Surprising Developments



By Wordshop

Richard grew up the son of a single parent in Coral Gables, Florida and with the exception of the trials and tribulations of not having a mom all was as normal as could be. But soon things really began to change. Richard was the son of a very brilliant Pediatric Endocrinologist and this is where things started to become a little different.

Pediatric Endocrinologists work with children who are for one reason or another having problems with growth, development at puberty, and sometimes juvenile diabetes. Richard’s dad specialized in adolescent development and his work was recognized worldwide. Richard’s dad was obsessed with perfect development particularly in males. He had started taking nude pictures of Richard and his little brother Mike at age nine and he had taken a set of photos every year after.

Richard himself was an extremely brilliant young man devouring the textbooks and medical journals his father brought home often before his father read them. One of the games that his father enjoyed was to have Richard ask him questions on new articles or developments and quiz him regularly. This meant that both Richard and David his father learned a great deal more, and very quickly.

By the time he was twelve years old, Richard had knowledge of medicine that could rival some adult medical students in their second year of internship. David encouraged Richard at every opportunity, and also by twelve he was working in his dad’s office removing and re-filing patient records. The great mystery was that there was one cabinet he was told was “off-limits” and that he was not supposed to be inside that one. This of course created a great curiosity for Richard in and of itself. One day, Richard’s dad was in a particular hurry. He walked in to one of the examination rooms at his office rather in a fluster and said, “Son I have to attend a meeting at the hospital.” “I have already called your Uncle Jeff, and he will be by to pick you up in about a half-hour.” “Please file the charts that are on my desk, and check to see that in my rush tonight, I haven’t left any others lying around”.

Uncle Jeff was not really Richard’s Uncle. He had been a close friend of Richard’s father before their mother had been killed, and there were times that Richard saw Uncle Jeff so much that Jeff could have qualified as “mom”. If there were any events as a child that his dad could not make, Uncle Jeff was right there making certain that school plays, PTA, Halloween costumes or whatever was always taken care of. Richard at times began to wonder why Uncle Jeff just did not move in and make it easier. He lived in a nice apartment about five minutes away from the Matthews’ home and just always seemed like he was available.

Richard looked around and cleaned up patient records from his dad’s desk, and he found two more, which were in various examination rooms that had been forgotten. Being a thorough person, Richard took one final walk-through before going to the waiting room to wait for his “Uncle”. He noticed that a dark brown folder had fallen between an examination table and a wall. This was not the normal color of his dad’s office folders.

Richard opened the file and found the name of William Halvertson. This was strange, William Halvertson had recently competed for and won the title of State Teen Olympia. William or “Big Bill” was seventeen years old and as far as physique development there was no other young man that was even close. Richard knew him to a degree. Jerry Halvertson, William’s brother was Richard’s school chum at Danforth Quayle Junior High School. The chart had the name of Olympic Labs on it and the words “Olympic Growth and Development Project”.

Fortunately for Richard, and unfortunately for “Uncle Jeff”, a tire blew on his way to pick up Richard from his dad’s office. Jeff, and Richard’s little brother Mike were stuck at a gas station replacing a tire about three miles away. The spare had suffered a slow leak and had also been flat.

As Richard continued to read, Bill Halvertson had been a patient of his dad’s since he was nine years old. This was an old file that contained pictures of Bill from the beginning. The pictures were no different than the ones that his dad had taken of he and Mike on a yearly basis. When Bill was Richard’s age, he had been small and scrawny. He, in fact, had a body that made Richard’s look good by comparison. Year by year Richard pawed through the photographs. As he flipped over the pages of photographs he noticed when one flipped to the back that there were names of hormones and drug compounds noted, the dosages and how long the drug protocol had been in effect before the photo was taken. Prior to seeing these photos, Richard had never really thought about the size of his penis. At age twelve the size of Bill’s penis really began to change. There was also the inclusion of an additional photograph from that point on. This photo showed Bill with an erection. The changes were a real shock to Richard. At age thirteen the penis had grown a great deal, and by age 14 it was gigantic. The notes stated that it was eight inches long and six inches in circumference. Even soft it hung down over his now much larger testicles.

Richard then walked over to the “forbidden file cabinet” and checked. It was unlocked! This was a situation that Richard had never encountered before. When he opened the file, he was greeted with a number of dark brown file charts that looked just like the one on Bill Halvertson.

Quickly, Richard thumbed through these files and found files on himself and his little brother Mike. Richard quickly read that he was under consideration for the hormone treatments, but that because he had started to develop on his own and slightly early, that his father was going to re-evaluate next year. On the other hand his dad had already decided that he was going to start Mike on the program after his next birthday. There were no other notes in either Mikes or Richard’s files.

Richard noted a number of names on files that corresponded with guys with whom he attended school. He knew he did not have time to read them all now, so he simply thumbed through and wrote them down. Also in the files were the names of all of the male gym coaches.

Throughout his reading Richard had gone into a cold sweat, his thoughts were all directed at the guys in this file cabinet. Richard had to find a way to get regular access to these files so that he could read on and learn more. He needed a key to the cabinet. He quickly took notes of the names that he recognized from the files that corresponded with names from his own school, folded the slip of paper neatly and placed it in his pocket. He had to learn a great deal more!

Several miles away, a frustrated Uncle Jeff and Mike were stuck at a gas station while a totally incompetent and uncoordinated seventeen year old “dude” tried to mount a new tire on a wheel rim. Jeff had tried to call Richard, but had found that the answering service was already picking up all of the calls. He was getting worried and did not know what to do. As he worried he watched as “the genius” tried to understand and figure out how to get the bead of the tire to seat on the rim so that the new tire could be inflated. Jeff and David both knew well that Richard had maturity well beyond his years, and Jeff knew he was probably just in the waiting room of his dad’s office, watching television, and wondering what had happened to his ride

As Richard continued to read Bill Halvertson’s file, he found himself with a throbbing hard erection. Knowing where the instruments were, he took the tools that his father had used to measure him, and now re-measured himself. His erection was four inches long, and four inches in circumference. If he gauged himself against Bill Halvertson at age fourteen, he was miniscule by comparison. By age fifteen the notes on Bill Halvertson showed something that literally made Richard week in the knees. His penis had grown to eleven and one half inches in length and nearly eight inches in circumference. There were also notes on changes in the drug protocol. By age sixteen notes were present indicating that there were additional changes of accelerated body hair growth, facial hair growth and muscle mass.

It was a warm evening and Richard’s Uncle Jeff and little brother Mike had started walking the three miles to Richard’s father’s office. The bumbling bozo still had not gotten the tire mounted, and had in frustration finally called one of the guys who was “off work” to come over and help him do it right.

Richard temporarily re-filed Bill Halvertson’s file and pulled out the file of a guy named Mark Spencer. Mark Spencer was a young black boy who had started the program also at about age twelve. He was a student at Spiro T. Agnew High School now. As Richard looked through the file he watched a direct mirror to Bill Halvertson. In this file Richard noticed that there were pages of notes written on pale blue paper as well as the notes written on white paper. The notes on the blue paper were psychological notes and were copies of notes taken down by a friend of Richard’s dad who was a Psychiatrist. It was evident now that his dad’s friend a Dr. Steve Petersen was also working with these young men. There were things in the psychological side that were even more astounding than those on the medical side. Mark Spencer claimed in Dr. Petersen’s notes that he was constantly horney and literally plagued with erections at the slightest stimulation. He also claimed that he was able to masturbate seven to ten times daily and still not be out of semen. Richard then pulled out a file of a fellow named Rod Loggins. Rod was a guy that had only been on the treatment three years. Richard was transfixed as he scanned the photographs and looked at the metamorphosis in Rod. In that time his penis had grown five inches, he had added a substantial amount of muscle, and unlike all of the others he had grown very hairy. The hair on his chest, abdominal area shoulders and back made this fifteen year old boy look like the poster-boy for body fur development. He read and noted a slightly different drug protocol given this fellow. Yet another file of a thirteen-year-old named Darren showed the physique of a competitive bodybuilder. Darren at age thirteen had biceps that measured seventeen inches and a chest measurement of forty-seven.

By now Richard was in frenzy. His own dick was literally standing on end and he noted that for the first time there was a wet spot in his underwear where he had been dripping seminal fluid. He re-filed the files, locked the cabinet, and went into the bathroom and started jacking-off to relieve the tension. He did not know why he had to do this, he only knew that this was something that was absolutely necessary.

Richard finished his activity and cleaned up the evidence just as his uncle and little brother knocked at the door. Wisely, Richard had turned the waiting room television on, and when he opened the door it looked to Uncle Jeff to be just as he had thought. Richard had been watching television while he had been waiting.

The weekend was a time of sheer torture for Richard. He had to get a key to that file cabinet and he had to plot to find the time to read a great deal more. He had taken his own notes of those names that corresponded to names from his own school and was doing everything he could to memorize the names that were on the list he had written down. He had to check out the guys that he could when he was in gym class.

There were a number of things that were bothering Richard. Now that he had been working at his dad’s office after school for six months, he wondered why he had never seen any of these boys. He needed to start looking over the appointment book and find out.

On Saturday afternoon, Uncle Jeff came over for a visit and was in the swimming pool with Mike. A good football game was on television, and Richard’s father did not want to be interrupted. Richard was reading the latest endocrinology journal when his dad walked into the room.

“Son, you’ve been doing a great job down at the office, would you walk down to the lock shop at the corner and have an extra set of office keys made for me.” Richard’s head was spinning! Here was the opportunity! Richard remembered the brand name of the lock that was on the ‘top secret” filing cabinet and took some money from his own allowance and paid for the extra key. He got home and then immediately before entering the house quickly filed the identifiers off the key and placed it on his own key-ring. It now looked like a locker-key.

Richard’s next problem was opportunity. How would he get the access that he needed? Reading what looked to be about fifty or sixty files would take a great deal of time. Richard went off to school Monday morning wondering how he was going to have time.

He was half in a daze considering options when roll call was taking place in gym class. All of a sudden he heard a name which was the same as one on his list. The name was Jimmy Garver. Quickly Richard turned around so that he could put a face with Jimmy Garver. Jimmy was a young fellow with what appeared to be an average body, an angular face that might turn into something very nice looking later in his life, and little else to set him apart from the crowd. As gym class finished Richard was surprised to note that Jimmy was only five or six lockers away from him. It seemed momentarily strange that he had been in this same class for six months and had never taken any notice of Jimmy Garver. Jimmy totally “blended in” he was so inconspicuous. Richard decided that at this point he would do nothing. He breezed through the rest of his classes and made the fifteen-minute walk to his dad’s office after school finished.

The office was crowded with children and young teens and with only one part time receptionist, Richard’s dad was literally going crazy. As Richard had been trying to figure out ways to get access to the files he wanted to read, Dr. David Matthews, Richard’s father was trying to figure out how to speed up this office. He came up with a plan. He would have to teach Richard how to fill the syringes with all of the drugs for the following day. Most hormone compounds are thick and took a long time to withdraw from a vial into a syringe. As a result the injection was agonizingly slow to withdraw, and even more agonizing to inject time wise because it had to be done slowly. If a day were heavy on injections and patients this slowed down everything and created a “traffic jam”.

As that Monday ended Richard’s father called him into his office and offered Richard some iced- tea. He made one telephone call and then took a couple of patient charts for Tuesday into a storage room where he had set up a small stool and table, an unusual series of plastic boxes, and a large number of inject-able drugs. He taught Richard how to withdraw the drugs, mix drugs that were in two separate vials and then combined to make an inject-able. He was taught and watched over and over again to mark the syringe, and then place each of these syringes in a particular way and then attach a post-it note with the patient’s name on it. Richard was a slow methodical and diligent worker. Richard’s dad repeated this same thing with him night after night for three weeks, and simultaneously taught Richard how to keep an inventory of what was being used. Richard was watched very carefully for the first month and as he expected Dr. Matthews found no mistakes. Richard now had direct access to all of the drugs that were doing the things to those other fellows in the mystery file. At the end of six months Richard had literally amazed his father with his abilities. It took two more weeks after that, but the opportunity finally struck for Richard to get back into those files again. He had also discovered that all of the appointments for these patients were made before the receptionist arrived at ten-thirty A.M. He saw as many as five per day, but these were in a separate appointment book that the receptionist did not have. It was driving Richard crazy, because in that same period of time he had been watching Jimmy Carver carefully. In that time Jimmy had grown more muscular and though there was as yet little bulk, all of the fat had disappeared and every muscle on his body was clearly defined. Jimmy’s pubic hair had grown. His dick had grown as well. The change wasn’t radical, but it was definitely growing. There was also peach-fuzz starting on Jimmy’s face and over his upper lip.

Dr. Matthews had to start a series of continuing education classes, and he had to teach his specialty to some of the other Doctors. This resulted in him leaving just after the ditzy receptionist at four P.M. and he would be home by nine P.M. As always, Uncle Jeff took care of Mike after school, and picked up Richard from his dad’s office after he had finished preparing for the next day. Dr. Matthews had been following Richard’s grades and there was no suffering from the work he was doing. Richard at this point was obsessed with the forbidden fruit and was trying to learn more and more. Richard was home this way by five-thirty, and he had plenty of time in his own opinion for a social life. His dad had been so proud of his son’s accomplishments that he started paying Richard in cash for his efforts. He was earning a hundred dollars per week.

Richard carefully saved his money and unlike others in his age group felt that this was wise. He was the son of a doctor. He had everything he wanted there wasn’t really anything he wanted to buy. The first night he was left alone in the office, as if flying on pure adrenaline he cleaned and did the next days prep-work in about fifteen minutes. He knew that Uncle Jeff would take about one hour to get there from picking up Mike at Junior Football practice.

The first file he pulled after the mystery cabinet was unlocked was Jimmy Carver. The file was interesting, but for some reason the drug dosages were being kept extremely low. Jimmy was slated to have a change in his drug protocol in several weeks.

There were new pictures and more updates on Bill Halvertson, his weight, measurements and penis size had continued to increase. Bill was now two hundred and thirty one pounds, looked like a huge football player or wrestler and had an erect penis that measured thirteen and three-quarters inches in length and eight and one half inches in circumference. He was, according to the records, being courted by the WWF for one of their camps, and one college football team in the “Ivy Leagues” was looking at him as well. Mark Spencer’s latest updates were equally a revelation. His penis and testicles had continued to grow, and his testicles were the size of small lemons hanging in a sack. His protocol had been changed slightly and there were a few dark kinky curls visible in the center of Mark’s chest. Mark did not have good definition quite yet, but there was a gain in ten pounds over the last month in body weight. The only measurement that had not changed a great deal was Mark’s height. Mark was already five foot eight inches tall and it seems that according to the notes this feature was going to be left alone.

As Richard continued to read files it seemed after a while that there were certain protocols more directed at developing certain features. One protocol seemed to grow the penis, another muscle mass, another body hair and beard, yet another would add to height. Any of the protocols had some effect on all of these features, but by balancing the drugs in different ways, the end growth could be controlled or to some degree modified.

Richard noted one drug that was common to all of the patients. He was out of time now. His Uncle Jeff would be along to pick him up any minute. He would have to make certain that everything was locked and ready. There would be tomorrow for more exploration. When Tuesday came along Richard went through the motions effectively enough at school. He simply could not wait to get back to the forbidden fruit of those files that night.

Dr. Matthews as per normal routine locked his office door behind him leaving Richard to “clean up” before the arrival of Jeff.

As he drove himself over to the hospital, he was thinking that he and Jeff needed to “come out” to Richard and Mike.

David Matthews had, like many young men in medical school, gone out one night with a bunch of other students, gotten himself drunk, and ended up in bed with a nursing student named Maryanne. It was the late eighties he knew then he was gay, but alcohol had blacked out enough that in his stupor he had done the “deed” anyway. As soon as Maryanne learned that she was pregnant she came to David. She was a good person and because he thought that it would advance his career to at least pretend to be “straight” he tried a heterosexual marriage. He cared a great deal about Maryanne, he nurtured her and respected her, but when it came to sex there was no magic and it was a “chore” for David to even perform. He had met Jeff Roberdeau when he was doing a rotation in emergency medicine. Jeff was in his twenties and had been riding a Motorcycle during one of the routine summer thunderstorms that are so common in Florida. The combination of slippery pavement, an errant senior citizen driver and bad luck launched Jeff off his Kawasaki and broke a few bones. Jeff Roberdeau was at the time twenty-six years old, worked construction, and everything about him turned David Matthews into a raving sex starved lunatic. For three years he managed to keep his heterosexual marriage intact, see Jeff on the side and be a father to one son who was now a toddler, and a second who was in diapers. It was a difficult act. One week before David was legally able to call himself a “specialist” he received a terrible telephone call. Maryanne had gone from Coral Gables to Winter Park to visit her parents. She had been due back home at nine P.M. The call came from the Florida Highway Patrol. The same circumstance, a summer storm that had given him Jeff had taken away Maryanne. She was in the Honda Civic that he so hated. A seventy-five year old man with a blood alcohol level of .20 had left a gathering at his “Elks Lodge” and in a heavy rain and thunder storm had failed to stop for a traffic signal. He then drove a twenty-five year old Cadillac at an estimated speed of nearly sixty miles per hour into the left side of her little Civic. She had been killed instantly.

It was now the “new millenium” and the intervening years had seen both of Maryanne’s parents pass on. He and Jeff could now lead a life together without problems if they were at least a little careful.

Richard was back in the office reading files like crazy. He had to know everything he could about these drugs and the protocols. In the file there was a large bundle marked “Olympic Labs”. There were a total of five letters from Olympic Labs referring to new “investigational drugs”. These were already in transit to his dad and would be arriving in days. According to the data that Olympic Labs had sent these new drugs were ten times more powerful than those he was already using. Richard went back and quickly read the names of the drugs he had been using and what the claims for these were. The one drug that seemed to be in all of the protocols that he had been so curious about was a “blocking-agent” to prevent enlargement of the prostate gland. With the new drugs this “blocking-agent” wasn’t necessary.

These new drugs settled the decision he had been pondering. They looked safer according to the product details that Olympic Labs had set, and the claim was that development speed was doubled when compared to the drugs that had been in use.

Richard would do it, Richard would place himself on the protocol. If his dad was going to place Mike on it, why should he be left out. He would wait for the new drugs to arrive and he would begin the injections immediately thereafter. •

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