School for Studs: Book Two

The Faith Based Initiative


By Josef Howard

In a darkened hall lit with torches, filled with a standing room only crowd of men, two naked men, muscular beyond imagining, are on stage pleasuring each other before the awestruck audience. One of the two men gasps, cries out, and with a scream of ecstasy fires five long, high spurts of cum into the air between them, his sweat coated chest heaving. He kneels before the other, takes his long, thick cock in his mouth and applies such suction that instantly his companion is also cumming. The first squirts fire inside his mouth, but the kneeling performer knows what the audience wants. He releases the man's cock and pumps it vigorously as spews creamy fluid on the stage and splatters on the men in the first row of the audience.

Before the two have completely recovered, a chant rises in the audience, the words unintelligible until the volume shakes the room. It is a name they repeat, a person they call for. From the back of the stage a cloaked figure ascends steps. The two performers turn toward him. The cloak falls away revealing a body more stunning than the previous two, although the face is still hidden in shadow. As he steps completely into view, the audience stops chanting. They know it is the one they have been calling by the goat horns sprouting from high on his forehead.

He stands in the middle of the stage and surveys the crowd with an arrogant expression on his face. Although he ignores it, his thick, ropy cock starts to swell, stretching downward to his knees, then rising as it stiffens until it points straight up his abdomen and the head strains against the muscle of his chest.

In the back of the audience, there is stirring. The men jostle and part to let one of them, naked, bound and led by two extraordinarily muscular men, pass to the front. He is brought up the steps of the stage before the horned god and forced to his knees.

The two earlier performers stand on either side and guide the god's massive cock down toward the bound man's mouth. They push his head forward and force it inside his throat. It's obvious to the audience that the supplicant wants it inside him as much as every man standing in front of him wishes he were in the man's place. Slavishly, devoted beyond question to his master and god he devours the hard flesh pole, sucking and slurping and eagerly accepting the assistance of the other two men as they help him force it deeper inside him.

Before he has been completely devoured the horned god begins to tremble and shake. He grabs his worshipper's head and fucks it fiercely. Cum bloats the cheeks of the acolyte and seeps past his lips, dribbling down his chin and throat. The horned god releases him. He falls back, swallowing as best he can as his god's flesh rifle jerks and sprays him with seed.

As the subject catches his breath, almost imperceptibly at first, the muscles under his tight young skin twitch and tense. His veins swell and wiggle. His body is flush with blood and his muscles start to grow before the audience's eyes.

"Kaalyr! Kaalyr! Kaalyr!" they begin to chant. The more the young supplicant grows the louder the chants, until he tugs at the leather ties that bind his wrists behind his back, frees himself and stands confidently in front of his god.

Though not yet in the league of the two men standing on either side of the horned one, he is still a vision of powerful masculine beauty. His thick, stubby dick, the size of a soda can now stiffens and points straight toward his master. The horned god tugs at it and forces his slave's mouth open with his own, tasting his lips and his mouth. The acololyte's penis is slippery with his own pre-cum and his hips bow toward his master, giving himself to his god's desire.

Kaalyr breaks the embrace and forces the supplicant back to his knees. He kneels behind him and pokes his enormously long cock between the young man's ass cheeks. The young man bits his lip as it enters him and he cries out in pain and prayer to his god. Inch after inch is buried inside his guts. He grits his teeth. His muscles strain and his neck turns red with his pumping blood.

Behind them the two attendants to the god embrace one another and entwine tongues. The heat of the god's coupling has aroused them beyond resistance and washes in waves of lust over the standing men in the audience. Hands fumble and grope as they reach out to their neighbors, unable to resist the urge to couple themselves, though woefully inadequate to match the intensity they feel from the stage.

The horned god pile drives his penis into the upward arched ass of his supplicant, ravishing him. One of the attendants bends for the other and offers himself. They begin to fuck behind the god creating a lustful diorama. The audience has descended to orgy by now, not even seeing the scene on the stage.

The horned god roars like a beast as he empties himself inside the young man's ass. The sound shakes the stage, but even this is not enough to distract the men around him from their pleasures of flesh. As he decouples himself and stands looking over the men around him he throws back his head and laughs. They are all his worshipers and he is their god. •

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