Full Moon and Muscle


By Texzilla

It would strike Pete later on that the timing was just too perfect. Just enough time had passed after the last class of the day had left when Milton showed up at his classroom door. Students might still be in the building, but none would be left in his classroom. Milton would have blended in with the few parents coming for teacher/parent conferences after school.

Even when Milton showed up, giving a tentative knock on the open door, Pete barely had tine to consider how strange it was that his old college friend showed up in his 6th grade class. Milton made no small talk, no attempt at getting caught up before he set off the bomb that shook Pete to his core.

“Someone knows about us and Archie….. sort of.”

“What?! What do you mean ‘knows’ and ‘sort of’ ?”

“Remember Gus Martinez? No? Neither did I really. He was a friend of Archie’s? Weird guy into weird stuff?”

“Wait…wait.. short guy, kind of dumpy?” Pete said as he continued to try to both get his work done for the day and listen to Milton.

“Back then, yea. He’s done some digging. Apparently he and Archie were a lot closer than we knew. If you know what I mean. But he’s found some info, some things of Archie’s, some things Archie filed with the school, some grievances.”

“So what. If it proved anything we’d have heard about it long before. Like when we were all back in college.”

“Doesn’t need to prove anything. What he’s got isn’t bad enough to reopen the investigation but it’s enough to blackmail me. What he’s got could ruin me at work, very easily. He’s been blackmailing me for the last few months. So far mine’s the only name he’s got but he knows there wwere others involved and he’s close to finding the rest of you.”

“Holy crap.”

“Let’s go find a bar to talk this over.” Milton said looking around. “Walls have ears and this isn’t the type of thing you talk about in a school room anyway.”

Pete didn’t even think there was anything odd about how long it took Milton to find a bar that afternoon. After all it was just after 4 when they got to the bar. So having to drive half way back into the city wasn’t setting off any alarms. No matter how far away he was getting from his house, his car, his regular life….

They grabbed a back booth and ordered more than a few drinks as soon as they walked in.

“So what the fuck is going on? Who blackmails anyone anymore?” Pete said taking just about downing one drink in one swallow to get his strength up for the conversation that was coming.

“Well this maniac does. I started getting stuff in the mail. Like you I couldn’t believe it. At first I even thought it might have BEEN one of you three since we were the only ones who knew what went on. Before I could contact you this Gus guy revealed himself to me.”

“What was he sending, what did he want?”

“I’ve got some of the…, aww shit I left it out in the car. I’ll show you when we leave. There’s some of the notes we sent with comparisons to my hand writing from back when I was in college. Some photos that Archie must have taken that clearly shows me, but he never did anything with.” Milton said downing his own drink and starting on a second.

“Where was this stuff for him to find….. and does he want money or….?”

“Yea trust me, it’s money and to make my life hell, that’s what he wants. You wouldn’t believe it. I am SO close to losing my job, I can’t tell you. You up for anything at that school? Any promotion on the horizon?”

“Well, yea, there’s this Assistant Principal position coming up…”

“Well trust me. He finds out about you guys, he’ll find out about that. Then you’ll be forking over your 401K to him to keep his mouth shut. You think that school is going to promote anyone if they found out you were part of a harassment campaign that got a gay kid to kill himself?”

“HEY, YOU guys were the ones that…”

“Listen to me! It don’t matter shit who did what! Doesn’t matter that we were young. Doesn’t matter that we were stupid. Doesn’t matter that I see Archie’s eyes every night before I go to sleep, IF I get to sleep.”

The two men sat in silence for quite a while. Milton kept checking his watch but gave Pete the time he needed to let al of it sink in. Pete pulled off his glasses, thin square shaped black framed glasses that looked good for a school teacher to wear, and rubbed his eyes. “So what now?”

“You know you guys are safe with me. He’s turning up the heat but I’m not going to let him get to you. But I might have to come to you guys for…you know.. some money to keep him happy.”

“Chri….what are you kidding?!?! It’s like he’s blackmailing you so you’re going to start blackmailing us! I’m a freaking teacher, you know how much we make?”

“And I’m a freaking exec at my bank and I’m being bleed dry for something WE ALL DID!!! Look….look…, I’m sorry. I’m going to talk to John and Andy over the next two days. Going to tell them the same thing. And if I can, I’ll go to them first if needed but, I had to warn you.”

“Yea, yea, I know.” Pete said putting his glassed back on. “Maybe the four of us can put our heads together and come up with something to take this guy down?”

“Been thinking of something along the lines of that myself, but it will have to wait till the other two are on board. Look, it’s getting late. I have to head back into the city. I’ll show you the stuff I brought along then drive you home. OK?”

The two men were quite for a while longer before getting up from the table. They had both had quite a bit to drink and Pete was really feeling it. That and the shock of having something like this come out of no where to pull his life apart. The two men walked out to the parking lot, and the far corner where Milton had parked. He opened the trunk and got out his briefcase.

“Let me show you…” he said quietly before pulling out a tazer and zapping his former friend well past passing out. Being in the far corner of the parking lot, with the buildings on all sides and early evening, if anyone saw what happened, they didn’t make a show of it. Milton had positioned Pete almost perfectly so the man fell back partly into the trunk. With the booze and the shock he’d be out for quite a while. All Milton had to do was flip his legs up into the trunk, slam the lid and drive. Drive careful enough not to hurt Pete any more than he had, but drive quick enough to get back to the house before the moon came up. Gato would have everything set by the time he got back.

Pete would come to some time later, he never really figured out how long he had been unconscious. At first he thought that it was because his glasses had gone missing that he was having trouble seeing, but it turned out to also be because of the incredibly dark room he was. Immediately he tried to stand up, to move, but was tied to a chair. It was while he was struggling that he found he was naked except for some odd large piece of underwear on his groin. His movements almost got it to fall off.

“Better watch it Prof.” Gato said moving from the darkness to replace the cloth around Pete’s thighs. “That just needs to stay in place a few more minutes.”

“What the fuck is going on!!?? Who the hell are you? Here’s Milton?”

“Milton, oh he’s right over here. Also just for a few more minutes., Here. Let’s light a few more candles to brighten things up.” Gato said moving away, taking out a small lighter and completing lighting the circle of candles that surrounded the chair Pete was in. As he had said, Milton was standing off to the side, also naked except for a piece of cloth, what looked like a giant red jock hanging from his thin waist. Again, without his glasses Pete wasn’t sure he was seeing what he was seeing but from the sparkles catching the light it sure looked like Milton had huge gold rings hanging precariously from each nipple.

“Look I don’t have to be here for this.” Milton said nervously, trying desperately not to make eye contact with Pete. “I’ve done my part for tonight. The moon’s almost up, why can’t I leave?”

“Why? Because I need you to show our new buddy Pete here what’s going on. Hey Pete, Milt said you didn’t remember me. Memory jogging at all?”

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on but you’re not going to get away with this. Milton what the hell??!! Who is this guy? Why are you letting him..?”

“Milton told you. It’s Gus Martinez. Or at least I used to be. This is my home. And this is my revenge.” Gato said leaning in with a big smile on his face. “ What’s going to happen here tonight is the same thing that happened to ol’ Milty here a couple of months ago. He’s been nice enough to bring you into our pack.”

“Gato look, it’s beginning. Please let me go.” Milton said.

Gato tuned, walked out of the circle and grabbed Milton. “Had enough whining for one night.” He pulled Milton to the edge of the candle circle. “Hey Pete. Want to see a magic trick? Literally?”

Pete was still in shock from the whole situation when Gato started picking at something on Milton’s neck. The thin bank official was looking incredibly sick, his skin turning an off grayish color, while at the same time beginning to sweat like crazy. With enough of the old skin pulled away Gato grabbed on and ripped a large section of Milton’s face off. Revealing the hairy bearded face of Sunny underneath. Had he not been thrown into complete shock, Pete would have started screaming right them.

“Pretty amazing huh?” Gato said as he continued to remove the dead skin from Milton’s body, only to have Sunny revealed from the cleared sections. After a minute or so Sunny obviously was aware enough to see that while his head was clear, most of his body still was encased in Milton’s old skin.

“Aww dammit Gato! Don’t bring me to in the loser’s crap body. Get this off me.” The blond said in his deep baritone voice that still had the edge of a child’s annoyance to it.

“You take care of that puppy.” Gato said giving Sunny a kiss. “I’m going to talk to Pete now.” He moved again to the edge of the candles while Sunny worked quickly to free himself. As with each night of the full moon the dead skin was pealed off while more and more of Sunny’s body came through. And the freed part continued to grow and expand once out in the air. “Pretty freaky shit huh Pete? Going to be happening to you in about 5 minutes.”

That snapped Pete back from his trance on the freak show that was going on past his tormentor. “How…how is that possible? What is going on?”

“What’s going on? Let’s just say I did some digging into an old…let’s call it a curse… a few years back. You’re a bright guy, you know what a werewolf is, right?”


“That’s what we all are buddy, werewolves. Except the curse never really was about ‘wolves’, just predators. In Europe wolves were considered predators, so that’s what the curse did. In Russian, bears. Now in this current day urban society, what good would it be to turn a guy into a doggy? And now in this Red State, Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell, Ann Coulter/Isaiah Washington loving country…what could be more of a predator than a group of muscled up butt fucking fags?”

“You’re insane.”

“I’m insane? Did you not just see the man who screwed you over tonight turn into this giant of a blond beast? I’m asking you right now buddy boy. You seeing us as one of your sweet tender little 6th graders with their smooth peach fuzz covered asses in the seats waiting to learn? Or do you see…. predators?”

Pete tried to understand all he was seeing, all he was being told. Maybe it was him who went insane instead of these two. Maybe this is something to do with the shock he got from Milton. His train of though was broken when Gato threw a glass of red liquid at him. It hit Pete in the chest, splashing up to his face and mouth while also quickly dripping down to his lap.

“And that’s all we need to get the party started. It’s not like in the horror movies where we have to bite you or something. Although that will probably be happening later on. The classic way the curse is passed on is to have the subject wear a pelt of the creature they’re to turn into, a ring of fire and the special sauce I just hit you with. And the full moon of course. That’s one of the part the movies got right.”

“Insane……this is so…..I’m going to be sick….”

“Probably. You should be feeling pretty hot soon. Like a pressure cooker boiling up. Hey puppy.” Gato said turning around to see if Sunny was done turning. Not only was he done transforming into the muscle bound dumb blonde of a bodybuilding god, he had his huge cock out and was planning with the giant PA hanging off the end of his dick. “ Got any words of wisdom for Petey here since you’ve been through this a few times?”

“My dick’s not healed so I’m not going to be able to do any fucking tonight.” He said sounding quite disappointed.

Gato gave a quite laugh. “For Sunny that’s about a ‘wisdom’ as we’re going to get.”

Pete was breathing hard now. His skin red with heat, even turning purple in some spots. He looked up at Gato and Sunny, his eyes bulging from his head, almost as red as his skin.

“Looking pretty uncomfortable there Pete. First time’s always the worst since there are SO many layers of skin that have to be removed for the new you to come through. I can help. Do you want me to help there Pete? Just ask. Just ask me to turn you into the queer fuck toy you’re now destined to be.”

“Fhh……Fhhuck yuuuuu” was all Pete was able to get out.

“That’s not how the chain of command goes around here. I’m the Alpha, I’ll do the fucking.”

Pete was barely able to stay conscious for the second time that day. But this wasn’t like when Milton had zapped him. His whole mind was on fire. He was losing consciousness as much as he was feeling like he was waking p for the first time. And doing both was killing him. His back was spasming like a drum beat. His arms strained till he thought the bones would crack. The taste of blood was going down his throat from where he had bitten his tongue several times.

“Please……help……..” he finally said.

“Help what?”

Pete immediately knew what the response needed to be. “Help, master.”

“Got it right the first time. Come on Sunny.” Gato said turning around and looping his index finger through the PA. “Might be too sensitive to insert into the holes you usually stick this monster into, but I think Pete’s mouth should be able to accommodate your new bling.” By the time they crossed the candle circle Sunny was completely hard. The weight of the heavy gage PA doing nothing to keep his dick from rising off his groin at a higher than 45 degree angle. “You stand here. Pete’s got to lean forward a bit. And Pete, you’re going to have to learn how to suck cock anyway so, try not to chip any teeth on that ring, OK.”

Gato pushed Pete forward in the chair. His arms were still tied to the side but he could move his body and reach out with his mouth to the blonde’s cock. The pain was so intense he wasn’t even able to begin thinking about how this was the last thing he’d ever thought he’d do. Taking another man’s cock in his mouth. But Pete would have gone down on a white hot poker if it meant getting the pain to stop.

Gato gave Pete another push, forcing Sunny’s cock down his throat a bit more. But now standing in back of the chair, Gato had full view of his new pack mate’s back. He pulled his switchblade from the pocket of the tight leather pants he had been wearing, then pulled the pants off completely. Might was well be comfortable too. Taking the knife he carefully inserted in into the base of Pete’s neck, right at the shoulder blades. He had left enough of the transformation take place before removing the skin that there was no threat of actually cutting Pete. With the knife in place he moved it down Pete’s spin to his ass. The skin cut in two like the peel of an orange coming off, thick slabs of skin parted. Not like the this single layer that Sunny cast off. This being the fist time Gato would literally have to slice the new puppy free. With the back slit open Gato grabbed one side and gave a good yank to the left, then did the same to the other side to the right. Completely exposing the new back, which immediately ballooned to incredible size now that it was free.

Gato smiled broader than he had with the same was done with Milton a few months back. Not only had he pulled off yet another transformation, he had been able to cross the race barrier this time. Gato’s hands ran over the deep black skin, feeling the heat from the newly expose area. The deep ebony skin glowed with life. It’s lightest sections were true black, the there were even darker shades than that.

Gato moved the knife along Pete’s arms now, down the side between where the biceps ended and the triceps began. The skin started pulling away by itself almost as soon as Gato made the cut. He pushed Sunny back from his position and carefully lifted Pete’s head up. Didn’t want that last piece to come off too quickly. “Don’t cum yet Puppy, the new Pete will be back on you in a minute.” Sunny thought about what Gato said for a second before smiling like a child and stroking his huge cock on his own.

“Want to see impossible dumb ass?” Gato said pointing Pete’s face to his arms. Gato reached over and pulled the long strip of flesh off, exposing more of the black stud who was growing beneath. Pete started to mutter “No” when a flap of chest skin gave up and tumbled down, letting the huge pecs to come in. Just as black as the rest of him. Gato couldn’t’ help notice that the shock had left Pete’s eyes and was replaced with sheer amazement. Pete’s new black skinned arms swelled up, the biceps larger and larger, veins breaking out across them like thick ropes. If he could have moved his arms he might have been able to hold them up against his chest to see which was getting bigger. His biceps or his pecs. It was a close race

“You’re a 6th grade teacher huh. Probably too old to play ‘got your nose’ with your kids, but let’s give it a try.” With that Gato grabbed Pete’s nose and pulled his face off. The black stud underneath started breathing like he had just come up for air after almost drowning in a pool. His flat nose flared in and out to get all the oxygen he needed into his lungs. His chest expanded with each breath, growing larger and larger all the time. His full lips parted to let air come in his mouth, drool slowly spilling down to drip of the incredible square chin. At least, Gato figured it was drool. Knowing Sunny…

“Hey buddy, how you feel?” Gato said looking the guy in his deep dark brown eyes.

“More cock please.” He replied in a deeper timber than either Sunny or Gato had. A beard started to0 grow in. Fine but thick, outlining down his jaw to his chin then up over the mouth to create a mustache. Gato couldn’t help thinking that while they weren’t turning into animals, they certainly were coming away with a pelt of fur to play with.

“Oh yea, he’s one of us now.” Gato said, then reaching behind him to bring Sunny back to the new mouth. A quick wave of the knife and the new guy’s arms were cut free from the bindings of the chair. He quickly shucked off the remaining skin from his arms and hands so he could warp them around Sunny’s hips to bring him in all the closer. Another couple of quick cuts and the new guy’s legs were freed from the legs of the chair. Gato moved the chair out of the circle as soon as the black stud had gotten off it and onto his knees to continue sucking Sunny. Who, in the thrall of the best blow job of his life, was running his nipple rings around and around their new pierced out holes.

The skin on the legs all but removed themselves once the knees were bent and hit the ground. Gato was able to remove them almost like thick hosiery. There were still some areas of Caucasian skin left around the edges of the black thong Pete had been wearing so loosely, but now was almost too tight on the black man’s frame. He tried to pull him off of Sunny’s cock but only wound up removing the rest of Pete’s scalp. Leaving a section of skin in his hands that looked not totally unlike a toupee, Gato saw a fine head of thick black afro growing in on the scalp he just revealed. Good, Gato wanted to be the only smooth headed member of this pack.

“Got to get the last bits.” Gato said pulling Sunny away and helping the new guy to his feet. He was just slightly shorter than Sunny, making him the shortest of the three at 6’3”, but he was certainly the widest at the shoulders. Neither man had ever seen anything like the width this guy got at the arms, and then collapsed in to almost northing at the waist.

Gato pulled down the thong and grabbed hold. His hands slipped due to the sweat and moisture that hit during the first change so he had to go in again for Pete’s cock. Giving it a better yank it almost looked like he had castrated the black bull. But it was the outer skin of the former white boy Gato threw into a pile with the rest of the cast offs. He might have been shorter than the other two, but his cock was longer and fatter than either of them could have ever wished. And it wasn’t even hard yet.

“He sure doesn’t look like a Pete any longer” Sunny said breathlessly. The black stud heard this and was going to correct the blond bear he had been sucking off when it obviously occurred to him that he didn’t know what his name was.

“You know I get to name al the puppies in my littler. This guy already has one. Since you were so upset on my taking others into the pack, I want him to be your buddy. So Buddy it is.”

Buddy ran the name over his lips a few time, getting the feel of it, and liking the sound.

“Think Buddy’s deserved a little attention now. Why not service him for a while.” Gato said making it clear that it was Sunny’s time to get on his knees, which the blond did in an instant. Buddy’s eyes widened slightly as Sunny took his massive cock in his mouth. Even if there was anything left of Pete inside knowing what was going on, he never felt a mouth like Sunny’s on a cock head like Buddy’s. Gato moved behind the black bodybuilder and pulled the thong down. It got held up trying to go around the inflated quads of Buddy’s upper legs, but eventually rested around his knees. He positioned his cock between the twin peaks of Buddy’s solid ass. Rounder and wider than Sunny’s, with deep dimples on each side. Gato also found that Buddy was the perfect height for fucking. He just hoped his own huge cock was long enough to reach past the cheeks and into Buddy’s virgin ass.

It was. Within a few seconds Buddy was working both Sunny’s head on his cock and Gato’s dick up his ass. Low grunts were coming out of the black man as he got fucked by the man who he would spend the rest of his life worshiping. This was what his ass had been created for, to take Gato’s dick, and he knew it. And he loved it. Gato reached from behind Buddy, till his hands connected across Buddy’s chest, and pulled the black man back. Buddy’s own huge hands reached up and instead of pulling Gato away, held his hands closer. The sweat coming off of Buddy’s back and the sweat from Gato’s chest made for no friction as the two men rhythmically moved together as one.

Sunny feeling like he was close removed himself from Buddy’s dick and rested back on his arches. His cock pulsed for a second before shooting off a load that sprayed the front of the black bodybuilder and coated the Latino master’s legs at the same time. The pain was fairly intense since as Sunny mentioned his PA was far from healed. The cum blowing past the incisions caused enough pain that Sunny had trouble keeping a clear head for a moment or two. He hoped he was going to be able to cum again many more times that night. He liked that feeling. Buddy looked down and smiled, then pursed his lips. Sunny didn’t need any more of the message as he got up and started deep soul kissing Buddy while he was getting fucked. Sunny couldn’t help find how new and fresh Buddy tasted, like a real man, not like the guys he fucked around with in the bars and clubs. Adding this stud to the pack was a good idea after all.

Sunny was standing close to Buddy enough so that when the black man shot his load for the first time, Sunny was coated in his cum as much as Sunny’s cum got on Buddy. With his two puppies done unloading their seed for the hour Gato kicked into high gear on his taking Buddy’s ass cherry. His hips started gyrating so fast and so hard into Buddy’s ass the two mo0unds were quivering like they were made of Jell-O instead of solid muscle. Buddy leaned his head back and his eyes rolled into his head even farther. Completely enthralled by the overwhelming sensation of being fucked to within an inch of his life. With a groan that sounded more like the animal heritage the curse used to implant in it’s victims Gato emptied his nuts into his new puppy’s ass. Buddy was Gato’s now.

Two down, more to come.

Hours later Buddy wasn’t sure where he was when he woke up, or how long he’d been asleep. He found that he was in a bed, sitting up with his hand over his head. That turned out to be because he was handcuffed to the top of the head board. He tugged gently on the cuffs but they were locked good. He wasn’t all that upset, he seemed to remember Gato and Sunny placing him there and the three of them making the bed shake and groan all night. Not that they all didn’t do their own groaning too.

He started playing with his cock as the sun made it’s way into the room. As the place got lighter he noticed his head began to feel like it was getting clearer for some reason. A wave of relaxation came over him and he almost nodded off the sleep again. In the relaxed state he was able to see his muscles begin to pull in, almost completely recede till they were no longer noticeable under his skin. Which also was changing, getting lighter and lighter all the time. His deep true black melted away to a normal fair tan for late spring. The incredibly dense bush of dick hair he had thinned out some, and lost its curl and color till it was a thinning patch of light brown straight hair. But even this smaller amount of hair was more than his shrinking cock needed.

It was when Buddy’s eyesight started getting a little blurry that he wondered where his glasses were. Then he remembered it was Pete who wore them. Then Pete’s consciousness took over. And freaked out to no end.

Pete found himself waking up in a strange room, naked, hurting all over with his hand cuffed to the bed. His screams of panic and the commotion of his trying to destroy the bed to get free brought Milton running into the room. Tying his bathrobe around him Milton tried to calm his former friend down but was greeted with more than a couple of well placed punches from Pete’s free hand

“Calm down you idiot!! He’s going to head you and it’s going to get bad enough as it is already!!! No reason to rush it.”

“You fucking cock sucking god damn son of a bitch.!!!!! How could you do that to me!!! Why…what… oh my god!!!!!” Pete said suddenly having the memories of the night before flood over him. He collapsed on the bed crying.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!!!” Milton said trying to comfort the man. “You have no idea what I’ve been through the last few months. Last night was NOTHING! He promised that if I brought the others who tormented Archie in he’d make it all this go easier for me.”

“Well lucky you fuck head!!!” Pete said tugging at the handcuffs. “Get the key and let me out of here, I’m going to the cops!!”

“And tell them what that won’t ruin your life anymore than it is now? You think they’re going to believe the stories about werewolves? You think they’re going to see this as anything else but a bunch of crazy sex driven fags who had a night gone bad so you run to the cops to get your boyfriend in trouble? How long you gonna keep your job if the parents find out about this?”

“Oh my god.” Pete said starting to cry again.

“Besides, he controls us now. You couldn’t go to the cops anyway. You’d stop yourself from hurting him. You don’t think I TRIED?!? I tried twice and I stopped myself twice.”

“What am I gonna do?’ Pete started mumbling over and over again as he slipped into shock.

“Look…Pete LOOK AT ME! OK, I’m not going to say it’s not that bad because it is. I’m not going to say it only takes over our lives for 5 days a month because it’s always there. But Pete…. I have a plan. I think I know a way out.”

“Oh yea I’m going to trust you now.”

“Pete, honest, hear me out. It’s not going to be easy and we’re going to have to put up with a lot more of this over then next few days. And we’re….. we’re going to have to bring John and Andy into this too.”

“What the fuck kind of plan!!! You’re just wanting out!! He’s told you that if you bring him us you can go, is that it!!!”

“Well…sort of, yea.”

“You fuckin’” Pete yelled suddenly throwing himself off the bed with all his strength till he was able to land his foot on Milton’s crotch. Even though it was an ancient bed it still moved half way across the room with Pete, making an incredible noise with it.

While Milton was trying to pull himself together he heard the familiar noise of Gato stirring far down in his basement apartment. The stairs leading up to the bedroom suddenly started to creek as he made his way up.

“Listen, he’s coming. But listen to me. We bring John and Andy in. And then two nights from now, on the 5th night, when we have just the slightest control over those bodies…..all four of us….. we kill Gato.” •

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