Bodybuilder for a Day


By lemapp

I slipped off the facemask and then with Fred's help, I slipped out of the body suit. It took a few moments to get my center of balance; I weighted so much less without the suit. Then I noticed that I was not soaking wet with sweat. Actually my skin was dry but felt clean, kind of like after drying off after a hot shower. Fred said something about this being a feature of the suit.

Looking in the mirror wall was disappointing seeing my old body again. I had gotten used to how I looked with all of the muscle and now I looked so average. Fred came up from behind me and gave me a bear hug. It was frightening because he was so strong. I could feel his deflating cock pressing into my leg; his cock head seem to be close to my knee. Fred held me there for a few moments; it was hard for me to breath. Then I was released and told that I should leave now.

I found my clothes in the office and got dressed. Fred stood in the hallway because he could not easily fit in the office with me in there. As I went out the back, Fred yelled that I should return around noon.

I was amazed at how dark it was I did not realize how late it was. I easily found my car near the gym where I had parked in the morning. There was no one around and very few cars in the lot. The streets were empty as well and I made it home quickly. Even though I did not feel sweaty, I still could imagine how sweaty I was early in the muscle suit. I was out of my clothes and in the showers in seconds. I enjoyed the hot water on my skin and with my eyes closed I could imagine the muscle body I had wore that day.

Soon my hand found my hard cock and I stroked it hard. My fantasies, hot water and a fast rhythm soon had my balls pulled in tight. I shoot a few volleys of cum on the shower wall and I slightly slumped. It was great having a fantasy wank before going to bed. I stepped out of the shower, toweled off and went straight to bed.

I could not sleep, enough though I tried my best. I keep having fantasies of muscle orgies. I would pop a boner and soon I was whacking off again. The pile of wet tissues on my floor continued to grow throughout the night. I guess it was sometime around 5 Am before I finally fell asleep from exhaustion.

The alarm went off at 10:30 Am. I keep hitting the snooze before I realized that it was after 11 Am. I bolted from bed trying to get ready for my next posing session. Then I felt how sore my cock was. It felt badly bruised from all of the abuse the previous day. I had to make it to my appointment so there was not much I could do. I threw on some shorts and a shirt and dashed to the car.

I arrived at Fred's shop right around Noon. Like nearly everything around for miles, there was no one. On Sundays you are not allow to shop. It was one of the ancient laws from the time when the county was the church parish. The law was never changed.

I knocked on the back door and a naked twin of the bodybuilder I was the day before answered the door. It was Fred wearing my body suit and facemask. Fred said that there was a change in schedule and my body suit was in the hall changing room. I followed Fred through the office and went into the changing room. Lying there was a duplicate body suit like I had worn before. It struck me that Fred must have a duplicate if was willing me to wear this suit anytime I wanted.

I met Fred in the hallway and in the mirror we were exact duplicates of each other. Fred handed me the blue posing suit from the day before. I showed him where he had torn it apart. Fred laughed so hard. It was a very deep manly laugh that I could feel in my balls. Again I was enjoying being this big muscle guy.

Fred went into the shop completely naked. I was surprised because anyone outside the store would see this naked bodybuilder. He returned with another of those square plastic bags, this time the color was yellow. After yesterday I kind of knew how to get myself inside the small scrape of spandex. I pulled it up my legs and over my tight muscular ass. I loved the way the spandex hugged the skin so tight, it was like it was painted on. I shoved my cock and balls into the small spandex cage. I notice how the yellow suit looked almost transparent, I could make out my cock and balls fairly easily. I was clothed but it was easy to figure out what was happening underneath.

Fred called to me from the office announcing something about a pool party. It seemed that we were going somewhere else in these muscle suit and running around partially naked. I sort of shrugged and followed Fred out to his big cab truck. This huge truck felt like the right size for two muscle studs. We belted ourselves in and took off.

Fred did not drive too far before he pulled off the main road and down a narrow unpaved private road. After about a mile we came out into a clearing with a small ranch house. Fred parked the truck and hopped out. I was a bit slow and had to catch up with Fred as he went around the back.

In the back was a large pool with a big sunning deck area. But what caught my eye were the three naked bodybuilders who were twins of Fred and I. I followed Fred as he shook hands with each of the men. I did not catch their names, but they all were exact duplicates. I felt Fred tug on my posing suit and I looked around to see he was already naked. I slipped out of my yellow posing suit and tossed it on a chair.

We all gathered around the food and made small talk. I kept eyeing the pool. I really wanted to try out this body in the water. I felt like I could do several laps without getting phased. I took a moment, turned and dove into the water. The water felt great against my smooth skin. I could fee the power I my arms and legs as I pulled myself through the water.

I lost track of my laps, I was enjoying the power of my muscles. Then I realized that swimming next to me was my twin. I assumed it was Fred and pulled myself up to one of walls on the deep end. The swimmer came up to me and smiled. Even though it looked Fred, so did everyone there. The swimmer took a deep breath and dove under the water. I assumed that he was trying to blow water out of his ears or something when I felt a hot mouth clamp on my cock. I was shocked but it felt so wonderful. I continued to hold onto the side of the pool as my cock was sucked underwater.

I was so close to shooting when the swimmer popped up for air. It was amazing how long he had been able to suck me off under water. He told me that he wanted my cock in his ass and he needed it right now. I looked around the pool to see that we were the only ones there. The swimmer told me that we could go inside and find a place.

I followed the twin into the house. I heard some moaning as my eyes adjusted to the darkness inside the house. I found where the other guys had gone. They were making out on the living room floor. One guys was on his back with his legs over the shoulders of the twin fucking his ass. The third twin had his cock in the mouth of the guy on the floor. It was hot looking at all of that muscle pumping so hard for sex.

I was startled when a huge glob of cold KY was sloped on my hard cock. The twin who lubed my cock was lubing his ass. It was going to be a wet ride. He dropped to the floor on all fours with his muscular ass pointing straight at me. My cock was twitching with excitement.

I got down behind this guy and guided my cock to his asshole. The entrance was blocked as my cock pushed at the door. I slipped a finger in the hole to loosen the guy up and then tried again. I got my cock head in the hole before it clamped down hard. This was going to be a very tight ride. I proceeded slowly, pushing my long cock deep into the hole. This guy was going to milk me dry.

I finally got my full cock in. I leaned forward, laying my chest on his muscular back. As I slowly pulled my cock out of the hole, I reached forward and grabbed his cock. It was slick with KY and there was enough for three hands, more than my two hands could cover. I started to stroke the thick rod and pull my cock back. When my cock head was reaching the end, I plunged back in. I could feel the muffled grunt from the body below me.

I started to get a rhythm building. I took one hand from his cock and found one of his tits. I gave it a squeeze and I heard a gasp below me. This guy had sensitive tits. I was going to have some fun. I began to grunt slowly as I pumped the tight ass, stroke his thick slab of a cock and twist the hell out of his tit. The body below was bucking with me and clamping my cock at the right time and releasing on cue. It was an incredible ride. My cock was aching for release and I began to grunt loader, almost screaming.

Then it hit, that blinding orgasm that makes you leave your body. I was in bliss. This was the most intense orgasm that I had ever had. I lost track of time and where I was. I simply wanted to drink in the experience.

As my fog lifted, I realized that I had an audience. The three naked twins were standing there watching. I could tell they were enjoying the show because of these stiff cocks, all pointing at me. I smiled and they applauded. Something was said about needing to videotape this stuff.

Some came behind me and yanked me upward. My cock was ripped from its new comfortable home. I yelled out more out of lost than in pain. I was enjoying that ass. I was carried outside on the broad shoulder and placed under the shower. At first the cold water was annoying, but then it felt great to get clean. Soon all 5 of us were crowded around the shower.

I spotted the hot tub and made my way into the hot water. The large tub and the hot bubbling water were very relaxing. But I was not alone for long. Soon all 5 guys were piled inside the tub and the water was slashing over the edge because of so much mass of our bodies. We shifted and soon we were all shoulder-to-shoulder with our hands over the water.

Soon a hand was clamped on my stiffening cock. I reached out under the water and found the cock to my right was already in someone's gripe. Then a second hand clamped on my cock. I reached to the left and found that cock was also in someone's hand. We had formed a circle jerk below the water surface. There was silence except the sound of the water pumps.

I leaned back and closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of two hands on my cock giving it a stroking massage and the feeling of the thick cocks in my hand. I began to think how much I love this hot muscle body. I began to imagine all of the things I could now do as this muscle stud. I was getting excited by my fantasies as my cock built for release. I was going to pop again.

There were a few soft grunts around the hot tub that signal the point of no return had passed. Cum was on the way. I made the quick strokes of my twins and raced to the edge. Seconds later I shoot my second load of the afternoon and by the looks on the faces around me, I was not alone. Then as quickly I needed to get the hands off my now sensitive cock. I was spent.

We all stayed still for several more minutes, and then slowly exited the hot tub. We all got another shower. The hot tub was now cloudy with the amount of cum we just pumped into it.

Fred then announced that he needed to get on his way. Then he made a general announcement that the yellow posing suit needed to come back to the store. I made my way over to the chair where I had left the suit earlier. Another twin was fooling around like he was going to slip them on. I made a quick grab and as quickly as possible I pulled them on. I spotted Fred going to the truck, so I made a dash to follow him.

The ride back to the shop was in silence. Even after entering the shop, nothing was said. I saw Fred slip out of his facemask, so I did the same. He pulled off his posing suit and then his body suit. For an older guy, he was not in too bad of shape. He strolled around the storage naked for a few moments. Then it must have struck him that he was naked. He seemed embarrassed and found something to wrap around his ass.

As I dressed, Fred asked if I had seen the guy who had been fucking his ass. I was not sure if Fred knew that was me, I simply acknowledged that it was a very cool show. Fred then apologized for missing our posing class. He then asked that I return the next night that he would make up for the loss. I was hoping that he would allow me to fuck that ass again. Fred gave me a hug and sent me on my way. As I got to my car, I found that Fred has slipped the yellow posing suit into my back pocket.

I was going to have some amazing dream tonight. Now tomorrow night seemed so far away. I was going to be a wreck at work the next day. •

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