window, breaking the glass. He helped Jason off of his feet. "Are you ok??" Ray asked. Jason could barely talk. "Yeah-I think I'm fine. Just got a few bite marks on my arm." He said quietly. He was drenched in Ray's potion and had bite marks all over his body. Everything in the lab came down on him, drenching him with acids and chemicals.

They slowly walked back to the dorm, Ray with his arm around Jason. He took a long shower and changed, climbing into bed at approxiametly 12am.

The next day, Jason forgot all about what had happened the night before. He and Ray hit the gym around 10. Now Jason wasn't gay or bi, but he had had thoughts about some of the senior guys back in high school. He still loved girls more than anything. Yet he still got a hardon from watching Ray pump up his biceps and sculpt his big chest.

That night the two hit the clubs, checking out the women and making dumb jokes to them. They were all over Ray and convinced him to take off his shirt. They swooned and awed his ripped muscle. He flexed for them and turned 'em on real bad.

Around 11:45 they came back to the dorm and talked for awhile before undressing. Jason didn't feel so good so he took a walk around 11:59. He was halfway through campus when the clock struck 12, belching out twelve ear busting gongs. Jason started to turn back when his legs locked in place. He got very scared and didn't know what to do.

Suddenly a great feeling of sexual pleasure overcame him. He looked down and saw that his pecs were getting fuller and fuller. His shirt began to strectch tight over his growing muscles. Jason's biceps ballooned up, getting inflated with sheer muscle power. He heard a loud RIIIIIIPPPP! as the seam of his shirt split open, revealing huge lats. Another crack announced ultimate biceps. Jason's tricpes were like big horseshoes and just as hard.

His once loose t-shirt exploded to shreads and fell to the ground, exposing his bare torso, stuffed with 100% muscle. His abs became definite and clear, boasting mountanious pecs with mondo nipples.

Jason now barely recognized his own voice. His old voice that was squeaky and annoying was now an inhuman grunt. Black hair blossomed on his expanding chest. Sexy, dark black hair also covered his chin and expanding legs.

The jeans he was wearing was at their maximum point when they burst open, boasting tree trunk legs that were thickly covered in fur. His briefs went away too. Jason's once small, one inch cock was at least ten inches soft and still growing!

From behind, Jason looked like a gigantic mountain. His shoulders expanded seven feet from tip to tip. Finally the growth ceased. He was now quite a sight. Jason now had to be at least 8"5 and 700lbs with no body fat whatsoever. He stood in the middle of the campus, bare naked, his godliness exposed. His cock was now twenty five inches long and as strong as most men.

Jason had no idea what to do. There was no way he could continue at school like this. He knew the only person that could help him was Ray. So he started to head back towards the dorm when it hit again.

Jason tried to move but failed at every attempt. The muscle growth happened again. This time, his muscles grew three times as big and more dark hair sprouted up on his chest and legs. Jason now stood at 11"9 and 1500 pounds. His massive chest heaved up and down with every breath.

This was awesome and all, but what was he going to do? He turned around and saw Ray coming towards him. He was now almost twice Ray's height and god knows how much heavier he was than him.

"Bravo," Ray happily said. "What am I gonna do??" Jason boomed. Ray explained about how he had planned this whole thing, how he wanted Jason to become his scientific study of the new formula.

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