Surprise Visit


By Josef Howard


The door frame could barely contain the man who answered the doorbell. His features were like Todd's but he had shoulder length hair, a thick well-trimmed beard, and the body was serious muscle. He had wide, flaring lats, thick hairy pecs, melon-sized delts, and solid round arms. His thighs stretched the leggings of his trunks, and even his calves were gargantuan. To look this big a guy his height had to weigh at least 270.

Carl hadn't seen Todd in months since Todd had stopped talking to him on the phone, stopped visiting, and stopped working out with him after weeks of making excuses. He never even saw him at the comic shop anymore.

"Yeah?" Todd answered, barely aware that it might seem odd that he was answering Dwayne's door.

"What are you doing here?"

"He lives here," said a familiar voice behind Todd. The door opened wider. Dwayne stood behind him. Dwayne was much bigger too freakishly large. Larger than anyone Carl had ever seen, even in pictures, even fantasy drawings. "C'mon in," Dwayne motioned.

Todd still seemed ambivalent and barely moved out of Carl's way as he walked in the door. Carl was uncertain he even wanted to be in the same house with the two of them under the circumstances.

He should have suspected something like this when Dwayne stopping visiting him too, but he'd been so wrapped up in work he'd figured Dwayne's absence from his life was his own fault. How could he have been so dense? Obviously the two of them had been seeing each other all this time and Dwayne had shared more than a couple vials of the stuff he'd given to Carl over a year ago.

Carl had expected an uneasy reunion with his muscle bound friend, tense for having neglected him for so long, but eventually they'd be laughing again and Carl would be laying underneath him taking his bull dick up his ass same as before.

Dwayne motioned for Carl to sit. He took the chair. Dwayne sat at the end of the couch closest to him. Todd seemed ready to leave the room, but Dwayne grabbed his wrist and pulled. Todd sat next to him and spread his ham-sized arms out on the back of the sofa.

"How long?" Carl asked.

"Have we been living together?" Dwayne finished the question for him. "Since college started in the fall. Todd wanted to get out of his parent's house, and he'd been practically living here before that, except for sleeping."

"Todd's looking pretty good, ain't he?" Dwayne said. He touched Todd's hard ridged abdomen. "Two eighty four this morning and getting ready for his third dose next week. Hard to believe he's only eighteen."

Was Dwayne trying to start something between him and Todd or was he flaunting his victory over the boy at Carl's expense? The two of them were fragrant with sweat and fresh cum. They'd probably been fucking. With as much of the stuff as they'd both taken they probably fucked all day.

Carl stopped staring at Todd and let his eyes feast on Dwayne. His former fuck buddy was phenomenal -- arms way bigger than his head, thighs wider than his waist, and skin so thin his muscles looked like a medical anatomy drawing. The bulge between his thighs was obscene and Carl could tell his piece wasn't even aroused. As much as Carl preferred physiques with form, balance and moderate development, he couldn't help wanting the two of them more than ever.

But Todd wouldn't even look him in the eye. Mostly he stared straight ahead. Occasionally he looked at Dwayne or let his eyes wander over Carl's body, draped in a loose fitting polo shirt and wide flaring khaki shorts, but always his gaze avoided Carl's face. Carl wondered, had he done something to make him pissed at him? Had he said something or NOT said something?

Dwayne took advantage of the lull in conversation to plant a sexy kiss on his roommate's thin, open lips. Whether because he was unable to resist his advance or because he wanted to hurt Carl, Todd returned the kiss with open-mouthed enthusiasm, sucking his lips and devouring his tongue.

It was more than Carl could take so soon after seeing the two of them together for the first time. He stood to leave, but Dwayne reached for his hand and pulled it toward Todd's bouncing, bobbing dick, freed of his gym shorts and reaching up between his muscle- stretched pecs. Carl allowed Dwayne to put his fingers around it. Blood rushed to his own cock as he savored the feel of its thickness and heft. He knew he should leave the two of them for his own feelings sake, but the blood rush and pounding of his heart in that moment was too much to deny.

Carl knelt between Todd's thick, solid thighs and wrapped his mouth around the head of his cock, against his better judgment. Did it make it better or worse that Todd rested his mighty hand on Carl's bobbing head and encouraged him to take it deeper down his throat? Was it fondness, forgiveness, or malice behind that hand? At the moment Carl only cared about the way it felt on his tongue and in his throat. He pulled down his slacks and allowed his dick to expand in appreciation of the young man he had cared so much for before.

Though all else should have been eclipsed by the immensity of Todd's maleness, somehow Carl's free hand found its way to the stiff cock sprouting from between his former boy friend's legs.

"That's right," Dwayne said. "Don't forget Dwayne. How's it feel, Carl? It's six inches longer than the last time we fucked. And another four inches around. Same size as Todd's big motherfucker. But when I get through with Todd he's gonna be even bigger.

"Taste it," Dwayne said, and he redirected Carl's face to his giant prick.

Todd watched Carl struggle with it, sucking it slowly into his throat and drawer deeper with his lungs until it was more than half inside.

"Can't get it all down anymore, huh?" Dwayne chuckled. "Todd can, but even I have trouble with Todd's motherfucker."

The scene reminded Todd of the day he'd walked in on the two of them fucking, both of them oblivious to his presence at the door to Carl's bedroom. Only today he wasn't just watching. Today he was part of the action, and Dwayne was more his than Carl's.

Though it was so much smaller than Dwayne's, Todd still appreciated the solid sweep of Carl's broad back. He got off on his bobbing and bouncing biceps as Carl worked the end of Dwayne's prick he couldn't inhale. And at last, now that Carl was occupied pleasuring Dwayne and unable to see his face, he allowed himself to admire Carl's chiseled nordic features and remember how completely the sight of them had captivated him a few months ago, before he'd given up on him and taken up with Dwayne. Todd's cock, already glistening with saliva, twitched and burbled pre-cum in appreciation. He slid the thin, viscous fluid down his prick and savored the feeling of his own slickened hand on the mammoth cock that poked up from between his hairy legs.

"You ready for some fucking, buddy?" Dwayne asked Carl. "I know how much you like to get fucked."

Dwayne pulled Carl's mouth from his cock. He stood and lifted the blond bodybuilder off the floor like he was a cat. He laid him on the couch on his back, his ass toward Todd, as Todd moved to make way. Todd pulled off Carl's pants as Dwayne pulled off his shirt. Dwayne raised Carl's feet by the ankles and spread his legs, exposing his tight white ass, dusted with blond curly hair, to Todd.

"Been a long time since you had Todd's big prick inside your hole," Dwayne said. "He gonna really sretch that muscle butt of yours now. Eighteen inches of stiff meat."

Todd slurped at his winking anus as he wiggled out of his gym shorts. As Todd poked inside Carl's ass, Dwayne put his poker to Carl's lips again and the hungry stud engulfed the end of it with his mouth.

"Aw, that's good, cocksucker. Real good. Take it all. Hey, Todd, you think we'll meet somewhere in the middle?" Dwayne said.

As the two of them fucked Carl at both ends, Dwayne held him down like an upside down turtle. Dwayne leaned over him and chewed on Todd's thick beard before tangling tongues and locking in an open mouthed kiss.

Carl's dick was stiff as steel. He grabbed it with both hands and worked it. His ass was red and his throat was raw, but his heart was pounding. He could feel the crown of Dwayne's huge cock swelling and he knew his old fuck buddy was close to an explosion. Todd burst before him as he quickened his fucking and bottomed out inside Carl's ass. As Todd's thick cock root buried itself against his prostate, Carl fell over the edge himself and sprayed hot, sticky cum on Dwayne's abs. Carl opened his throat wider and allowed another inch of Dwayne's prick down his throat. The extra penetration was all Dwayne needed to erupt. Carl felt the hot jism fire inside him and settle in his stomach. Todd was still emptying cum up his ass as Dwayne pulled out, letting his stiff hose finish spewing jism on the three of them as Carl sucked on one of his orange-sized balls.

Dwayne and Todd were still lip-locked as Carl slid out from under them. He watched as Dwayne slid under Todd, spread his extra thick thighs and offered his ass to Todd. Carl knew from fucking Dwayne before that when you'd taken as much of the stuff as Todd and Dwayne there was no stopping to catch your breath between fucks. Dwayne used to fuck him for hours, until he thought he'd never to able to walk.

Todd forced his upward stretching cock down between Dwayne's legs and slid deep inside. Their eyes were locked on each other, their faces wrung in ecstasy, their ridiculously muscular bodies locked in lovemaking. Except for gasps and groans, even Dwayne was silent now.

Carl was boned, but he knew he had no place here now. Neither man needed him. Either would have let him into their embrace, but he knew he no longer belonged. He gathered his clothes and left the room. They barely noticed him leaving. He dressed at the door and walked out. •

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