Hustler Sinbad: Book Two: Karl



By Jason Jarman

I got out of the shower drippin wet, still feelin all mad buff an wild from the belt. I felt like I could fuckin lift a freight train over my head. But I still wanted the belt around me. Rick was passed out. Dude was huge now. Our charged-up cum had given him some major muscles.

I went to the chair, where I'd unbuckled my belt an hung it. It was gone. I looked under the chair, an all around, just in case it mighta fallen down. But it wasn't there. An neither was my double.

I shook Rick awake. "My belt!"

"Huh?" He smiled at me. He had a big hard-on.

"My fucken belt's gone!"

"Well, maybe your mirror image has it..."

I looked all over the apartment, but he wasn't there. Fucker had checked out with my fucken belt! "SHIT!" I kicked a big hole in the wall. I was still hella strong.

Then I felt the pain. Like the worst fucken hunger you could imagine. Like you hadn't eaten nothin in a year. That kind of hunger. It fucken hurt like hell. I doubled up in a ball on the floor. I got the cold sweats. Then I got a hold of myself an sat up. "My fucken system," I said. "It needs the belt now. I gotta get it back."

Sometimes Rick is a pretty smart fucker. He knew what to do. He fed his cock into my mouth. "Suck on it, baby. Get some nourishment." I understood. His cum had some of the belt's magic in it. It could give me a kick start.

It didn't take Rick's balls long at all. He was groanin right away, an that sweet, spicy cum shot down my throat as fast as I could swallow it. Rick came an came, an as my body began to process the magic cum, I felt myself gettin stronger an I felt better.

I was rock hard, so I stroked myself til I jacked, an caught the cum in my mouth. That's when I discovered the benefits of drinkin my own cum. It was like triple the strength of Rick's. I could feel my quads an my guns bulge out with size an power. My waist was bigger than before, but asides from that, I was about as buff an strong as I was with the belt.

"Thanks, baby. I love you."

Rick an I shared a long, sweet kiss. It resulted in us both bein rock hard again. I dosed up once more, first on his cum, then on mine. Then I pulled on my leather pants an a tanktop. "I'm goin on a errand."

"Call me, Sinbad." He handed me my cell.

"Later." I left the apartment an tried to fly. I got off the ground, but without the belt, I couldn't do it. I tasted the pavement, an it hurt a little. I knew I had to be careful.

I caught a bus down to the industrial district. I had one hope. Oroz might of left more than one of those belts in that old factory. An I had an easy way in there now.

The fucken bus ride took five-ever (that's five minutes longer than forever). I could barely remember where the old factory was. I wandered around these dark, deserted streets for a long time. Then I spotted part of the old sign: POWERS FROZEN FOODS. That was it.

It was hella hard to get in there. I'd tore up that area pretty good last time I was there. I had to crawl through all this twisted metal an busted brickwork to get to that side door. My mighty strength had pried the iron door back just enough that I could take care of the rest. I was still hella strong. I ripped the door off its big crusty hinges.

I couldn't see so good in the dark without the belt. An I had the shakes again. A cold sweat came over me. But I'd cleared me a path the last time. I spotted them lockers an began t open the doors. They was empty, or full of some ancient shit. A lot of em was full of stuff. Old lunchboxes and shit. It took a couple of hours. Every minute made me feel worse and worse.

There wasn't nothing in any of those lockers except dead old shit. I felt pissed off and sad. I liked havin all that fucken power. I still felt hella pumped an strong, but it wasn't the same. I needed the belt.

Just when I was feelin totally sorry for myself, I heard the sound.

It was a faint buzzin, a kind of cracklin, an it sounded like it was real close by. I tried to figure out where it was.

It was in another set of lockers, but they was a little hard t get to. They was caved in by some big ass piece of equipment, about the size of a SUV. It had smashed in all the doors so they couldn't be opened. Not unless this big piece of rusted industrial shit was out of the way.

It looked heavy. I didn't know if I could budge it.

Then I got me some real good incentive to try.

I saw the end of a wide, thick, shiny strap of black leather, pokin out of the side of one of the lockers. I bent over an listened. That's where the cracklin sound was comin from. I touched the leather. It was warm an moist. That ole drunk Oroz had done what I wanted!

I could touch the belt, but I couldn't move it. The buckle was caught on somethin. I tugged at it, an I heard the clink of the metal buckle. But it was hooked on somethin, and didn't want t let go.

I took a deep breath. I flexed my guns. They was still at least 22 inches. Huge veiny mothers, an they felt strong. I tole myself: I'm strong now, but I can have guns twice this size if I get that belt around my gut. I need that belt.

I started to push that dead machine away from the lockers. It was heavier than two fucken cars. I shoved harder and harder. I spoke out loud, an didn't even know I was talkin. "I need it... I NEED it... I need it... I NEED it..."

I got the machine t move away from the lockers. Then it hit somethin, an started t topple back. It could crush me flat. I struggled against the weight, but the fucker wanted t take me down.

It almost pushed me to the floor. Shit, this was not the way I wanted t die. All covered in dust an cobwebs, lost under a ton of old dead metal. I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't leave Rick behind, an I sure as fuck couldn't let that asshole run wild. Fucker stole my belt. An now that I had a new one, I wasn't about to check out.

So I screamed. The loudest fucken noise I ever made. An as I screamed, I pushed, with all the muscle I had in my body. It hurt worse than any pain I've ever felt. But I kept pushin, harder an harder. I screamed til my voice was gone.

But I did it! I got that crusty piece of shit, maybe 100 times my weight, to fall back away from me, an from the lockers.

It hit the ground with a big booming crash. The noise died out real slowly, an then it was silent.

I hurt. I laid there on the floor for a long time. Then I focused in on that cracklin sound. I knew I was alive, an I had a reward comin to me. Big time.

The buckle was stuck in a notch, an wrapped around a thick steel pole. I unhooked it. I burned my fingers on the sparkin, hella juiced magic buckle. But I got the belt out of that locker an in my hands. The leather was just as shiny an warm an smooth as my other belt.

The buckle was a little different. The corners were more pointy, an the anchor engraved on the buckle was fancier. There was crossed lightning bolts behind the anchor. I hoped it would work.

"Shalah karali utum." I picked up the belt. I repeated the magic words. The buckle crackled, an little bolts of lightnin sparkled all over it. I felt some power go to my biceps. They swole up an I felt like a fuckin bull.

"Magic belt, this is Sinbad, your master. Give me the strength I deserve." I strapped the new belt around my waist. The leather got sweaty an it clung to my skin. The buckle throbbed an got bigger.

"Shalah karali utum! This is Sinbad, your master. Give me the strength I deserve!"

The belt squeezed my waist so tight I couldn't breathe. Veins big as telephone cables covered my body. The veins throbbed with the new power. Fucken buckle pounded hard, just like my heartbeat. With every throb, it got bigger.

I screamed a rebel yell and pulled the leather tight. The room lit up with lightning flashes and filled with thunder. Fuck, I could feel my muscles gettin bigger, stretchin out. The veins in my arms throbbed as they got big an fat.

I slammed the buckle down an flexed my guns. Sinbad was back in business! Shit, it felt good. I had a big ole hard cock from the belt. I felt like I could cum without even touchin my cock.

But I had somethin to take care of. Save fun an games for later. I had to try an stop a dude who looked exactly like me, an was gonna fuck up everything if I didn't do somethin about it.

When I first got the belt, I thought I had me a life of ease. Maybe I would again. But right now I knew one ass that needed some major kickin. An I was just the stud to do it.

I called Rick. "I'm back in business," I said.

"Oh, Sinbad, I'm so happy..."

I hung up on him. I couldn't waste any more time. I put on the leather jacket that was in the locker. It fit me just right.

I leaped up an smashed through the roof of the basement. I kept goin, an soared up til I hit an destroyed a busted-out skylight. I glided up in the night time sky. I wanted a real good view of the city. I could see better'n shit once again, like some fucken telephoto lens.

I needed to look for signs of him. Even a super-powerful dude like him could find a million places to hide in this city. But I'd get him.

I heard the sound of a helicopter behind me. I turned to see lights in the sky. There was three copters, each with searchlights. They was lookin for him, too. Except for my tats and piercings, we was twins, so they was lookin for me, too.

I hid on the roof of a skyscraper. One of the copters got within reachin distance of me. I covered my belt buckle with both hands so they couldn't see the sparks an bolts. I hid in the shadows of an airshaft.

The copters moved real slow. They shined their lights on every square inch of every roof. I had to keep movin around the circular airshaft to stay out of their sight.

I didn't know what they could do to me. They'd have somethin harder than they had before. If they used it to catch him, I was on their side. But they'd use it on me, too.

I watched the copters slowly glide away. They couldn't see me now, even if they tried. I climbed on top of the airshaft an leaped into the sky. I got way up above the city. I floated there an looked hard down below.

Somewhere in the city, I spotted a flash of bright light. I slowly lowered myself an focused on that spot. They kept appearin --- bright shots of white light. Maybe it was him. I'd have to find out. •

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