Hustler Sinbad: Book Two: Karl

I Take What I Want


By Jason Jarman

The hillbilly invited me to stay with him and a friend. “Is he like us, too?” I asked.

“Naw, but he’s real nice. Handsome dude. His name is Rick.” He smiled.

“You must really like him.”

“Yeah, he’s my baby.”

So the hillbilly was in love.

The wind whipped at us. It was annoying. “Zip up your leathers and let’s go.”

I notched up and got some fresh power in my system. Before we flew off, I watched what was going on below us. To my delight, I saw that the building was tipping over. “Look, man, it’s gonna fall over.”

“Ho-lee shit,” my double said. We watched the inevitable happen. Despite their best efforts to right the building, all their hastily assembled helicopters and cranes, they couldn’t get a purchase on it. The ants scrambled as the skyscraper slowly tumbled into the sea. It made a colossal splash when it hit the water, and the aftershock sent huge waves (and a couple of boats!) crashing to the shore.

Even more flashing-red-and-blue ants came to the scene. “Follow me,” my mirror image said, and he swooped down into the cold night. I tailed him and we soared across town. We passed by some taller buildings and I made eye contact with one surprised janitor. I flexed my guns at him. Dumbfuck probably was high already.

I had the flying thing down cold. Hillbilly boy, on the other hand, looked mucho-retardo as he spazzed out on landing. His undeniably sexy, leather-clad ass scuffed the pavement as he fell on it hard. He took some chunks out of the street. He wasn't hurt, of course. Nothing could hurt him as long as he wore his belt.

We landed in a vacant lot, by an alley. He strutted down the alley and I followed. His boyfriend's place was in a basement apartment, in the back of a crappy looking building. "Rick's gonna freak when he sees us."

"You cool with that?"

He smiled. "Yeah. He's gonna think he's died an gone t heaven."

We were in some shitty alley. He strutted down the alley and I followed. His boyfriend's place was in a basement apartment, in the back of a crappy looking building. "Rick's gonna freak when he sees us."

He walked towards a lighted door at the bottom of a flight of stairs. “You live here?” I asked.

“Yeh, we gotta move. We got enough money to buy a fucken house.” He smiled and kissed me hard. “Hang on just a sec, OK?”


He went inside. I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear just like I was with them. He kissed his boyfriend. “Hey baby.”

“Hi, Sinbad. I was missin you.”

“Hey, uh, baby, I got a surprise for ya…”


“This dude I met today. He’s just like me.”

“What do you mean?”

He stuck his head outside. “Hey, dude, uh… I don’t know yer name. C’mon in.”

I entered slowly, with a wicked smile on my face. My belt was crackling. My shoulders rubbed hard against the doorway, and they knocked some of the molding off.

“My name is Sinbad.”

This skinny blond-haired boy, wearing only a pair of black leather briefs, dropped his jaw. “Holy… shit.”

I peeled off my trenchcoat and flexed my big pumped guns. “Now you got two Sinbads to deal with.”

"Holy shit." A growing rise tented out skinny boy's leather undies.

The hillbilly was right. This skinny Rick took to me like a bear to honey. He knocked off my cowboy hat and Frenched me like a fiend.

“So you’re OK with him bein around?” he asked Rick.

“Fuck, yeah,” Rick moaned. “I think I’ve gone fuckin crazy!”

Rick was cute for a mortal. He was totally into having two lookalike lover boys.

We had a major bodybuilding show for his entertainment. Hillbilly and I stripped down to our leather briefs and began to flex. My guns were easily in the 30 inch range, split, veined and rippling with power.

Hillbilly took a look at my arms and pulled his belt one notch tighter. He pulled with one hand and kept the flex high and hard with his other arm. I could see the biceps muscle growing, bloating out with power, shape and size. The veins got bigger, thicker and shinier.

"Oh, fuck!" Rick cried. His cock was rock-hard, shiny red and thundering with excitement. Precum oozed off his perfect mushroom head.

"Watch this, blondie," I said, with a sneer on my face. "Shalah karali utum!" I felt the belt strap grow longer. The hot, moist leather wrapped itself tight around my palm. I grimaced and pulled the fuck out of that magic belt. My chest pushed my chin up, so I knew my whole body was getting ripped, massive, veiny and freaky.

While I did this, hillbilly switched to a most-muscular, and used the pose to its best advantage. He grabbed his strap and shouted "Shawlaw k'ralli ootum!"

While he got into a picture-perfect "crab" pose, he pulled his belt insanely tight. His pecs touched his nose, while his shoulders, delts, biceps, triceps, forearms and neck gained unbelievable mass, definition and sheen.

I was so turned on by this insane animal display of his that I popped a major boner. I got so big and so hard, so fast, that my cock popped the stitching on my leather briefs. The shiny, sweet black leather hugged my growing, bulging mushroom head before it split in two.

Then I got a faceful of my own hard cock. Precum splashed and drizzled all over my upper body. I could feel my balls pounding and churning as they were stimulated into massive cum production. I needed to shoot that cum ASAP.

"Aw, fuck," the hillbilly said. Right at that moment, his skimpy leather briefs popped in two. His massive, veiny, throbbing, oozing mega-cock stood high and proud, pulsing with life and power. His balls were the size of cantaloupes. "Fuck me, stud!" he cried.

I couldn't refuse such a kind invitation. While Rick pounded his meat and watched, pop-eyed, I mounted the hillbilly. "Ram it in!" he cried, and I obliged. My cockhead was lubricated to the max with all that precum. My head penetrated his tight, striated muscle-butt as he groaned and shrieked with pleasure. I slapped against his butt and back as I thrashed him with my mighty muscle-cock.

I had so much cum, and was so raging with testosterone, that it didn't take long for me to feel that cosmic rush of orgasmic bliss thunder through my body. "Hey, blondie! Pull me tighter!" I cried.

"Huh?" Rick was covered with his own cum, which he'd shot all over his body.

"Pull my belt tighter! Gonna cum..."

Rick was on that belt like white on rice. He got a fistful of leather and tugged with all his mortal strength. I called the magic words over and over again. The room filled with thunder and lightning. I flexed both my mighty bulging guns and cried out in sheer ecstasy as my ballsacks unloaded quart upon quart of cum.

I slipped and pulled out of the hillbilly's velvet tight fuckhole. Rick let go of the belt and fed my shooting, spurting muscle-cock into his mouth. He took shot after shot of my magic cum. As he drank it, his body gained mass, detail and thickness. My cum was an instant muscles serum!

Hillbilly had my cum running out his nose. He pushed my cock out of the way and presented Rick with his own throbbing, pounding, horndog hardmeat. "You want some more, baby?"

Rick flexed his newfound muscles. "Fuck, yeh!" I got hard all over again watching them go at it. Hillbilly groaned, gasped and gyrated as his hooker BF worked his professional magic on that monster cock. Rick stroked hillbilly's belt buckle as he gave him world-class head. Hillbilly flexed his guns high and proud. "Gonna cum, gonna cum... pull my belt, baby!"

Rick grabbed the hot, sticky black leather and began his pull. I helped them out. I said the magic words over and over again. Hillbilly's body bucked with the unexpected shots of power. His muscles bulged out like mad. He screamed and filled Rick's tummy with his super-enriched spunk.

My shots of cum covered Rick's broadening, muscular back as I watched him grow and grow. By the time I'd finished jacking, Rick was as big and buff as any pro bodybuilder. He was still smaller that the hillbilly or me, but he was no longer a skinny dude.

Rick licked my cum off his body and groaned as his muscles accepted even more stimulation and growth. Then we all collapsed together on a futon. We lay in each other's arms, covered in cum, our cocks momentarily soft.

After a few minutes, hillbilly said the one word we all wanted to hear: "Pizza."

We gorged ourselves on thick, greasy pizza. I think I ate four large deluxes. I couldn't stop eating. My body craved fuel. It felt like it all went into my muscles. Hillbilly must have eaten the same as me, and Rick wasn't too far behind.

After that, we showered---one at a time; at our present size, the shower was too small for two or more. I hated to take off my belt for the shower, but it was necessary. I needed to clean up.

Without the belt, I lost a little muscle. I showered for 20 minutes, and my body shrank a bit every 5 minutes. I was still bigger and more ripped than any pro bodybuilder, and I had a feeling that, even if I never wore the belt again, I'd still be big and buff.

But I fucking craved the belt. I had the shakes as I dried off. I needed the magic belt back around my gut. Bad.

When I left the bathroom, Rick, who'd showered first, was passed out asleep on the futon. Hillbilly unbuckled his belt and slung it over mine, on a chair. "See yuh inna minute," he said.

The shower started. I stood there, looking at the belts. I grabbed his and strapped it on. I didn't think about it; I just needed a fix. I pulled it tight and activated the buckle. His belt worked fine on me. Fuck, it felt good!

Then I grabbed my belt and strapped it on. It worked, too. Then it occurred to me: two belts were better than one. With both belts around my waist, I was truly unstoppable. I could fucking take over!

I deserved the power. I knew how to use it. Hillbilly would never understand what these belts could do. The magic belt was wasted on his ignorant ass. All he did with it was hustle tricks in the park. Even if he never used the belt again, he'd still have a big, buff body---perfect to attract new clients. Myself, I had bigger plans for this power.

I pulled on my leather pants, grabbed my trench coat and my hat, and checked out of their shitty apartment. My mind was already full of cool ideas for things I could do with these belts. I could bring these quivering, cowering mortals to their pathetic little knobby knees. I could make them beg for mercy, plead with me to spare their insignificant, measly little lives.

I took to the night sky and soared high above the city. My thoughts pleased and aroused me. I just had to decide what I wanted to do first. •

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