Full Potential


By Redkage and Muscle4life

Forgotten by the passage of time

I wait for you to remember my face... my voice...

my name

�16! 17! 18! Come on, push it!� Jack cheered on Brett, the star of the high school football team. The big jock grunted as he pressed the bar loaded with weights upward, forcing out another rep.

Jack Tanner is a 27 year old Caucasian man. He had light blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He's strikingly handsome, and has a little stubble to give him a rough, manly look. He has a very large build, of about 230 lbs and although he has large muscles, he has a slight paunch. Since he was a kid, he had always wanted to have big muscles. So, he exercised and lifted weights, and soon he was muscle bound. When he was in high school however, he discovered a different branch of bodybuilding: power lifting. There was something�magical about a man lifting an impossibly heavy weight. So, instead of focusing on muscle tone he started working on strength instead. He graduated from both high school and college near the top of his class. He had some good job opportunities, but instead he decided to go back to his roots. He became THE power lifting coach at a local high school. Everyone who trained under him made big gains, and right now he was spotting an aspiring power lifter.

When Jack was offered a position to assist the US weightlifting team�s Coach as they prepared for the World Tournament competition, he just felt that was the opportunity of his promising career, so he couldn�t let that slip from his hands, even if that meant he would have to spend his scholar vacation period plus nearly three of the first months of the new school year. Fortunately, the Principal agreed to hire a substitute while Jack would be with the US team. Nonetheless, for a coach like Tanner who liked to follow every step of his athlete�s development and routine, that period was really hard on him, because no matter how many reports the substitute sent him, no matter how often he talked to his students on the phone or text messaging them, he still felt he had to be in two places at the same time.

Jack enjoyed his time with the US team because he received some great advice and got to meet some of the really famous athletes and coaches, not to mention that the World Championship is just about the greatest competition aside from the Olympics, and they can really know the advances at their sport better with this early event. But the most important part was that he was back at his own job, to work with his own team again, to prepare them the best way he could!

�19, just one more dude!� Jack said, but posed ready to help Brett if it turned out to be too much for him. However, his caution turned out to be unnecessary because Brett gave one last animal like growl before pushing the bar up for one last rep.

�Good job!� Jack praised Brett as he grabbed the barbell and put it in its place. �You just bench pressed the most weight I�ve ever seen anyone in this school! Congrats son, you�re the new school record holder!�

�Thanks.� Brett gasped, now sitting up and sweating a storm. All of the other jocks who had been watching had gathered around him to hive their congratulations. �But I gotta long way to go if I�m gonna beat Corey.� All of a sudden everyone hushed down.

�Corey?� Jack said, breaking the silence. This was the first time he had heard anyone mentioned Corey.

�Corey Zimmerman.� One guy said all of a sudden.

�He�s fucking strong coach.� Another guy said.

�Huge as heck too.� Another added.

�He was here in the weight room once when you were out helping the US weightlifting team for that two months you were out.� Brett explained. �We�ve seen him in the hallways at school and kept on asking him to work out with us but he�d refuse. Finally we bullied him into coming with us. We loaded a bar with as much weight as possible, as a�a joke, but he just grabbed the bar and lifted it like it was nothing!�

�How much weight did you put on it?� Jack asked quickly.

Brett�s eyes shifted towards his friends momentarily then looked straight back into Jack�s face. �It was over 400 pounds coach.�

So now, here Jack was in the office. He opened the file cabinet and pulled out the weightlifting records. Today he had watched a senior who had lifted more then any other kids his age, and he said there was someone stronger then him. Reaching in, he pulled out the school records and opened it. "Let's see...Corey He muttered as he shifted through the papers. He went from the first page to the last, but there was no mention of the name �Corey Zimmerman� anywhere on his files. A little bit irritated, Jack shoved the file back into its place and closed the cabinet a little harder then he intended. There was NO FREAKING WAY someone could lift over 400 hundred pounds! Those kids must�ve been joking. If they were purposely making him go on a wild goose chase, he�ll give them payback. He won�t actually do anything bad to them, because he wasn�t that kind of guy, but he could still put them through the training regimen of hell. Still in a bit pissed off, Jack began to think about what to do. "Corey Zimmerman...Corey Zimmerman...who in the world is he?" He wasn't sure if Corey existed or not, but he had to meet this young Hercules.

"Mr. Corey Zimmerman?" The secretary looked up from her desk in the school office. "Alright then, let's see." The secretary turned to her computer. Jack waited as the secretary typed up the info and searched for Mr. Zimmerman. As Jack waited, he couldn�t help but feel that the name �Corey� was vaguely familiar. Maybe it was someone he had met briefly some time back?

"Ah, here he is.� The secretary said finally. �He�s currently he's in his French 2 class in room D-4"

"Alright then," Jack said, "Thank you." Jack left the office and headed for the French classroom. As he neared it, the school bell rang, ending the period. The classroom door opens, and Jack looks among the students, trying to find the one who could be the famous Zimmerman - but all the boys that came out are just regular, normal high school boys. Giving up on just plain sight, Jack approached the French teacher, who had just exited the room. The old lady adjusted her glasses as Jack placed himself in front of her. �Excuse me Ms. Ferrals,� Jack said politely, �but do you happen to have a Mr. Zimmerman in your class?�

"Oh yes, that's Corey.� Ms. Ferrals replied. �He's inside cleaning the board for me. He's such a helpful young lad! He does all of my little errands and helps clean up the classroom everyday."

Sounds like a teacher�s pet. Jack thought to himself. It looked like Brett and his buddies made him look up one of the high school geeks. Personally, Jack didn�t have anything against them, but he was looking for some sort of weightlifting prodigy. �Thank you Ms. Ferrals.� Jack said before he enters the classroom�and stopped. The "teacher's pet� that was cleaning the chalk board wasn�t anything like what he had envisioned.

Corey is a massive 6�2� muscular young man, with bulging muscles and massive features, so huge his old fashioned clothing just barely can contain it. He's got his massive back turned on the coach so he just keeps on his cleaning task, unaware that Jack is watching.

Jack blinked. He looked at the massive guy cleaning the board. The rippling muscles, the broad shoulders, the nice, tight, bubble butt. He would have most CERTAINLY remembered someone like this going to this school. Silently, Jack crossed his arms and watched Corey as he cleaned the board. He took note of the nice, thick arms, those strong powerful legs, and slowly took everything in. Since Corey was still turned away, he couldn�t see the full figure. Jack wondered to himself where this kid has been hiding all this time.

The hulking figure suddenly feels someone�s watching him from behind. He turns his face to the door and Jack becomes even more impressed - The boy has the face of a geek! Not only did the kid use thick coke bottle glasses but they were even fixed with up duct tape. His black shirt turned out to be an "X-files" t-shirt. It was about perhaps a XXL shirt, but it's just almost skin tight, and his nipples are clearly noticeable through the fabric. His face has a few zit makes, but Jack notices that the kid's got a four o'clock shadow on his wide chin. Plus his forearms and his shoulders are so wide, which make his waist look even thinner then it already was. His bulging pecs are massive, and they flexed and bounced so slightly as the kid puts the erasers down onto the table

"Yes, Coach Tanner, may I help you?" The kid says with a hesitantly. Despite his size he was surprisingly soft voiced and even timid.

Jack looked at the kid�s face. It was so familiar�then it finally hit him. He remembered now! Corey Zimmerman was Toothpick - the small kid the jocks used to bully around last year- the guy who was already a junior at 14 years old, a regular genius. He was the president of the Science and Chess Club, head of the Debate club and held positions in many other highly intellectual school activities. Although he was gifted with a very intelligent mind, Toothpick had been very small and weak, only 5�4� and 89 lbs. Because of that, he was able to receive a doctors note excusing him from PE classes completely. That didn�t excuse Toothpick from �other� school activities, however. Toothpick was the same guy Jack used to "save" from the cruelty of the bullies almost every week. Even though he had saved Toothpick on a daily basis, Jack finally remembered that he never really got Corey�s real name at all.

Jack realized that he was visibly staring at Corey all this time. �Ah, sorry about that.� Jack laughed, trying to put up a bold front. �I was just surprised to see you, that�s all.� He looked at Corey up and down. �You�ve grown since last year Too- er, Corey. Been hitting the weights and eating your Wheaties?�

�I had a growth spurt.� Corey said evasively, looking away from Jack as his face suddenly flushed red.

Jack was amazed to see such a large boy look embarrassed. In Corey�s momentary silence, Jack made a quick note of Corey�s body. Wide shoulders, broad full pecs, massive arms and legs and a trim waist. Everything a guy wanted to be. He was very large and built for a fifteen year old, but what worried Jack the most was the fact that he had grown so big in over the course of 5 and a half months since summer vacation. The only reason Jack could think of to aid this unnatural growth was steroids.

Corey seemed to read Jacks mind as he stepped back, his face an even deeper shade of red. �Coach, I�m not taking steroids if that�s what you wanted to know.� He said rather shamefully. �I took the test twice and everything, and each time came out negative. If you want I can take it again for you.�

�No no, I believe you.� Jack said truthfully. �I�m glad it�s not steroids however. They mess up your body pretty bad, and I really hate for someone to cheat when they can obtain the same results by themselves.� He looked at Corey up and down again. He traced the veins that were visible on is skin with his eyes. That was a lot of muscle on a boy who had only been 5�4� and 89 lbs. just last year. Jack began to worry that Corey�s heart may be under a lot of strain from supplying blood to so much muscle. �Corey, can you come with me to my office please?�

Corey�s head shot up. �Bu-but I have Physics class next. I�ll be late.� He seemed to be sweating a bit, though why he was so nervous Jack couldn�t understand why.

�I�ll write you a tardy slip.� Jack said as he walked up to Corey, took hold of his hand and began pulling him towards the door. Jack took two steps before he jerked into a stop. Looking back, he was that Corey was staring at Jack with a vacant expression. Trying a bit harder, Jack pulled, but he couldn�t bulge Corey at all. �You have to walk too.� Jack said finally.

�Oh�s-sorry.� Corey said and began to move. Together the two of them walked through the school and into Jack�s office, their hands still holding.

�Now then,� Jack said as soon at they reached his office. �Sit on that table over there.� He pointed to his examination table where he inspected all of the athletes. Obediently Corey sat down on top of the table, looking very scared. �I�m only going to see if you�re healthy Corey, so relax.� Jack said as he pulled out a stethoscope.

�What are you going to do?� Corey asks, eyeing the stethoscope. Jack was positive Corey knew what it was, so why was he so nervous?

�I�m going to check your heart Corey.� Jack said as he put the stethoscope on. �I�m going to see if it�s healthy. Now then,� Jack approaches Corey. �Take off your shirt please.�

�Wha-what?� Corey�s eyes went wide.

�Take off your shirt.� Jack repeated firmly.

�Can�t you do it with my shirt on?� Corey said, his eyes widening with fear.

�It works best with less in the way.� Jack explained. �Normally for people who are shy about their bodies I would reach in and do it under their shirts, but since that shirt is a little tight��

Corey blushed and reluctantly pulled off his shirt. Jack�s eyes widened briefly as he saw Corey in all his muscular glory. His size had been apparent through the fabric of course, but the bare thing was even more impressive. Corey was, in a word, ripped! There wasn�t a ounce of fat on that chiseled body. He could clearly see the muscle fibers on Corey�s body and the veins streaked across that powerful body.

�You don�t have to flex for me kid; we are not in a bodybuilding show!� Jack tried to lighten the mood, but Corey�s expression didn�t change.

�I am not flexing sir; I don�t know how to flex�� Corey said so embarrassed he didn�t know where to put his big hands. Jack then just nodded along �Those muscles are that hard and ripped and they�re not even flexed? Now that�s something most bodybuilders could envy.�

Corey crouched down to hide some of his physique, causing his pecs to flex and his abs crunch down.

�Why are you doing this? You don�t have to be ashamed of those powerful muscles, Corey! Come on chill out! Don�t worry, it�s only you and me in here and I�m used in seeing big powerful jocks all my life, so you can relax okay?�

�Er.. Coach, could you please hurry? I don�t want to miss Physics class!�

In order to minimize Corey�s embarrassment, Jack decided that he should finish this as soon as possible.

When he pressed the probe against that mound of muscle over the heart, but it suddenly felt like he was listening to a brick wall that had a heartbeat. Those muscles were so hard they didn�t dent one millimeter. It really felt like he was pressing it against a living marble statue made out of muscle. He could clearly hear Corey�s heart beating steady and strong. Still not satisfied, Jack performed a reflex test and then took a tape measure and recorded Corey�s stats: 6�2� tall, 273 pounds with a 54� chest, 26� arms, 30� thighs and a 26� waist. Jack was very impressed. He even has arms as big his own waist Jack noticed as he put away the tape measure.

�Corey, according to your school records of last year you grew 14 inches, plus, you more than tripled your total bodyweight. I think it�s clearly a world wide record, but the most important part is that you seem healthy.�

�Are you sure, I�m not just getting any hormonal unbalance? Like those medical reports on people with disproportional body parts?� Corey asked a bit nervous.

�Well, I�m not a doctor, Corey, but I know teenager�s bodies and you�re very well sized for your height, but nothing is out of proportion. You must be just a late bloomer� Jack remarked as he wrote in his files. Even though he had said that, there was still something strange about how Corey grew into a body that would take years to build over summer vacation.

�Thank you Coach.� Corey said rather modestly. While he waited for Jack to finish, the bell rang. �Oh no, I missed class.�

Jack looked up from his writing. �Oh, I�m so sorry Corey. I didn�t mean to hold you back for so long.�

�It�s alright.� Corey said a bit regrettably. �I�m passing the class anyways, so one day can�t hurt I guess.�

Jack laughed. �Now there�s the Corey I know. Say, to make it up to you, how about we go somewhere and have a bite to eat? It�ll be my treat.�

Corey�s eyes lit up like a house in Christmas. �Really? Gee, thanks coach!�

So food is the magic word Jack smiled. �Alright then, how does a burger sound?�

�Sounds great!� Corey said enthusiastically. �I�m so hungry right now, I can eat about ten!�

And it turned out that Corey wasn�t exaggerating. When they got to a local burger restaurant, Jack watched in amazement as Corey downed twelve double burgers with six large fries and washed it down with two gallons of soda! After Corey finished drinking, he gave a large belch. �Opps, �scuz me.� He apologized.

�You�re excused.� Jack said, still a bit stunned by the sheer volume of the food Corey had just eaten. Jack looked down Corey�s body and to the ripped stomach, but he couldn�t see any signs of it being bloated or anything. Jack privately wondered where he put it all. �Are you done yet?�

�Just about.� Corey said. �Sorry if I made a dent in your wallet, but I�m just so hungry all the time. I can�t help myself whenever I see food.�

Jack grinned. �So you must love to come back home and eat your mother�s cooking right?� The coach was just trying to sound nice and friendly, but he would soon regret his choice of subject.

�Well, coach, I�ve been living in foster homes ever since I was a child.� He said with a kind of sad, calm acceptance. �It�s better than living in a shelter, I can be with all kinds of people and not locked up, waiting for someone to adopt me� But lately, my foster parents are really scared when they see me eating like this��

"I'm sure you just have the wrong impression Corey." Jack reassured him. Corey, however, was still looking kinda down. "Well, you do eat like a giant vacuum cleaner." Jack laughed and threw a playful punch on Corey's arm in an attempt to cheer him up, but Corey's expression didn't change.

�The Applebees are very nice people, don�t get me wrong, and they treat me very well, much better than most of my former foster parents, but they�re not rich, and they still have two boys and a girl of their own. When I was the small geeky boy who took nothing but grade A�s and all the glory of being a genius, there was no problem, but lately I had to keep holding myself back not to eat their entire dinner at once. They never said a word, but I�ve seen them taking their kids out to eat while I devour the food that my parents had made for the whole family.

Jack gulped. �Do you really feel that hungry all the time?�

Corey just nodded his head � �I don�t know why, Coach, I know it�s almost impossible to eat even more, but I just feel hungry, my body keeps asking for more and more food!�

�Corey, you must understand that your parents are also adjusting to this new reality like you are, son. There are times they might get scared to your appetite, but they also know you�re the same smart kid they welcomed into their home.�

The blond massive geek readjusts his eyeglasses and smiled a bit � �You think so?�

�I know so, Corey. Just give them time for them to get used � Heck; I was really impressed when I realized that Toothpick suddenly became Corey, the Barbarian!�

�Nobody calls me Toothpick anymore sir, and frankly that�s the best part about all this!� Corey said blushing.

�Well, okay �Conan� ready to leave?�

Corey nods and places his hands on the table as he stood up. Suddenly the table breaks into pieces, spilling the empty trays and trash onto the floor. Everyone�s eyes were suddenly on them as Corey looked in horror at the mess he had caused. �I�m so sorry!� He apologized quickly. �I didn�t mean to break it, honest!� He looked around, eyes pleading as the manager approached them.

Jack didn�t really understand what was going on, but first he had to get out of this predicament first. Quickly he stopped down and checked the remains of the table. �It looks like the screws broke. They look like they were brittle enough to break pretty soon anyways.� Jack half lied. The screws [b]did[/i] break, but it wasn�t because of the screws. �This could have seriously hurt someone.� Jack turned and frowned at the manager. �I suggest you check all of the other tables before something like this happen again.�

�Right away sir.� The manager said, taking the bait. After some cleaver talking, Jack managed to get them out of there without too much of a hassle, and he even received a coupon book good for ten free burgers.

�Well that was interesting.� Jack said as soon as they well away from the burger joint and into the park. He stopped at motioned Corey to sit down on the park bench. �Though, how did that table break all of a sudden�?� He trailed off and looked intently at Corey.

�I�m sorry coach, I didn't mean to do it!� Corey suddenly broke down. �It's just... everything is out of control with me coach! I'm worried, I don't know what is happening with me! My body is getting some kind of mutation or something, I can't call it anything else - I am becoming a freak sir!�

�Whoa there son, take it easy!� Jack said as he placed his hand on Corey�s arm, trying to calm the kid down. For a brief moment he mentally took note of how hard it felt, but he pushed that to the back of his mind. His student needed him now. �Now start at the very beginning, and I�ll see if I can do something for you.�

Corey looks over at Jack, his eyes on the verge of tears. �It�it started during summer vacation. I started feeling some cramps and my foster parents took me to the free clinic, and the doctors all said I was doing okay, so I went home. But after that I started eating so much, my appetite seemed to increase every day. I don't know what is happening to me Coach, but you remember me as a skinny geek, and I can assure you I didn't pick up a single heavy weight during vacation. All this muscle is just growing on me!� He turned and faced Jack, his face desperate. �I can't tell you what is going on, but I think my body is changing faster coach. My foster parents don't have the money to take me to a specialist who can help me and I�m just scared! All these muscles without any gym work? Fuck, coach, even I didn�t realized how strong I really was until some guys tricked me into picking up that weight! I thought it was normal for a person to lift that much, really! And now I�m breaking everything I touch if I�m not careful, and I�m afraid I�ll hurt someone next! I�m scared coach, I really am!� he sobbed and suddenly collapses on Jack.

�There, there.� Jack rubbed Corey�s back to comfort him. �It�s alright, there�s nothing to be scared of, it�s probably just a�a growth spurt.� He lied. A growth spurt? Ha! There was no way ANYONE could pack on that much muscle in such a short amount of time, and without work to boot! However, Jack believed Corey was telling the complete truth. Why wouldn�t he? �Don�t you worry, I�ll see you through this. Tell you what, I�ll even pay for your specialist, alright? How does that sound? That way we can find out what�s going on with you and give you the help you need.�

�Th-thanks coach.� Corey sobbed as he sobbed on Jack�s shirt. �Thank you so much.�

an act of kindness, betrayed

a promise made,

�I�ll stay with you till the end� •

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