Bodybuilder in Prison



By Newz54

People like to be with a winner and after the defeat of Kali most of the prisons became friends with Jim. Kali no longer had his entourage of wellbuilt friends. He kept a low profile. Guard Gil continued to smuggle food and supplements to Jim. Jim continued to train hard and his body grew even more impressive. The prisoners loved to see Jimās magnificent body in the showers. His beautiful butt and massive back a wonderful site. Some prisoners would cum just looking at Jim. He was that incredible.

One night when Gil came by he explained that the new Mr America would be coming to the prison next week to give an exhibition. "The guys name is Bob Stevens, "Gil said. Jim's nostrils flared at hearing the name. Stevens was his arch enemy. He was the guy that tipped off the police to the steroids. With Jim in prison Stevens went on to take the Mr America crown.

The next morning Jim went off to the weight room earlier than usual. He bombed his biceps and triceps hard. Later in the day he worked on his legs ballooning them to inhuman proportion. Jim wanted to be in top condition in case he should get the chance of meeting up with Stevens.

Finally exhibition day was here. The prisoners were herded into the prison auditorium. The warden introduced Bob Stevens. Stevens showed off his contest winning physique to the prisoners. He was quite an impressive bodybuilder. He was only about 220 pounds but his small joints gave the impression of much bigger size. His waist was incredibly small...he said it was only 29 inches. His biceps were magnificent. Round, large and defined. Stevens said they were over 24 inches. His legs and thighs flared out to his shoulder with. The prisoners were all very impressed and they clapped loud. Many of the guys started yelling ćJim...Jim...Jimä After a while the whole room started calling for Jim Before you knew it the warden had called Jim up on the stage to posedown with Stevens. Jim stripped to his bikini briefs. There were a lot of whistles as he revealed his magnificent body. The posedown started in the relaxed position. Jimās perfect symmetry was in full evidence. Wide shoulders, huge squared chest, tiny muscled waist, horselike quads. Stevens was no slouch but he didnāt have Jimās good looks or his incredible size. The two men performed the double bicep. Both men flexed every part of their body as well as their guns. Jimās guns appeared to be at least an 2 inches bigger than Stevens. Jim proved the point by standing behind Stevens and shadowing his biceps. From behind Stevenās guns , Jimās monster guns towered.

The prisoners were in awe of both men but could see their man was the better one. Pose after pose Jim blew away his competition. Jimās back side was even more impressive. The two bodybuilders faced the rear and flexed their lats. Jimās were like the wings of a giant bird that tappered to knots of muscles in the small of his back. His deltoids looked like cantelopes placed on his shoulder. Once again he blew away his competitor. The prisoners chanted ĪJim...Jim...Jim..ä It was clear who they thought won. When the posedown was over Stevens answered some questions. He talked about his life as Mr. America and bragged about the money he was making. He talked about all the traveling he was doing and all the magazine and tv exposure he was getting. Stevens was enjoying this part of the program and appeared to be rubbing his success in Jimās face. Eventually the program ended and Stevens was given a tour of the prison by a couple of the guards. They toured the mess hall, the baseball diamonds and finally the gym. When they got there Jim and his friends were deep into a workout. Jim was pumped and pumped good.

Stevens saw Jim right away. The huge bodybuilder was hard to miss as he was wearing some skimpy shorts that showed off his body. Jim was pumped to huge proportions and the blond muscle god clearly was bigger than Stevens. Even in a relaxed position with his arms to his side Jim's biceps ballooned to the size of anyone elseās in a fully flexed position. The two bodybuilders exchanged some small talk, Stevens never acknowledging Jim's superior physique. Finally the guards suggested to Stevens that they leave. Stevens agreed but sked to use the john first. The guards suggested he not to use the prisoners facilities but Stevens told them not to worry. "I can take care of myself" Stevens said.

Stevens entered the head while the guards stood watch outside the door. Jim saw it was his chance to confront Stevens in private. Tom and some of Jim's friends also knew it and quickly overpowered the two guards and knocked them cold. Jim walked into the head just as Stevens was getting up off the can. It was a good sized room with a number of open stalls. Jim approached Stevens and said "I know you were the one who tipped off the cops." Stevens said, " So what if I did....there is nothing you can do about it now." He added , "I guess you won't mind if I screw your girlfriend since you have probably turned faggot in prison."

Jim had had enough and took a swipe at Stevens right in the gut. Stevens only flinched and shot back a jab to Jim's gut. For the next five minutes they exchanged blows to their incredibly rippled abs. After a while Jim's blows were starting to take an effect on Stevens. Jim then grabbed at his opponents neck and with the strength of his massive arms raised him in the air and then dropped him to the ground. With Stevens lying face down on the tile floor Jim jumped on his back. He placed his legs in a squat like position and then with both hands pulled back on Stevens chin and neck. Stevens was being hyperextended backwards and couldn't do anything to stop it. He tried muscling Jim's hands away but despite his major guns he was unable to break Jims hold. Sweat was pouring from both men and Jim struggled to hold a grip on Stevens. When Jim lost his grip Stevens used his arms and legs to flip on his back. Now he was facing Jim. Stevens saw his chance to take control so he raised his legs up, locked them around Jim and pulled his opponents torso down. Jim was now caught under Stevens sizzor lock. Stevens legs swelled as he poured on the heat. Jim's biceps ballooned as he strained to break free of the leglock. Slowly Jim's massive arms started to peal apart the leg lock. Stevens was startled to see that Jim's huge arms were stronger than his massive legs.

After a few more seconds Jim broke free of Stevens hold. The outmuscled Stevens started insulting Jim calling him Muscle Faggot. Jim was even more determined to pound the shit out of the arrogant Mr America. Jim grabbed Stevens in a head lock and squeezed hard. Stevens struggled to outgun him but he couldnāt break free. Jim's gargantuan or guns were swelled to inhuman size and were dwarfing his opponents ample artillery. Stevens tugged with all his strength to break the suffocating head lock but couldnāt budge his opponents incredibly developed biceps and triceps. As Stevens weakened Jim forced Stevens head downward between his thighs.. Even standing Jim was able to hold a lock on Stevens head. Jim's inner thigh was so developed when he squeezed they meloned out and tightened down on Stevens muscular neck. Stevens started to use his massive thighs also. He started to lift Jim off the ground but Jim's quickly wrapped his incredible arms around Stevens torso and pulled up. He was back down on the ground but both men strained as they each tried to pick the other up.

Finally Stevens legs overpowered Jims arm strength and he started to raise him up. Jim countered by raising his hands overhead and smashing them into the small of Stevens back. Jim's feet were now back on the ground and he was in control. With his opponents head still locked in his legs Jim reached down between Stevens arms and clasped his hands under Stevens chin. Jim released his leglock and in one swift move flipped Stevens torso backward onto his back. They were back to back but Jim was pulling Stevens off the ground by yanking on Stevens neck and chin. . Stevens was firmly arched backward. His championship pecs stuck out into the air. Jim pulled at Stevens chin even harder. Stevens raised higher on Jim's super developed upper back. Stevens arms and legs were free to move but being off the ground his legs were of no help in breaking the grip. He raised his free arms up and gripped Jims wrists. The prisoners were in awe of what they saw. From one side they could see Jim's major guns were flexed as he pulled on Stevens chin. Stevens biceps were ballooned size as he struggled to unclasp Jim's hands and break free. The display of muscle against muscle was a major turn-on and many of the men shot their loads right on Stevens face and torso. It was a humiliating for the Mr America champion.

When the cum stopped flying Jim crouched down slightly and with a quick pull on Stevens chin flipped him over his head crashing him to the ground. Stevens was exhausted but Jim was feeling great as he continually outmuscled his arch enemy. Jim quickly got a leg lock around Stevens incredibly developed abs. Jim squeezed his huge hamstrings and thighs. Slabs of muscle protruded from those legs. Where as most bodybuilders legs were developed to the thigh Jim had incredible development all the way to his crotch. Stevens tensed his beautifully developed six pack abs to prevent them from being crushed. Jim squeezed harder and harder and his opponent started to scream for mercy. Jim released the leg lock so that he could wrap his huge arms around Stevens and carry him to the nearby showers . Jim forced Stevens legs and thighs between the upper two steel rods of the shower room divider like railing.. The divider was about four feet tall and was made of three steel rods about a foot apart running horizontally. Stevens back was to the rods and his own weight was pinning his legs into the torture rack. Stevens started to do an upside down sit-up....raising his head to get his arms within reach of were his legs were pinned in. In his weakened start Stevens struggled to pull himself up. Jim maneuvered himself behind the railing ,reached between the middle rails and grabbed Stevens arms pulling them down and back .

"Prepare to get fucked," Jim told Stevens. "No...please no, " Stevens cried. The combat and the sight of Stevens in this helpless position clearly aroused Jim. His dick was now hard as steel and stretched an ample ten inches. Stevens flexed his ass cheeks to tried to prevent the rape but Jim grabbed a hold of the gluts and forced his rod in . Stevens screamed and Jim plunged deeper and deeper. Jim pulled back Stevens arms to maintain pressure on his assault. Jim plunged and plunged and finally shot his load. By this time the other prisoners started shooting again. Jim got up and walked to the front of the railing and stared at Stevens limp body. Jim crouched down and flexed his massive biceps just inches away from Stevens face. "The rape was for turning me in.". he said.

Jim showered up and left and shower area as Stevens struggled to get free. Stevens -was demoralized and defeated and just wanted to get out of there. Within minutes the other prisoners had cleared out and Stevens had gotten free. The guards by this time and come to and asked him what happened. Stevens told them he had to straighten out one of the prisoners. From the looks of Stevens cum strained battered body that didnāt appear to be the case but neither guard said anything.

That night Tom massaged Jim's massive muscles. Jim felt great and reflected on his accomplishment. Through hard work he had developed his body to never before seen proportions. He had clearly outmuscled, beat up and raped the number one compeititive bodybuilder in the country. When he got out of prison Jim knew he would take the top title in the bodybuilding world. •

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