By VladBath

For the past several years, I had spent a considerable portion of my spare time and money researching muscle growth and strength in humans. I had always been intrigued with the idea of increasing human potential beyond its current limits, preferably by several orders of magnitude. To this end, I had constructed my own lab in an abandoned warehouse near the waterfront. The rent was cheap and the location convenient to my "real" work.

Over time, I had aquired samples of various DNA from different species (even some un-differentiated neandrathal DNA) and had worked to splice the strands appropriate to strength together with human DNA in the hope that the combination would become viable. My preliminary research showed that while it was possible to successfully perform this sort of "gene therapy", the results were not nearly potent enough for what I was hoping to achieve.

Experiments on test animals showed an increase in strength (and resultant size) of about 100-150% which was good but not great.

My next series of experiments involved a purely synthetic compound which caused existing muscle tissue to strengthen and rematrix itself into a more efficient pattern while stimulating nutrient absorbtion, size increase and actual cell reproduction. I found that by splicing the synthetic DNA onto human genome patterns in the same fashion as I had done with my earlier DNA experiments, it was possible, in theory, to "rebuild" all the muscle tissue in a person's body with a new and improved form of muscle. The body's own cell replacelment mechanism would pass the new codes into the regenerated cells. By modifying the sequencing somewhat, I was also able to compensate for changes in muscle strength at a tendon and bone level.

Unfortunately, there were two drawbacks to this approach. First of all, for the rematrixing to occur, the subject would require massive amounts of nutrients (or at least differentiable energy sources) to cause the change to occur with any speed at all. The second drawback was that it was impossible to test on animals. My synthetic was specifically tailored to human sequencing and therefore required human subjects for testing.

I felt that my best chance for acquiring a subject would be to advertise in the local gyms for a volunteer interested in trying a new form of supplementation. It was admittedly a little misleading but then I couldn't afford to be completely honest without the FDA and have a dozen other organizations coming down on me pretty hard. I went around to the bulliten boards in all the Detroit gyms I knew and posted my notice:


Volunteer/spokesperson for new line of suppliments. Must be in

excellent health. Must be willing to get HUGE. Bodybuilders a plus.

Reply to Dr. V. M. Bathory-De Veres 555-1212 It took about a week or so before my advertisement was answered and that was when I met Scott.

We had arranged to meet at my lab in the early evening and I would explain everything to him then. My heart skipped a beat when he walked through the door. He was incredibly built already. Even through his street clothes you couldn't hep noticing his huge pecs and shoulders, boulderous arms and phenomenal legs. And handsome to boot.

"Scott, I presume?", I said, extending my hand and trying not to show my excitement at finding such an incredible specimen.

"That's me", he replied good-naturedly, "You wanted a big guy so hear I am."

"I also wanted a guy who wanted to get even bigger. Looks like you're already pretty big", I ventured.

"Not big enough. I can never get big enough. And I'll do just about anything to do it too. I've tried suppliments, alternative exercise techniques, steroids and even HGH but none of them worked nearly well enough for me. I want to get huge and I want to do it fast." The sincerity in his voice cleared any last doubts I had about his suitability for the experients.

"Alright then. But before we begin, I have to warn you that there are some risks. This compound has never been used on humans before and the results are pretty much unknown. I have taken every precaution I can but there are no guarantees." If he was going to back out, now would be the time.

"If it means I'll get bigger, I'm willing to risk it", he said.

"Okay. We'll figure this out together", I said with a wry smile. "First, let's get some baseline measurements. If you'd take off your clothes, I'll get set up."

As he disrobed, I punched up the data charts on my computer and gathered my measuring devices. When I turned around I was treated to one of the most phenomenal bodies I had ever seen. I was barely able to control the swelling in my crotch as I took down his impressive numbers. 6' tall, 269 lbs, 52" chest, 20" arms, 31" thighs and a 35" waist. After I had finished taking body fat measurements and contraction ratios, I looked up from my computer.

"I must say I am very impressed. I couldn't have designed a better candidate", I said honestly.

Scott grinned and shot a double biceps pose at me. "When do I get to really show you something?"

"Right now", I said, turning to my lab bench and picking up a small vial of my enhancer. Reached across and handed it to Scott.

"One of the problems I think we will have with this stuff is that you won't be able to eat enough to make it work very fast. So I have incorporated an energy absorbtion mechanism into the solution as well. It will allow your body to absorb energy from any source and convert it directly into usable fuel by the solution. The absorbtion mechanism is controlled by muscle stress so when you flex really hard, the absorbtion sequence is active.

When you are relaxed or not exerting too much force on your muscles, the absorbtion sequence is inactive. For tonight's experient, I have rigged up some high-intensity lamps that will act as an energy source for you once you have taken the solution. If you will just stand over there beneath the lights." I motioned him to a slightly raised area where I had positioned several powerful floodlights.

He stood on the platform with the vial in one of his massive hands, grinning. "Ready when you are", he said.

I turned on the floods to half power and said, "Alright, drink the contents of the vial It will take a few minutes for the solution to enter your blood stream so relax".

Scott uncorked the vial and downed the liquid in one gulp. "Tastes pretty rank", he said, "But anything for science."

A couple of minutes passed and I said, "Alright, start flexing. There should be enough in your system now to begin the reaction."

Scott obliged me by hitting some really hard most muscular poses, a side biceps, some leg contractions and a lat spread.

"I don't know if it's working yet but I feel pretty good", he said.

"Remember, the solution has to replace your existing tissue before it builds new muscle. You should be significantly stronger at this point even though you don't look different yet."

"Let's find out", Scott said, picking up a pair of 150lb dumbbells from the rack behind him. He started to curl them. Slowly at first and then with increasing ease.

"Not bad! Not bad at all!", I said, barely able to contain my excitement.

"You ain't seen nothing yet", Scott said, obviously pleased with himself, "Watch this..." •

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