Bodybuilder Learns the Meaning of Respect

By A. Momack

I am an aggressive bodybuilder. I have been pumping the iron since I was about 15 years old. I have been doing juice since that time too and have amassed a huge body. I am 30 years old. I am 5'10" and weigh about 295lbs. I have a 34" waist, have 22.5"guns, have a 57"chest, 33"thighs, 21.5"calves, and an 8"cock that also measures 7.5"in girth. I am proud of my body-I have worked very hard to get the muscle mass that I have-and as a result

I KNOW that I AM THE SHIT! Nobody messes with me-I own the gym where I train. Nobody gets in my way-I love the way that other big bodybuilders are so humble around me-they always ask me how I'm doing-or that I look totally awesome. I also love turning those little fuckers on to. Without a doubt-every time that I work out with one of the other dudes-they always get a humongous stiffy in their tights. Some of them have to go to the john and choke their chicken because they can't take it.

I am so fucking vascular too-I mean I have veins running all through my body-my ass, back, calves, chest etc. The best features that I possess are my Herculean mega ass and my abs. My ass lobes stick out about a foot each. It is so big and meaty that even I get aroused when I am checking my ass-cheeks out after I shower. They are so huge-and yes they possess tons of little dimples where they proudly display years of needle stick and acne scars. This is a BIG turn on to me when I see a muscle dude who has gone the juice distance and demonstrates the effects of the bodybuilding lifestyle-which does include dimples on his ass.

Probably my best feature is my gigantically overly-distended muscle belly. My abs stick out soooo much that my bricks actually extend almost beyond my Herculean pecs. Don't get me wrong-it isn't fatty looking-it is hard as concrete and my 8 pack is clearly defined. In fact, there is a crevice between my pecs and my bricks that goes in about an inch. My bloated steroid belly probably commands the most respect. I love going to the beach in the skimpiest thong I can shove my schlong in and actually attempt to distend OUT my belly when I go to the beach.

The women and dudes always stare with their mouths wide open-I probably keep their TMJ dentists in business! I always milk "the walk"-as this adds to my hugeness. I

have always took pride in the fact that I have always been overkill sexual-bisexual in fact. All the chicks that I have scored with had hard times accommodating my python cock-which ultimately ended the relationship. I seem to have better luck with muscle dudes.

I have yet to see a muscle ass that I couldn't stretch to accommodate my huge pecker. They usually end being my muscle bitch-always asking me to fuck the shit out of them when I see them-all these dudes date chicks or are married too. I have this control over everyone who comes into contact with me. I have always been a top as I have yet to meet anyone who can topple me and MAKE be a bottom. My virgin pucker is my pride and joy. My ass is so muscle bound and I love teasing those muscle boys with it too. I love letting those muscle fuckers give me slow, deep rim jobs-I make them eat out my asshole-to lick up the sweat from my most recent intense workout. They always aggressively agree to do it. It is then that I usually throw them over on their backs with their tree trunk thighs over their head and then I pummel into the depths of their bowels with my meaty cock.

They usually wince with pain at first but always come around. I aggressively fuck the shit out of them and make it my duty to cause them to pop their seed-without touching their pecker. I bang their prostate for hours on end-usually bring them to the brink of orgasm and then backing off. I make them beg for me to let them shoot off-most of them usually are on the brink of tears-it is then that I know that they are my muscle bitch-that their ass pussy is mine-they are my slaves. It is then that I allow them to shoot their wads. I always attempt to come at the same time-it's more intense that way-which usually ends in a long come shower.

I sometimes end my fuck sessions with a good fisting on their sphincters-telling them that they need a good stretching so they'll be more inclined to take my mega meat the next time. This usually causes them to pop yet another time. This all changed one day when I met up with a tremendously beefy bodybuilder named Jeff.

He was fucking gigantic. His body definitely was as huge as mine and his basket through his tight jeans appeared to out mask mine! This fucker had to be thrown down and fucked

ruthlessly. How the fuck dare he show up in my gym looking better and more beefy than I? Hadn't he heard of me? He was obviously out of town-and I was certain that he too would bow down to me when I got through with him. I approached him in the weight room one day and he claimed he was from New Jersey and was passing through and was about to work chest, tri's and shoulders.

He asked me if any "big bodybuilders" worked out here so that he could get motivated and spotted. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I-A FUCKING PIECE OF CHOPPED LIVER? I told him that the buck stopped with me and he sincerely looked disappointed. I quickly got turned on my this fucker's cockiness-it perhaps matched my own! I had to definitely teach this muscle god some manners.

We worked out together and it was truly grueling. I matched him pound for pound and he ended up apologizing for not being at his usual strength level because he was getting over a cold!!! This pissed me off-I used every bit of strength I could muster to hang with this god and he's telling me he's usually stronger than that? I had to fuck this stud and soon!!!! I started of thinking of all the ways I could ravage this muscle stud until he would submit both physically and mentally-but especially sexually. I couldn't stop staring at his python in his tights and he finally said something about it.

He said, "Dude, if you don't stop salivating over my beefy body, you'll soon dry up." I was embarrassed by his forwardness but agreed that I was indeed impressed with his body and told him that I would love to see it-all of it at my apartment. He happily agreed-he said that he hadn't fucked for 3 days and that the last dude he screwed was alright but nothing special. He too admitted that he was into big beefy bodybuilders-that he could find no women who could accommodate his cock. This only added to my salivating.

When we got to my apartment I asked him if he wanted anything to eat--stupid question to ask a bodybuilder who had just worked out for 3 hours. He said yes. I fixed us some beef patties and a big batch of beans, We both aggressively gobbled down the sustenance and then proceeded to hold a belching contest---this fucker won with that too!

At this point my pecker was hard as a brick and I had to fuck this big boy and soon. I immediately suggested that we get more comfortable and started to strip. He told me that he wanted to watch me slowly-he told me to take my time-that he wanted to savor this night. I proceeded to take off my string tee, my tights, socks, shoes, doo-rag, and ultimately my jock. His mouth fell open and he applauded when he saw my cock and lemon sized balls. He suggested that I let him shave me. He told me that we had to get entirely ready for an aggressive fuck session and that this only added to the intensity when we would be slithering against each other's body. I gladly agreed. He quickly shaved my body-every crevice, crack and part-including my bush and ball sack. He even shaved my pucker. He said he definitely had to get that ready for a night my asshole would never forget. I quietly chuckled because I knew that I would be the one who would screw his beautiful gigantic bubble butt--not him screwing mine!

Remember, I am a top only! He told me that he was both satisfied with being a top and a bottom-which I thought was a good thing because he was about to get screwed beyond recognition. I was gonna abuse this stud--his sphincter would be able to accommodate a fucking "Harley" when I got finished with him. Then it was his turn to undress. He too took off his tank, his shorts, socks, shoes, and finally his jock. When he did-I started to faint-I actually got dizzy and had to put my head between my legs. His fucking pecker was a good 10 inches long and was as wide as a baseball bat. It flopped down against his thighs just a couple inches above his knees.

He told me that he always has that effect on the guys when they first see his meat. It sort of hypnotized me-I had to reach out and touch it-but he reminded me that I had to shave him first. I began to shave him very quickly but with gentleness too. I finally finished. Now the fun was about to begin. I sat back and admired his body. I was truly looking at perfection. He was a demi-god put on this earth to control and conquer. I had to fuck him and told him so. He told me we should wrestle first to see who would fuck who first. I agreed. We wrestled and wrestled and I matched him move for move. He finally had me down on my back and held me there until I yelled UNCLE! I reluctantly did. He must have had a burst of power up

in his dick because this was the first time that I had lost a wrestling match to see who could fuck who first. He turned around and reached into his workout bag. He got out some lube. He asked me how long it had been since I last got fucked.

I told him I was a virgin down there that I was always the one who did the fucking, not the other way around. He told me that since it was my first time-he would have to be very rough with me-which only turned me on more-and that he felt that he shouldn't use a rubber-that I should enjoy the warmth of his seed as it splashed the insides of my bowels and ass cheeks. He told me he usually can come about 5-6 times/night when it is with a dude-because of its tightness-he said maybe more because of my virginity.

I couldn't help but admire all the needle scars his ass lobes possessed when he was getting into his bag-I slapped his ass playfully and he said that those lumps and scars were definitely a turn on to him too. His acne scars were fierce but did not look bad-this stud was a blood and guts handsome fucker! He told me to get on my all fours and to stick up my beautifully well-muscled bubble butt. He told me he would probe me with fingers starting with one, then two, then three then four then five-then he would massage my prostate.

He told me NOT TO CUM. I agreed. I very gently told me to attempt to push like I was about to take an aggressive shit-which is one of my favorite pastimes. Bodybuilders eat all day long-so it stands to reason that they shit at least 4-5times/day. I bared down and started to push-I actually felt the shit start to work its way down my colon when he shoved one beefy finger into my well shaven acne ridden bubble butt sphincter. He started to massage my prostate. My shit rose back up into the depths of my bowels. He then shoved another one in, then another one. I couldn't believe that I wasn't in pain. He told me that the thumb was next and that it was important that I relax and really try to grunt and bear down like I was going to take a mother of all mother shits.

At this point we were both sweating like pigs. Sweat was pouring off my forehead, my balls, my abs everything. I started to grit my teeth and

told him that I had to fart really bad-that my beans had started to kick in-and that the gas was rapidly building up in my belly. He told me he was getting gaseous too but that was fine and would only add to the eroticism and animalism of the fuck session. He told me to try to blow him out the room and I tried. I gritted my teeth and began to push. I bore down, contracted my thighs and mega-butt and started to push. I felt my gas and shit start to travel down my colon when he slipped his fist up into my sphincter.

He told me to not move-that he was going to push the shit back up into the depths of my guts. He pushed upward and my distended belly began to distend to unreal dimensions. I looked as if I was about 6 months pregnant. He was successful with my shit and the intense pain started to go away. He begin pummeling my prostate back and forth. My pecker got rock hard and started oozing tons of precum-I nfact there was a substantial puddle in the mattress underneath me. He abruptly pulled out his fist and it made an angry loud slurp sound.

He told me I was ready to have that cocky attitude, virgin bubble butt ripped apart by an expert-an expert who would show and teach me the meaning of respect, and consideration of others who are not as fortunate as I am. He placed his gigantic head at the entrance of my sloppy ass pussy and thrust his 10inch pecker balls deep! My head was swimming with lust. I started to feel things that I had never felt when I was a top. My cock was constantly dripping precum and he kept telling me that he would tell me when I could cum.

He would put me on the brink and would ease off-time and time again and it occurred to me that this was my technique with my muscle victims. This stud was giving me some of my own medicine. He started slapping my tight ass which only added to my intense pleasure. We started a bump and grinding rhythm that went forward then backward, forward then backward. We were both sweat hogs. He then abruptly told me that we were going to change positions. He forcefully turned me over-without pulling out of my asshole and placed me on my back. He threw my legs over my head and began to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

My distended belly must have looked so curious. My abs would contract with each thrust and so would my pecs. He told me that my vascularity was very impressive and that he was going to shoot very soon. He told me that he wanted me to shoot when he shot his bull wad. He built up his intensity and I started to feel his monster cock start to get a little bigger when we both started blowing our wads.

He pumped spurt after spurt into my asshole and it felt like liquid fire-so warm and gentle. I was spurting like a geyser-all over my face, pecs, abs-everywhere-a true Herculean cum bath. He quickly pulled out and plunged his cum/ass juice covered pecker into my waiting mouth where he unloaded another 5 or 6 spurts of his salty spunk down my gullet.

I didn't gag or anything. I swallowed like a good muscle bitch should. He was heaving and grunting like the bull god that he is. I told him that I was probably in love with him and he returned the gesture too. That was undoubtedly the best muscle sex I have ever had. Jeff left me used, changed and not so cocky. I was truly humbled and I am forever in his debt! •

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