Brandon's Bro


By FanTCMan

It was at a Sunday party, a few weeks later, that Drew saw his old buddy Kyle show up with Scott's uncle. He was so excited to see Kyle that it didn't occur to him that he might be a shock to his old buddy. Not that he'd grown used to what was happening to him. He hadn't. How could he, when the changes just kept happening faster than he could adjust his thinking. So he walked over, not even thinking that his hard cock, swinging in front of him, was easily twice as big as when Kyle had last seen him. He'd forgotten that Kyle hadn't seen him since he'd sprouted so much more hair, or since his muscles had grown to the size of a real bodybuilder.

Kyle had already had his welcome shot, as had all the guests. He'd already started to get the insistent and immediate boner that all the guys at the party were getting as they wandered around, meeting each other, bug-eyed at seeing the guys who were living at the compound, going through the program, and acting as live exhibits of what this stuff could do for a guy. Already they were feeling how it affected their libidos.

"Kyle, dude! Man am I glad to see you."

Kyle stared at his old buddy, barely recognizing him. "Drew? Holy shit, man. Look what they're doing to you!"

"Yeah," Drew flexed his 24 inch biceps for his bud, "isn't it hot, man?"

"Damn, Drew. You're huge! I never thought . . ."

"What? That it could do this to a guy? Hell, bro, I'm not even close to done. Dude, are you gonna do it, man? Did they ask you?"

"No, they didn't ask. Scott's uncle just said he'd bring me to one of these parties so I could see what it was like and see Scott and you, and Brandon. Where's Brandon? He must be a freak by now."

Drew laughed. "Pretty much, yeah. Dude, that's him, on the diving board." Brandon had grown in thickness to the point of no return, as they called it, the point where a guy was obviously not just a bodybuilder or roidhead, but one of their men, bigger, thicker, reeking of a blatantly sexual masculinity. He was flexing, naked, his muscles a mountainous landscape lush with thick, silky hair. His cock, a fat eighteen inches now and sporting his new foreskin, flopped and swung in front of him as he playfully showed off his magnificence.

"No way, man. That can't be Brandon."

"Way, dude. It's him."

"Fuck, man," Kyle seemed to be still in shock, "he is a freak. Are you going to tell me he's not done yet, either?"

"Dude, look around you. You've seen the guys on TV and shit, you know how outrageous they make them, us. Feel this, man. It's so hot."

He took Kyle's hand and put it on his mounded, hairy pec.

Kyle had been so excited back when Drew was doing this at school, but now he seemed nervous, and Drew guessed it was because he was face to face with the possibility of doing this himself. Despite his initial hesitation, when his hand made contact with Drew's chest, he could not stop himself from feeling the hard muscle, the hair, the manliness of his old buddy. So, before he had a chance to think too much, Drew pulled Kyle's face toward his own and planted a hard, open-mouthed kiss on his mouth. Kyle's eyes were wide open, wide with surprise, but he couldn't fight his feelings, and he returned the kiss. After the party, Brandon told Drew that the masters had liked Kyle, and they were going to bring him in as the new guy. Drew said he wasn't sure, but he thought Kyle might be having second thoughts. Brandon assured him that those would disappear once he'd had a chance to reflect on what he'd seen and felt that afternoon. And, he said, the masters had seen to it that he'd been given an extra dose before he left, just to make sure.

Drew thought that Kyle's good night kiss had been a little more enthusiastic than his response earlier to the extreme nature of the transformations the guys were being put through. He'd grabbed Drew's hard cock as he kissed him and said "sixteen inches, huh?" Now it made sense, if they'd slipped him an extra dose.

"And here's the thing, man. He'll probably be back before morning. Remember that triple birthday-initiation dose you got when you first got here, how it made you feel, what it did to you? Well, I guess they gave him about twice that. They told Joe to just bring him on back. I guess they want to use him as a sort of next-stage experiment, see how fast and how extreme they can do him. Should be exciting."

Drew was surprised, and, he figured out pretty fast, a little jealous. At least for an hour or so, until they brought Kyle back. Brandon's roommate had been moved so the hometown guys could be together, and Kyle was put in Brandon's room. Drew and his roommate were making out when they heard the commotion.

"What did they fuckin' do to me, man? What the fuck is going on? Fuck, man. I'm so hard it hurts and I can't stop cumming! I'm so fuckin' hot. Fuck. Fuck."

"That sounds like Kyle," Drew said to his roommate, and they went into the common room to see. Brandon was standing on one side of Kyle, his old roommate on the other, and Kyle was spurting out of his steel-hard cock, flexing, feeling his own muscles uncontrollably.

"Kyle, dude," Drew said, walking over to him. "You lucky son of a bitch. Calm down, man, enjoy the ride. You just got a free ride on the super express."

"But I didn't ask for this, man. I wasn't ready."

"Oh, I think you were," Drew said, and again, he pulled Kyle's face to his and kissed him. The passion Kyle returned almost broke Drew's front teeth and brought blood to his lips, but he smiled, noticing the tiny hairs sprouting on Kyle's chest and abs as he wiped the blood off his lips.

"Yeah, Kyle," he said, "I think you are." •

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