School for Studs



By Josef Howard

Eldon stood naked before the instructor as sheepishly as a 370 pound man could, considering how small the man was. It was their first instructor. Eldon knew his name now. It was Ben. He was muscular for a normal guy, but a pipsqueak compared to the smallest of the students in Eldon's class. Nevertheless, their weekend escapade had been discovered and Eldon knew he was in trouble.

"You know what you did broke your contract?" Ben asked.

Eldon nodded.

"You know I could expel you and every one of your friends and sue you for the cost of our investment so far? Do you have $100,000, Eldon?"

Eldon knew no response was necessary. They knew he was broke when they signed him up.

"Your compatriots spent Saturday fucking their brains out in an orchard. Then they went drinking, got in a bar room brawl when it came time to settle the tab and the bartender found out they had no money. The three of them spent the night in the county lock-up. I understand it turned into quite a fuck fest." Ben's lips curled slightly upward the first hint that he found any of this amusing.

"But you, Eldon, you were the head of your class, our star pupil. You seduced the richest man in town, fucked him and his son and drove away in his BMW. He could have prosecuted for rape and grand theft auto, but his lawyer wants to make a deal with you and the school. You keep the car and we all sign a nondisclosure agreement. Separately the man himself called the school to ask if he could hire you." Ben grinned. "Eldon you exceeded all our expectations." He unbuttoned his fly and hauled out a dick as impressive as any of the students. It draped almost to his knees. "Your classmates are going to be punished, but not expelled. You, Eldon are being graduated. Come over here an suck my dick while I tell you what we have planned for you."

Eldon ambled up to the instructor, his mass casting a huge shadow over him. He knelt and lifted his thickening cock to his lips and slowly drew it deep into his throat, feeling it swell and harden inside him.

"That's a good boy, Eldon. You're going to go far with us. You're going to be the first member of our new division. You're going to make us all a ton of money." Ben's eyes opened wide with undisguised lust. He was almost completely inside Eldon's mouth now. He rested his hands on Eldon's tree trunk traps and enjoyed the heft of them.

Eldon knew how much pleasure he was giving his instructor. He drew back slow, sucking hard on his thick, long cock. Then he dove down deeper toward his groin. Ben moaned. He may be making them all a lot of money, but no matter what his contract said, Eldon was going to keep more than his share. •

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