Surprise Visit


By Josef Howard

Todd was standing at the magazine stand up front at the supermarket near the entrance when he heard Dwayne's booming voice.

"Hey, Todd!"

Todd turned and couldn't help staring. Dwayne was wearing a tank top and it was plain he'd done another dose. His arms were bigger than his head and his traps had swallowed his neck. Fingerling nipples poked pin point protrusions against the fabric of his top near the bottom of two extra thick pecs.

Dwayne reached out his hand to shake, which broke Todd's stare, reoriented his eyes to Dwayne's face, and gave him a social prop for the attention he was giving him.

"You been putting on some size, boy." Dwayne slapped him on the shoulder and Todd broke out in a smile. For the last month he'd been not only been working out with Carl, he'd been going to the gym without Carl, behind his back. He'd been following the diet Carl gave him, but he'd been eating way more. He'd packed on at least twenty pounds. He almost weighed 190. His summer t-shirt was stretched tight around his chest and his biceps bulged out below the sleeves, pushing them up to make room. Still, Dwayne's playful slap almost made him lose his balance.

"You were s'posed to call me," Dwayne said.

Todd smiled sheepishly. He'd wanted to see Dwayne, but for what he thought were all the wrong reasons. He wanted Dwayne to fuck his brains out, but he had a crush on Carl that wouldn't let up, and fucking Dwayne felt like cheating on Carl even though Carl had avoided touching him sexually since the day they'd all three gone at it together.

"Where're you going after this?" Dwayne asked. "Come home with me."

Todd was so stiff from the thought of fucking Dwayne again he was going to have to leave the store right away no matter where he went. He couldn't even cover himself with a magazine, because he'd have to walk over to the cashier to pay for it and then he'd have to give up his cover as the cashier rang it up.

Todd followed Dwayne out the automatic door. Dwayne stopped just outside. "Where's your car?"

"I rode my bike."

Dwayne grinned. It was moments of boyishness like this that made Dwayne want to fuck him even more. "Leave it here. I can give you a ride back later."

Dwayne drove a big American two-door sedan. After they were seated, Dwayne reached his hand over the center console and squeezed Todd's crotch. "How's this doing? I can see you're happy to see me, so I know you haven't forgotten how much fun we had. Feels bigger too."

Dwayne hadn't lied about the effects of the liquid he'd given him. Todd had gone from nine inches soft to well over fourteen in the first five days. When he was hard he topped out around eighteen. He wanted so badly to fuck Carl with it, but Carl stayed elusive, avoiding his advances and keeping a safe distance. He knew it was because he was so much younger, but he couldn't see why that mattered. No one needed to know what happened between them in private. He'd begun to fear that Carl found his age a turnoff. He was so horny he'd dated the class slut a couple times, but as bad as she wanted him, she couldn't take more than half of him and even then it hurt too much for her to keep him inside long enough for him to cum.

Dwayne only lived a half mile from Todd in an old house with a front porch and a big flat yard with old oak trees. Dwayne had both their shirts off the second the front door closed behind them. Todd could hardly believe the size of Dwayne's chest and how taut and fibrous it looked.

"Unbuckle my pants," Dwayne said as he undid Todd's. Amazingly they were both about the same size. Dwayne's last dose had made him bigger down there too. Dwayne caressed Todd's long, thick cock and worked it until it pointed straight up the middle of his chest and started oozing pre-cum. Todd wanted to show some restraint in honor of his feelings for Carl, but he couldn't. He enthusiastically tugged at Dwayne's schlong getting off on his heft and its length and the way it sprouted so thickly from the base of his hard ridged abdomen between his insanely wide, striated thighs.

Slightly shorter than Todd, Dwayne could put Todd's cock in his mouth just by bending slightly and dropping his chin. The sensation was so sweet Todd's dick swelled another inch inside of him. Dwayne tugged at the middle of Todd's stiffy and dropped slowly to his knees. Inch by inch he worked his lips up the length, pausing only to take a deep breath before he started sucking it down his throat. As it disappeared inside him, Dwayne rotated his face and looked up at Todd. The sight of the muscle giant's broad shoulders with his giant cock stretching his throat was too much. Todd's dick spasmed and unloaded his first load in fierce fiery squirts. His knees buckled and he had to steady himself on Dwayne's massive shoulders. When he'd stopped firing, Dwayne let him slide free.

"Now why'd you wait so long for that? All you had to do is call me." Dwayne asked with a sloppy saliva drenched grin. He stood and gave Todd a deep, hard kiss.

At that moment Todd couldn't imagine why had waited so long. Every time he looked at Dwayne, every time he touched Dwayne or let Dwayne touch him a gush of lust overwhelmed him. When they were together he couldn't deny him anything. Yet he couldn't help but wonder if he might feel twice as turned on if Carl returned his affections.

"Now it's time to return the favor," Dwayne said as he pushed Todd to his knees. Dwayne's massive cock was not even completely hard and the thought of it inside of him scared Todd. Yet it also made him hard again too. He grabbed it by the middle and pointed the end of it inside his mouth and sucked hard. He'd never sucked a man's cock before, but he knew what he liked when Carl had sucked his, and he tried to do the same things.

As Dwayne's dick stretched and stiffened in appreciation of his attentions, Todd wanted to take it down his throat. He took a deep breath and relaxed and sucked it back hard. After four or more inches he coughed and sputtered, forcing it out. But he was determined to take it all the next time.

"Easy, kid. You're doing good. I don't need your throat. What I want is your ass."

Todd wanted that too, but first he wanted to taste Dwayne's cum. Todd sucked hard again and drew it down deep. Four more inches and he'd have it. He slurped it all the way up and then dove down to Dwayne's groin and rewarded himself with the taste of Dwayne's furry root.

"Damn, that's good, kid. You want some cream?"

Todd sucked and licked all along Dwayne's giant cock and kissed and licked the thick, blunt head extra hard before diving down again. When it was buried full inside him, Dwayne grabbed the back of his head and yanked him tight to his groin. He bucked and shot down Todd's throat hard.

After a couple volleys he slid the head back into Todd's mouth so he could taste it. Todd jerked Dwayne's exposed dick with both hands and coaxed the cum into his mouth. It was thick, sweet and sour. He swallowed. Dwayne forced himself deep inside and squirted a few more times before letting Todd taste some more. This time Todd kept him in his mouth until he was finished, drinking mouthful after mouthful until he felt full.

Todd leaned back and looked up at Dwayne, marveling at the size of him. "Did you take the third dose?" Todd asked.

"Three weeks ago," Dwayne said. "I gained thirty pounds the first two weeks. My arms are up to twenty-six inches." He flexed his right arm and watched Todd's eyes bulge in disbelief. "My thighs are thirty-seven. But my strength is up even more. I'm benching over a thousand pounds for sixteen reps and I can squat almost two tons for twenty reps. I quit working out during the rush hour because I got tired of the stares. The gym had to buy extra hundred pound plates because the bar won't hold as many 45s as I need on the squat. And I keep getting stronger. It'll be six months before I reach my peak."

Todd was getting harder thinking about how strong he was and how much stronger he would be.

Dwayne lifted him to his feet. Dwayne reached around Todd's balls and between his legs and found his anus with his fingers. "'Bout time for some fuckin', eh? I remember how much you like that." Dwayne put his hands under Todd's ass cheeks and drew him close until their dicks were rubbing. Then he lifted Todd off the floor effortlessly until his cock was pointing between Todd's ass cheeks. He gently let Todd's weight pull him down around his dick. The first few inches impaled Todd in an instant. Then the sliding began to slow. The sensation of being filled by stiff man meat was intense. Todd flung his head back and fought for breath through gritted teeth. Inch by inch more of the immense cock poked deeper inside him. Near the half way point of Dwayne's dick, Dwayne leaned forward and slurped Todd's stiff purple cock quivering between them, exciting Todd still more and coaxing him down a few more inches.

"You like that, don't you kid? You like my elephant dick inside your ass. And I know you like my muscles." Dwayne thrust a few more inches inside of him. "Gonna make you as big as I am by the time I'm through with you. You're gonna be so strong you're gonna be able to bend the barbells in half in your bare hands just like I can." Dwayne impatiently yanked Todd down the last few inches. Todd's eyes bulged and he gasped for air. "That's it, boy. You got it all inside you. Every last inch. Now the real fun begins."

Dwayne tightened his grip on Todd's tight muscular waist and began slowly lifting him up and pulling him down, fucking him like a sex toy while Todd let his hands wander over the contours of Dwayne's shoulders, arms and chest. He'd never felt a body so firm, so hard. Dwayne was everything Todd had dreamed a superhero would be. He was everything Todd wanted to be. "That's right, boy. Feel my muscles. Nobody's as big as Dwayne. Nobody's as strong. Nobody can make you cum as hard."

As Dwayne bounced him on his cock, Todd's equally large dick was rubbing up and down Dwayne's chest in the deep furrow between his pecs, lubricating it with pre-cum. Dwayne tilted his face and slurped as it brushed by his mouth.

Todd grunted, his cock quivered and his ass clenched as cum forced its way out of his balls and high into the air between them, sprinkling them with sticky, pungent liquid.

"Oh, that's good, little man. Real good. Almost there myself, now. Almost ready to spill my sticky scum inside your ass." Dwayne pulled and pumped more vigorously, desperately driving for release. "Here it comes. Here it comes. Oh, fuck! Oh fuck! There it is!" As he unloaded Dwayne dropped to his knees, the force of his impact on the floor driving his dick deep inside Todd as it drenched his insides. He hugged Todd so tightly in his arms it was almost difficult for Todd to breathe. Todd squeezed him back as hard as he could.

When the quivering inside of Todd stopped, Dwayne let Todd down on his back on the floor and slowly let his softening dick slide out of him. Then he rolled to his side next to Todd, rolled Todd on his side facing him and gave him a wet, open-mouthed kiss.

After a long slurpy session, Dwayne lifted himself to his feet. "Every smoke weed?" he asked. "No, huh?" Dwayne removed a small wooden box from the drawer of console table. He stuck a joint between his lips, fished in the drawer for a lighter, took a drag and handed it Todd. "Take a short breath, but hold the smoke in your lungs a little before you exhale."

Todd sucked a little smoke and coughed.

"Get your breath and try again."

Todd held the second drag longer. The third one longer still. He handed the joint back to Dwayne. His mouth felt dry and smoky. His ears were ringing and he had the sense that time had stopped. He looked up. Dwayne was smiling.

"Some powerful shit, huh?"

Todd grinned.

He placed Todd's hand on his muscular chest and encouraged him to feel his body as he probed Todd's mouth with his tongue.

As Todd's hand wandered to Dwayne's groin, his wet, sticky cock jerked. Todd had only wanted to feel the man's cock, as thick and long as his own, but the response he'd gotten was making him stiffen himself. Even before Todd had drank Dwayne's special drink he'd been hornier than most kids. Now he thought he could fuck around all day if he had the chance, and this man was so hot he couldn't get enough of him. Why was he even still interested in Carl when he could have this fucking hulk and have him as much as he wanted?

"Now why you want to get me going so soon? Huh? You still horny?"

Todd knelt to put his face next to Dwayne's groin. He worked it with both hands and sucked hard. Dwayne knelt. He kissed Todd again. Then he pushed him to the floor and lay next to him with his face in Todd's groin and his swollen dick near Todd's mouth. As he worked it with both his hands, Dwayne pulled Todd's cock to his mouth and began sucking the head, guaranteeing that Todd would reach a full erection in less than ten seconds. As Dwayne worked Todd's cock deeper down his throat, Todd began to reciprocate, until the two of them were driven into a sucking frenzy, simultaneously working themselves into a face-fucking fury and competing to see who could suck the cream out of the other one quicker. Dwayne flipped Todd on top of him and bench pressed the kid's ass as he impaled himself on Todd's dick. In a few more minutes both of them were cumming down each other's throats.

"Damn, kid. You ain't gonna wear me out, but you sure are making me lose my breath!" Dwayne gasped and grinned at Todd. "You glad you came to visit old Dwayne now?"

Todd nodded truthfully, yet his ambiguity made the gesture unconvincing.

"Forget Carl, kid. That fuck ain't never gonna mess with you again. I admit he's got a fine ass and nice rack and he's blond, but you got Dwayne now."

Dwayne picked up the joint, reignited it with the lighter, took a puff and handed it to Todd. Todd drew the smoke deep in his lungs. He could feel the beat of his pulse in his temples. The beat stretched his swollen cock. He could feel his tiny nipples stiffen. He exhaled and inhaled another lung full. His dilated eyes stared at Dwayne. `How was it even possible a man could be built like Dwayne?' he wondered. His arms were almost as big as his tightly muscled waist. Even at ease, his bulbous biceps protruded at a rakish angle from his lower arm. His deltoids were so large and round they seemed like detachable orbs of muscle. A tiny drop of drool formed at the corner of Todd's open lips.

Dwayne took Todd's hand and put it on his dick. Its girth made Todd's heart pound harder. Todd tugged at it and felt it swell again and rise up from between his legs toward his chest. Dwayne led his hands up his stony abdomen to his swollen hard chest. He watched the kid's dick flare wide and stretch at the feeling of him.

"I can train you, kid. You don't need Carl. Work out with me. I'll make you bigger than Carl will ever be. I'll make you bigger than me."

Dwayne pulled his hand back down to his groin. He rolled over on his stomach and put Todd's finger against his puckered anus.

"Say `yes' give up on Carl -- and I'll even let you have a piece of Dwayne no man has ever had before."

Todd worked first one then two and finally three fingers inside Dwayne between the hard round globes of ass muscle. Dwayne squeezed Todd's fingers between his muscular ass cheeks. Todd's heart raced. The roof of his mouth tingled. His cock quivered. He rolled on top of Dwayne and poked at his tight hole.

"That's it, kid. You seal the deal."

Todd thrust his hips and entered him. Dwayne raised his ass and took him deeper, inviting him to penetrate him completely.

"Oh, God, kid, you are so fucking big! You make me feel so full!"

Todd was fucking him now, his face twisted in ecstasy, his tight little body straining to plow flesh as hard and fast as he could, fighting against Dwayne's tight ass muscles.

"You ready to leave Carl now, kid?" Dwayne bucked back to meet his pounding thrusts. "Huh?"

It was almost all that Todd could do to stay on him, and he wanted to stay on him more than he wanted to breath.

"Say `yes', Todd. Say it." Dwayne's back thrusts were rubbing his stiff cock against the carpet and building toward another eruption.

Todd felt his fantastic prick stiffen beyond belief. His blue, swollen balls hugged his dick tighter than glue and fought for release. "Yes! Fuck, yes!!" He screamed as cum flooded out his lead pipe prick and deep up Dwayne's ass. "YES!"

Dwayne felt the kid's warm jism in his butt just as the hot liquid exploded from his dick and made the rug slick with juice.

The two of them pounded into each other until they were both spent. Dwayne dropped his groin to the floor. Todd fell on top of his slick, sweaty body. His nipples, still stiff, rubbed against the ridges of Dwayne's broad back. Todd held him tight and ground his softening dick as deep inside him as he could. •

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