Brandon's Bro


By FanTCMan

Brandon and his roommate had to hold onto Kyle's arms for quite a while, partly to keep him on his feet, and partly to keep him from bolting, although he couldn't have gotten far. The dose he'd taken was so intense that it continued to get stronger, and he was writhing and moaning, or yelling, with the intensity of feeling, pain and pleasure and a rush of sexuality so strong as to make a tidal wave seem like a puny description.

"I'm only eighteen," he cried. "This is too fast, too much. Oh, God, Oh fuck. My dick hurts so bad, you guys. It's so hard it's fucking killing me. Fuck. I can't stop cumming."

But Drew stood in front of him, letting him yell, then fitting his mouth over Kyle's and kissing him. When he did, Kyle's moans turned to gulps of sexual pleasure, and Drew found the whole thing exciting beyond belief. As he kissed his old buddy, he could feel the whiskers getting thicker, the stubble longer, heavier, denser. When he stepped away, he could see the tiny hairs sprouting all over Kyle filling in, becoming short, silky hair, getting dark between his pecs and down the center of his abs and spreading across his abs, out and up on his pecs. And under the hair, the muscle began to thicken, lengthen, widen. What Drew was watching, Kyle was hardly even aware of yet, he was so locked into the intensity of the sexual explosion that was making the changes take place.

"Aww, fuck, man. I'm fuckin' exploding, you guys. I feel . . . I feel . . . oh, God, man, I feel so fucking horned, so hot. What the fuck is this shit, man? It's making me want it, man. Aww, fuck, makin' me a fag, man. Shit. I can feel it. I can't help it. I can feel it making me a big fuckin' total fag. Fuck, Drew, why didn't you tell me?"

"I did tell you, bro. And you said you wanted to do it, too."

"Yeah, but fuck, man. I wasn't ready. Not for this. Oh, fuck," he said as his homones shot up another level, pushing the intensity, the feelings, the changes. He grabbed hold of his pecs, looking down at his chest, feeling the muscle, thicker, now, and covered with sprouting hairs. "Aww, fuck, look at me, man." He reached down and hefted his balls with one hand and wrapped the other around his engorged cock. "Fuck, you guys, I'm already getting bigger. Aww, fuck." His hips bucked as he shot yet another oozing, jetting spurt of thick, hot cream. He was shooting on Drew, and the floor between them was slippery with his cum, but Drew wiped a glob off his own abs and reached up with it to Kyle's mouth.

"Taste it, man. Taste your manhood, dude."

Kyle opened his mouth and eagerly licked in the warm sperm.

"Yeah," Drew said, his own overamped drive going crazy with the spectacle.

"Gonna be a huge fuckin' muscleboy, man. The biggest yet. Huge fuckin' muscle fag, eating cum, growing bigger, so fuckin' hot. You love it, now, don't you Kyle? You're already a total fuckin' fag, just like the rest of us, and you love it, don't you? You want to feel my muscles, man? You want to feel my sixteen inches? Hey, why don't you guys leave us alone for a while. I think Kyle's under control now."

It was true, he'd stopped yelling and had become totally engrossed in what was happening, as though, through no choice of his own, he'd accepted his fate and embraced it. He licked the cum off his lips and reached for Drew's thick hairy muscles.

"Okay, little bro," Brandon said, "but you take real good care of our new buddy. Get him warmed up for the rest of us, all right?"

"Yeah, bro. No prob. Right Kyle?"

Kyle didn't even notice the others leave the room or take his eyes off Drew's massive body and handsome face. He looked at him as though his eyes were fingers, feeling every inch of Drew's male perfection while his hands and fingers actually did feel his like a blind man feeling a sculpture. Drew took one of his hands and placed it on his cock, and as though it were second nature, Kyle began to make manual love to Drew's sixteen inch organ. A slight push oh Kyle's shoulder, and he was on his knees, doing his best to get the huge, oozing head into his mouth and throat, licking off the slick, then playing with Drew's big balls while he licked and stroked the shaft that was too big to get into his mouth, hungry for it.

"You like that, Kyle? Can you imagine, real soon yours'll be bigger than this? You think it's hot as shit, now, don't you? You're not afraid anymore, are you? Nah. You want this meat, don't you, fagboy? Fuckin' fag jock boy gonna take it all like a man, aren't ya, Kyle. You want it bad, don't ya, buddy?"

"Yeah," Kyle answered, almost panting in his excitement.

"Yeah, sure you do. We bros, man? Total muscle bros?"

"Yeah. Total muscle bros, man."

Drew got on his knees to be face to face with Kyle and kissed him, hard, but not as hard as Kyle kissed him back, and as they kissed, Drew pushed Kyle back, making him lie on the floor already wet with Kyle's constant orgasm. Drew put his hand over the end of Kyle's steel-hard cock to catch a handful of cum, and first licked a bit of it and then took the handful and wetted down Kyle's ass, already sprouting fur in the crack, soft, dark fur that was spreading out across the thickening cheeks of his round muscled butt. When he pushed in a finger, Kyle spread his legs.

"Aww, fuck man, yeah. Do it, dude. Make me a faggot. I want to feel you in me, man."

Drew threw Kyle's legs over his shoulder and pushed the enormous head of his cock against Kyle's virgin, tight hole.

"Aww, yeah, man. Fuckin' shove it in, man. Aww fuck, aww fuck yeah."

And Drew slowly entered his buddy, the two high school boys becoming one writhing, thrusting mass of thick and growing male muscle and sweat, pushing, slow, steady, hard until he was in to his pubes and pushing as hard as he could against Kyle's muscled ass.

"You like that, man? Are you ready now? You gonna be one of us, man?"

"Aww, fuck yeah, man. Make me one of you. Gonna be a fuckin' freak man. Yeah."

The last of Kyle's fears dissolved with the thrusting, searing initiation, and when the others came back in to take their turns, they found a newly muscular stud boy, hairier than before, his cock throbbing so hard that each throb made it grow a little, stretching the skin, just as the throbbing blood in his body was forcing his muscle the thicken and grow under his tight skin. But as the weeks passed, Brandon began to feel that it wasn't fair that his brother, now the handsomest guy in the compound, and almost the biggest and most beautifully hairy, was going to be outdone by the very buddy that he'd asked to be brought in. So he went to the masters and proposed that, if they were going to experiment on the power of their stuff to take guys a step beyond the already outrageous development level that had brought them so much notoriety, it was only fair that they do the same to his little brother. No matter how incredible the other guys were or how unbelievably Kyle was growing, none of them were his own little brother. They agreed, and one night at dinner, Brandon was given the superdose to slip into Drew's drink. It was easy. When no one was watching, he just dumped the thimble full of power juice into Drew's shake as they were finishing up. He watched with secret pride as Drew finished every drop of his protein shake, just like all the other guys.

"Hey, little bro. Let's go back to the room a minute, man. There's something I want to show you."

"'Okay, man, but I don't want to miss the party tonight."

"Oh, don't worry, stud. You'll be the star, my bro. No one is hotter than my little bro. Come on."

He put his arm around Drew's shoulders, and the two massive guys waddled back toward their casita, but halfway there, Drew began to feel the old familiar rush, and it was coming on like a freight train. He could hardly walk. His cock boned like marble, quickly aiming at the stars as his body and head were overcome with waves of erotic sensation.

"What the fuck, man?" he said, as they neared their casita. Brandon steadied Drew's course, opening the door, leading him to the mirror.

"You know what the fuck, don't you, little bro? I couldn't let them make Kyle the top dude, my brother. That's a place for the handsomest stud in the compound."

Drew had started to ejaculate as they approached the full mirror on the wall. He put both hands on his chest to see if he could feel what he knew Brandon was talking about.

"You gave me that super shit, didn't you, man? Aww fuck. I can already feel it. My pecs, man. So fucking heavy. My legs. Shit, man, I'm gonna hardly be able to walk."

But Brandon could tell Drew didn't really mind. It felt too good. It was just too fucking hot. Already his stubble was showing a day's growth.

"Here's what I wanted to show you, man." Brandon put Drew in front of the mirror. He stood behind him, reached around to feel the magnificent maleness of his huge furry pecs, barely able to reach around his little brother's massive body. "Take a look, man. The top dude. Soon the biggest and best guy in the joint, man. Maybe the world. Yeah, fuckers. Take a look. It's Brandon's bro." •

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