Hustler Sinbad: Book Two: Karl

The Newspaper Article


By Jason Jarman


Pair Of "Muscle Men Who Could Fly" Sighted By Witnesses

The early evening calm of a spring night in the fashionable Lakefront Pavilion neighborhood ended suddenly, with the unscheduled addition of a new building to the area.

The Global TransCom Building, 68 stories of reinforced steel and concrete that houses hundreds of corporate employees and businesses, was ripped out of its downtown location and planted in the sandy beaches of Hamilton Park Lake.

Witnesses describe a fantastic vision. "They was two muscle men who could fly," said custodian Wallace Finney, 73. "Big old boys who ripped the place out the ground and flew it off in the sky."

Other witnesses backed up Mr. Finney's testimony. The perpetrators appear to be two young men, nearly identical in appearance, between the ages of 16 and 20. Their height is 6'4", and their weight is estimated at 350 LBs. These men possess superhuman strength and physiques. Their description matches that of the perpetrator of the recent vandalism to the Rondo Vallance house.

The Vallance home was removed from its Lake Ronson-area lot and hurled 14 miles in the air by a single youth matching the description of the Global TransCom vandals.

"Both of them had some kind of belt that shot out lightning," said Morris Delmore, 42, an employee who was just exiting the building as the disruption occured. "They seemed to get their strength from these belts. They had to be super-strong to lift that whole building up and carry it off."

No one was killed as a result of the mystery men's prank, but 25 people were injured, 8 of them in critical condition at City Hospital. The cost of the destruction is estimated at $4.5 billion dollars.

"Someone's going to have to pay for this," said Global TransCom CEO Welch Reasoner. "A major corporation has been shut down. Millions of jobs are at stake. This could seriously slow the pace of American business---at least in this area."

"It's clearly the work of terrorists," said spokesperson Martha Rudge of Global TransCom. "The military should be involved at this point. Anyone who can lift up a building like this is capable of anything. These men, whoever they are, threaten every American life with their misdeeds."

Police are investigating this incident, and its possible link to the Vallance vandalism, and a recent mid-city incident in which a wrecking ball destroyed a natural gas pipeline, at a cost of $3.2 million dollars in repairs. •

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