Bodybuilder in Prison

The Rape


By Newz54

It was humiliating what was happening......Jim the blond hair Mr California was going to prison for selling steroids. The authorities have wanted to make an example for years and now they picked Jim. He had been selling roids but didnāt make much money and anyways everyone did it. But the law came down hard.....ten years. To add insult to injury the cops were tipped off by one of Jim's major competitors. Jim had been battling Bob Stevens in several bodybuilder competitions but Jim had won everytime. Now Jim was out of the way and Bob could cruise on to victory.

Jim thought it was all a dream. When he entered the prison it was just like the movies with prisoners yelling and whistling. Some of the guys were big and intimidating ..others were of average build Jim was assigned to a cell. His cellmate, named Tom, was a wellbuilt black man in his 30's. Tom welcomed Jim to the cell and told him that he recognized him from the bodybuilding magazines. They talked for a while and then fell asleep. In the morning Jim was shown were the showers where. The shower room was large but there were several smaller rooms. Jim didn't want to interact with anyone so he chose one of the smaller rooms.

He showered his magnificent body with tremendous enthusiasm as if trying to wake himself from a nightmare. Jim admired his body. His championship winning biceps were still there....about 21 inches. His pecs were beautifully formed , not round like most people but squared off like blocks of stone. His huge delts game him a wide appearance and his small waist gave him a great v taper. His favorite body part was his legs...they had mounds of muscle protruding from his thighs and his calves were like diamonds., round and hard. . Jim soaped up his etched abdominal muscles. They were the the payoff of staying in shape year round. He tried not to make eye contact with anyone in the shower. He didnāt want any trouble on his first day in prison. Just then he felt something touch his he turned he was shocked to find a man just inches away from him. The guy was about Jim's height, about six foot, and had an incredible physique. His arms were at least 23 inches and his pecs just ballooned out over an incredibly huge chest. The guy looked Iranian and had a slightly hairy body. His build was impressive but he had nothing in the abs department.

"I want to fuck you little man" the Iranian said. Jim had heard of prison stories and wanted to set this guy straight from the start so he told him "fuck yourself". " My name is Kali" the Iranian guy said. "Around here I do what I want and get what I want." Within a second Kali had smashed his fist into Jim's tight midsection. Jim just laughed as the fist bounced off his six pack abs. Kali smashed into Jim again but again the blond bodybuilder just smiled. This just infuriated Kali. Before Jim knew it Kali had locked a bearhug on him. Jim's face was being smothered by Kali's bulging pecs and the wind was being sucked out of him. The muscular Iranian had his hands locked together behind Jim's rippling back and was squeezing with all his might. Jim tried muscling out of this hold but couldn't get anywhere because his arms were caught in the bearhug and the Iranians arms were too powerful. Jim struggled to break free. His beautifully shaped pecs were being flattened in Kali's vise like hold. As the Iranian squeezed harder his huge arms swelled....the triceps flaring out in large mounds of muscle. About the only body part Jim could move was his head so in a move of desperation he slammed it against Kali's face. It worked. The powerful man quickly released his grip .

"You fucker", he yelled, "'You will pay." A crowd of prisoners had gathered, some cheering on Jim but most encouraging Kali. The two massive men circled each other for a bit. Kali was about thirty pounds heavier than Jim and was very quick for a big man. Like a college wrestler would do he pulled Jim's legs out from under him. Jim fell on his back and the two tussled for a bit with Kali on top and Jim trying to push the monster off. As the two men struggled Kali got Jim into a headlock. His huge arms were wrapped around Jim's thick neck. The way Kali had the hold placed his massive biceps was pressing at the front of Jim's neck. Jim grabbed Kali thick wrist and tried to pry the arm hold off him. In this position both menās biceps were nearly side by side . Iit was an incredible sight. Huge sinus of muscle knotted up like baseballs. Jim's arms looked great but the Iranian had him beat by several inches.

Kali's biceps were once again pulling the air out of Jim. With sweat pouring down each of their faces Jim saw that the Iranians weak point his stomach was now in arms reach. Jim gave it a couple of good elbow jabs. That did the trick and he was free to get some badly needed air. Jim tried to catch his breath but before he could do that he was picked up from behind. Holding Jim's muscular butt and thighs Kali draped the backside of Jim's legs over the rail of the four foot high shower room partition. It was made of three rows of round steel pipes each pipe about a foot from the other. His legs were then pulled down and his feet locked in front of the middle steel rod. Kali lowered Jim so that Jim was hanging upside down and facing the crowd. Jim was pinned there by his own weight.

"Look at our Mr California", Kali said to the crowd. There were a lot of laughs from Kali's friends, many of them egging him on. As Jim started to use his powerful abdominal muscles to pull his torso up from behind the railing Kali wrapped his legs around Jimās abs. Kalis full 250 pounds were pulling down Jim and the metal railing was painfully pressing into Jim's thighs. At the same time Kali was riding Jim he squeezed on his torso. Jim was too proud to yell but he was in agony. Eventually Kali tired of the torture and walked around to the front to face Jim. The Iranians powerful legs kicked Jim in the balls repeatedly. Kali was enjoying the fight and flexed for the crowd to show off his superiority. While Kali gloated Jim was able to free himself from the railing.

As he was gulping for air Jim saw his cellmate Tom in the crowd. Tom looked worried. "Don't let him get behind you" , he yelled. But the help was too late as the Iranian was on Jim's back. From behind Kali wrapped his huge arms around Jim's waste and tightened up. Jim could see his competitors cantaloupe sized biceps pressing against his abs. With an incredible force the Iranian squeezed the daylights out of Jim. Jim's struggled but he couldn't break the hold. He pulled Kalis massive arms with all his might but couldnāt break free. Sensing Jim's strength weakening Kali went for the kill....he pulled Jim up and then smashed him to the hard tile floor. Jim's legs slipping out from underneath him but his muscular butt cushioned the fall. Tom watched as Kali grapevined Jim....wrapped his legs around Jim's back and over his legs. Tom had seen this too many times before , it was Kalis final hold on his opponents. Over the past five years the man had raped anyone he wanted to. He was just too powerful.

Kali got Jim in a full nelson hold. His arms coming under Jim's armpits and his hands locked together behind Jim's head. Jim started to move his legs free but Kali prevented their escape by wedging his two feet under a horizontal piece of plumbing in the shower area. It was an incredible sight...Kalis powerful legs wrapped around Jim's back and legs and his feet tucked under the pipe. There was no escape. Kali cinched his feet under the pipe more and squeezed his truck like legs. The ripples in his legs became more and more pronounced. His full nelson had Jim struggling to break the arm hold. Kali was forcing Jim's head and neck downward. Jim worried the stronger man would break his neck so he struggled with the strength he had left to pull Kali's hands apart. There was a full length mirror in the shower and it was giving the other prisoners quite a show. Kali's huge back rippled with slabs of muscle. His mighty biceps were flexing next to Jimās head while Jim's ample guns were just behind and below Kali's. Jim was trying to pull those arms free but he was getting no where. Just then he started to feel a piece of hard flesh piercing his ass cheeks.

Now Jim was petrified. This monster was going to rape him in front of all these people. Kali started a little rocking motion with his feet as he tensed and loosened his leg hold. At the same time he tightened his arm hold. His leg flexing and arm flexing were in unison and his rod was quickly entering Jim. Jim screamed in pain as he had never had a mans dick up his butt. Kali continued his assault.....Jim's head was being pushed forward onto the mounds of his pectoral muscles. Kali continued plunging and in one final move rammed all the way into Jim's tight ass. Jim screamed in pain. Blood came dripping out of his rear. Jim screamed as it felt like a knife had pierced him. His neck felt like it was ready to snap. Finally the monsterman shot his load. Jim was numb with pain and exhausted. The prisoners just stood in awe at the sight they had seen. Their muscleman had defeated a professional bodybuilder and had raped him to boot. Kali had taken on some muscular guys but never anyone as huge as Jim. Kali flexed for his audience in a show of triumph. Just then a guard walked in and ordered Kali away from Jim's limp body. Kali swaggered away . He was later taken away by the guard.

When Jim came to Tom was cleaning him up. Wiping the blood off Jim's ass and back. "Welcome to California Correctional Institute" Tom said trying to raise a disgusted smile out of his cellmate. Tom was in no mood and didn't say a word, in fact he didn't speak the rest of the day. Jim was worried he would be assaulted again by the bigger bodybuilder. He had to get stronger and bigger to fight of the massive Iranian. He was determined to train hard. Hell, he was in prison. He had all the time in the world to train. Where else was he going to go? Jim asked Tom about the prison weight room. Tom explained the weight room was open most of the day. That was good news to Jim. He was going to train so hard and so long so that he would dwarf massive Kali. The only problem he saw was food . He didn't know the quality of the prison food or how much food they got. He was suprised and pleased to find out the food wasn't bad.

That night during bed check the guard that had taken Kali away came by Jim's cell and dropped of some food. It was a steak sandwich and a pint of milk. There was also a can of creatine...the bodybuilding supplement. "My name is Gil", the guard said. "I want to make sure you are ready for Kali when he gets out of D block." "My guess is you won't see him for six month but eventually the warden will send him back to this block "' Jim thanked him for his help and told the guard his efforts would go a long way in helping pack more muscle on his frame.

Jim was happy to hear his aggressor would not be in his face for six months. He was anxious to get big...real big. The next morning after chow he and Tom hit the weight room. For a prison it was a nicely equipped room. No fancy nautilus machines but plenty of weights and benches. The other prisoners watched as Jim went into a biceps workout. Jim knew he had a couple of inches to grow and trained like their was no tomorrow. Tom encouraged Jim along as he did rep after rep of arm training. Jim started with heavy barbell curls. Jim curled over 250 pounds and with very strict form. Some of the other prisoners, many of them well muscled themselves, watched as the former Mr California's muscles ballooned. Tom helped Jim along with his last reps. At this point Jim's guns were gorged with blood and pumped huge. The two men spent hours together in the gym going from exercise to exercise. Sometimes Tom would do a set while Jim caught his breath. .

Week after week the two men worked out. Tom's build improved but not dramatically . He had always been a hard gainer and just wasn't genetically gifted. On the other hand Jim was genetically gifted. He had a nice build in high school without even working out. Summers and weekends of surfing kept him remarkably muscular. Jim had a great frame and great genetics for bodybuilding. Jim went from nothing to Mr California in only two years! You either have the genetics or you don't and he had them. With the supplements and extra food Gil was slipping him Jim was packing on a lot of muscle. Jimās biceps were now measuring 23 inches and his chest was over 65. Enormous slabs of muscle hung from his chest. Jim continued to train hard in the gym. After he was forced back into his cell he would continue to train. With Tom riding on his back Jim would do pushups. Sometimes he would place his feet on the bed while doing the pushups. The angle downward would work the top of his pectoral muscles. It was working too.. Jimās pecs was bulging out of his chest just below his collarbone. It was an incredibly high chest. Jim worked on his abs in the cell by placing his back to his cell bars, raising his arms overhead, holding onto a horizontal section of the bars and raising his legs up so that he looked like a letter "L". While holding the L, sometimes for half an hour. you could see his abs tighten and his muscles twitch.

Four months into his training Jim was felling pretty confident about holding his own with Kali. But a short conversation with one of Kali's friends rattled him a little. One of Kali's ugly friends told Jim that Kali knew what Jim was doing . He said that Kali was training too. The friend said Kali was getting massive and when he came back would rape Jim again. It kind of bothered Jim until Tom picked up his spirits by explaining that Kali was as pumped as he was going to get. Tom had seen Kali when he first arrived at the prison and the Iranian was a small framed skinny guy. Kali had done very well to pump himself up to these proportions but Tom didn't think he could get any bigger on that frame. He also reminded his bodybuilding friend the importance of genetics. Tom was big before weights and could become huge with weights. The talk lifted Jim's sprits but Jim wasn't taking any chances and trained with renewed abandon. He hit the weights like a madman. His muscles growing day by day. After nearly six months of workouts his arms measured over 25 inches. They were larger than any bodybuilder Jim had ever known. He was very proud of those arms and on request would flex them for the guys in the gym. Many of the prisoners were getting advice from Jim about bodybuilding and were fast becoming his friends. Jim's triceps were unbelievable. With his arms to his side his triceps pushed out like horseshoes . Even in this unflexed position his arms looked bigger than an average persons legs.

Jim's back was also a sight to behold. His hours of barbell rowing had paid off. His back looked like a roadmap with mounds of muscle intersecting everywhere. His deltoids flared out to his side like someone had placed large baseballs on his shoulder. His months of squats and leg lifts had rounded out his legs so that they flared out in a wide arch below his tiny 29 inch waist. There were huge striations in his thighs and the amazing part was they continued all the way up the leg to his crotch. Jimās gluts even had muscles. He had one of those upturned butts that was tight and sexy.

Tom couldn't get over how huge his friend had become in half a year. With his blond hair and stunningly good looks his friend looked like an incredibly muscular god. That night Gil the guard stopped by to deliver the extra food and the supplements. "Tomorrow he is backä, Gil said. Kali is back to this cellblock. Jim thanked him for the information and also for all the nutritional help he had given him. Unless Kali had a Gil in his cellblock he couldnāt be getting the proper diet to become a worldclass bodybuilder like Jim.

The next day while in the prison gymnasium the fateful hour came. The big Iranian walked in like the owned the place and came straight for Jim and Tom. Jim saw Kali walking over. Jim was a little startled at Kali's size. Kali was definitely bigger than he was six months ago. As before his pecs and arms were grossly out of proportion to the rest of his body. Jim was relieved to see that his opponent had no abs and his legs had not grown at all. As Kali approached Jim he shot a double biceps pose at him. They were very impressive. Jim shot back his double biceps. They were even more impressive with even more fullness and size. Kali sneered. They walked over to a mirror and compared their guns. While Kali's biceps were large they were not well defined. Some of the gym guys told Kali he was outgunned so he demanded a tape measure. Kalis guns measured an amazing 24 inches but Jim's was over 25 inches! Knowing he was outgunned in arms size Kali demanded to test their arm strength.

They went to a table and engaged in an arm wrestling match. They locked hands and the match began. Quickly Jim took the advantage pulling Kali's arm nearly down to the table. But Kali held the line and slowly powered back. They settled for a while in the vertical position. Both menās biceps now fully gorged with blood and pumped to enormous proportion. "No one can beat me' the Iranian yelled. "After this I will fuck you like I did before," he said. Reminding Jim of that humiliating day was not the thing to do. Within moments Jim got a burst of energy and started pulling down his opponents arm. Sweat poured from the two massive hunks. It was titan against titan but the blond haired titan had clearly done his homework . He had worked his body into incredible proportions and amazing strength. With he stress of the match on his muscles they popped out in wonderful definition. Jim poured on more power and as Kali's arm lowered the Iranian cursed and insulted his foe. Jim finally had had enough of the insults and brought Kali's arm crashing to the table.

Both men got up off the table. There was a lot of cheers going on from Tom and some of Jim's workout friends. They thought it was a great playback day but it wasn't over. Kali lunged at Jim as if to get him in a bearhug but Jim was ready for that move and grabbed Kali by the crotch and the neck and raised him overhead. Jim had the 250 pounder overhead and he started walking him to the nearby shower room. When he reached the room he dumped Kali on the ground. Like Kali had done six months ago Jim put a headlock on him. Jims massive biceps pressed into Kaliās neck cutting air off for him. Kali tried but couldn't break free of Jimās guns. When it looked like Kali might pass out Jim let him go. He didn't want him least not yet. Jim let Kali catch his breath and waited for the counterattack. .

The Iranian tussled for a moment with Jim and then maneuvered Jim into a leglock position. He clearly was a good wrestler and knew his moves. Both men were on the shower floor with Kali now squeezing Jim's torso with his legs. Kali smiled as a locked his legs. His well developed legs and thighs squeezed at Jim. But unlike Kali, Jim had worked his abs. They were like steel and Kali's leglock had virtually no effect on Jim. Jim just tensed his six pack abs and smiled back. The blond muscleman then reached down between the legs that were squeezing him and with a mighty heave unlocked the Iranianās legs. Jim thought he might give Kali a taste of his own medicine so around and put a leg lock on Kali. Jims legs were several inches larger than Kaliās and he was clearing affecting his cursing partner. Kaliās week midsection was clearly going to be his downfall. Jims squeezed and squeezed. His thigh muscles bulging larger and larger. The definition in his legs were inhuman. Kali was being squeezed good.

All you could see was Jim's massive legs and Kali's overdeveloped pecs. Kali was hurting bad and now crying for Jim to stop. But Jim wasn't going to least not yet. He released his leg lock enough to get behind Kali and place him into a full nelson..arms under Kali's armpits and hands clasped against his neck and head. Jim then wrapped his legs around Kali's torso and legs. Then like Kali had done on Jim's first day Jim locked his feet under the horizontal pipe just six inches off the floor. Kali cursed and threatened Jim but was unable to break the hold. It was his hold and with enough strength and the proper technique you couldnāt get out of it. The prisoners from the gym crowded in to get a better look. They cheered on Jim and told him to shove it in. Jim flexed his massive legs as he squeezed the strength out of the Iranian. Kali's formidable arms strained to break free. His 24 inch guns now gorged with so much blood they were probably 3 inches larger....but so was Jim's and they were even more massive.

While Jim wasnāt gay the conquest was a real turn-on and his dick was getting hard. He was the stud of the prison and with a few rocking motions began to fuck the Iranian. Kali screamed and screamed. The massive stud had never been raped before. But Jim was given it to him. The crowd loved seeing Jim's massive back and huge legs enveloping the tyrant. Jim continued to rape the big man. He forced Kali's head so far forward it nearly snapped. The Iranian finally passed out from the pain and the lack of oxygen . While he was out some of the guys took turns raping the tyrant who often raped them. They had a great time playing with this monster , licking his huge pecs and huge arms. Jim and Tom walked away to let them have their fun. Jim left with renewed confidence, not a swagger but a underlying strength that he was the best. When he got out of prison he would show the entire world that he was the best. •

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